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									Hochiminh City, What you need to visit
Ho Chi Minh City is the fast moving economic center of modern Vietnam, increasingly
becoming an international melting pot of tastes and sights from around the world.

A short visit to Ho Chi Minh City's center reveals
landmarks such as the gothic Notre Dame Basilica
or the Gustave Eiffel designed Post Office.
However, to see the true colors of this changing city
requires a trip deeper into streets, alleys and
neighborhoods. Whether on foot, motorbike, taxi or
cycle, the city once called "The Pearl of the Orient"
is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

A quiet Islamic mosque humbly lies hidden within the city's noisiest commercial quarter. The
soothing odor of incense mingles with the smells of cooking in Chinatown. Dong Khoi Street is a
silk road lined with luxury stores selling silk from India and traditional ao dai. Luxury hotels that
rival those in Paris and Tokyo share the street with vendors selling delicious barbecued pork or
pho noodle soup.

When Vietnam began the process known as "Doi Moi"("Renovation") in 1986, opening up the
economy, it was Ho Chi Minh City that took the early lead. Restaurants and hotels targeted at
European tourists and expatriates began springing up, followed by a boom of Japanese, Korean
and Chinese restaurants in recent years.

There are dozens of Japanese restaurants right on Le Thanh Ton Street which welcome
customers with the charm found in Nagoya, Tokyo or Kyoto. In the backpacker area around
Pham Ngu Lao, De Tham and Bui Vien streets, Western tourists flock to restaurants and shops
catering to global travelers. The area has long been known as an international crossroads where
all the popular languages in the world are spoken.
Today, imported Western chains like KFC have grown in popularity with Vietnamese locals. At
the same time, homegrown chains such as Ashima Hotpot and Pho24 delight overseas tourists as
traditional Vietnamese tastes meet modern, convenient services. Yet the old world is never far
away. One only has to take a day trip to the Mekong Delta to experience the timeless images of
ba ba silk pajamas, dugout canoes and conical hats amidst tropical fruit gardens and the floating
markets at Cai Rang and Phong Dien

Ho Chi Minh City retains the southern charm of the past while meeting the future at full speed. It
is a sleepless city with much inner silence, where tastes from all over the world are aptly
integrated and where secrets unveil themselves as time goes by. Proud of its East meets West
synthesis, Ho Chi Minh City is the modern heartland of many bloodlines, where cultures and
races know no boundaries.

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