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MEMORANDUM - Northern Michigan University


									                                                                    ACADEMIC SENATE 2010-2011
                                                                              David R. Boe, Chair
                                                                         Helen J. Kahn, Vice Chair
                                                                      Deanna L. Pozega, Secretary

Minutes:             NMU Academic Senate Executive Committee Meeting
                     Tuesday, 25 January 2011
Presiding:           David Boe, Chair
Members Present:     Michael Andary At-Large; Helen Kahn, Vice-Chair; Larry Pagel, At-Large;
                     Andrew Poe, Past-Chair; Deanna Pozega, Secretary; Ron Sundell, AAUP
Members Absent:      Susan Koch, VPAA & Provost


   I.      Call to Order (3:05 PM)

   II.     Additions to/Adoption of Agenda
           The election to replace an At-Large member, item C under Informal consideration
           was moved to unfinished business, item C.

           Agenda Approved

   III.    Approval of Draft Minutes of Tuesday 11 January 2011
           Minutes Approved.

   IV.     Reports:
           A. Chair: David recently attended a shared governance meeting, where the
              budgetary and other financial concerns were discussed. While there were no
              official numbers announced yet, the outlook appears to be positive. Methods of
              ‘tightening the belt’ regarding budgetary concerns at NMU were briefly
              discussed. Particular issues brought up included the recent increase in President
              Wong’s salary and future salary expectations for faculty & staff.

              The television show ‘Campus P.D.’ filmed an episode in Marquette, focusing on
              the NMU campus. The episode is scheduled to air on February 9th. NMU campus
              police had originally declined the show’s request, but local law enforcement
              personnel welcomed them. Executive Senate members discussed the possible
              ramifications of this type of publicity. What type of image will this present? Is
              this a positive or negative thing?

              President’s Council meets tomorrow, and David will be providing his standard
              update to the council regarding current senate actions.

           B. Vice Chair: Helen announced that the Strategic Planning committee may be
              interested in meeting with faculty representatives in the near future.
           C. Secretary (No Report.)

           D. Provost (Absent.)

           E. ASNMU (N/A)

   V.      Unfinished Business
           A. AAPC Report of Tuesday 18 January 2011
              Second Reading will take place on 2/1.

           B. CUP Report of Tuesday 18 January 2011
              Second Reading will take place on 2/1.

           C. Executive Committee At-Large Member Election
              Floor will be opened to further nominations for At-Large Member Election.
              Currently, there is one nominee, Bitsy Wedin, Associate Professor of Nursing.
              David will entertain a motion to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot if
              no further nominations are made. If multiple persons are nominated, then CEC
              will distribute ballots and tally votes.

   VI.     New Business

   VII.    Informal Consideration
           A. AQIP Presentation
               Sandra Poindexter requested the opportunity to make an AQIP presentation to
               the Academic Senate, but she cannot present at the start of the meeting. She
               will be on the agenda for February 1, but her presentation will not be moved to
               the beginning of the meeting.

           B. President Wong Presentation
              President Wong plans to make his annual presentation to the Senate, but he is
              flexible with the dates. David will communicate with the President’s secretary to
              see if President Wong is available on 2/1. If not, he will request the first
              available time that corresponds with Senate meetings.

   VIII.   Good of the Order
           Don’t forget to watch the State of the Union Address tonight.

   IX.     Adjournment (3:49 PM)

Respectfully submitted,

Deanna Pozega, Senate Secretary
Northern Michigan University

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