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					ediTH CoWAN uNiVersiTY

nursing, paramedicine
& midwifery
2012 Course Guide
nursing & midwifery
Paramedical science
    eCu. THe JourNeY BeGiNs.
    life is full of journeys. childhood to adulthood.
    school to uni. starting your first job to advancing
    your career. all these journeys require a clear path
    to help ensure the journey goes in the direction you
    want it to go. so when we say the road is open at
    ecu, we’re reflecting our commitment to ensuring
    the obstacles and barriers that sometimes get in
    the way, can be effectively managed and overcome.
    it’s how ecu thinks and why we do things differently.
    everyone’s journey is unique, reflecting personal
    hopes and aspirations. But the road is open at ecu
    to help you realise your ambitions and reach your
    destination, wherever that may be.

    This is a remarkable year for ECU. It marks the
    150th anniversary of our namesake Edith Cowan’s birth,
    the 90th anniversary of her election to parliament
    and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of
    Edith Cowan University, named in her honour.


    WElComE                                          3
    Why sTUdy nUrsIng, paramEdICInE
    and mIdWIfEry?                                   4
    ECU soUTh WEsT CampUs                            7
    faCIlITIEs and sErvICEs                          8
    ECU EnTry paThWays                              10
    undergraduate nursing                           12
      Bachelor of science (nursing)                 12
      Bachelor of science (nursing)
      for registered general and registered
      mental Health nurses (Hospital Trained or
      Tertiary diploma)                             14
      Bachelor of science (nursing) Honours         15
    Bachelor of science (nursing) /
    Bachelor of science (midwifery)                 16
    Bachelor of science (Paramedical science)       18
    Postgraduate nursing                            20

The school of nursing, midwifery and Postgraduate           and context of care in which they find themselves
medicine has a passion for finding better ways to           when on ‘prac’.
educate and train nurses, midwives, paramedics,
                                                            Clinical partnerships and industry collaboration
medical practitioners and other health professionals
                                                            encompassing a unique arrangement whereby the
and enhance their capacity to professionally and
                                                            school has strategic alliances with metropolitan
competently contribute to the improved wellbeing of
                                                            and rural hospitals and regions, as well as the private
our community.
                                                            sector, for undergraduate nursing students to
                                                            undertake their clinical placements in the one setting.
HoW Are We differeNT?
ecu boasts the largest undergraduate nursing                WHAT our ApproACH meANs
program in western australia and is recognised              To sTudeNTs, pArTNers ANd
as the premium provider of nursing education.               CusTomers
students have access to state-of-the-art facilities
including simulation suites and demonstration wards         we offer cutting-edge clinical learning and academic
that promote ‘scenario-based’ learning, preparing           leadership in the fields of nursing, midwifery,
students for clinical placements. what’s more,              paramedicine and postgraduate medicine featuring:
students have the opportunity to participate in             flexibility: we offer flexible learning options to suit
nursing partnership programs, allowing them to work         the needs of busy people.
with one health service throughout the program,
rather than working in multiple health services.            Quality education: we deliver a broad range of
undergraduate nursing courses are available at both         health service programs using a contemporary mix
the Joondalup and Bunbury campuses.                         of media for the modern health services workplace.
                                                            we produce students who readily find employment.
The undergraduate nursing program is distinctive as
it links the following three areas of activity that are     strong research performance: we have an active
directed at complementing and strengthening clinical        research program focussing on a number of
development for undergraduate nursing students:             important healthcare issues. with three research
                                                            centres containing researchers from a number
Clinical training innovations including health
                                                            of different disciplines, we work closely with
simulations using actors and full human patient
                                                            industry partners to ensure that the issues we
simulators, scenario-based learning, intensive clinical
                                                            study are important and relevant to those working
up-skilling, clinical skills workshops and resources
                                                            in healthcare. Our researchers provide quality
such as dVds for self-directed learning.
                                                            supervision to students who are conducting research
Clinical competency assessment relates to the               for higher degrees. in 2010 the school of nursing,
delivery of a competency development framework              midwifery and Postgraduate medicine rated a 4 for
which means that students are well prepared with            excellence in research in australia, which indicates
the skills and competencies required for the level          that our research standard is above world standard.

      The            me                    Project

   So what are you going to do with the reSt of your life?
   That’s the big one. a question that stumps school leavers the world over. for some it inspires soul-searching
   backpack expeditions and others use all of their powers of procrastination to avoid it.
   now, imagine something simpler. imagine if somebody could show you how all the stuff in your room could
   lead you to an amazing future. This is what ‘The me Project’ does. Just upload a shot of your room and our
   team will tailor-tag your stuff with uni courses that suit your interests.
   check it out at                                   upload your room,
                                                                              download a future.
    WHY sTudY NursiNG, pArAmediCiNe
    & midWiferY AT eCu?
    World-ClAss fACiliTies                                          demonstration wards comprising 52 beds are designed to
                                                                    meet australian healthcare standards. The facilities at the
    The school of nursing, midwifery and Postgraduate               Health and wellness building give students the opportunity
    medicine is located in the purpose-built Health and             for experiential hands-on practice to learn and master
    wellness building at Joondalup campus. The campus offers        nursing, midwifery and paramedical skills in a variety of
    state-of-the-art facilities, including a multi-million dollar   simulated healthcare settings. The nursing facilities on
    recreation centre and an outdoor cinema. The Health and         our ecu south west (Bunbury) campus are the most
    wellness building incorporates the ecu Health simulation        sophisticated in regional western australia. They include a
    centre and demonstration wards which provide a safe and         nursing demonstration ward and a high dependency ward.
    authentic environment for clinical skills development to        The technology used in Bunbury is the same as in Perth,
    increase the competence and confidence of students and          so all ecu nursing students receive access to the same
    healthcare professionals.                                       supportive environment.

    I wanted to improve my work prospects.
    i decided that i wanted to further my skills and education
    to improve my work prospects, so i enrolled in ecu’s
    nursing course. it’s really enhanced my natural abilities
    and allowed me to help others in a positive way. an
    important part of our training involved supervised clinical
    practice, where we were taught how to relate to patients
    and understand their needs in a ‘real’ environment.

    sylVia Barker
    ecu nursing graduate

eCu pArAmediCAl sCieNCe sTudeNT
Helps sAVe A life
in June 2010, ecu Paramedical science student donelle
carver was called to an incident involving a man who
had fallen down a concrete pump shaft at a construction
site, resulting in life-threatening injuries. without
hesitation, donelle applied the skills and emergency
training she learned throughout her Paramedical science
qualification, venturing ten metres down the shaft via a
local contractor’s dogman cage to secure and help free
the patient by pulling him into the cage. donelle then
provided additional medical assistance to the patient on
the flight to royal Perth Hospital. local trauma surgeon
dr sudhaka rao noted that donelle’s actions, in all
likelihood, saved the patient’s life. furthermore, st John
ambulance awarded her with the st John ambulance
award for Bravery.

iNTerNATioNAl CommuNiTY
The ecu nursing program offers students the
opportunity to undertake a community placement
overseas where they are able to work in a different
healthcare system and experience the health from a
diverse cultural background. currently the opportunities
available to students includes Thailand, laos and Tanzania
with other opportunities being examined for introduction
in the future.

NursiNG sTudeNT‘s prACTiCAl
plACemeNT iN eAsT AfriCA
as part of her ‘practical placement’, a unit within the ecu
Bachelor of science (nursing) degree, undergraduate
student charlotte keneston spent two weeks visiting and       I’d definitely recommend ECU to anyone who’s thinking
treating hospital and community health centre patients        about a career in nursing.
in Tanzania, east africa. charlotte developed a new
appreciation for australian healthcare after witnessing       The combination of clinical training and practical knowledge
the adverse conditions in which Tanzanian nursing staff       has definitely given me the confidence and skills required to
work, including no running water and no electricity in        work in the fast-paced, high-pressure setting of a hospital.
many parts of the hospital. not only did the unit allow       during the course, i spent time at sir charles gairdner
charlotte to travel and experience a different healthcare     Hospital which was a fantastic experience.
system first-hand, it also offered her the chance to put
the theory she had learnt in her course into practice,        sHu cHOng Tang
performing observational work and offering advice and         ecu nursing graduate
help to patients. she commenced an 18-month graduate
program at sir charles gairdner Hospital in 2011.

pArTNersHip offers AddiTioNAl                                 eCu NursiNG sTudeNT WiNs ArmY
iNsiGHT To midWiferY sTudeNTs                                 sCHolArsHip
in January 2011, ecu midwifery students were given            congratulations to second year student kelly miller, who
the chance to expand their knowledge of and insight into      recently received a scholarship from the australian army
the antenatal process, thanks to the commencement of          undergraduate scheme. The scholarship is extremely
birthing options workshops at ecu’s Joondalup campus.         competitive, offering financial support for personnel
entitled ‘choices in childbirth’, these free workshops,       within the military who are undertaking academic studies.
hosted by community midwifery wa (cmwa),                      what’s more, kelly will receive a commission for completing
allowed students to sit in on information sessions for        her degree upon graduation and will be appointed as a
prospective parents and learn more about the birthing         lieutenant in the royal australian army nursing corps.
options available in Perth, both hospital and home-
based strategies.

                                                                NursiNG GrAduATe reTurNs To
                                                                Help AT-risk BABies
                                                                Bachelor of science (nursing) graduate sarah Pavlenko is
                                                                one of the world’s first iVf quintuplets and commenced
                                                                employment in 2011 at the very same hospital in which
                                                                she was delivered! sarah works in the neonatal intensive
                                                                care unit, applying the skills she obtained throughout her
                                                                nursing degree to help care for wa’s ill and at-risk babies.

                                                                eCu‘s HoT proGrAm: A suCCess
                                                                ecu’s school of nursing, midwifery and Postgraduate
                                                                medicine, in collaboration with the wa Health
                                                                department, is celebrating yet another successful Hands-
                                                                On Training (HOT) program. The course, available to
                                                                selected year 10 students who are considering a career in
                                                                nursing and midwifery, provides the opportunity to take
                                                                part in four days of practical, ‘hands-on’ simulations, giving
                                                                students a real taste of the profession!

                                                                eCu NursiNG: offeriNG GrAduATes
                                                                AmAziNG emploYmeNT opporTuNiTies
    A pArTNersHip proGrAm WiTH                                  Twenty new graduate registered nurses who completed
    A differeNCe                                                their undergraduate nursing degrees at ecu have
                                                                successfully gained positions in the graduate program
    ecu’s Partnerships undergraduate Program                    at Joondalup Health campus. eleven of these students
    (PuP) at royal Perth Hospital (rPH) offers nursing          have elected to continue their relationship with ecu by
    students the opportunity to undertake all their             enrolling in the postgraduate graduate certificate in
    practical units at the hospital, allowing them access       Transition nursing whilst participating in their hospital-
    to helpful resources, as well as the chance to develop      based graduate course. similar links exist between ecu
    close working relationships with staff members.             and sir charles gairdner Hospital for new graduates.
    ecu nursing student and program participant
    Vanessa fraser admits that being part of the                These healthcare facilities also have strong links with ecu
    program was an invaluable experience, encouraging           in their postgraduate specialty courses, including cardiac,
    her to put theory into practice. what’s more,               renal, icu, paediatrics and oncology nursing. The bipartisan
    Vanessa was the winner of the prestigious first year        agreements between these facilities and ecu ensure
    graduate nurse of the year award.                           postgraduate students have the best of both the academic
                                                                and clinical support staff to assist them in their studies.
    in addition to the rPH program, the ecu Partnership
    undergraduate Program offers students the                   reseArCH AimiNG To improVe
    opportunity to apply to be part of a unique partnership     THe professioN
    program at sir charles gairdner Hospital, st John of
    god (subiaco), swan kalamunda Health service and            improved nurse staffing levels were associated with
    Osborne Park Hospital.                                      a 25 per cent decrease in the rate of patient deaths,
                                                                according to a study conducted by the Head of the
                                                                school of nursing, midwifery and Postgraduate medicine,
                                                                Professor di Twigg. The research entitled “The impact of
                                                                nursing hours per patient day (nHPPd) staffing method
    NursiNG GrAduATe NAmed                                      on patient outcomes: a retrospective analysis of patient
    ”GrAduATe Nurse of THe YeAr‘                                and staffing data” was conducted over a four-year period
                                                                starting in 2002 when the nHPPd method was first
    ecu nursing graduate ailish Owens was named the
    ‘graduate nurse of the year’ at the 2010 wa nursing and
    midwifery excellence awards (nmeas). The ceremony,          The findings of this study are supported by similar findings
    hosted by wa Health minister dr kim Hames, celebrated       internationally and aims to improve working conditions for
    and acknowledged the contribution that the professions      those within the profession, as well as the quality of life for
    of nursing and midwifery make to the health of all          australians and people around the world.
    western australians. ailish was presented with her award
    for demonstrating a strong patient focus, team spirit and
    commitment to the profession.

      eCu‘s NursiNG proGrAm:
      souTH WesT CAmpus
ecu’s nursing program is also available at our south west
campus, located in the regional centre of Bunbury and situated
conveniently alongside the area’s Health Precinct, which
comprises the uwa rural clinical school, the uwa dental
clinic, and an indigenous medical service. Offering the largest
nursing Program in regional wa, our south west campus boasts
sophisticated equipment and demonstration wards that allow
students to apply the theory learned in the class room to real-life
and emergency simulations. The program also offers students
access to award-winning lecturers, unique partnership programs
with health service providers in the Health Precinct, and the
opportunity to expand their professional networks.
nursing students experience:
n   registered nursing placements during the course in rural and
    regional areas
n   student developed and delivered health promotion programs
n   student organised “aged care games” preparing students for
    their first prac in an aged care facility
n   Health checks at the Bunbury seniors’ expo providing
    students with hands-on experience outside of the classroom.

ECU partnered with hospitals in supporting me from degree
to career.
i graduated from Bunbury catholic college and decided to attend
ecu locally, here in the south west. ecu’s partnership with the
Health campus ensured i was well supported throughout my
transition from student nurse to graduate nurse here at st John of
god Hospital in Bunbury. all the graduate registered nurses are
from ecu too – which makes my first job a great fit.

saraH giBsOn
ecu nursing graduate
    fACiliTies ANd serViCes

CAmpuses ANd ACCommodATioN                                  sporT ANd fiTNess
ecu has excellent on-campus accommodation                   modern, fully equipped sports, recreation and fitness
at all three campuses. Take the time to visit our           centres are located on the Joondalup and mount
brand new $38 million student accommodation                 lawley campuses. ecu south west (Bunbury) features
at mount lawley that features state-of-the-art              multi-purpose playing courts and a mini gym. as an
facilities such as a pool, café, student lounges with       ecu student, you receive discounted gym membership
wifi, e-library and more!                                   and are invited to take part in intervarsity and
                                                            interfaculty sport, sporting clubs and sporting trips.
The residential assistants are here to support you
                                                            for more details please visit
and ensure you enjoy a full student life program,
designed to make the most of your ecu experience.
                                                            oTHer reCreATioNAl ANd soCiAl
Off-campus housing assistance is also provided.             clubs and societies, study abroad and exchange
for more information and to apply visit                     Program, student guild and taverns.
                                                            sTudeNT CeNTrAl
HeAlTH serViCes
                                                            Our student central Office on each campus is the first
medical centres are conveniently located on the             point of reference for all student enquiries regarding
Joondalup and mount lawley campuses. Health                 academic progress information, enrolment information,
services provided include gP consultations and              cashier services and assistance, with a range of other
nursing treatments.                                         support services including access cards, campus maps,
                                                            lodgement of forms and parking permits.
HeAlTH ANd WellBeiNG
ecu is committed to ensuring that its students enjoy        seCuriTY (24 Hours A dAY, 7 dAYs A Week)
a high degree of emotional wellbeing, by providing a        ecu promotes a safe environment for all its students
comprehensive range of support services.                    and staff. campus security provides an on-campus
                                                            security escort service for students and staff anywhere
sTudeNT CouNselliNG serViCe                                 on request 24 hours a day, seven days a week on
The counselling service is a short-term, professional       the metropolitan campuses and with services during
and confidential service. it is available to all students   daytime and early evening seven days per week on the
free of charge, to address any academic and personal        south west campus.
issues that impact on your studies. Our counsellors
come from a range of professions and have                   eNViroNmeNTAl AWAreNess
postgraduate qualifications, skills and experience          ecu environmental services provides support and
in helping people with a wide range of personal,            advice in helping you make sustainable decisions
psychological and study-related difficulties.               relating to your study needs, study facilities and
                                                            work environment. Our services include managing
disABiliTY serViCes                                         energy consumption, water conservation, waste
ecu’s disability service supports students in               management, reducing paper and environmentally
accessing programs and services that can help               friendly travel to and from campus. we aim to build
them to succeed. students with a short-term                 our facilities with our environmental footprint in
or permanent disability can register and receive            mind, so as to minimise the impact on our natural
assistance through a variety of support programs.           resources. for more information visit
mulTi-fAiTH CHAplAiNCY serViCe
ecu supports spirituality and faith as an integral          oTHer oN-CAmpus fACiliTies
part of our students’ lives. Our visiting chaplains are     aTms, bookshops, childcare centre / crèche, cafés,
skilled professionals, recognised within their own          hairdresser, library, optometrist, parking and
faith traditions and the university.                        smartcard are all available to help you make the
                                                            most of your ecu experience.

                                                                   as of 2012, ECU will become smoke-free.

for more information, visit

     eNTrY pATHWAYs
     ecu is leading the way in creating innovative         The following pages outline the entry pathways for
     entry options that enable people from all             school leavers, recent school leavers and mature age
     backgrounds to enrich their lives and their           applicants. you are considered a mature age applicant if
     communities through education. ecu provides           you are 20 years of age or over on 1 march in the year
                                                           you wish to commence studies.
     the support and flexibility to all students wanting
     to start a journey in further education.              ATAr
                                                           if you are studying or have studied four courses at wace
                                                           course stage 2 or above, you’re an aTar student.
                                                           as an aTar student, you must meet:
                                                           n„ course minimum aTar
                                                           n„ satisfactory performance in four courses at wace
                                                              course stage 2 or above
                                                           n„ english competency (wace course stage 2 or above)
                                                           n„ The requirements of the western australian
                                                              certificate of education (wace)
                                                           n„ any prerequisites for the course you want to apply for

                                                           if you don’t think you are going to get the aTar for the
                                                           course you wish to study, you should consider submitting
                                                           a portfolio of your work and we will consider you via our
                                                           Portfolio Pathway outlined on the following page.

                                                           we provide the Portfolio Pathway for school leavers
                                                           who are not going to generate an aTar to study
                                                           our courses. school leavers who don’t meet entry
                                                           requirements for one of our Bachelors courses straight
                                                           off through their portfolio application, might be eligible to
                                                           enter one of our university Preparation courses and use
                                                           that as a stepping stone into a Bachelors degree.

porTfolio pATHWAY                                          if you hold a certificate iii or certificate iV, please
ecu’s Portfolio Pathway works well for applicants who      contact us to find out what courses you are eligible to
want to highlight their experiences and qualifications     apply for.
as a means of gaining entry into a course.                 a diploma or advanced diploma may allow you entry
This pathway caters for:                                   into most undergraduate courses and may allow you
                                                           to gain advanced standing towards some of the credit
n„ school leavers and recent school leavers with a
                                                           points in our courses.
   near-miss aTar for their chosen course or who will
   not obtain an aTar,                                     contact us for more information about the vocational
n„ mature age applicants, who wish to enter university
                                                           qualification you are completing or have completed to
   studies after several years away from formal            allow us to assess your qualifications for entry.
                                                           preVious TerTiArY QuAlifiCATioNs
as part of your Portfolio, you will need to include an     if you have successfully completed units at university
introductory letter, a resume, two written references      level in australia, you may meet minimum entry
and copies of any certificates, awards or academic         requirements into ecu. Overseas university
records. an interview may also be required as part of      qualifications may also meet requirements.
the assessment.
applicants must meet all entry requirements for            THe speCiAl TerTiArY AdmissioNs TesT (sTAT)
the portfolio pathway and the prerequisites for a          The sTaT is a national test designed to assess aptitude
particular course.                                         for learning in a tertiary environment. it comprises
                                                           two tests, written english and multiple choice.
uNiVersiTY prepArATioN Courses                             generally this test is only available to applicants aged
ecu offers a variety of preparation courses if you         20 and over. for details, visit the Tertiary institutions
wish to improve your study skills while meeting ecu        service centre website
entry requirements.
                                                           reTurNiNG To or repeATiNG YeAr 12
n„ university Preparation course (uPc)
                                                           it is possible to complete year 12 and requisite
n„ indigenous university Orientation course
                                                           examinations to gain an aTar if you have not
australian citizens, holders of a Permanent                completed high school in the past. for more
Humanitarian Visa, Permanent residents and                 information about organisations which can help you,
new Zealand citizens, are eligible to study in             visit
a commonwealth supported Place, making
these courses free, with no up-front or deferred           eNGlisH CompeTeNCY
tuition fees. uPc courses have entry requirements.         in addition to any academic and other special
                                                           requirements, applicants need to meet english
preVious sTudY AT A reGisTered TrAiNiNG                    competency requirements.
if you have successfully completed registered Training     WHAT does sATisfACTorilY CompleTiNG
Organisation (rTO)/Vocational education and Training       prereQuisiTes meAN?
qualifications from a recognised institution, such as      Prerequisites can be met in any year and a minimum
Tafe or PiBT, then you may be able to use this study to    scaled score of 50 is normally required for prerequisite
fulfil minimum admission requirements into one of our      wace courses and equivalent subjects such as
undergraduate courses.                                     Tee subjects.
The level of courses that you meet the requirements
for will depend on the level of vocational qualification
you have completed and whether you completed
it as part of your secondary studies or as a mature
age student.


           BACHelor of sCieNCe (NursiNG)

     duration:        3 years                                        risk management protocols include, but are not
     availability:    full-time / Part-time / On-campus              restricted to:
     requirements:    Practicum placement                            n„ certificate of national Police clearance
     Campus:          Bunbury / Joondalup                            n„ current cardio Pulmonary resuscitation (cPr): initial

     This course prepares students to be registered with the            certification required plus annual renewal of certification
     nursing and midwifery Board of australia. it provides              courses available via ecu provider
     a broad knowledge and skills base that will enable the          n„ current manual Handling certification: initial certification

     graduate to act independently as well as interdependently          required plus annual renewal of certification courses
     within the healthcare context. The graduate will practice          available via ecu provider
     as a registered nurse who has professional competence           n„ evidence of immunisation status as per the department

     and who is responsible, accountable, empathetic and                of Health schedule
     willing to participate in professional activities. The course   n„ mrsa clearance if worked in, or been admitted to,

     comprises five broad streams of study: nursing issues,             a health facility outside of western australia in the
     nursing Practice, nursing science / Health science,                12 months prior to enrolment
     nursing studies and nursing Theory.                             n„ working with children check.

     admission requirements: applicants who are registered           Careers: nurse, Paediatric nurse, critical care nurse, mental
     mental health nurses will be considered for direct              Health nurse, regional nurse, aged care nurse, rural nurse,
     admission into the Bachelor of science (nursing) course         remote nurse
     and are eligible for advanced standing.                         related Courses: double degree available: nursing / midwifery.
     applicants in possession of enrolled nurse status will
     be considered for direct admission into the Bachelor
                                                                     Course sTruCTure
     of science (nursing) course and are eligible for                YeAr oNe � semesTer 1
     advanced standing.
                                                                     Unit          description                              points
     additional Course Information: To be able to undertake          scn1105       Biological science in nursing 1             15
     clinical practice and fulfil their duty of care, students       nsT1104       Psychosocial development:
     are required to complete risk management protocols                            a life span approach                         15
     on commencement of the course and carry out                     nnT1107       social, indigenous and cultural
     amendments in subsequent semesters as appropriate.                            Perspectives in Healthcare                   15
                                                                     nsP1104       communication in Healthcare                  15

my community placement in Tanzania was a
great experience.
i was drawn to the ecu nursing course, as it
encompasses many areas that fascinate me, including
chemistry and human biology. However, my biggest
challenge throughout my degree was actually my
community placement. i was very lucky to be part of
the global Health alliance of wa project which saw
me spend two weeks in Tanzania on a community
placement. it was an emotionally challenging
experience, but a culturally enriching one that will
continue to shape me for years to come.

saraH kelly
ecu nursing graduate

YeAr oNe � semesTer 2                                        YeAr THree � semesTer 2
nni1102      Health and Health challenges for                nni3204          Professional issues in nursing                         15
             Older adults                              15    nsT3206          contemporary issues in Healthcare                      15
scn1106      Biological science in nursing 2           15    nsP3201          Practice across Primary, secondary
nsP1205      Physical assessment for the Health                               and Tertiary care*                                     15
             sciences                                  15    nnT3204          Primary Healthcare                                     15
nnT1205      fundamentals of nursing Practice          15
                                                             * Variable patterns of clinical practice each semester, e.g. 2 week block.

YeAr TWo � semesTer 1
Unit         description                            points      see more course information:
nns2205      applied Pathophysiology and              
             Pharmacology 1                            15
nsT2106      mental Health Problems and disorders      15
nsP2208      Beginning nursing competencies*           15
nnT2405      introduction to medical surgical nursing 15

YeAr TWo � semesTer 2                                               ECU’s approachable culture helped me become a
                                                                    registered nurse.
nni2204      ethics and law in Health                  15
nns2106      applied Pathophysiology and                            i had always wanted to care for people who are ill,
             Pharmacology 2                            15           but after 28 years away from education, i knew uni
nsP2209      developing nursing competencies*          15           was going to be a challenge! ecu’s culture – the
nnT2204      introduction to Paediatrics               15           approachable staff and students, along with the
                                                                    clinical placement portion of the course, allowed me
YeAr THree � semesTer 1                                             to refine my skills and demonstrate my competence to
                                                                    potential employers and achieve my goal of becoming
Unit         description                            points
                                                                    a registered nurse.
nms3201      applied Pathophysiology and
             Pharmacology 3                            15
nsT3209      evidence Based Practice in Health care    15           ricHard cOrnall
nsP3200      advanced nursing competencies*            15           ecu nursing graduate
nnT3203      introduction to critical care             15

     BACHelor of sCieNCe (NursiNG)
     for reGisTered GeNerAl ANd reGisTered meNTAl HeAlTH Nurses
     (HospiTAl TrAiNed or TerTiArY diplomA)

     duration:         1 year                                        nnT1107        social, indigenous and cultural
     availability:     full-time / Part-time / On-campus / Online                   Perspectives in Healthcare                15
     Campus:           Bunbury / Joondalup                           or
     for degree conversion for registered nurses. This course is     nsT3206        contemporary issues in Healthcare         15
     designed to upgrade the qualifications of existing registered
     nurses with a hospital-based diploma or equivalent tertiary     reCommeNded eleCTiVes
     diploma award to a Bachelor of science (nursing).               Unit           description                            points
                                                                     nsP1205        Physical assessment for the
     admission requirements: applicants must be currently
                                                                                    Health sciences                           15
     registered nurses and show evidence of recent practice with
                                                                     nsP1104        communication in Healthcare               15
     a minimum two years clinical experience.
     additional Course Information: This course does not
                                                                     rPs1100        communication for the Professions         15
     lead to registration with the nursing and midwifery Board
                                                                     nsT2106        mental Health Problems and disorders      15
     of australia.
                                                                     nni1102        Health and Health challenges for
     Careers: nurse, medical nurse, Paediatric nurse, critical                      Older adults                              15
     care nurse, mental Health nurse, aged care nurse, rural         nnT3204        Primary Healthcare                        15
     and remote nurse                                                or

     Course sTruCTure                                                oTHer eleCTiVes
                                                                     scH1143        systems Physiology                        15
     Core uNiTs
                                                                     scH3236        Pharmacology                              15
     Unit            description                           points
     nni3204         Professional issues in nursing           15
                                                                          see more course information:
     nni2204         ethics and law in Health                 15
     nsT3209         evidence Based Practice in Healthcare    15

            BACHelor of sCieNCe (NursiNG)

duration:       1 year                                        Course sTruCTure
availability:   full-time / Part-time / On-campus / Online
Campus:         Joondalup                                     semesTer 1
an Honours degree is a fourth year of study at                Unit         description                          points
undergraduate level, which typically includes some            res4115      research Preparation: Principles
coursework units and a research thesis or project.                         and approaches                           20
                                                              Hnu4105      Honours Proposal                         20
The course allows students with strong cognitive abilities    nsT5158      independent study                        20
to proceed with a program academically more demanding.
students are exposed to theoretical concepts and              semesTer 2
quantitative and qualitative research methods in nursing,
                                                              Hnu5102      Thesis development                       20
and conduct a substantial research project.
                                                              Hnu5103      Thesis development                       20
admission requirements: students who have completed           Hnu5104      Thesis development                       20
the requirements for a Bachelor of science (nursing) course
                                                              in semester 2, full-time students enrol in hnU5102,
or equivalent with a course average above 70 percent may
                                                              hnU5103, and hnU5104. Part-time students enrol in one
apply to enter the honours program.
                                                              or two Hnu units (in numerical sequence) until all three
                                                              semester 2 units have been completed and the thesis is
                                                              submitted for examination.

                                                                see more course information:

           BACHelor of sCieNCe (NursiNG) /
           BACHelor of sCieNCe (midWiferY)

     duration:        4 years                                        n„ current manual Handling certification: initial
     availability:    full-time / On-campus                             certification required plus annual renewal of certification
     requirements:    Practicum placement                               courses available via ecu provider
     Campus:          Joondalup                                      n„ evidence of immunisation status as per the department

     This course offers an innovative and broad study approach,         of Health schedule
     preparing students for flexible career options in dynamic       n„ mrsa clearance if worked in, or been admitted to,

     healthcare settings. This comprehensive course is unique           a health facility outside of western australia in the
     in wa in preparing graduates for beginning level practice in       12 months prior to enrolment
     both midwifery and nursing, and provides students with the      n„ working with children check.
     knowledge and skills to deliver high quality care within the    Careers: nurse, midwife
     healthcare environment. This course has been approved
     as a pathway for registration as a nurse and midwife by the     Course sTruCTure
     nursing and midwifery Board of australia.
     admission requirements: students enrolled in k45 and            YeAr oNe � semesTer 1
     g89 will not be permitted to transfer into this course.         Unit    description                                    points
     additional Course Information: To be able to undertake          nnT1107 social, indigenous and cultural
     clinical practice and fulfil their duty of care, students are           Perspectives in Healthcare                         15
     required to complete risk management protocols on               nsP1104 communication in Healthcare                        15
     commencement of the course and carry out amendments             nsT1104 Psychosocial development:
     in subsequent semesters as appropriate.                                 a life span approach                               15
                                                                     scn1105 Biological science in nursing 1                    15
     risk management protocols include, but are not                  nmw1111 midwifery Principles and Beginning
     restricted to:                                                          competencies                                       15
     n„ certificate of national Police clearance
                                                                     YeAr oNe � semesTer 2
     n„ department of Health (wa) criminal screening
     n„ current cardio Pulmonary resuscitation (cPr):
                                                                     nnT1205 fundamentals of nursing Practice                   15
        initial certification required plus annual renewal of        scn1106 Biological science in nursing 2                    15
        certification courses, available via ecu provider            nmw1109 Physiological, Psychosocial and
                                                                             emotional issues in Pregnancy                      15

my ECU nursing degree helped me help people
in need.
my aunt died in a hospital in the Philippines due to a
lack of proper care, so i wanted a degree that could
help make a difference in the world. with ecu’s
overseas partnership i got the chance to work in rural
parts of laos. we had very basic equipment, if any
to work with and our patients needed so much more
than we could provide. However, practicing nursing
in another country was an experience i will treasure
for years.

JOanne Hume
ecu nursing graduate

nni1102       Health and Health challenges for                 YeAr THree � semesTer 2
              Older adults                               15    nni2203 ethics and law in Health                    15
nsP1205       Physical assessment for the Health               nsT3209 evidence Based Practice in Healthcare       15
              sciences                                   15    nmw4117 applied Pathophysiology and
                                                                       Pharmacology 4                              15
YeAr TWo � semesTer 1                                          nmw2107 developing midwifery competencies           15
Unit          description                            points    nmw3109 care of the neonate                         15
nsT2106       mental Health Problems and disorders      15
nns2205       applied Pathophysiology and                      YeAr four � semesTer 1
              Pharmacology 1                            15     Unit        description                          points
nsP2208       Beginning nursing competencies            15     nnT3204     Primary Healthcare                      15
nnT2405       introduction to medical surgical nursing 15      nmw4115     Obstetric and neonatal emergencies      15
mPT3203       Principles of labour and Birth care       15     mPT4204     clinical midwifery skills               15
                                                               nmw4116     advanced midwifery competencies         30
YeAr TWo � semesTer 2
nnT2204 introduction to Paediatrics                      15    YeAr four � semesTer 2
nns2106 applied Pathophysiology and                            nni3204 Professional issues in nursing              15
        Pharmacology 2                                   15    nsP3201 Practice across Primary, secondary
nsP2209 developing nursing competencies                  15            and Tertiary care                           15
nmw4114 international dimensions of midwifery            15    nsT3206 contemporary issues in Healthcare           15
nmw2106 antenatal and Postnatal care                     15    nmw4113 consolidation of midwifery Practice         15

YeAr THree � semesTer 1                                          see more course information:
Unit          description                             points
nsP3200       advanced nursing competencies              15
nms3201       applied Pathophysiology and
              Pharmacology 3                             15
nnT3203       introduction to critical care              15
miP4208       continuity of midwifery care               15
mPT3204       introduction to labour and Birth Practice 15

     BACHelor of sCieNCe
     (pArAmediCAl sCieNCe)

     duration:        3 years                                        Course sTruCTure
     availability:    full-time / Part-time / On-campus
     requirements:    Practicum placement                            YeAr oNe � semesTer 1
     Campus:          Joondalup                                      Unit      description                          points
     This course prepares students for a dynamic healthcare          nsP1104   communication in Healthcare             15
     environment. inclusive of the public health, social and         nnT1107   social, indigenous and cultural
     clinical aspects of paramedical science, this course will                 Perspectives in Healthcare              15
     provide students with the knowledge and skills to deliver       scH1134   Human structure and function            15
     care within a range of clinical, policy and/or organisational   nsT2106   mental Health Problems and disorders    15
     contexts. This course prepares graduates to practise high
                                                                     YeAr oNe � semesTer 2
     quality paramedicine in a wide spectrum of healthcare and
     cultural settings and to lead australian and international      PsP1106   Basic clinical skills for Paramedics     15
     trends in healthcare provision.                                 scH1143   systems Physiology                       15
                                                                     scH1105   introduction to Pharmacology             15
     admission requirements: applicants must be able                 PsT1101   introduction to Paramedical Practice     15
     to satisfy the employment requirements of st John
     ambulance. more information is available from the school        YeAr TWo � semesTer 1
     of nursing, midwifery and Postgraduate medicine.                Unit      description                           points
     additional Course Information: The home campus for this         scH1104   introduction to Pathophysiology          15
     course is Joondalup, however, students will be required         PsT1102   foundations of Paramedical Practice      15
     to travel to the st John ambulance Training centre in           PsT2101   foundations of Paramedical Practice 2    15
     Belmont for units throughout the course.
                                                                     YeAr TWo � semesTer 2
     Careers: Paramedic, critical care Paramedic, community          PsP2102   Paramedic Practicum 1                    15
     Paramedic, industrial Paramedic, medical Officer,               nni2203   ethics and law in Health                 15
     ambulance Officer                                               PsT2106   Pre-hospital diagnostic Techniques       15

summer sCHool
PsP3102     Hospital Practicum for Paramedics   15
PsP3101     advanced Paramedical Practice 1     15
PsT3103     Trauma studies for Paramedics       15

YeAr THree � semesTer 1
Unit        description                      points
PsT3106     Paediatric studies for Paramedics   15
PsT3107     Obstetric studies for Paramedics    15
PsP3105     clinical Practicum 3                15

YeAr THree � semesTer 2                               Thanks to ECU I wake each day and go to a job I love.
nsT3209     evidence Based Practice in                it was an ecu lecturer who recognised my potential
            Healthcare                          15    and encouraged me to apply for Paramedical science.
nnT3204     Primary Healthcare                  15    His support put me on the right track, while the practical
                                                      hands-on learning gave me the confidence, skills and
summer sCHool                                         knowledge to hit the ground running. for example, i learned
PsT3104     medical studies for Paramedics      15    how to interact with a diverse range of professionals and
PsP3103     advanced Paramedical Practice 2     15    handle cultural and ethical issues – that’s a big part of the
                                                      job. as far as the lecturers go, i found them passionate
                                                      and driven. They made classes inspiring, entertaining and
  see more course information:
                                                      relevant. The result is that i wake each day and go to a job
                                                      that i love. without ecu that wouldn’t have been possible.

                                                      JacinTa giBB
                                                      ecu Paramedical science graduate

     posTGrAduATe Courses

                     BY CourseWork
                     CliNiCAl NursiNG
                     The school offers a range of clinical courses designed to
                     allow nurse clinicians to enhance their individual specialty
                     knowledge and competence whilst working in their selected
                     area of specialisation. Theoretical and practical knowledge
                     will be augmented by a substantial clinical project to
                     enable the development of advanced critical thinking and
                     project writing skills. The programs encourage innovative
                     evidence-based practice that will ultimately lead to improved
                     nursing practice.
                     specialty fields include the following:
                     n„ nurse led Telephone Triage
                     n„ dementia studies
                     n„ gerontological nursing
                     n„ critical care nursing
                     n„ Oncology nursing
                     n„ emergency nursing
                     n„ neuroscience nursing
                     n„ Orthopaedic nursing
                     n„ Perioperative nursing
                     n„ Palliative care nursing
                     n„ advanced nursing
                     n„ chronic disease management
                     n„ general Practice nursing
                     n„ Paediatrics
                     n„ Other specialities as negotiated.

Nurse eduCATioN
The master of nurse education program will prepare
nurses to undertake advanced level roles in nurse
education, training, continuing education and/or staff
development in the healthcare sector. The program
focuses on developing and enhancing sound teaching and
learning knowledge, skills and practices which will allow
the graduate to impact on the next generation of nurses.
graduates of this course will be equipped for leadership
roles in clinical environments where education and training
are conducted. settings for these positions include clinics,
hospital settings, out-patient facilities, businesses, schools
and community centres.

The master of clinical governance program prepares
students for the practice of clinical governance. it is based
on professional values and concern for the safe delivery
of health services. This master qualification integrates
theory and practice and examines the operational issues
related to maintaining standards of care, managing clinical
risk, providing real accountability in clinical leadership
and managing people in the ‘real’ context of healthcare.
it invites those working in the healthcare sector to broaden
their scope of understanding and knowledge in order to
seek employment in this field of healthcare or to enhance
knowledge and skills if already working in this field.

Nurse prACTiTioNer
This cross-institutional master of nursing degree
(by coursework) enables the student to acquire the
necessary knowledge and skills to apply for registration as
a nurse Practitioner to the australian Health Professionals           I became a better educator and a more valuable nurse.
regulatory agency. developed in conjunction with
the flinders university in south australia, part one of               i have been involved in clinical teaching within
the program enables the student to first enhance their                orthopaedic nursing for several years now.
individual knowledge and skills whilst working in their               ecu allowed me to consolidate my knowledge
selected area of specialisation. Throughout the second                in the field and become a better educator in the
section of the program, students acquire the theoretical              clinical environment. my experience at ecu not
knowledge and skills essential to a nurse practitioner in a           only benefited me, but everyone in my workplace.
specialist nurse or extended practice role.                           my greatest challenge would have been studying while
                                                                      being a single mum and working 64 hours a fortnight!
                                                                      it wouldn’t have been possible without the flexibility
                                                                      of the course and lecturers who were available when
The Postgraduate mental Health nursing studies include                i needed them.
graduate certificates in:
n„ community mental Health nursing                                    dOnna rOgers
n„ forensic mental Health nursing                                     ecu Postgraduate nursing graduate
n„ child and adolescent mental Health nursing
n„ rural and remote mental Health.

GrAduATe CerTifiCATe iN                                          learning scenarios to demonstrate competency in advanced
HeAlTHCAre simulATioN fACiliTATioN                               skills in areas relevant to a wide range of industries.

This highly innovative graduate certificate will prepare         This course will challenge them to lead change, applying
graduates for careers in training, education, staff              their professional knowledge and skills as educators in their
development and industry research in the exciting and            respective industries. This is the first such qualification
highly demanded field of simulation learning. The course         offered in western australia specifically addressing the
will prepare graduates to analyse, evaluate and synthesise       needs of health and other professionals.

                                                                 mAsTer of NursiNG
                                                                 The master of nursing by coursework is designed
                                                                 for registered nurses wishing to continue their
                                                                 professional and academic development to advance
                                                                 their leadership, research, teaching or administrative
                                                                 roles. successful completion of this higher degree
                                                                 involves coursework and the completion of a project.
                                                                 This course is available for international and domestic
                                                                 students and is delivered both online and on-campus.

                                                                 posTGrAduATe diplomA iN
                                                                 The Postgraduate diploma in midwifery prepares
                                                                 competent, confident beginning midwife
                                                                 practitioners for the challenge of contemporary
                                                                 midwifery practice. graduates meet the australian
                                                                 nursing and midwifery council’s competency
                                                                 standards as well as the requirements for registration
                                                                 as a midwife with the nursing and midwifery Board
                                                                 of australia.

                                                                 mAsTer of midWiferY
                                                                 The master of midwifery is designed for registered
                                                                 midwives who wish to continue their professional
                                                                 and academic development by furthering their
                                                                 clinical, research, teaching or administrative roles. its
                                                                 purpose is to extend and enhance the competencies
                                                                 of midwifery graduates, preparing them for advanced
                                                                 practice and leadership positions.

                                                                 posTGrAduATe mediCiNe
                                                                 The Postgraduate medicine degree programs provide
                                                                 health professionals with the opportunity to further
                                                                 their knowledge in the areas of:
                                                                 n„ Preventive medicine
                                                                 n„ Palliative care
                                                                 n„ geriatric medicine
                                                                 n„ men’s health and andrology
                                                                 n„ women’s health
                                                                 n„ Occupational medicine, health and safety
                                                                 n„ aviation medicine.

                                                                 Programs are offered at master, graduate diploma
                                                                 and graduate certificate levels.

     my lecturers taught me everything I needed to be a
     great midwife.
                                                                 pArAmediCAl sCieNCe
                                                                 The graduate Paramedical science programs are
     i chose ecu as i was already familiar with the university
                                                                 designed to allow paramedics to enhance their clinical
     after completing my undergraduate nursing degree
                                                                 knowledge and competence to the level of critical or
     there. it turned out to be the best choice i could have
                                                                 intensive care practitioners, or to seek experience
     made. The theory and skills gained from this course were
                                                                 in community paramedicine. Programs are offered
     beyond my expectations. with their extensive knowledge
                                                                 at graduate certificate, graduate diploma and
     and experience, my lecturers helped me become the best
                                                                 master levels.
     midwife i could be.

     geOrgina kelly
     ecu midwifery graduate

BY reseArCH                                              mAsTer of pArAmediCAl sCieNCe
                                                         The master of Paramedical science extends the
mAsTer of NursiNG                                        practitioner’s knowledge relevant to paramedicine and
The master of nursing extends the nurse’s knowledge      healthcare in order to develop leadership roles within
relevant to nursing and healthcare in order to develop   the profession and open up new areas for professional
leadership roles within the profession and open up new   development.
areas for professional development.
                                                         doCTor of pHilosopHY (pHd)
mAsTer of sCieNCe (midWiferY)                            The doctor of Philosophy involves a three year, full-time
The master of science (midwifery) aims to extend         (or part-time equivalent) research program which
the knowledge of midwives who have completed             culminates in the submission of a thesis. This qualification
the qualification of midwifery and have professional     may also facilitate progression to an academic appointment
experience within midwifery settings. This course will   or to senior health appointments.
develop leadership roles within the profession.

contact ecu by                                                              Become a fan at
phone on 134 ECU (134 328)                                        
for calls outside australia                                                 follow us at
phone (61 8) 6304 0000                                            
email us at                                          watch us at
or visit                                

every effort has been made to ensure that the information        GREENING ECU: edith cowan university is committed to reducing the environmental impact
contained in this brochure is correct at the time of printing.   associated with its operations by conducting its activities in a socially and environmentally responsible
The information is subject to change from time to time and       manner. This includes implementing strategies and technologies that minimise waste of resources and
the university reserves the right to add, vary or discontinue    demonstrate environmentally sensitive development, innovation and continuous improvement.
courses and impose limitations on enrolment in any course.
The publication constitutes an expression of intent and is
not to be taken as a firm offer or understanding.
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