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Client fax-to-net Server


									Fax-To-Net Client Server

      FAX over IP
      (Using your conventional fax machine -
        your email or your favorite browser)
Table of Contents:

Page 3      Introduction
Page 4      How does The Fax-To-Net Client server work?
            (Send and receive faxes using your fax machine)
Page 5      How does The Fax-To-Net Client server work?
            (Email to Fax and Fax to Email)
Page 6      Web Based Management.
Page 7      Web Based Management.
            System Configuration
            Fax Lines
Page 8      Web Based Management.
            View History
Page 9      Summary
            Savings and Benefits
            Cost Analysis
Are you deploying Voice over IP and want to keep your fax machine, would
you like the same type of savings on your fax you get with Voice over IP.

The solution is here, the Fax-To-Net client server lets you keep using your
current fax machine, but enjoy all the features available with eFax.

     Send from your Fax Machine
     Receive on your Fax Machine
     Fax to Email
     Email to Fax
     Web Based Management
     Multi-line Support
     Storage of Incoming Faxes
     Storage of Outgoing Faxes
     Click to Resend
     Click to View and Print
     On Line Fax History
     Store Faxes for Days, Months or Years
     Remote secure encrypted backup.
     Unlike hosted fax solutions, your faxes

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How does The Fax-To-Net Client server work?
(Send and receive faxes using your fax machine)
The weakness in Fax over IP, (FoIP) is the link between the            Internal
customer premises and the hosted VoIP server. This is usually          Network
where the greatest latency shifts and potential packet loss occur.

The on site Fax-To-Net Client Server (F2NCS) connects to the local                  F2NCS
fax machine on the internal network via an ATA (VoIP Adapter).

The F2NCS receives faxes from the fax machine via the ATA and          Internet
transmits them to either a Fax-To-Net Network Server (F2NNS) or
an eFax service provider for delivery to fax machines on the Public
Switch Telephone Network (PSTN).

The F2NCS receives faxes from the F2NNS or eFax service provider
via the internet and transmits to the local fax machine via the ATA.
The protocol between the F2NCS and the F2NNS allows for error             Switch
correction, so all faxes are delivered and received with the same        Network
quality and reliability as though they were sent over the PSTN.

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How does The Fax-To-Net Client server work?
(Email to Fax and Fax to Email)
Inbound faxes to the fax-to-net client server may be directed to         Internal
the local fax machine or to an email or to multiple emails. Each         Network
inbound fax is routed based on the DID the fax was sent to. On
multi line configurations, each line or DID may be routed to
different fax machines and emails or combinations there of. All                     F2NCS
Settings are locally configured by the system owner.

Any one who has their email address programmed into one of the
lines or virtual lines on the F2NCS may send faxes via pdf or tiff to
the email address of the F2NCS with the desired destination
number in the subject line.          Alternatively, users may install
Microsoft’s fax (free) printer service to send and receive faxes. The
F2NCS will forward this fax to the desired destination via a F2NNS
or a eFax service provider. Up to 7 users may be configured in the
base system. It is not required for the originator of the email to fax
to be with the same network as the F2NCS resides.

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 Web Based Management?

 To access the login screen, you will require the IP Address
 of the F2NCS or a FQDN if one has been setup by the
 network administrator. On access of the F2NCS, you are
 presented with the login screen. The default user name is
 ‘fax2net’ and the default password is ‘Password’. To
 change the password, contact the fax-to-net service

 There are two options for login, ‘View History’ which
 permits the user to view the fax history of the F2NCS or
 ‘Admin’     which gives the user access to system
 configuration settings.

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 Web Based Management?

 System Parameters:
 The system Parameters are self explanatory. If you do not know
 these settings, contact your system administrator or fax-to-net
 service provider for assistance.

 Fax Lines:
 The Fax Line drop down allows you to select lines 1 thru 8.
 The number box provides the DID assigned to this line and configures
 the system to allow registrations to this number. The ATA should be
 programmed to point to as the domain and the IP
 address of the F2NCS as the proxy. The status will be shown in green
 for on line and red for off line. It is not necessary to have an ATA
 attached to a line if it is used for email.
 Send Outbound To should have the email address of the fax service
 the F2NCS is using.
 Fax authorization is used by both fax service providers for
 authorization if required and the SIP password for the ATA.
 Send Inbound To should have ‘faxmachine’ entered first if a fax
 machine is to receive faxes. You may also enter an email address to
 send inbound faxes to, multiple entries can be entered by separating
 them with a comma. The system also used this field to authorize the
 email to send faxes via email.

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 Web Based Management?

 Fax History
 A system user may view fax history of the system by logging in as user type ‘View
 History’. This permits the user to select either sent or received faxes, they can
 select the month and year they wish to view. Faxes are only deleted if the user
 checks the delete button and presses refresh.

 A user may resend a fax by clicking the fax icon to the left of the fax they wish to
 resend, the F2NCS will redial the fax, either inbound or outbound. If an email is
 included in the inbound send to, the fax will be emailed also.

 By pressing the view icon to the left of the fax, the fax will be opened in PDF
 format. The user may then print if they choose.

 If the email icon to the left of the fax is clicked, the user will be prompted for the
 email, the users enters it and presses send, the F2NSC will send email the
 document in PDF format. Multiple emails may be specified by separating them
 with a comma.

 All systems include one year backup of data. Each backup is individually encrypted
 to ensure privacy. Should a system cease to function, a replacement system is
 installed and data recovered from the backup, nothing lost. All inbound faxes
 during recovery are held at the server and delivered when it is live again.

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Savings and Benefits.
eFax style services generally sell from $9.95 per month with
a limited amount of fax pages included. The F2NCS provides
an enhanced version of eFax by allowing the user to their
analog fax machine, a feature that is not available from eFax
services. Fax-to-net has an MSRP of $15.00 per month for
the basic service including 1,000 fax pages per month.
eFax companies claim your faxes are securely stored.                  19
However, they are stored on their servers which means any             16
eFax company employee in tech support could easily view               13
                                                                      10                                                       Telco Line
confidential information of any subscriber using their
service.                                                               7                                                 Approximately 50%
                                                                       4                                                 Savings over 3 years

Multi Line support allows subscribers to have one line                 1
dedicated to their fax machines, then up to 7 lines (DIDs)                 $-   $500.00 $1,000.00$1,500.00$2,000.00$2,500.00
assigned to email addresses to provide private fax lines to
specific employees.

Alternatively, all 8 lines could be programmed to route to fax machines if so required by the subscriber.

The system administrator may enter the word ‘storeonly’ in the sendinboundto field if they wish to have the faxes simply stored,
then viewed, printed, emailed or sent to the local fax machine at a later date, a green energy initiative.

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Fax-To-Net Client Server

      Thank You
             (Happy Faxing)

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