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					         Autobiography and
        Statement of Purpose
1. Autobiography Opening: Interesting and
   to the point;
2. Autobiography conclusion: summary
3. Autobiography: not a life story!
4. Autobiography: story-telling
5. Statement of Purpose: Where’s the beef?
6. Interview Preparation
         Autobiography: opening

 Interesting and to the point.
 e.g. “My name is . . . I was born . . ..” Is this
 Alternative: My friends usually call me Kate.
  I like it, because it sounds more mature than
  Katie and more determinate, efficient and
  resolute than Katherine.
           Autobiography opening
        applying for insurance agency
  My personality
 Followed by was formed in Tainan, a friendly cit
 where I lived forwas years with myliving there until I
   In 1980, I, Emily, 18 born in Tainan, grandparents.
                   of school activities and university.
 1. descriptionwhen I moved to Taipei for the job. I
   was eighteen, grandparents’ love and affection,
  Immersed in
   So far, I am a junior mastering in English in Fu Jen
  learned move care the age of twenty-one. During the
 2. Then to takeon theof others and what they need.
   Catholic University at abilities:
   golden all of my worries started to plan answered by
  Havingperiod in university, Iand questions my life
     1. Being organized and Making my life,
   seriously. Hence, into others’to wasteplans, in
  them, I also listen order not misgivings and
   summer vacation, I would find jobs which interest me In
  complaints with patienceunderstanding of peopleto
                    skills and and readiness chance
     2. Analyticto. Luckily, in 2001, I had theto
   devote myself
   go toLanguage skills especially through a
         an insurance and
  college activities company to understand what part-time an insurance company, I got to be more
   insurance really is and to put the theory into practice. In
   the work, I of experience of insurance suitability
  confirmed gotmy personality and itsand merge for
   interest ininsurance agent.
  being an
           Autobiography: opening
         applying for 國貿人員、業務助理
      no exaggeration English Department and a minor
It is am now a senior in to say that I am outspoken, of
  I follows:
    Business Management English. Besides my lifelong
organized and fluent in in Fu Jen Catholic University.
interestreason learned in the English departmentat Fu
    The she I choose the English major is that and
1. Whatin English, inEnglish as my DepartmentI have
    Business Management; (Don’t just fist all
Jenalways been interested in English since Ilist the the it.
     we have been required to speak out in learned
    In addition, English is the international language which
    course titles)
classes and make various written reports, public
    could and group presentations. However, I Being
speechesbe a beneficial tool for me in my future life. am not
    an English major is just interpersonal skills merely
2. The management and what I want. However,she
satisfied with just being equipped with good English
    equipping the tool is not enough. I activities and
    acquired from extra-curricular need to gain more
                      needed to know more future
abilities. I knew I the field of my interested about career
    which is about international trading. so I became a
international trade, my career goal, Therefore, I decided
minor in Business Management Department.
    to become a minor in Business Management Department.
    Autobiography (2) Opening
     What are the problems?
 Clever, intelligent, adorable, excellent which are the
  good adjectives I can describe the famous female
  journalist - Lee yan qui (李豔秋). Frankly speaking,
  she is not my idol, but her good qualities and career
  are what I want to chase for in my life. Besides,
  according to the personalities of my horoscope –
  Leo, I believe I have the potential to dig out these
  elements within myself. Therefore, to be a journalist
  can be the best way to challenge myself, and this is
  also what encouraged me to prepare myself in my
  college life.
       Autobiography: Opening
       What are the problems?
 I’m Lucille. In 1979, I was born in Taipei on May
  9th. And in 2002, I graduated from English
  Department of Fu Jen University, and during the
  golden four years, I had a number of experiences to
  be an English tutor to teach kids and junior high
  students English. The purpose that I had those part-
  time jobs was not only to earn money but also to
  learn social experiences. As the matter of fact, there
  are several reasons for me to choose English as my
  major. Firstly, of course, English has been my
  favorite course since I started to learn it. Secondly,
  when I was a kid, my father always told me that
  English is very important, particularly, when having
  a job.
      Autobiography: conclusion
     applying for 國貿人員、業務助理
 With the knowledge I acquired in the four-
  yeartraining in both English and Business
  Management Departments, and the skills I
  learned from the extracurricular activities
  and my working experiences, I believe now I
  am prepared to enter the field of international
  trading. I believe the working opportunity
  you offered would be an excellent chance for
  me to put what I learned into practice.

2. Not a life story!
      No need to start with the moment you decided
       your direction unless it does show your
       strength. If you do, make it short and don’t
       just focus on that singular event.
      Remember to focus on and specify your
       strengths and preparation.
            Not a life story! Example.
               Job: document secretary in charge of
               translation, editing and proofreading.
It was two long hours for a bunch of young learners of
    age ten to twelve who had no experience of English
    before. They watched their foreign teacher talking in
    a language that they had no idea of at all. . . . Two
    hours passed, parents took the confused learners
    home. However, not all of them felt it was two long
    hours. A girl told her mother that she wished the
    class would be longer. To her mother’s surprise,
    she loved the class and wanted to learn more.
This is the scene that kept coming back to my mind as I
    grew up. I, the little girl, was attracted to the
      Not a life story! Example.
        Job: document secretary in 留學公司

What more to include:
 -- What computer skills?
 -- What filing and editing work you did.
 -- Experience of studying abroad.
 -- Understanding of foreign cultures.
    Showing of strength in a story-
            telling mode
 “Liz, you have the making for being a secretary!”
  After I transferred to Fu Jen Catholic University, I
  have been told about this for several times because I
  usually play the role as a reminder among
  classmates. Disliking forgetting things in daily life,
  I always have the habit of writing things down.
  Whenever I review my own schedule, I habitually
  remind the classmates who have to meet the same
  deadlines as I do.
    Showing of strength in a story-
          telling mode (2)
 One of my foreign friends argued about
  “pledge” with me once. He could never
  persuade me to believe in pledge. I do not
  believe in vows because a lot of people can
  hardly keep their words. I consider myself to
  be the kind of person who would rather take
  actions than making empty or grand promises.
  Before I can be sure about how my own limit
  and ability, I prefer doing things silently.
            Statement of Purpose:
              Where’s the beef?
 Job experience is good, especially with a
  pertinent analysis of the skills and issues
 But you have to include 1) your academic
  training; 2) a study plan (possibly including
  the courses you’d like to take).
 E.g. Hotel management –training of: English
  abilities; understanding of various cultures.
          Comparative Religion
 In Christianity, God is everlasting, self-causing,
  and self-evident, and in Buddhism, Buddha
  nature (the possession by sentient beings of the
  innate Buddha-mind, which is, prior to the full
  attainment of Buddhahood) is also everlasting,
  neither arising nor ceasing. I think there are
  some similarities between them. It is the most
  impressive part of religious study for me. My
  assumption is that they are almost the same, but
  represented in different forms.
           Comparative Religion
 Every religion is in the pursuit of the extreme origin
  of the world or the universe (not human beings?).
  Maybe the origins provided by some religions are
  the same. Of course, on the other hand, the
  differences between the two different concepts are
  to be respected and studied. In the graduate program,
  therefore, I want to study the traditions of
  Christianity and Buddhism to understand their
  similarities and differences especially in terms of
  their concept of God/Buddha nature.
           Interview Preparation
 Re-read your resume and remember the skills you
  listed there.
 Bring with you examples of your work and evidence
  of your awards.
 Dress properly.
 Get to know the company as much as possible.
  Bring with you its complete address and contact
  phone no. just in case you cannot find it on the day
  of the interview. Better go there earlier.
 Prepare the answers for the possible questions they
  may ask.
 Be prepared with some proper questions about the
  job or the company to ask the interviewer.
              At the Interview
 Do not sit down before you are asked to.
  Remember the basic greeting manners.
  (Nice to meet you, …”)
 Use the questions to show and elaborate on
  your strengths. Do not just answer yes or no.
 On the other hand, do not talk on and on so
  that you monopolize the interview.
 Don't feel frustrated when they ask you
  something you do not know. However, try to
  direct the discussion to something you know.

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