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					                                                               Thursday, October 21st, 2010     Low Vision Technology
                                                               Dave Rathwell & Vicky Midtdal, SET-BC Consultants
                                                               In this SET-BC (Special Education Technology-BC) workshop, we will be running
  For those living or working with children                    two sessions. In the morning session, we will be looking at the SET-BC Vision
                                                               Road Show: “Reading and Writing Strategies for Students with a Visual
and teens who are blind or visually impaired!                  Impairment: A Classroom Teacher’s Guide”. This will be your opportunity to look
                                                               at the workshop being presented to districts in the Province this fall. In the
                                                               afternoon session, there will be a demonstration of low vision technologies. It will
                                                               be followed by a brief presentation of “What is New” in the world of assistive
               Inspiring         Success                       technologies supporting visually impaired students.

                                                               Friday, October 22nd, 2010         Low Vision & Literacy
                                                               Dr. Frances Mary D'Andrea and Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum
                                                               Dr. Frances Mary D'Andrea and Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum will be presenting on
                                                               low vision and literacy. They will be addressing issues such as best practices in
                                                               literacy instruction, the impact low vision can have on literacy acquisition, use of
              October 21-23, 2010                              low vision devices (including the pros and cons of various devices), and the need
                                                               for collaboration. They will also be providing us with strategies for our own
         Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel                      teaching. This will be done through the use of video clips, hands-on activities,
           7571 Westminster Highway                            photos and discussion.
             Richmond, BC, Canada                              Saturday, October 23rd, 2010                                        Transitions
                                                               Dr. Karen Wolffe
                                                              Morning Session: Skills for Success
                  Presented by                                 Dr. Wolffe will be discussing the five critical components in the lives of children
                                                               and youth with visual impairments to ensure their success in life: the importance
         the Metro Vancouver Chapter                           of having high expectations, encouraging socialization, developing alternative
    of the BC Vision Teachers' Association                     techniques or disability-specific skills, providing realistic feedback, and promoting
                                                               opportunities to work. This session will include a panel discussion with working
  (in collaboration with PRCVI and SET-BC)                     adults who are blind or visually impaired.

                                                              Afternoon Session: Transitions from School to Work
                                                               Dr. Wolffe will be discussing transition issues such as functional academic skills,
For more information, please feel free to contact any of us:   transportation, housing, socialization and recreation, career exploration, job
                                                               seeking, and job maintenance. Learning activities from Navigating the Rapids of
         Stacey Gasoi sgasoi@sd38.bc.ca                        Life: The Transition Tote system, a career education curriculum for high school
                                                               students, will be shared as well as additional
         Danita Kwong drkwong@vsb.bc.ca                        resources. This session will also include a
                                                               panel discussion with representatives from
         Rita Schouls rschouls@vsb.bc.ca                       various organizations that support young
                                                               adults who are visually impaired.
Conference Speakers                                                                 Dave Rathwell holds a Masters Degree in the Education of the Visually
                                                                                                      Impaired (O&M). He is presently an Assistive Technology
Dr. Frances Mary D'Andrea started teaching students who are blind or                                 Consultant with SET-BC and an Adjunct Professor at the
                      visually impaired in 1982. She has played a significant                         University of British Columbia where he teaches a course in
                      role in promoting braille literacy on a national scale. Dr.                     vision technologies. Dave has developed many teaching
                      D'Andrea is the co-author of Instructional Strategies for                       resources including accessible GPS and JAWS as well as
                      Braille Literacy, Looking to Learn: Promoting Literacy          contributing to the BC Expanded Core Curriculum for students with visual
                      for Students with Low Vision and The Braille Trail              impairments. Dave has presented on vision technologies at provincial,
                      books! You can read more about Dr. D'Andrea at:                 national and international conferences.
Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University
                of Arizona who prepares teachers to work with children with         BC Vision Teachers' Conference 2010 Schedule
                visual impairments. She has worked as a teacher of children
                with visual impairment and multiple disabilities. She has                           Thursday,                    Friday,                                  Saturday,
                submitted contributions to the Journal of Visual Impairment                        October 21st                October 22nd                              October 23rd
                and Blindness and contributed chapters to several books              8:00am          Check-In                  Check-In                                  Check-In
                including Sacks & Wolffe’s Teaching Social Skills to                                Coffee & Tea             Coffee & Tea                              Coffee & Tea
                Students with Visual Impairments: From Theory to                                                        visit displays/vendors                   visit displays/vendors
                Practice. You can read more about Dr. Rosenblum at:
                http://coe.arizona.edu/faculty_profile/128/bio_sketch.               8:30am           SET-BC            Low Vision & Literacy                        Skills for Success
                                                                                                     AM session              AM session                                AM presentation
Dr. Karen Wolffe is a counselling consultant in private practice in Texas.         10:00am         Coffee Break               Coffee Break                               Coffee Break
                  She has worked for the American Foundation for the Blind                                              visit displays/vendors                   visit displays/vendors
                  where she managed their professional development and
                  their CareerConnect program. Her areas of expertise               10:30am           SET-BC            Low Vision & Literacy                        Skills for Success
                                                                                                     AM session              AM session                              AM panel discussion
                  include: career education, social skills development,
                  transition issues, and employment opportunities for               12:00pm         Lunch Buffet               Lunch Buffet                               Lunch Buffet
                  people with disabilities. She is the author of Skills for                                             visit displays/vendors                   visit displays/vendors
                                                                                                                        ---------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
                  Success: A Career Education Handbook for Children
                                                                                                                                  AER AGM                              Poster Sessions
                  and Youth with Visual Impairments.
                                                                                                                                   12:15pm                              12:30-1:30pm
Vicky Midtdal received her teaching degree in the area of vision from UBC           1:30pm           SET-BC            Low Vision & Literacy                              Transitions
                 under the direction of Sally Rogow in 1981. She earned her                          PM session              PM session                                  PM presentation
                 certificate for Orientation and Mobility at UBC under the                          Coffee Break               Coffee Break                               Coffee Break
                 direction of Pete Wurzburger from San Francisco State. Vicky                                           visit displays/vendors                   visit displays/vendors
                 set up the vision program in 1981 in Port Alberni and then
                 moved to the Okanagan to continue working with visually             3:00pm           SET-BC            Low Vision & Literacy                              Transitions
                                                                                                     PM session              PM session                               PM panel discussion
                 impaired students. Twelve years ago she became an assistive
  technology consultant with SET-BC. Vicky has developed curriculum and              4:00pm                                     BCVTA AGM
  spoken at provincial, national, and international conferences. She has also                                                     4:15pm
  done some work for SET-BC in Thailand. Her goal now is to keep just one
                                                                                    6:00pm                                 Silent Auction &
  step ahead of those eager children and teams working in classrooms in BC.                                              Banquet in Ballroom
The Venue, Accommodations & Transportation                                   Other Nearby Hotel Accommodations
 Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel in Richmond                               Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel
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  Phone: 604-276-2112 or Toll-Free: 1-877-323-8888                            Toll-Free: 1-866-716-8101
 All conference participants may                                             www.sheratonvancouverairport.com
  book rooms at the special,                                                 Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel
  discounted rate of $135 per                                                 5911 Minoru Boulevard
  night (double occupancy). Call                                              Phone: (604) 273-6336 or
  1-877-323-8888 and remember                                                 Toll-Free: 1-800-HILTONS
  to tell them you are with "BC                                               www.vancouverairport.hilton.com
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  book online through their                                                  Executive Airport Plaza Hotel
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  Rates and Awards", then enter                                               Phone: (604) 278-5555 or Toll-Free: 1-888-388-3932
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 Just 5 minutes from Vancouver International Airport and 25 minutes
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 Complimentary airport shuttle service or ride the Canada Line from          Phone: (604) 244-3051 or Toll-Free: 1-877-424-6423
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 Hotel parking costs $3.50 per hour or $13.00 per day.                      Ramada Limited Vancouver Airport
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 American Grille and Lotus Land Lounge are on-site for breakfast,
                                                                              Phone: (604) 207-9000 or Toll-Free 1-800-272-6232
  lunch, snacks, and/or dinner. Or, you can try some of the many other
  restaurants located nearby: Mad Greek, IHOP, Boston Pizza, Cactus
  Club, Thai House, Kirin Restaurant and White Spot, to name a few.
                                                                             Local Attractions
                                                                             Richmond Centre – a major
                                                                              shopping mall, just across the street.
                                                                             Richmond Olympic Oval –
                                                                              check out this world-class facility!
                                                                             Minoru Park – walking path, lakes,
                                                                              gardens, pool, library, art gallery...
                                                                             Steveston – historic fishing village with gift shops, boardwalk...
                                                           Conference Registration
SILENT                  (Friday evening)!                  Please complete the attached registration
                                                           form which is designed to be compatible
               All proceeds from the silent auction will   with screen-reading software.
               go toward scholarships and bursaries that    Registration fees include:
               PRCVI makes available to BC students           all conference sessions
               who are blind or visually impaired... you      morning and afternoon refreshments
               don't want to miss this opportunity to         buffet lunches
               support our students and to bid on one or      banquet dinner and silent auction on Friday
               more of the following GREAT items!
                                                                                                 Early Registration        Late Registration
                                                              CONFERENCE FEES
                                                                                                 (before September 17th)   (September 17th or later)
                                                              Teachers/Other Professionals       $225                      $275
                                                              SET-BC Pre-Conference (Thursday)   $30                       $35
                                                              Paraprofessionals                  $160                      $200
               Check these out...                             Students/Parents (Saturday only)   $50                       $50

                                                            Please note there is a separate, additional fee for the very popular SET-BC
          Trip for 2 with WestJet!                          pre-conference on Thursday. Register early as space is VERY limited!?
          Cineplex movie tickets!                          Students who are blind or visually impaired and their parents are invited to
                                                             attend on Saturday, for a small fee per person.
          Harbour Cruise tickets for 4!
                                                            Early registration fees apply if forms and cheques are postmarked before
          Baseball game tickets!                            September 17th, 2010.
          VSO vouchers for 2!                              BCVTA members are eligible for a $25 reimbursement with proof of
          Framed art print!                                 conference registration. If you are not yet a BCVTA member, you can still
                                                             apply – membership application form (attached).
                ... and much, much MORE!                    Registration forms and cheques must be postmarked before October 8th and
                                                             will be accepted as long as there is space available – there will be no
                                                             registration at the door.
                                                            AER members are reminded to sign in/out in order to obtain 6 hours per day
                                                             of continuing education credits.

         Feel free to contact Michael Mizera at                                                  A huge THANK YOU...
    mmizera@prcvi.org if you have brand-new items                                         to all of our sponsors, volunteers,
                                                                                       speakers and panelists who are helping
  to donate to the silent auction, thank you very much!
                                                                                          to make this conference possible.
                                                                                        Your generous donations and expert
                                                                                         assistance are greatly appreciated!

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