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					    AS Geography – Health Issues                                                                  Guildford County School – Geography Department

Less       Key        Objectives                                         Suggested activities                                         Resources        Homework /
 on     Question                                                                                                                                       Assessment
       What are      To              Starter lesson 1: Students could use the powerpoint ‘health, mortality and morbidity             Ppt ‘health,   H/W lesson 1:
1      the global    understand      starter’ which asks students to match the keyword to the correct definition.                     mortality      Students
       patterns of   there are                                                                                                        and            should read
       health,       different       Main activity lesson 1: Students could then discuss what they think the leading causes of        morbidity      and make
       morbidity     causes of       mortality and morbidity are in different areas of the world. In groups they could predict        starter        notes on pages
       and           death           and mark these on a world map. Leading causes of mortality can be found on the second                           277 – 279 of
       mortality?    worldwide       slide of the powerpoint ‘health, mortality and morbidity starter’.                               Blank          AQA AS
                                                                                                                                      world maps     Geography
                                     Main activity lesson 1: Students could look at the cartograms at                            (Phillip Allan)
                                     and describe the pattern which can be observed. There are a range of different mortality         Ppt slides     which looks at
                                     figures which have been mapped, including infant mortality, female mortality, health,            1-9            patterns of
                                     death, cause of death and age of death.                                                                         mortality and
                                                                                                                                                     morbidity in
                                     Plenary lesson 1: How similar / different are their predictions to reality? How useful are the                  terms of
                                     maps on the world mapper website? Strengths and limitations?                                                    influenza and
                                     ppt slides 1-9 as a summary.                                                                                    yellow fever.
                                                                                                                                                     Also – see
                                                                                                                                                     ‘How will you
                                                                                                                                                     die?’ website

       What are      To examine      Starter: Students should answer the questions on the powerpoint ‘patterns of mortality and       powerpoin      Hm: make
2      the global    the             morbidity’ which refer to the pages they have read for homework.                                 t ‘patterns    notes from
       patterns of   monitoring of                                                                                                    of             website re
       health,       one disease     Main activity: Students could look at the map showing the global distribution of cholera.        mortality      health and
       morbidity     (cholera) and   (ppt Cholera slide 2) They should describe the pattern and try to explain it. Then show          and            HALE
       and           to consider     slide 3 etc (link with water) and rest of ppt (John Snow).                                       morbidity’
       mortality?    disease on a                                                                                                                    Cholera pages
                     global scale                                                                                                                    from Wycombe
                                     Main activity: What do students know about the current Cholera outbreak in                       ppt cholera
                                                                                                                                                     High school –
       What role                     Zimbabwe?                                                                                                       go through as
       does                          Watch clip from                              internet       review and
       health                        Look at map and links at                                    answer the
       play in                       Discuss spread of disease.                                                                                      questions on

H Nurton
                                                                                                 Guildford County School – Geography Department

     world                          So does cholera in Zimbabwe matter on a global scale?                                                          the plenary
     affairs?                                                                                                                                      page. (see
                                    Plenary: Students should consider why it is important to map morbidity at different scales.                    website)
                                    Would John Snow have had his breakthrough if local data was not available?

     What are      Understand       Starter: Students should brainstorm all the health related issues that they can think of. They    Internet
3    the global    some of the      should sort these into individual issues, local issues, national issues and global issues.
     patterns of   main global                                                                                                        Blank
     health,       health issues.   Main activity: Using the information from:                                                        world maps
     morbidity             and
     and           Understand put the information about global
     mortality?    what is          heath issues onto a world map.
                   classed as
                   good health      Main activity: The Millenium development goals
     What role     and how
     does          globally         Look at the You Tube clip to introduce the development goals and then complete the hot air
     health        organisations    balloon activity (as described on the webpage).
     play in       are trying to
     world         improve this.    Plenary: Do you think the world will reach the goals by 2015? If not, why not? Use their
     affairs?                       knowledge to write a report to the UN on how they think LEDCs standards of health could be
                                    improved. They should include 5 key strategies and rank them in order of necessity.
     What are                       Starter lesson 4: Students should select a global health issue (e.g avian flu, malaria,      internet
4    the global                     influenza, yellow fever etc) which they wish to study in more detail. A wide range of issues
     patterns of                    should be covered as a class.
     health,               will be very helpful!
     morbidity             to get health related figures for any country.
                                    Main activity lesson 4: Students should spend some time investigating their issue. They
     What role                      should look at its global impact as well as national, local, and individual impact. They should
     does                           display their information on one side of A4 using a map or series of maps.
     play in                        Plenary lesson 4: Students should compare their maps – which issue has the greatest global
     world                          impact? Why might this be? Which issue has the least global impact? Why might this be?

H Nurton
                                                                                                    Guildford County School – Geography Department

     Case                          Starter: Write down 10 things (if they can) about HIV / Aids. Compare in small groups / as a           Intro to       Q8a from
5    study of                      class. What is our prior knowledge? How accurate is it?                                                HIV/Aids       sample exam
     one                                                                                                                                  ppt            paper1
     infectious                    Watch the powerpoint ‘Intro to HIV / Aids’ and then the ‘Basic facts’ ppt.                             Basic facts
     disease                                                                                                                              ppt
                                   Main activity lesson 5: Students could complete the card sort ‘Aids classification exercise in
                                   which they sort 40 cards into the categories ‘Background about HIV/AIDS’, ‘Causes of the               Aids
     - global                                                                                                                             classificati
     distributio                   epidemic’, ‘Strategies to tackle the epidemic’ and ‘Impacts of African communities’.
                                                                                                                                          on exercise
     - impact                      Plenary lesson 5: Students should have a look at the Google Earth overlay showing the                  Google
     on health,                    global distribution of HIV/AIDS. They should describe the distribution shown.                          Earth or
     economic                      Or slides 10-13                                                                                        slides 10-
     developm                                                                                                                             13
     ent and                       Starter: Show image of Kami (the Muppet from SA who is HIV+) – do they know who this is? What          Kami
6                                  has this got to do with our topic? Introduce Kami. More info at                                        image
     lifestyle            and then show You Tube clip
                          What do they think about the opinions voiced in the          You Tube
                                   clip? Do they understand why SA Muppet show has a character with HIV / Aids?
                                   Main activity: Distribution of HIV / Aids – slides 10 and 13 – does anything surprise them? Describe
                                   the pattern or map the areas with highest % HIV and describe the pattern.                              Slides 10
                                   Read p280-282 to give reasons for the pattern of distribution.                                         and 13
                                   Plenary: 1.               world maps
                                   2. Brief discussion about HIV in UK e.g Routine testing for pregnant women (reasons why) etc

                   To              Starter: Give the starter which is fig 8.1 p 283 blanks and ask students to try to place               „starter‟ in   Compile case
                   understand      information in the correct place on the concept map. Then show text book diagram to check.             lesson 7       study of Aids /
7                  the impact of                                                                                                          folder         HIV in Zambia
                   HIV / Aids      Main activity: Mind map the effects of HIV / Aids using p282-3, slides 14-18 and                       Text book
                          (NB „Impact on Sub Saharan Africa in folder has main               Slides 14-     aids-
                                   details from website if website not available) and p15-33 of the Scottish booklet. Also some           18             zambia.htm
                                   slides in „Socioecon impact aids‟ ppt . Use headings „health, economic development and                 Internet       And info from
                                   lifestyle‟ (from syllabus).                                                                            Scottish       AQA teacher
                                                                                                                                          booklet        resource bank
                                                                                                                                          Socioecon      and from p57
                                                                                                                                          impact         Scottish
                                                                                                                                          aids‟ ppt      booklet

H Nurton
                                                                                                 Guildford County School – Geography Department

                    To know         Starter: show „aids prevention‟ posters on ppt. Do they think these posters are effective or    „aids
8                   what steps      not? Why?                                                                                       prevent‟
                    can be taken                                                                                                    ppt
                    to reduce the   Main activity: Make notes on management of HIV / Aids using p283-4, p35-47 of Scottish
                    impact of       booklet and websites. Make sure students have case study specific information about             Text book
                    HIV / Aids      Zambia                                                                                          Scottish
                                    Plenary: Exam Q: With reference to one or more schemes, explain the benefits of
                                    training local people as basic health workers to work in poor areas in less developed
                                    countries. 6 marks

     What is the                    Starter: Can students remember what the biggest killer in the USA was? Heart disease
9    global                         (responsible for 28.5% of deaths in USA) Causes 17 million deaths a year globally (30% of
     distribution                   total deaths).
     of coronary
     heart                          Main activity:                                                                                  Internet
     disease?                               access (can
                                    Look at map of CHD. Ask what do students think are the main risk factors for CHD? Then          be one
                                    look at „developed lifestyles‟ link.                                                            access)
     How does
                                    Show slides 22-26.                                                                              Slides 22-
                                    What are DALYs? (see p286-7 text book)                                                          26
     impact on             How do patterns of heart disease vary in the      Text book
     health,                        UK?
     developme                      Plenary: What do they think
     nt and                         to this?
     lifestyle?                     Starter:                                                                                        Slides 27-    Complete
10                                                                                                                                  29            posters using
                                    Main activity: Research and produce an A3 poster showing the following aspects of                             additions
                                    coronary heart disease:                                                                         A3 paper      suggested in
                                    1. Risk factors                                                                                               plenary.
                                    2. Impact on lifestyle
                                    3. Impact on Economic development (economic costs)
                                    4. Impact on health
                                    5. Prevention

                                    Slides 27-29 will help
H Nurton
                                                                                               Guildford County School – Geography Department

                                  Some useful weblinks:
                         („Heart disease costs billions‟)
                         (good for figures)

                                  Plenary: peer assess posters – critically suggesting other information needed.

                                  Starter: Review posters – what can they learn from each other‟s information? Write down
11                                at least 5 points that you haven‟t got on your own poster.

                                  Main activity: “Describe the impact of one disease of affluence on economic development”
                                  5 marks. (Q1b p309)
                                  In pairs note down some points to answer this question – 10 mins. Then join into 4s and
                                  share ideas.
                                  Individually write an answer to the question. Peer mark (p39 teacher‟s folder has mark          Teacher‟s
                                  scheme)                                                                                         folder p39
     How do        To study the   Starter: Students could have a go at the ‘Obesity quiz’ which asks some basic questions         „From fat     H/W: read the
12   food and      problem of     about obesity                                   to thin‟      article
     health link   obesity        Starter: ‘from fat to thin’ – students organise themselves in line to show which countries                    ‘Japanese firms
     together?                    they think have the highest and lowest numbers of obese people                                  ‘What the     pay penalties
                                  Starter: ‘What the world eats’ ppt                                                              world eats’   for over weight
                                                                                                                                  ppt (Mark     staff ’ see
                                  Main activity : Students could look at the link                                                 Ollis)        weblinks
                                                                                         And make
                                  They should shade a blank world map with the data on the map ‘the global obesity                              notes.
                                  problem’.                                                                                       Internet
                                  Students should then write geographical questions around the map e.g. why is the pattern                      Read the pdf
                                  like this? Why do rich and poor countries both have high obesity levels etc.                                  ’10 things you
                                                                                                                                  world map
                                  They should have at between 5 and 8 questions. Students should then spend some time                           need to know
                                  trying to find the answers to their questions.                                                                about obesity’
                                                                                                                                                from WHO and
                                   Students should feed back to the class the answer to one of the questions which they have                    make notes.
                                  researched. If students don’t have this question on their map then they can add it.                           Also – slide 37

H Nurton
                                                                                               Guildford County School – Geography Department

                                  Plenary lesson 13: Students could look at the graphs showing the % of people estimated to
                                  be obese in different Local Authorities: Students should look for patterns e.g. highest % of
                                  obese; lowest % of obese; Guildford’s position. They should try to give reasons for the
                                  patterns. See weblinks at the end. Also – see ‘fat map’

                                  Extra reading:
     How do        To study the   Starter lesson 14: Students could have a look at the ingredients starter ‘what is it?’ which    „What is        H/W: Students
13   food and      problem of     lists all of the ingredients of a Big Mac. They should try to guess the product and then        it?‟            should read
     health link   obesity        explain the feelings they have about this.                                                                      the article
     together?                                                                                                                    Film            which
                                  Main activity lesson 14: Students could watch part or all of the documentary by Morgan                          summarises a
                                  Spurlock ‘Supersize me’ which looks at the link between eating a diet of fast food and the      Body            number of
                                  effects on health. The film can be downloaded at the website                                    outlines        important key
                         They should annotate the body outlines                              points. They
                                  showing a ‘before’ and ‘after’ view of Morgan Spurlock’s health. Further information can be                     should make
                                  found at the website                                                 notes. See

     Food and                     Starter: Hunger true or false (NB all are true!)                                                Hunger          Students
14   health:                      Starter: Slide 30 - terms (understanding difference between malnutrition and famine imp)        true or         should answer
     periodic                                                                                                                     false starter   the questions
     famine and                   Main activity lesson 15: Students could watch the short film ‘The causes of poor food           Slide 30        about famine
     malnutritio                  supplies’. This could lead to a discussion about which cause students think has the biggest     movie           from the AQA
     n                            effect. Make notes from slides 31 and 32                                                        slide 31-32     AS Geography
                                                                                                                                                  Redfern CD.
                                  Main activity: Students could then discuss which areas of the world are most likely to          Internet
                                                                                                                                                  The questions
                                  experience famine. Then use and select „hunger map‟.                                are: For one
                                  Describe the global pattern of hunger. Click on the hot spots to get reasons for hunger in                      named area
                                  some areas and make notes on some of these. See also slide 33. How does the map compare                         that you have
                                  with their predictions?                                                                         Slide 33
                                                                                                                                                  studied where
                                                                                                                                                  periodic famine
                                  Plenary: Look at which

H Nurton
                                                                                  Guildford County School – Geography Department

                    shows countries affected by hunger and use the „next‟ links to research the issue further.                     has taken place
                                                                                                                                   a) describe the
                    Starter:– Is malnutrition a major issue in both MEDCs and LEDCs? Discuss                         Slides 34-    causes of
15                                                                                                                   35            famine in that
                                                                                                                                   area. b) Outline
                    Main activity: case study of causes of famine in Sudan 2005 (slide 35) ………                                     the actions
                                                                                                                                   taken to
                    Main activity : Students could work in pairs to come up with some solutions for solving the                    prevent famine
                    crisis of famine. They should try to think of practical solutions and explain why they think                   from arising
                    their strategy would be effective. They should bear in mind that there is enough food to go                    there again.
                    round but there are significant problems with transporting and distributing large quantities
                    of food.

                    Plenary: Students should have a look at the webpage
           which has some suggestions
                    for how famine should be tackled. Students should investigate one of the articles (There         Slide 36
                    are 6 in total) and should feed back the three main points from the article. Also- slide 36

     Contrasting    Starter: show ppt slide „number of people per doctor‟- brief discussion.                         Ppt –         H/W lesson 19:
16   healthcare                                                                                                      number of     Students
     approaches     Main activity: Slides 38-43 which show the different types of healthcare systems. Students       people per    should design
     in countries   should then look at the table on page 295 of the David Redfern AS textbook. They should          doctor        their own
     at different   rank the different healthcare systems from 1 (the one which they think is the best system)                     health care
     stages of      to 5 (the one which they think is the worst). They should be able to justify their decision                    system for a) a
     developme      and should compare their ideas with the rest of the class.                                       Slides 38-    developed
     nt                                                                                                              43
                                                                                                                                   country and b)
                    Main activity: Students could watch part, or all, of the Michael Moore documentary ‘Sicko’                     a less
                    in which he launches an attack on the US health system. There is a section in the middle                       developed
                    where he portrays the UK healthcare system as idyllic. Students could watch this section                       country. They
                    and then discuss whether they think this is a fair reflection. They could consider the                         should be able
                    experiences which they have had of healthcare throughout their lives. The film in total is       DVD           to explain the
                    118 minutes but is excellent. It might be worth warning students that the first few minutes                    different
                    are not for the squeamish!                                                                                     features of
                    Plenary: What do you think? Is the film a fair reflection of the US and UK                                     system e.g.
H Nurton
                                                                            Guildford County School – Geography Department

                    healthcare systems?                                                                                       who will fund
                                                                                                                              it? What are
                                                                                                                              the advantages
                                                                                                                              of the system?
                                                                                                                              Are their
                                                                                                                              health care
                                                                                                                              systems similar
                                                                                                                              to any of those
     Health         Starter: T/F TNCs and globalisation                                                        T/F TNCs       Read p296-
17   matters in a                                                                                              and            300 and make
     globalising    Main activity: Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, according to     globalisatio   notes.
     world          2006 sales figures ($45,083 million). Visit to find out more about        n
     economy:       this organisation.
     TNCs and
     pharmaceut     You are going to carry out a de Bono six-hat analysis of the role of Pfizer in the
                    production and distribution of drugs. Here are some ideas for questions to consider:
     and              White hat – what information can you easily find about Pfizer? What
     distribution   information is more difficult to find? Why is this? (You may find it helpful to liaise
     s, tobacco     with others in your group and look at how they have been getting on with finding
     Transnatio     useful information).
     nals.            Blue hat – who is in charge of Pfizer? What are Pfizer‟s values? Who promotes
                    these values? What is the big picture?
                      Yellow hat – what positive things do Pfizer do? Who has benefited from the
                    work of Pfizer? Can you give specific examples?
                      Black hat – what negative things do Pfizer do? Who has suffered because of the
                    work of Pfizer? Can you give specific examples?
                      Red hat – What are the views of different groups of people about the role of
                    Pfizer in the pharmaceutical industry? How do these views change between location,
                    gender etc?
                      Green hat – What are the consequences of Pfizer‟s actions for the world? What
                    are the subsequent issues going to be?

                    Decide who will use each „hat‟. Give 20 mins for research into their area then
H Nurton
                                                                               Guildford County School – Geography Department

                  feedback as whole class (taking notes)

                  Plenary: Now take off your „hat‟. What do you think about Pfizer‟s operations?
                  Starter: Show images – what do they have in common? (All products of GlaxoSmithKline)           Product       Answer Qc
18                                                                                                                images        p310 (15
                  Main activity: slides 44-49                                                                     Slides 44-    marks)
                  Then read the 3 articles (2 on word doc, 1 at link below)                                       49
                   2 articles
                                                                                                                  on word
                  Summarise the main points of the articles. Look at Qc p310 text book. In pairs / small group    doc, 1 on
                  -what do you think? Discussion on whether the drug companies are right to behave in this        internet
                  way or not.                                                                                     Text book.
                  Starter: Students should read page 300 and 301 of the David Redfern AS textbook. They           Text book  H/W: read the
19                should then compare the information here with that at the website                      article
                  Main activity lesson 22: Students should watch the video ‘Bannatyne takes on the tobacco         
                  industry’ which has an associated worksheet and video notes of the same name.                   Worksheets TradeRelated/C
         Tobacco global issues                                      which covers a
         to play Bannatyne                   Slides 50-
                                                                                                                             variety of
                  tobacco film from internet if no video player in room.                                          53
                                                                                                                             different issues
                                                                                                                             relating to the
                  Plenary: slides 50-53 as summary.                                                                          tobacco
                                                                                                                             industry. They
                                                                                                                             should produce
                                                                                                                             an A4 factsheet
                                                                                                                             the main points
                                                                                                                             which the
                                                                                                                             article makes.
     Regional     Starter: check their date of death! Change the variables- what       internet   Complete
20   variations   affects the date they are given?                                                                Slides 54- report
     in health    Then show slides 54-61 to introduce the issues.                                                 61
     and                                                                                                          Text book
21   morbidity    Main activity: read p301-303 in text book then give out task sheet (report: “Working in         301-305

H Nurton
                                                                                   Guildford County School – Geography Department

     in the UK        pairs or individually, produce a report describing regional variations in health and
                      morbidity in the UK and attempting to explain patterns observed.                                Internet
     Factors                                                                                                          Question /
     affecting        When explaining patterns you should consider the impact of:                                     task sheet
     in health           Age structures
     and                 Income and occupation types
     morbidity –         Education
     age                 Environment and pollution”)
     income and
     nt and 
                      Plenary: concept map how these factors are interrelated.

     Age,    Social factors are the key to ill health
22   gender,          (article)
     wealth and
     influence on
     access to        How different factors impact upon health.
     facilities for
     health care
     and good
     A local case
23   study on the
     of the
     for the
     provision of
     health care

H Nurton
                                                                                        Guildford County School – Geography Department





                      interactive health profiles

29                    Surrey PCT


NB: Where pages only are given they refer to AS Geography – Barker, Redfern and Skinner
‘Slides’ refers to Health powerpoint from Curriculum Press (new AS materials)
NT refers to the AQA AS Geography text book from Nelson Thornes

Other weblinks:

Lessons 4-8 Google Earth map to show HIV / Aids (interactive Africa map) BBC special report HIV / Aids challenge in the UK BBC special report: The Aids crisis Aids discrimination in Mexico

H Nurton
                                                                                              Guildford County School – Geography Department searchable by country – HIV / Aids
orphans AIDs / HIV adult prevalence Zambia (Malaria and HIV mapped) Wycombe high school

Lesson 1 How will you die?

Lesson 2: H/W (Wycombe High School – cholera)

Lesson 13:

Lesson 14 Hm: ‘Fat map’ for UK
Diabetes may cause first fall in life expectancy….

Other: Problems relating to health in Sub-Saharan Africa
s&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=5&client=google-coop-np UN health info Wycombe High School – Aids, cholera, malaria

Malaria The war on malaria Malaria teaching resources
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                                                                              Guildford County School – Geography Department Wycombe High school –malaria

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