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									    Cloud Storage: Adoption, Practice and
                      An Outlook Report from Storage Strategies NOW

This study is a comprehensive report on the state of the cloud storage market and of the storage
services that are layered atop of it. It includes a definition of cloud storage, discusses how cloud storage
is deployed, surveys users on their expectations of the cloud and provides a detailed look at the vendors
and services users will deploy in the cloud.

The study is expected to be published in February 2011.

SSG-NOW industry analysts have been measuring and analyzing the storage market for a combined 30
years. Our strategy for doing so incorporates information from different, but interrelated, sources:

       Interviews with market participants (vendors) to determine product information, market and
        channel strategy and pricing
       Product briefings, press releases and other publicly available information. At SSG-NOW, our
        analysts meet with hundreds of vendors each year. These briefings provide an opportunity to
        review current and future product strategies, customer bases, target markets and other key
        product information.
       SSG-NOW’s user strategy interviews offer a compelling and consistent time-series view of
        industry trends and developments.
       End-user survey in cooperation with the Storage Networking Industry Association on cloud
        storage adoption, deployment and practice

What is cloud storage?
        Characteristics and definition

                Scalable and elastic
                Shared and collaborative
                On-demand self-service
                Resource pooling
                Metered by use
                Uses Internet technologies
                Uses RESTful APIs
How is cloud storage deployed?
       Introduction and discussion
               Public clouds
               Private clouds
               Hybrid clouds
               Community clouds

              Security, Audit Trails
              Quality of Service
              Data Protection and Availability
              Retention, Compliance, eDiscovery
              Data & Metadata Portability
              Metering and BIlling

The Cloud Storage Market – An IT Professionals Survey
        Market demographics – The survey shows the results of a cloud storage survey conducted by
Storage Strategies NOW and the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) of end-user IT decision-
makers and operations professionals on their expectations of cloud storage, adoption and practice.

       Tables – survey results

       Use case profiles

Cloud Storage Trends
The Cloud Storage Pyramid
       Introduction and Discussion
               Cloud Gateway and Enablement Providers
               Cloud Storage Services
               Middleware and APIs
               Development Platforms
               Cloud Infrastructure
               Cloud Service Providers
Cloud Gateway and Enablement Providers

     Vendor/product profiles
             Aspera                           Nirvanix CloudNAS
             Cirtas                           Panzura
             CloudDrive                       Scality
             Egnyte                           StorSimple
             F5                               Symantec Veritas FileStore
             Gladinet                         Twinstrata


Cloud Storage Services

     Backup and recovery, disaster recovery
           Vendor/product profiles

                       3X Systems                    KineticD
                       Acronis                       MozyPro
                       Amanda                        NetGear
                       Appassure                     Nine Technology
                       Asigra                        Pro Softnet
                       Axcient                       R1Soft
                       Barracuda                     ROBODRS
                       CA                            StorageCraft
                       Carbonite                     Symantec Online
                       Commvault                     Backup
                       CTERA                         Vembu
                       Digitiliti                    Venyu
                       Geminare                      Vision Solutions
                       GoGrid                        Zetta
                       I365                          Zmanda
                       Iron Mountain

            Vendor/product profile

                     Astaro                  LiveOffice
                     Autonomy                Mimecast
                     Cofio                   Rackspace
                     Commvault               Rackspace
                     Consonus                Rainstor
                     CopperEye               SharePoint
                     Geminare                Smarsh
                     Global Relay            Sonian
                     Hitachi Data Systems    Sonian
                     Iron Mountain           Symantec
                     Iron Mountain           Symantec


     Bulk storage
            Introduction and Discussion

            Introduction and Discussion
            Vendor/product profiles

                     Autonomy                EMC
                     C2C                     Geminare
                     CaseCentral             Kroll Ontrack
                     Clearwell Systems       Iron Mountain
                     Commvault               Symantec


Cloud Storage APIs
            Introduction and Discussion

                     Amazon S3 APIs          SMEStorage API
                     Eucalyptus APIs         SNIA Cloud Data
                     Mezeo APIs              Management Interface
                     Nirvanix APIs           (
                     Open Grid Forum Open    ud)
                     Cloud Computing         SNIA Content-aware
                     Interface (OCCI)        Storage API (XAM)
                     Openstack Cloud         VMware vCloud API
                     Computing               Windows Azure Storage
                     Rackspace Cloud Files   Services REST API
Cloud Computing Initiatives
              Introduction and Discussion

                     DMTF (
                     OGF (Open Cloud Computing Interface – OCCI)
                     Open Data Center Alliance
                     SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative
                     SNIA Cloud Data Management Interface (

Development Platforms
              Introduction and Discussion

                     EMC Atmos
                     Iron Mountain

Cloud Infrastructure Providers

     Introduction and Discussion
     Vendor/product profiles

              3PAR                                                 Hitachi Data Systems
              Amplidata                                            IBM
              Asankya                                              IceWeb
              Caringo                                              Mezeo Software
              Cleversafe                                           NetApp
              Cloud Leverage                                       Nexenta
              Coraid                                               Nexsan
              Data Direct Web Object Scaler                        Oracle
              EMC                                                  Permabit
              Enomaly                                              Reldata
              eSilo                                                Symform
              F5                                                   Zetta


Cloud Service Providers

     Introduction and Discussion
     Vendor/product profiles

              Amazon S3
              AT&T Synaptic SaaS
                 GoGrid                                                   Microsoft Windows Azure
                 Google Storage for Developers                            Nirvanix SDN
                 IBM Smart Business, Cloudburst                           Rackspace Cloud Files
                 Iron Mountain Cloud ASP                                  Terramark Worldwide



                 Introduction (includes cloud management and WAN optimization)
                 Vendor/product profiles

                        3Tera                                                     enStratus
                        3Crowd                                                    enomaly
                        Abiquo                                                    Eucalyptus Systems
                        Appirio                                                   FastScale
                        Aria Systems                                              InContinuum Software
                        Aryaka                                                    Kaavo
                        Certeon                                                   OS33
                        Cisco                                                     Rightscale
                        CloudKick                                                 Riverbed
                        cohesiveFT                                                Silver Peak
                        elastra                                                   Tapin Systems

Recommendations and Guidance
        General recommendations for cloud storage adoption
        Best practices

List of Tables
        Table 1: Cloud Storage feature validation: Vendor/product name

        Table 2: Cloud Storage feature validation: Cloud gateway and enablement providers

        Table 3: Cloud Storage feature validation: Cloud storage services – backup and recovery, disaster

        Table 4: Cloud Storage feature validation: Cloud storage services -- archiving

        Table 5: Cloud Storage feature validation: Cloud storage services – bulk storage
Table 6: Cloud Storage feature validation: Cloud storage services -- eDiscovery

Table 7: Cloud Storage feature validation: Cloud infrastructure providers

Table 8: Cloud Storage feature validation: Cloud service providers

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