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									KISLEV - TEVET 5769       VOLUME 27   NUMBER 4   DECEMBER 2008

                      December 21 - 28, 2008
                      25 Kislev - 2 Tevet 5769

                Synagogue Candle Lighting
            December 24, 2008 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
                                        The Dove Tale
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                          An Evening With Henry Winkler
   Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli on "Happy Days"
   Co-author of Hank Zipzer children’s novels
    Golden Globe and Emmy Award Winner

    SATURDAY EVENING     MAY 2, 2009

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                                              The Dove Tale
                               From the Rabbi’s Desk - Rabbi Eliott Perlstein
                                  A Different Kind of Hanukkah Message
                                    On a Thursday afternoon a few weeks ago, I was happily surprised by an unexpected guest in my study. I
                               was in between taking pictures in the Sanctuary with Bar and Bat Mitzvah families. Appearing in my study was a
                               gentleman in a Roman collar who I hadn’t seen in about five years. I was happy to see him and I immediately left
                               my chair to greet him with a warm hug. I was most happy to see Father Glenn Mattis.
                                    Father Mattis was the Episcopal Priest at the Church of the Holy Nativity in Wrightstown at the corner of
                               Second Street Pike and 413. A number of years ago, he left this church and became the Pastor of an Episcopal
                               Church in the Mayfair Section of Philadelphia. We had last seen each other at a funeral. A member of our
                               congregation who is a Jew by choice lost his mother. I attended the funeral service of his Episcopalian mother. It
                               just so happened that Father Mattis was officiating at the service. Though sadly at a funeral, I was happy to see
                               him that day as I was when he appeared in my office.
                                    I reminded Father Mattis of my involvement in his installation at his Mayfair Church some years ago. If I ever
                               compose my favorite stories of my years in the Rabbinate, this would surely be one of them. Father Mattis invited
                               all of his colleagues from our Ministerium in Northampton, Southampton, and Wrightstown to attend his
                               installation. As it turned out, I was the only one who attended. The program consisted of a formal processional.
Slated right behind the Alter boy carrying a very large cross were to be the visiting clergy followed by Episcopalian clergy and finally Father
Mattis. I was the only visiting clergy so there I was right behind the cross. Woody Allen should have been there to film this scene. When I
was seated, all of the visiting persons of note were introduced. The Assistant Bishop was introduced and he got a warm round of applause.
When I was introduced I got a very enthusiastic round of applause. Stated differently, I got the biggest applause of the night. It wasn’t
because of anything I did or said. I just walked in and was sitting there. The congregation, which was from my vantage point of a kid growing
up in Oxford Circle, on the other side of the tracks, was evidently so touched to have a Rabbi with them, their applause was heartfelt and
     Father Mattis then related an occasion that I also recalled quite well. When his church in Wrightstown was built and dedicated, I
participated in the dedication service. As the members of the church walked inside, I was honored to read Psalm 121. This was an event
both of us would not forget.
     When Father Mattis came into my study, he told me that the purpose of his visit was to get a Siddur. He asked me if he was pronouncing
it correctly. I said he was. He had been asked to get a Siddur for a Jewish inmate at the Bucks County Prison. He and his wife recently
retired from their respective church positions. In addition to holding an important position in the Episcopalian diocese which keeps him busy,
he has become a part time chaplain at the Bucks County Correction Center. There, he met this Jewish inmate.
     Father Mattis thanked me for the gift I gave him a number of years ago in his understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian dilemma. While
these incidents I describe above are etched in my memory as if they happened yesterday, I didn’t recall to what he was referring. Evidently,
one of our ministerium meetings followed on the heels of some abusive act by Israeli citizens towards certain Palestinians. The discussion
evidently turned into a criticism of Israel and its treatment of its neighbors. I said, as he recalled, that the stark difference between Israel and
her neighbors is that Israel is a country of laws and that the perpetrators of these inexcusable acts would be duly prosecuted for their
offenses. Israelis, in general, were not cheering these acts. For me, this was another case of coming to Israel’s defense. For Father Mattis,
as he described it, this helped him to see the whole situation in a new light from that day on.
     We spoke about Father John Gabin who was a dear friend during his tenure as assistant Pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic
Church in Richboro. Father Gabin attended Seder in our home and was with us at our table when I was honored at our synagogue’s
twenty-fifth anniversary celebration. Janie and I postponed going away on vacation one year so I could attend Father Gabin’s installation as
the Senior Pastor of St. Dominic’s on Frankford Avenue. As it turned out, Fathers Gabin and Mattis were again in the same Ministerium in
their new location.
     A few days before Father Mattis came into my study, I happened to see Reverends Carl Kleis and Barbara Fillette who are both retired
from their positions as Pastors of the North and Southampton Reform Church. Reverend Kleis was Pastor of the Church when I came to
town. Reverend Fillette was his assistant and succeeded him in the position. I was happy to see Reverend Kleis looking so well and happy
to see Reverend Fillette enjoying her retirement. On three occasions, she invited me to deliver the sermon as part of their Sunday morning
service. I recall each time sitting on a beautiful chair on their pulpit containing a needlepoint Star of David on the seat. The congregation was
always warm and appreciative.
     To round out the picture, one evening between seeing the Reverends and Father Mattis’s visit, I happened to bump into Father Dennis
Gill in the pharmacy. Father Gill was the Assistant Pastor of Our Lady of Good Council in Southampton and also active in our ministerium.
He then spent some years in Rome pursuing advanced degrees. I mentioned on Yom Kippur that I was invited to speak at a Mass at Holy
Redeemer Hospital. It was Father Gill who had initially extended the invitation. Though an aisle in Walgreens isn't the most conducive
atmosphere, it was also a warm reunion.
     On most years, my December Dove Tale article deals with some variation on the theme of Hanukkah and its message of how we must
maintain our separate identity as Jews in a society in which we are a small minority. I believe that as much this year as any proceeding
years. These encounters with colleagues reminded me how much I appreciated and valued these relationships with my Christian
counterparts. While we are celebrating Hanukkah, our Christian neighbors are, of course, celebrating Christmas. It is, as they say, a time of
Peace on earth and good will towards all men. We Jews, surely join in those sentiments though I would say good will towards all people.
     Encounters between committed Jews and Christians do not dilute our dedication to our own faith communities. If however, we start from
a position of weak allegiance, then our commitment can indeed become even more compromised, boundaries blurred and people lost.
     We are surely happy for our neighbors and friends celebrating one of the most important holidays on their religious calendar. We can be
reminded especially at this season of the year of relationships we have and cherish with those of other faiths. We wish them a Merry
Christmas as they wish us a Happy Hanukkah. I like that more than all of us getting lost in a generic Happy Holidays.
     And so to our entire Ohev Shalom family, Happy Hanukkah. I hope to be in touch during Hanukkah from Israel during our upcoming
Ohev Shalom Israel trip.
     Hag Hanukkah Sameach.
                                                       Shalom,      Rabbi
                                        The Dove Tale
                 Director of Congregational Learning - Rabbi Daniel Aronson
                             Dear Friends,
                                 If I were to ask you what you love about being Jewish, chances are that you would recall celebrations with
                             your families, special occasions at the synagogue, activities that sparked your interest during Hebrew school or
                             youth group, or any number of memories that evoke feelings of joy and fellowship. Why? Our Jewish identities
                             are based on such positive Jewish memories.
                                 One formative memory for me is of a contest I entered at my synagogue when I was in the fourth or fifth
                             grade. One year, all the children were asked to create hanukiyot, Hanukkah menorahs, that would be displayed
                             during our congregation’s Hanukkah celebration and that would be judged by the rabbi and the school director.
                             My hanukiah depicted a scene of a lighthouse on the rocky coast of Maine. I was proud of my creation and proud
                             to have won an award for it that night. This experience figures prominently in the formation of my Jewish identity:
                             Judaism has always provided me with creative outlets for my imagination. (P.S. Nearly thirty-five years later, I
                             saw a hanukiah in a gift shop that looked like a knock-off of the one I had made as a kid! I couldn’t
                             believe how similar it was and wondered if the artist had actually been there at our Hanukkah celebration so
many years earlier.)
    It should be obvious why I bring this up at this time. Hanukkah begins on the 25th of Kislev, corresponding to December 21 in the secular
calendar. We’d be hard pressed to find any Jew anywhere who doesn’t have at least one positive Jewish memory connected to Hanukkah,
whether it be a memory of candles, of chocolate gelt, of latkes or games of dreydl or of course, gifts. Let’s face it: this is one of those times of
the year when it’s really fun to be a Jew.
    At Ohev, we strive as a community to create positive – and substantive – Jewish experiences for all the members of our congregation,
from the youngest to the oldest. This month, we will have our own festive Hanukkah celebration with a candle-lighting ceremony, an acrobat
and even a hanukiah contest, as well as some surprises! In addition to this, we will have Family Fun Day for the Homeless and a
congregational trip to Israel, and many of our USY-ers will attend International Convention in Washington, DC. Each of these activities will
provide the fertile ground upon which Jewish memories may grow and flourish.
    As I like to say, though, what happens at Ohev should not stay at Ohev. Jewish memories must be created at home as well. Parents
have a special obligation to create positive Jewish memories for their children, to create situations and opportunities for their children to
experience and remember the joy of being Jewish. When accompanied by experiences of deep meaning and a feeling of connection to
family, community and the Jewish people, such memories can provide a foundation for Jewish living upon which our children will build lives
and households informed and shaped by Jewish traditions and values.
    It is, indeed, an honor and a privilege for me to be your partner in making memories for you and your family. And in partnering with you, I
too, continue to gather the memories that make me who I am as a Jew. I suspect I’ll gather many such memories during this season of light.
Thank you, in advance, for these most precious gifts.

                                    Notes From The Cantor - Paul Frimark
                              The Musical December Dilemma
                                   While Rabbis often find the need to address the “December Dilemma” from the pulpit regarding being
                              Jewish during the Christmas season, those of us who spend our lives in the musical world often face the issue as
                              well. How do we approach the overwhelming dominance of non-Jewish music in our environment during the
                              upcoming season between Thanksgiving and late December?
     Paul’s Photo                  During my years in junior high school, and high school choirs, the winter musical program usually contained
                              6-8 musical numbers for us to practice. One of the pieces usually was related to Chanukah (mostly Ma’oz Tzur in
                              Hebrew and Rock of Ages in English. Songs like "I have a little Dreidel" and English versions of Hebrew Songs
                              Like "Mi Yimalel "(Who Can Retell) might be good for Hebrew School and Synagogue life but don’t instill much
                              Jewish pride in the arts at this time of year.
                                   Fortunately that has changed. Artist and Composer, Craig Taubman, has put together a collection of
                              Chanukkah songs for the family to enjoy that includes modern arrangements of songs like the above mentioned
                              pieces as well as original compositions by some late 20th century Musicians. Safam recorded “Judah Maccabee”
in the 70’s about a young boy growing up dreaming of being one of his childhood heroes like Judah Maccabee. Lenny Soloman of Schlock
Rock adapted the words of our Hanukkah prayer “Hanerot Halalu" to Richie Valens "La Bamba" under the title “ My My My MY Menorah” I
also have Ma’oz Tzur as played by the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.
     December is time to make sure to include the gifts of culture. Whether the gifts be of music, art, or books, make sure your Jewish
recipients keep the Channukkah lights burning for all eight days. I also hope that some day the world will figure out how to spell this holiday
in English. After writing this I am starting to run out of variations.


                                                  Editor’s Note - Rich Noch
Effective with this issue, the synagogue calendar will no longer appear in the monthly Dove Tale. Instead, the new “Online Calendar” on
the synagogue website will be the central focus for synagogue events. With events changing quickly as they do from time to time, a monthly
printed calendar can no longer be responsive enough to satisfy synagogue needs. The website link for the online calendar is:


                                          The Dove Tale
                           Message from our President - Arlene Rosenbaum
                                Dear Friends,

                               Each year in December our Social Action Committee hosts Family Fun Day. It is a day where our Ohev
                           Shalom Family opens up our synagogue and welcomes homeless families from Bucks County for a day of fun
                           activities, gifts and food. Many volunteers help out beforehand and during the day of the event to make sure that
                           our visitors enjoy the time that they spend with us. Our USY’ers are there to help staff events and everyone
                           pitches in. If you have never attended Family Fun Day, make this the year that you start. Call the office to get in
                           touch with the committee and volunteer your time on Sunday, December 7th and take part in this very worthwhile

                                 Our outdoor Hanukkah Menorah lighting is on Sunday, December 21st. Join us as we stand in front of our
                           building on Second Street Pike singing songs and lighting the 1st candle. That day is also when the Ohev Shalom
                           Israel Trip leaves for what will be an unbelievable trip that is guaranteed to leave everyone who goes with a
                           lifetime of memories. I wish all who are going a fabulous trip.

    Happy Hanukkah and a Happy (secular) New Year!



                        Message from our Executive Director - Fred Poritsky
                                   This has been a busy year at Ohev and December is no exception. We have Family Fun Day to help those
                              less fortunate than us on Sunday December 7, followed closely by Rock Shabbat on Friday December 12. This is
                              always a favorite activity of many of our members. On December 21, we have our Hanukkah outdoor menorah
                              lighting and party and the start of the Ohev Shalom Israel trip. This is in addition to so many other wonderful
                              events and programs that take place on a daily basis here.
                                   A new law makes it easier to donate to Ohev Shalom. Before you consider doing this, please consult your tax
                              advisor. Congress approved and President Bush signed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. The
                              act creates an extraordinary opportunity to make tax-free rollover gifts from traditional or Roth IRAs to charity.
                                   The law provides that, in each of the years 2008 and 2009, an owner of a traditional or Roth IRA may instruct
                              the trustee to distribute directly to Ohev Shalom up to $100,000 without counting the distribution as taxable
                              income. And, the added benefit is that the distribution will count towards the IRA owner's required minimum
                              distribution. To make sure that your gift will qualify for the tax-free treatment you must satisfy a few regulations:
                              ♦ You must be 70 ½ years old or older
                              ♦ The transfer from your IRA must go directly from your IRA to Ohev Shalom.
♦ The gift cannot exceed $100,000 in 2008 or 2009
♦ The gift must be an outright gift*
    *Transfers of IRA gifts to donor advised funds, supporting organizations, charitable gift annuities, or charitable remainder trusts do not
    qualify. The gift is not eligible for an additional charitable income tax deduction.
♦ IRA withdrawals are generally treated as taxable income. Before this law was passed, if a donor wanted to use their IRA for a
   contribution, they would have had to take the withdrawal, declare the income and then take the charitable contribution to offset the
   income from the IRA.
    This new law makes giving to Ohev Shalom from your traditional or Roth IRA easier. To make a 2008 gift from an IRA, donors should
contact their IRA custodian as soon as possible preferably before receiving any required minimum distributions. Transfers for 2008must be
completed by December 31, 2008. Transfers for 2009must be completed by December 31, 2009. We can also accept gifts of stock as
payment of dues or for contributions. Please call me if you have any questions at 215-322-9595, extension 55 or e-mail me at
    We are looking for volunteers in many areas to help Ohev grow and deliver all of the services that make our synagogue valued in the
Bucks County Jewish Community. Please contact me at or 215-322-9595, extension 55 for more information about
where we could use your help and expertise. I look forward to speaking with you.
                                         B’Shalom and Happy Hanukkah.

                                           The Dove Tale
                       Director of Early Education - Lori-An Penchansky
                                  Last week two of the kindergarten students got off the school bus and walked into my office – a normal
                             occurrence. There are many days that one student stays in the office and helps "buzz" the door until another
                             friend walks in, and then walks upstairs with his family. On a normal day the second student will continue
                             walking right up to the classroom with his teachers. But this was not a normal day. The first student said she
                             wasn't feeling well – and it was apparent that she needed some TLC. Her friend said he wanted to stay in the
                             office, which he did, and he proceeded to watch his friend's every movement. I checked again and asked the
                             young boy if he wanted to go up and he emphatically said no, he wanted to wait.
                                   At that point the young girl looked up at me and said "He is my friend. He worries about me and wants me
                             to be ok. That is why we love each other."
                                  Wow, I thought. This was such a simple comment, yet deep and meaningful at the same time. For a
                             5-year old, friendship is simple. You are nice to me and I will be your friend. I am your friend so I care about
                             you. Friendship equates to love.
                                  The beginning stages of friendship are evident even in our infant center: the babies begin to seek each other
out, to be where other babies are playing. As they mature into toddlers, parallel play becomes the primary focus of the young children –
they play next to and begin to play with each other. As they progress into preschoolers, their social skills grow and they choose their
     I am very proud that at Ohev Shalom Early Education Center, we foster such beautiful friendships. I know these children will be friends,
and will understand the true meaning of friendship, for life.
December Calendar:
   •   Monday           December 1, 2008         PTO meeting 9:30 AM
   •   Wednesday        December 3, 2008         Pizza hot lunch
   •   Wednesday        December 10, 2008        Nuggets hot lunch, and preschool Secret Shop
   •   Wednesday        December 17, 2008        Wonderful Wednesday – DJ Bruce Fagan, Pizza hot lunch
   •   Saturday         December 20, 2008        Tot Shabbat services 10:30 AM
   •   Wednesday        December 24, 2008        School closes at Noon for winter break and reopens January 5, 2009

                                                          B’nai Mitzvah
                     Jason Brockman                                         I would like to thank Rachel Saks, Rabbi Perlstein, Cantor
                                                                        Frimark, and my parents for helping me prepare for this special
    Hi, my name is Jason Brockman and my Bar Mitzvah is on
                                                                        milestone in my life.
December 6, 2008. I attend Holland Middle School and go to Camp
Nockamixon in the summer.                                                                      Jake Steinberg
    In my spare time, I enjoy playing all sports with my friends and         Hello, my name is Jake Steinberg, and I will become a Bar
enjoy time with my family. My favorite sport is hockey. I have been     Mitzvah on December 20, 2008. Some of my hobbies include
playing roller hockey since I was five and now play ice hockey.         collecting baseball cards, playing sports, and hanging out with my
    For my Mitzvah Project, I am raising money for cancer. All of       friends. I really enjoy playing sports, and my favorite one is baseball.
the proceeds will be going to the Fox Chase Cancer Hospital. For        I also really enjoy vacationing at the shore with my family.
every goal or assist I achieve, I have asked friends and family for          I am in the seventh grade at Tamanend Middle School. My
donations. I will continue this throughout the season.                  Mitzvah project involved helping fight hunger, so this past summer, I
    I would like to extend a special thank you to Iris Spector for      collected food and toiletries and donated them to the New Britain
helping me to study my prayers, Torah portion and Haftorah. I am        Food Lauder. I had no idea how big a problem hunger was for
looking forward celebrating my Bar Mitzvah with family and friends.     people right in our own area, and it made me realize how fortunate I
                                                                        am to not have to worry about having enough food to eat or when my
                                                                        next meal may be.
                       Julia Robinson                                        Finally, I would like to thank Cantor Paul Frimark for all of his
    Hi, my name is Julia Robinson. I will become a Bat Mitzvah on       assistance in getting me ready for my Bar Mitzvah. I would also like
December 13, 2008. I am in seventh grade at Lenape Middle               to thank my parents for supporting me in preparing for this big day,
School. Some of my favorite things to do are act, sing, and dance.      as well as throughout my entire life.
    For my Bat Mitzvah project, I have been volunteering at Gilda's
house, which is a support group for adults and children that are
dealing with cancer. Even after my Bat Mitzvah, I hope to continue
volunteering. I have a very special Torah portion, because my mom
read the same portion on her Bat Mitzvah.

                                                  BAT / BAR MITZVAH PROJECT
Are you in need for a fun, rewarding Bar or Bat Mitzvah project? On December 7th, the annual Family Fun Day to Benefit the Homeless
of Bucks County will be held here at Ohev Shalom. If you are interested in helping out with this amazing, rewarding program, please call
Anita Dorfman at 215-364-1451 for more information.

                                                            PROJECT LINUS
If you can knit, crochet or sew and would like to make blankets for seriously ill children at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia,
please contact Anita Dorfman at 215-364-1451.

                                        The Dove Tale
                 Director of Congregational Learning - Rabbi Daniel Aronson
                      Religious School & Hebrew High School Calendar
Religious School Calendar
    • Saturday    December 6      10:30 AM - 11:45 AM           *Chapel       Alef-led Junior Congregation
    • Sunday      December 7      Following Religious School                  Family Fun Day for the Homeless
    • Saturday    December 13     10:30 AM - 11:45 AM           *Chapel       Religious School Family Service with Rabbi Aronson
    • Sunday      December 14                                                 Special Guest Visitor from Jewish Family and
                                                                              Children’s Service for Kitah Gimel
                                                                              “Bystander Education: What To Do When You See
                                                                              Kids Being Bullied”
   • Saturday      December 20    10:30 AM - 11:45 AM           *Chapel       Daled-led Junior Congregation
   • Sunday        December 21    2:30 PM - 4:30 PM                           Ohev Community Hanukkah Celebration
                                                                              No Hei class tefillah with Rabbi Perlstein.
                                                                              All Religious School students are to attend the
                                                                              Hanukkah celebration in place of classes on
                                                                              December 21. Attendance will be taken.
   •   Wednesday   December 24 – Sunday, January 4                            No School
   •   Saturday    December 27                                                No Junior Congregation
   •   Saturday    January 3                                                  No Junior Congregation
   •   Saturday    January 10    10:30 AM - 11:30 AM            *Chapel       Religious School Family Service with Rabbi Aronson
   •   Wednesday   January 7                                                  School Resumes
Hebrew High School Calendar
   • Wednesday December 3         7:40 PM                               Special guest speaker: Professor Fred Lazin,
                                                                        Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
                                                                        Israel’s Changing Collective Identity
                                                                        Parents and all members of the Ohev community are
   • Thursday  December 11 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM                            ACAJE In-service Workshop for High School Teachers
                                                                        and Youth Advisors
   • Wednesday December 24 – Wednesday December 31                      No School
   • Wednesday January 7                                                School Resumes
                                          * Adath Tikvah-Montefiore Chapel

                                                        Youth Groups
                                      Ohev Shalom Youth Groups News and Calendars
   Youth Group Advisors Directory
   • USY                Geoff Brockman        (215) 579-7458
   • Kadima             Jenn Fine                      (267) 987-6889
   • Chaverim           Caryn Trasken           (215) 630-7781

   • Saturday      December 13    7:00 PM – 11:00 PM     Lounge Night at Ohev Shalom Religious School
                                                         Pizza, Movie, Munchies and More
                                  7:00 PM to 11:00 PM    Sign up with Geoff by Wednesday, December 10

   • Sun - Sat     December 21 – 28                      International Convention, Washington D.C.
                                                         Contact Geoff for information.
   • Saturday      January 24                            Regional Dance, Adath Jeshurun, Elkins Park
                                                         Details to follow.

   • Sunday        December 14                           Creation Station, Newtown
                                                         Sign up with Jenn by Sunday, December 7
   • Saturday      January 10                            Movie Night at Ohev
                                                         Details to follow
   • Sat - Sun     February 21 – 22                      Regional Kadima Sleepover at Camden Adventure Aquarium
                                                         Details to follow

   • Sunday        February 8                            Philadelphia Phantoms Game

                                                       The Dove Tale
                                                Adult Education - Robin Solis
ISRAEL’S CHANGING COLLECTIVE IDENTITY                                        Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their own lives,
Fred A. Lazin                                                                personal ancestors, and others to whom we look for inspiration.
Wednesday, December 3, 2008
7:40 PM – 9:15 PM Main Sanctuary
                                                                             A YIDDISHE KOP – FAVORITE YIDDISH IDIOMS AND FOLK
This program will trace changes in Israeli society from the “melting
pot” of the past to today’s “multiculturalism.” The relationship in
                                                                             Rita Ratson
Israeli society, of Oriental Jews, ultra-Orthodox, Liberal Judaism,
                                                                             Sunday, January 11, 2009
Russians, Israeli Arabs, and McDonald’s, will be discussed.
                                                                             9:30 AM – 11:00 AM Social Hall
Fred A. Lazin has taught at Hebrew University, UCLA, GWU, Cornell,
                                                                      If you were ever told, “You should grow in the ground like an onion”
Tufts, and CUNY. He has written and edited ten books dealing with
                                                                      or “Go bang your head against the wall,” you won’t want to miss this
public policy in the United States, Israel, and developing countries,
                                                                      lecture. After a brief introduction on the origin of the Yiddish
Israeli politics and society, and Jews in American politics.
                                                                      language, and her own background as a native Yiddish speaker, Rita
                                                                      Ratson will discuss many beloved Yiddish expressions and folk-
                                                                      songs, as well awesome lesser known gems. This program will
                                                                      include a light breakfast.
Rabbi Tsurah August
Tuesday, December 9, 2008                                             Rita Ratson is the Coordinator of Yiddish Language and Culture at
7:40 PM – 9:15 PM Room 203 Rothman Family Education Building          Gratz College. As a child of Holocaust Survivors, she grew up
                                                                      speaking Yiddish. She is now an official translator for the National
This interactive workshop will be a platform for exploring our hopes,
                                                                      Yiddish Book Center.
fears, ideas, and questions around grand-parenting in interfaith
families. What is more meaningful than looking into the “punim” of
your grandchildren? What joy, what hopes, dreams, love—feelings             This program is a Gratz College Adult
beyond words. How we plan our lives to keep them in our lives and         Education Outreach Program funded by the
to share our love—and what we value in life—with them. When our           Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
children have chosen mates who are not Jewish, unique challenges
may arise around Jewish holidays, beliefs, practices, traditions, and
attitudes. How can we share what gives us meaning and joy as
                                                                             BUCKS COUNTY KALLAH
Jews, without causing distress or dissention in our relationship with
                                                                             Saturday, January 17, 2009
our children, their mates, and of course, our precious grandchildren.
                                                                             Temple Beth El, Yardley, PA

Dr. Bruce Bogdanoff                                                          MODERN DAY HALACHA
Thursday, December 18, 2008                                                  Cantor Paul Frimark
7:40 PM – 9:15 PM Room 203, Rothman Family Education Building                Tuesday, January 20, 2009
                                                                             7:40 PM – 9:15 PM
The vast majority of composers of the Broadway theater are Jewish,
                                                                             Room 203 Rothman Family Education Building
so it is not surprising that Jewish subjects are often explored in their
productions. The way that Jewish characters have been portrayed              Halacha refers to the proper way to conduct our religious lives. But,
on Broadway, however, has at times been stereotypical and even, on           did development of Halacha stop in the 1600’s with Joseph Karo and
occasion, demeaning. You will explore how the musical theater                the Shulchan Aruch or is Halacha a constantly evolving concept?
treats Jewish roles through the use of compact disc recordings, and          Cantor Frimark will discuss some modern day Halacha rulings which
will draw conclusions concerning their fairness and accuracy.                can create controversy among people trying to be as observant as
Dr. Bruce Bogdanoff is a retired physician, who was musically active
throughout his medical career. He currently conducts courses in
music appreciation for adult community classes, senior centers, and
retirement villages.                                                         JUDEO-SPANISH: PRESERVING A DYING LANGUAGE
                                                                             Linda Fader, Ph.D.
     This program is a Gratz College Adult                                   Sunday, January 25, 2009
   Education Outreach Program funded by the                                  9:30 AM – 11:00 AM    Social Hall
   Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
                                                                             Dr. Fader will share her research on Philadelphia Sephardic families
                                                                             who speak Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) and the language change and
TEACH YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN: LESSONS                               attrition that occurs when language groups are in contact with an-
OF WISDOM AND AGING                                                          other. Her PowerPoint presentation will include the histories of two
Rabbi Tsurah August                                                          local families and recordings of Ladino. This program will include a
Thursday, January 8, 2009                                                    light breakfast.
7:40 PM – 9:15 PM Room 203, Rothman Family Education Building
                                                                             Dr. Fader earned her Ph.D. in Spanish at Temple University in the
The references to “aging” in Jewish Biblical Literature are imbued           field of Dialectology.
with the sense of wisdom, respect, and honor. In ancient days, the
“Elders” sat at the Gates to the City, a place of great honor, where
their wise counsel was sought by the populace. In a society that
quips that “50 is the new 30,” how can we, who have had the good
fortune to survive our “youth” (read, under 40), live vitally, to our full
potential, in body, mind, and spirit? This workshop will explore the
ways we value and make the most of the fullness of our years.

                               The Dove Tale
   Florence Melton Adult Mini-School                                                          College Connection
    The 2nd Year Melton class continues to meet at Ohev                                   Our committee is encouraged by the generous
Shalom on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00-3:30 PM. You                                 donations that have come in from congregants to
are invited to sit in to try out this program for yourselves.                         the College Connection Fund. As I write this, we
Melton is a comprehensive, sophisticated, pluralistic, serious                        are gearing up for sending another little gift to our
text-based program of adult Jewish study. It is university-                students before Hanukkah so that they know they are
level without the requirements. One of the many goals of this              remembered by their community at Ohev Shalom. Please
two-year course of study is to create more Jewishly literate               register your student at, following the links to
people who form, and stay in, a community of learners. In                  College Connection. Remember to notify us if your student
class you will experience an interactive examination and                   has moved, graduated, or is studying abroad.
discussion of classical and modern Jewish texts relevant to
the themes of the day. All Jewish backgrounds are welcome                      Always open to your help and suggestions.
and encouraged, and no knowledge of Hebrew is required.                        Liz & David Nover at 215-491-4201 or

Please contact Liz Nover, Director, Florence Melton Adult
Mini-School of Gratz College at 215-635-7300,
x 143 or                                                                          Liz and David Nover

                                                  Social Action Committee
           FAMILY FUN DAY TO BENEFIT                                            If dropping off shredded paper – please put in a bag. If dropping
                                                                           off theme books – please take off the front and back hardcover – the
                 THE HOMELESS                                              metal spiral may remain intact. You do not need to remove staples
                     Sunday, December 7th                                  from paper. Please no cardboard or phonebooks.
     The Social Action Committee of Ohev Shalom is once again                   It is easy to get started – just place an empty box near your trash
looking for caring individuals who would like to help brighten the         can at home and place your paper in the box! Bring your paper to
holidays for needy children in the Bucks County area. More                 Ohev Shalom as often as you can.
specifically, we need people who would like to sponsor 1 or more                Every time our bin is full – Ohev Shalom saves 17 trees from
homeless children by purchasing a gift that was requested by the           being cut down!
child for the holidays. The gifts would be given to the children at our
Annual Day of Fun to benefit needy families living in homeless             Recycling Racks
shelters in the Bucks County area on Sunday, December 7th. If you              Recycling is in full bloom at Ohev Shalom! Two ‘Recycling
can sponsor a child (gift should not exceed $25.00) please fill in the     Racks’ have been setup and we’re looking for your recyclable items.
following form and mail it back to me or to Ohev Shalom as soon as         One recycling rack is located in the Ohevenly Café and the other is
possible. I will contact you by mail, concerning your child. I will send   located outside the restrooms on the first floor of the pre-school.
you the name and age of your child and the gift he or she would like       Each recycling rack contains collection boxes for eyeglasses, cell
to receive. All sponsors are welcome to join us from 11 AM - 2 PM          phones, rechargeable batteries, printer cartridges, energy bar
in the Auditorium on December 7th.                                         wrappers (Clif, Balance, Luna, Power Bar, and Nature Valley),
                         Thank you in advance                              Nabisco cookie wrappers (family and individual size), and corks.
                             Anita & Dana                                      Please check out the recycling racks and see how you can help
                                                                           Ohev Go Green!
              GO GREEN COMMITTEE
                                                                           Electronic Version of the Dove Tale
  The Go Green Committee announces three                                       Signing up for electronic delivery of the Dove Tale is easy. All
Go Green initiates to help us reduce, reuse and                            you need to do is send an e-mail to the Go Green Committee at
                                                                  and please include your first and last name in the
recycle…                                                                   subject line.
Recycling Paper Drive                                                          The GoGreen Committee is working on many initiatives to make
    Did you know that you can recycle paper, newspapers, catalogs,         Ohev Shalom an eco-friendly environment. If you are interested in
magazines, junk mail, weekly advertisement circulars, TV Guides,           helping or have suggestions, please e-mail us at
folders, construction and poster paper, shredded paper, spiral   
notebook/theme books, and office/school mail at Ohev Shalom? Our
recycling bin is located in the parking lot.

                                                The Dove Tale
                                     Bennett Zion Feld Memorial Library
                        Dedicated to Providing Multimedia Materials of Jewish Content to the Ohev Shalom Family

                     BOOKS                                 AUDIO/VISUAL                                  SOFTWARE
              For Adults and Children                   For Adults and Children                      For In-Library Use Only
           (May be borrowed for 3 weeks)              (May be borrowed for 1 week)

                                                    Bible Stories * Holidays * History              Encyclopedia/Reference
         Fiction * Non-Fiction * Biographies             Jews in America * Israel                   Torah/Haftarah Chanting
                                                              Movies/Music                         Hebrew Language * Games

                      Sundays                                  Wednesdays                                 Thursdays
               9:00 AM - 11:30 AM                           4:15 PM - 6:30 PM                         9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

                                     >>> The Library is closed when school is not in session <<<
    Should you come into the library, you may notice that some small changes have been made.
    Thanks to Mark Kolber and Jerry Gottesman, we have many new DVDs including children’s bible stories and movies shown relatively
recently on the big screen. Jerry has been giving the library movies that were shown at Hazak programs, so if you had to miss out on the
showing, come by your library to borrow it.
    Since some of the schools have a study unit on the Holocaust, I have made it very easy to locate material by making one entire
bookcase dedicated to Holocaust material. We have lots on Anne Frank; we have videos and DVDs, teen level books, and books for the
adult reader, both nonfiction and fiction.
    I have begun to weed out duplicates because we are limited in space. Often I am asked if the library accepts donations. My response is
that we LOVE donations, but we cannot accept additional duplicates, no textbooks or books in Yiddish or Hebrew, and that we do not want
outdated books on "modern Israel". If you have books, (Jewish content or Jewish authors) which you want to donate, e-mail me at with the title and author of the book and I will gladly accept books that we do not have.
Come in. I can’t wait to talk books with you.                      Soni Feld

                            Hazak                                                              Men’s Club
                                                                                         Men’s Club ‘Skinny’
                               ‫חזק‬                                        Our December Events:
                                                                          •   December 7th – John Gonzalez from the Philadelphia
           Sunday, December 14, 2008 12:00 Noon                               Inquirer - John’s unique style of writing will be interesting to
  Dance Theatre of Pennsylvania presents: The Nutcracker Ballet               all.. He is new to the sports department and writes a tongue
            Location: Mitchell Performing Arts Center                         and cheek editorial.
      Tomlinson Road & Huntingdon Pike, Bryn Athyn, PA
         Following the theatre, join us for a dairy supper.               •     December 15th – Again, the Eagles are on Monday Night
          Cost: $37 Includes Ballet, Supper, Tax & Tip                          and we are all going to go over and watch the game at Ron
               PAYMENT DUE December 5, 2008                                     Wolf’s new condo. Ron wants to show off his new condo
                                                                                and TV. The Eagle will take on the Browns’ in a game that
                                                                                will hopefully put them into the playoffs. See you there ….
                December 14 - Ballet and Supper
                                                                                Food and fun provided!
             PAYMENT DUE BY DECEMBER 5, 2008
               Sunday, January 25, 2009 1:00 PM                           •     December 25th – Our Annual Progressive Dinner. We are
            Join us for a great movie and refreshments                          going to have a different theme for this night. It will be a
                     Details will be announced                                  Cocktail and Dessert Party….. We start at Mike Markowitz’s
                      Location: Ohev Shalom                                     house for hor d’oeurves and conversation and then off to a
                                                                                great dessert.         Keep reading for more details.
                     Sunday, May 17, 2009
                   Broadway, Here We Come!
                                                                          And that’s all I have….See you at our events…….
     Cost: $155 Orchestra seats & luxury bus transportation
      Call Sheila, Marsha, or Marlyn for further information
                                                                                             Mike Markowitz
     Jerry Gottesman, President    Dr. Len Cohen, Treasurer
     Sheila Tanenbaum        Marsha Heller       Marlyn Harris
    (215) 742-4437          (215) 343-3181      (215) 281-7530

                                                          The Dove Tale
                CO-PRESIDENTS’ MESSAGE                                                  FROM YOUR MEMBERSHIP VPs
Hello Ladies,                                                                 It is almost time for 2008 to make its exit. You might be asking
    We have had a very busy fall! We all enjoyed a wonderful paid         “where has the time gone?” If you have been fortunate enough to
up membership dinner featuring the theme, "A Woman of Valor." At          belong to Sisterhood, the year has already been chock full of
the dinner, we celebrated and honored two of our very own "women          wonderful programs and activities.
of valor," Soni Feld and Joanne Babbitt. Both of these women in their         The year began with a fabulous private shopping spree at Chicos
own way have given of themselves with their love, time and caring         in Warrington. In October, we enjoyed a festive and special night as
for Ohev Shalom and our Sisterhood.                                       many of us came fapitzed to the Paid-Up Membership Dinner where
    We would also like to thank Rabbi Perlstein for leading our book      each of us was honored as an Eyshet Chayil. We also enjoyed a
review on November 18th. It is always such an interesting evening.        lovely dinner meeting and the Rabbi’s stimulating Book Review.
    We wish all of you a Happy Hanukkah and hope to see you at                As you can see, Sisterhood offers a variety of fun activities. For
the Sisterhood Hanukkah Swap Program on Tuesday December                  those of you who have not joined, all is not lost! You can still support
16th with Cantor Frimark. Bring your Menorahs and a wrapped gift          Sisterhood and Ohev Shalom by sending your $40 dues ($30 if you
with you and help us celebrate another enjoyable event.                   are 65 or older) to Ohev “Attention Sisterhood Membership.” Come
    We look forward to 2009. We have many wonderful events                and join a wonderful group of women! Make new friends and share
planned! Please join us.                                                  in our journey this year as we celebrate the Woman of Valor – You!
                             B’Shalom,                                    We look forward to seeing you soon. For the second time this year,
                        Karen and Rocky                                   we wish you a Happy New Year!
Hello Ladies,                                                                               Linda Crowell and Fran Silverman
                                                                                            215-450-2405            215-355-4345
Ohev Shalom Mah Jongg 2008 – 2009 has begun!
     You can still join us on Tuesday afternoons at 12:45 PM at
Ohev Shalom. Ten Mah Jongg games will be played for points.
We will play thirteen tiles and will play with bettors if enough women
are available.
     Two sixteen week sessions will be played at a cost of $48.00.
There will be cash prizes given out for high series, high game and
1st, 2nd & 3rd place at the end of each session.
     Please email or call us if you cannot play on a particular date
and perhaps we will be able to find a substitute for you. You can also
circle the dates in advance on your playing paper.
The dates are:
Dec. 2, 9, 16, 23 Jan. 6, 13, 20, 27 Feb. 3, 10, 17, 24
Mar. 3, 17, 24, 31 Apr. 7, 28 (note the 28th is upstairs)
May 5, 12, 19, 26 June 2 (note the 2nd is upstairs)
     On June 2, we will play at 10 AM followed by a luncheon! Please
mark your calendar now so that you will be able to attend the
luncheon. If we need to cancel any of our games for inclement
weather, we will tack on the following Tuesday, June 9th.                                       SIMCHA BOUTIQUE
     Any questions, call Lynda Doline Bloch at 215-322-3059. This                               Wishes you a Happy Hanukkah!
year, Karol Silver has volunteered to be the chairperson of Mah                 Come shop and browse for all of your Hanukkah needs…
Jongg. I thank Karol in advance from all of us!                                   Menorahs, candles, dreidels, chocolate gelt and more!
                           Lynda Doline Bloch                                  We make special appointments to cater to YOUR schedule.
                                                                              We are always looking for additional volunteers to help sell our
           SISTERHOOD HANUKKAH SWAP                                                                beautiful merchandise.
                       Join us for an evening with                             It is a great place to meet and greet Synagogue members!
                           Cantor Frimark                                     Call Lynda Doline Bloch at 215-322-3059 or
         for our Hanukkah get together on December 16th                                    Rachel Goldstein at 215-441-4910.
            Bring your menorahs and a wrapped $10 gift
  We will chat with our Cantor, light the candles, eat potato latkes      Dear Sisterhood Members:
                           and swap gifts                                     Once again we are collecting funds for "A Woman's Place"
                     7:30 PM in the auditorium                            shelter, as part of our Sarah's Project. Please contribute to the
    RSVP by December 11th to Iris Segal - 215-968-0446 or                 Sarah's Project box each time you attend a sisterhood event
                                          throughout the year. Todah, Thank you,
                                                                                                        Denise Kolber

                                                Sisterhood Calendar 2008 - 2009
 12/16   Hanukkah Program                       3/8      Shelach Manot Assembly in AM             4/30    Bingo with vendors
 12/30   Board Meeting                                   Shelach Manot dist. 3/8 - 3/11           5/8     Sisterhood Shabbat and Dinner
 1/27    Board Meeting                          3/15     Play at the Arden Theater                5/21    Donor Dinner
 1/29    Movie Review                           3/29     Chico’s #2 Shopping at Warrington        5/26    Board Meeting
 2/5     Book Review                                     store 9 AM                               6/30    Board Meeting
 2/24    Board Meeting & Wine Tasting           3/31     Board Meeting                            Mah Jongg Club - Tuesdays at Ohev
         Program                                4/23     Book Discussion                          Pull Dinner Raffle winner at Donor Dinner
 3/1     Learn to make Hamantashen              4/28     Board Meeting

                                                        The Dove Tale
         Our volunteers will conveniently mail the cards for you. You may also buy cards and keep them for your use as needed.
                              Please include recipient’s full name and address and state “honor” or “memory.”
                                   Please do not call or e-mail your requests for cards on Shabbat.
              $5.00 Cards (mentioned in Dove Tale) :                             $1.50 Cards (not mentioned in Dove Tale):
                           Joanne Babbitt                                                         Lynda Kerr
              215-968-0107 ~ e-mail:                                             215-757-2577
               65 Poplar Drive Richboro, PA 18954                                  77 Hemlock Drive Holland, PA 18966

     SISTERHOOD HONOR & MEMORY CARDS                               Hello Ladies,
                                                                           Please mark your calendars and join us for some wonderful
           From:                In Honor Of:                       events that we have planned for you in the upcoming months. Our
Linda Crowell              Carrie & Gary’s engagement              Hanukkah program takes place on December 16. Cantor Frimark will
Lynne & Fred Poritsky      B’nai Mitzvah of Jesse & Max Goldstein, join us for latkes and discussion. Please bring a wrapped $10.00 gift
                           sons of Mindy & Richard Goldstein       for our Chinese Auction and you're on your way to an evening of
Lynne & Fred Poritsky      Bar Mitzvah of Ryan Neill, son of       laughs and good food. On January 29, Marc Weisberg will review
                           Lynda & Larry Bloch                     the movie, "The Counterfeiters.” The movie is based on a true event
Lynne & Fred Poritsky      Eileen & Gene Darnell’s new home        during the Holocaust. A book discussion led by Denise Kolber will
Miriam Sperling            Albert Levenkron’s speedy recovery      be held on February 5. Keep in mind our Shelach Manot baskets for
Linda & Mark Shapiro       Birth of Logan Rose Nordahl,            Purim in March. We are planning an exciting new concept for this
                           granddaughter of Fran & Roy Silverman holiday.
Linda & Mark Shapiro       Birth of Lindsey Brooke, granddaughter      We look forward to greeting you at these functions.
                           of Dara Blank                                                 Iris Segal and Arlene Raab
Joanne & Howard Babbitt    Howard Eisenberg’s speedy recovery                               Religious and Cultural
Iris & Mort Segal          Howard Eisenberg’s speedy recovery
Janet & Marc Weisberg      Their Aliyah and Torah reading at
                           Ryan Neill’s Bar Mitzvah                               Pearl Buck House Holiday Tour
Fran & Roy Silverman       Their appreciation for contributions     Tour the Pearl Buck House this holiday season from 11/4/08-
                           made by Sisterhood Board in honor of    12/31/08 and see items on loan from Ohev Shalom Simcha
                           the birth of Granddaughter, Logan Rose Boutique. This year’s featured designer is Kimberly Lux of Lux
                           Nordahl                                 Interiors has included Hanukkah as well as Christmas decorations in
Mona & Larry Jaffe         Max Milgrom’s Bar Mitzvah               this annual event. Ticket information: Sisterhood will
                                                                   receive a portion of these ticket sales.
   From:                   In Memory Of:                                                          Rocky Noch
Terri & Hal Barrow         Morris (Moe) Lenetsky, uncle of
                           Linda Crowell
Terri & Hal Barrow         Morris (Moe) Lenetsky, uncle of              Shelach Manot: A PURIM PICNIC is coming
                           Scott & Fran Gordon                     Look for your order form flyer coming in the mail in early 2009.
Rochelle & Rich Noch       Dorothy Wolf, mother of Ron Wolf        This year we are introducing a new ordering concept –
Lynne & Fred Poritsky      Evelyn Bellin, mother of Judie Weiss    a VALUE OFFER. For $118 you can send EVERY Ohev congregant
Lynne & Fred Poritsky      Dorothy Wolf, mother of Ron Wolf        family a basket with your good wishes. We will still be offering single
Linda & Mark Shapiro       Dorothy Wolf, mother of Ron Wolf        baskets for $6 per basket. This mitzvah of Shelach Manot is to give
Linda & Mark Shapiro       Evelyn Bellin, mother of Judie Weiss    cheer with the gift of food. This years basket is unique, so don’t
Arlene & Paul Frimark      Evelyn Bellin, mother of Judie Weiss    miss out. Place your orders promptly.
Iris & Mort Segal          Dorothy Wolf, mother of Ron Wolf                                       Rocky Noch
Rose & Fred Gold           Harold (Hal) Levy
                                                                             Sisterhood invites you to the World Premiere of
Joanne & Howard Babbitt    Joan Weiss, wife of Fred Weiss, mother
                                                                        "My Name is Asher Lev", based on Chaim Potok's novel.
                           of Saul Weiss, grandmother of
                                                                            Performed at Arden Theatre Co., 40 N. 2nd Street,
                           Darrien Weiss
                                                                                            Philadelphia, PA 19106
Joanne & Howard Babbitt    Joan Weiss, daughter of Fred and
                                                                      "Asher Lev is a young Hassidic artist torn between his observant
                           Sara Cantor
                                                                        Jewish community and his need to create. His artistic genius
Sisterhood                 Joan Weiss
                                                                       threatens his relationship with his parents and community and
Mimi & Bernie Pollack      Evelyn Bellin, mother of Judie Weiss
                                                                                      weighs heavily on his conscience."
Mimi & Bernie Pollack      Lina Dreifuss, grandmother of
                                                                                        Sunday, March 15, 2009, 2 PM
                           Carol Gerson & Anne Berlin
                                                                    Tickets cost $35 each, seating is limited, transportation on your own,
Helen & Sheldon Jahss      Harry Eckelman, father of
                                                                                             rides can be arranged.
                           Vivian Spector
                                                                         Please RSVP immediately by sending your check payable to
Janet & Marc Weisberg      Their loved ones, at the New Year
                                                                                         "Ohev Shalom Sisterhood" to
Arlene & Paul Frimark      Dorothy Wolf, mother of Ron Wolf
                                                                            Roberta Gordon, 22 Bridle Path, Holland, PA 18966.
Rose & Fred Gold           Louis Fisher, husband of Selma Fisher
                                                                                  Questions? Call Roberta at 215-860-9096.
                 THURSDAY, JANUARY 29, 2009                                             ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS
     THE COUNTERFEITERS - Reviewed by Marc Weisberg                       Entertainment Books are now available for the Philadelphia North
 Join us for a wonderful dinner, review and discussion. Bring your            region, costing $25 each. Books can be purchased from
    friends! 6:30 PM Light Dinner followed by Minyan 7:30 PM                               Shelley Barbash 215-364-7640.
                       Review and Dessert.                                      Thanks for supporting Sisterhood with this fundraiser.

                                                      The Dove Tale
                                                        A MOTHER DIES

    A parent passes away or some other relative or a friend and whom do you talk to? After shiva when everyone goes
home and life returns to “normal” who is there for you? Possibly other siblings or a parent, the Rabbi, of course, and the
Cantor, but I found that most of all were my friends.
    My mother passed away in September and though I have been a member of Ohev and on the Board of the Men’s Club
for many years, I could never have expected the outpouring of friends at both the service at Goldstein’s and at my home. If
this sounds like a public thank you to all of you, it is, but it is more then that. I hope this will be a wake up call for all of you
who do not feel the need to get involved.
    You may think that between running the kids around, work schedules, the stress of the “normal” day there is no time to
get involved in anything else, if that is what you believe you are WRONG! You may think I already have plenty of friends
and don’t have enough time to spend with the friends I now have, but again, you’d be WRONG! It is not a zero sum game,
where you can only have so many friends and so you have to be selective. You find time to go shopping or watch that ball
game, this is more important.
    Here is where organizations like Men’s Club, Sisterhood, Hazak (and other groups, talk to Fred Poritsky) come in. There
are others, of course, but here WE all have a special bond being from the same “tribe”. Our kids do or have gone to school
here, they have been Bar or Bat Mitzvah’d here, we have celebrated our simchas and shared our more difficult moments
here, these are all bonds that tie us together. Many of us have made friends on the various Israel trips and I suggest if you
can afford the time and money, to go with the Rabbi and Janie on a trip to Israel, you will have the time of your life.
    Yes, this is also a plug for Men’s Club specifically, but more then that it is a call for each of you reading this to join one of
our organizations, sign your child up for USY or any of the other youth groups and get them started being comfortable in the
synagogue and with other Jewish children. It will pay off as they go to high school and college and move away. Explain to
them that they can have friends in many different facets of their lives and that is what keeps life interesting and exciting.
    There are no words to thank all of you for the support you showed my father, my brothers and me during this difficult
time, but I can assure you that if and when a problem or tragedy happens in your life, when you belong to one of our groups,
you will never have to face it alone.

                                                             Ron Wolf

 Purchasing items from the JNF website couldn’t be easier.
   If you are looking to purchase tree & water certificates
 or holiday cards & gifts, you can access the JNF store by
      going to the Donation section of the Ohev website
         and click the icon at the bottom of the page.
               Not only is shopping made easy,
    but 20% of all sales will be donated to Ohev Shalom.

                                                                        Torah Fund pins are available now. Please call: Phyllis Halpern
                                                                                     215-355-7313, if you are interested.
                                                                       Payment is due by May 15, 2009, and can be paid in installments.

                                             The Dove Tale
                                    We Honor Our Generous Contributors
      Adath Tikvah-Montefiore                  Arlene Frimark’s book being published by                    Jerusalem Fund
                                                   Andi, Bob, Adam and Danielle Davidson        In Memory of
           Chapel Fund
In Honor of                                                                                     Seymour Goldman, beloved brother of Mrs.
Jeff Camson as Chatan Torah by                      College Connection Fund                     Florence Ginsburg by Bobbi and Mel Scharf
     Dave Gellman                              In Honor of                                      Evelyn Bellin by
Keter Torah honorees; Shirley Levin, Ana       Liz Nover for her help in preparing Justin for        Jane, Stu and Freddi Konefsky
Andrusier, Marcia Landy, Ruth Barr and         his Bar Mitzvah by Debbie, Sheldon, Alexa             Denise and Mark Kolber
Paula Spigler by Shelley and David Geltzer     and Justin Abrams                                Pam Weinstein’s beloved grandmother by
My honor as Keter Torah by Shirley Levin       Our High Holiday honor by Albert and                  Mike and Cindy Silver
Thank you to Rabbi for our High Holiday        Rita Brodsky                                     Henny Rothschild, beloved mother of
honor by Michele and Irwin Bernstein           The marriage of Michelle Remstein to             Iris Gold by Len and Shelley Rubin
In Memory of                                   Gary Goldstein by Fred and Anita Dorfman
The yahrtzeit of George Klieman, beloved       Our daughter Elizabeth Nover being named                 Jewish National Fund
husband by Lucy Klieman                        Kallah B’reisheet by Barbara and                 In Memory of
                                               Edward Zinbarg                                   Daniel Lustig, beloved son of Bruce and
                                               Liz Nover as Kallah B’reisheet by                Sharon Lusting by
            Adopt an Israeli                       Denise and Mark Kolber                             Shelly and Saul Jacobs
             Family Fund                           Jack and Jackie Nover and                          Rona and Robert Remstein and Family
In Memory of                                       Phyllis Ettinger                             Harry Eckleman, beloved father of
Henny Rothschild, beloved mother of                Jane and Stu Konefsky, Bronwyn and           Vivian Spector by Fran and Roy Silverman
Iris Gold by The Solis Family                      Freddi                                       Fran Ziskind, beloved mother and
                                                   The Shulman Family                           grandmother of David Ziskind and family by
      Amy Rockower Memorial                    In Memory of                                           Anita Gross
            Art Center                         Henny Rothschild, beloved mother of Iris         William Rodgers Jr. by Lorrain R. Rosen
                                               Gold by The Nover Family                         Lehla Altman by Harold and
In Memory of
                                               Marilyn Adler, beloved mother of Scott Adler     Sherri Middleberg
Amy Rockower’s yahrtzeit by
                                                  by The Nover Family                           Irwin Weiss, beloved father of Bobby Weiss
   Ilene and Sy Rockower
   Joanne and Howard Babbitt and Family                                                               by Len and Shelley Rubin
Wendy Rothberg by Ilene and Sy Rockower                   Cook For A Friend                     Jill Berger, beloved sister of Marnie Dratch
Joan Weiss by Susan Gittlen                    In Honor of                                      and daughter of Samuel & Phyllis Sisenwine
                                                Cheryle Goldberg being named Jacoby                   by Len and Shelley Rubin
                                               Fund Celebration of Life Honoree by Susan        Nathan Dratch, beloved father of
           Bennett Z. Feld                                                                      Anne Bermon by Sharon Schultz
                                               and Jeff Berk
           Memorial Library                    In Memory of                                     Joan Weiss, beloved sister-in-law of Ned and
In Honor of                                    Joan Weiss by Len and Shelley Rubin              Judie Weiss
Soni and Marv’s hospitality at Sukkot by
   Bernice and Ira Berkowitz                                                                      Oneg or Kiddush Co-Sponsor
In Memory of
                                                           Education Fund
                                                                                                In Honor of
Jill Berger, beloved sister of Marnie Dratch by In Honor of                                     Aufruf of Ryan Rosenbaum and Pamela Fox
    Lisa Yoskowitz                             Rabbi Daniel Aronson by Debra S. Balka
                                               In Memory of                                     by Cheryl and Alan Rosenbaum
Ronald Levy, beloved father and grandfather                                                     The naming of our daughter Giah by
of Mrs. Debbie Dubin and family by             Lehla Altman, beloved mother of
                                               Debbie Brockman by The Solis Family                  Roman and Anna Scharf
    Allen and Phyllis Marks and family
                                                                                                In Memory of
Daniel Lustig, beloved son of Bruce and
                                                                                                The yahrtzeit of Kirk Ponczek, beloved
Sharon Lustig by Bernice and Ira Berkowitz             Essence of Life – JNF                    husband and father by Barbara, Dana and
Daniel Lustig, beloved grandson of Sherwyn     In Honor of                                      Joe Ponczek
and Marilyn Tucker by Arlene and Warren        The marriage of Dori Rosner to Jay Sarney
Roman                                          by Miriam, Jeff, Julie and Hillary Gendler
                                               In Memory of
                                                                                                          Kesher Campaign
          Brown-Freedman                      Henny Rothschild, beloved mother and              In Honor of
                                              grandmother by                                    Our daughter, Elizabeth Nover being named
          Prayer Book Fund                                                                      Kallah B’reisheet by Barbara and
In Memory of                                        Rona and Robert Remstein
                                                    Denise and Mark Kolber                      Edward Zinbarg
Our beloved friend, Joan Weiss by
     Jane and Stu Konefsky                    Jill Berger, beloved daughter of Dr. & Mrs.
                                              Sam Sisenwine by Norman and                          Kopper/Pollack Camp Ramah
     Cantor’s Discretionary Fund
                                              Syra Schutzbank                                          Scholarship Fund
                                              Lina Dreifuss                                     In Honor of
In Honor of                                         by Stu, Jane and Freddi Konefsky            The marriage of Michelle and Gary Goldstein
Cantor Frimark for all of his support and     Jill Berger, beloved sister and aunt of               by Jonathan and Iris Gold
training during Max’s Bar Mitzvah preparation Marnie Dratch and family by
                                                                                                The engagement of Dan Richman to Carly
     by Nadine and Jay Milgrom                      Eileen and Phil Weinstein                   Straff by Mimi and Bernie Pollack and family
Our aliyah on 1st day Rosh Hashanah and             Leah and Jerry Gomberg                      Our receiving honors on Kol Nidre by
Michael holding the Torah on Kol Nidre by     Lina Dreifuss, beloved grandmother of                 Mimi and Bernie Pollack
     Michael and Barbara Markowitz            Carol Gerson by                                   My aliyah on Sukkot by Mimi Pollack
Cantor Frimark with thanks for your guidance        Denise and Mark Kolber
and support by Jane Konefsky                        Rona and Robert Remstein

                                              The Dove Tale
                                     We Honor Our Generous Contributors
In Memory of                                           Ohev Shalom Torah Fund                              Youth Group Fund
Jill Berger, beloved sister of Marnie Dratch by   In Memory of                                   In Honor of
      Marci and Steve Laderman                    Joan Weiss by Steve, Iris and Jordan Sabel     Zack Pashko, with many thanks for your help
Anne Huscher, beloved mother of Debbie                                                           with the Sisterhood paid up membership
Dunn by Mimi and Bernie Pollack and Family                                                       dinner by Linda Crowell and Fran Silverman
Dorit Shapiro, beloved wife of Jeffrey Shapiro
                                                      Rothman Family Education
                                                                                                 Tyler Dratch, with many thanks for your help
and daughter-in-law of Alice and Mark                      Building Fund                         with the Sisterhood paid up membership
Shapiro by Mimi and Bernie Pollack and            In Honor of                                    dinner by Linda Crowell and Fran Silverman
Family                                            The birth of Rochelle Wolf’s grandson by
                                                                                                 In Memory of
                                                     Marci and Steve Laderman
                                                                                                 Jill Berger, beloved sister of Marnie Dratch by
  Mark Goldberg Memorial Fund                     In Memory of                                         Andi, Bob, Adam and Danielle Davidson
In Memory of                                      Norton Escourt, beloved husband and father           The Solis Family
Beloved mother of Karen Cetel by Gary and         of Ruth Escourt and family by Selma Dubin
Mindy Pitkofsky                                   Lehla Altman, beloved mother of Debbie
                                                  Brockman by The Zatcoff Family                     Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
                                                  Mrs. Barbara Duchovnay’s mother by             In Honor of
                   Mazon                              Marci and Steve Laderman                   Rabbi Perlstein for all of his support during
In Honor of                                       Marilyn Adler, beloved mother of Scott Adler   Max’s Bar Mitzvah preparation by Nadine
Max Milgrom’s Bar Mitzvah by Jay and              by Joyce, Allen, Jessica, Heather and          and Jay Milgrom
Nadine Milgrom                                    David Laiter                                   Rabbi Perlstein for this support by Judie and
                                                  H. Albert Mittelman, beloved husband of        Ned Weiss
    Ohev Shalom General Fund                      Anita Mittelman by Andrea and Ted Rothman      Rabbi Perlstein in appreciation for great
In Honor of                                                                                      leadership, friendship and support by
                                                                                                     Scott and Randee Segal
The Ohev Shalom Staff for a meaningful and                 Social Action Fund                    A speedy recovery for Janie by Jack and
well-organized Rosh Hashanah and                  In Memory of
Yom Kippur Services by Michael Krupit                                                            Bonnie Rothstein
                                                  Daniel Lustig, beloved son of Bruce and        A happy and healthy new year for Rabbi and
Our Rosh Hashanah honor by                        Sharon Lustig and grandson of the
    Barbara and Jerry Kaplan                                                                     Janie by Shelley and Andy Rosen
                                                  Sherwyn and Marilyn Tucker by                  Rabbi Perlstein for the beautiful wedding
                                                     Laurie, Marc, Alisa and Erica Segal         service for our daughter Jessica Lebovic to
    Ohev Shalom Mitzvah Fund                         Dana and Mark Podob                         Ross Weisbrot by Agnes and Gabriel Lebovic
In Honor of                                                                                      Warren’s beautiful Torah readings for the
Melanie Rosenbaum’s engagement to Eric                        Yahrtzeit Fund                     holidays by the Verbit’s
Gerchberg by Bonnie and Marv Rosner &             In Memory of                                   Our aliyah on Rosh Hashanah by
Family                                       The yahrtzeits of our beloved grandparents,             Jane and Stu Konefsky
Keter Torah honorees; Ana Andrusier,         Sara and Clarence E. Bloomberg by                   Our honor on Yom Kippur by
Ruth Barr, Marcia Landy, Shirley Levin and      Marsha and Warren Verbit                             Jeff and Karen Kolsky
Paula Spigler by Zelda and Jerry Gottesman   My beloved daddy, Marvin E. Birnbach by             Our aliyah on the 2nd day of Rosh Hashanah
Jeff Camson as Chatan Torah by                  Jane Konefsky                                        by Karen and Ed Weinberg
     Zelda and Jerry Gottesman               The yahrtzeit of my beloved father                  My opening the Ark on Yom Kippur by
In Memory of                                 Joseph Lubin by Solomon Lubin                           Linda Crowell
Evelyn Bellin, beloved mother of Judie Weiss The yahrtzeit of Sam Daniel by Sophie Daniel In Memory of
    by Sharon, Steve, Bill and Haley Schultz                                              Dorit Shapiro, daughter-in-law of Mark and
Daniel Lustig by Adrian, Bart, Lane and                                                   Alice Shapiro by Bernice and Ira Berkowitz
Morgan Jaffe                                                                              The yahrtzeit of Dorothy “Debbie” Harclerode
Daniel Lustig, beloved grandson of Sherwyn                                                    by Rose and Saul La Kier
and Marilyn Tucker by Zelda and                                                           The yahrtzeit of Tillie Diamond by
Jerry Gottesman                                                                               Mildred Kline
                                                                                          Marilyn Adler, beloved mother of Scott Adler
                                                                                              by Ann and Bernie Grossman

                                              We note with sorrow the passing of:
Marilyn Adler, mother of Scott Adler, mother-in-law of Ayala Rahimi, and grandmother of Matthew and Arielle
Edith Mitnick, grandmother of Andrew Mitnick
William Ostroff, a member of our congregation
Mary Saunders, grandmother of Pamela Weinstein
Genia Shlamowitz, mother of Albert Shlamowitz, mother-in-law of Lisa Shlamowitz, grandmother of Lee and Brooke

    Roosevelt Memorial Park and Ohev Shalom, have a special arrangement where our members can receive a discount on pre-need
purchases of space.
    The purchaser receives a discount of up to 10%, which is then given to Ohev as a charitable contribution by the family.
    To find out more about this program, please contact Ileene Jaffe , a member of Ohev, and our representative at Roosevelt, at
215-673-7500 or

                                            The Dove Tale

    Donations can be made online at the synagogue website at:

o   Adath Tikvah - Montefiore Chapel Fund                    o   Jewish National Fund ($10 each tree)
o   Adopt an Israeli Family Fund                             o   Kesher Campaign
o   American Red Magen David for Israel                      o   Kopper/Pollack Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund
o   Amy Rockower Memorial Art Center                         o   Mark Goldberg Memorial Day School Scholarship Fund
o   Bennett Zion Feld Memorial Library                       o   Max Adelsberg Torah Readers’ Fund
o   Brown - Freedman Prayer Book Fund                        o   Mazon
o   Cantor’s Discretionary Fund                              o   Miriam Perlstein Memorial Fund
o   Chumash Fund                                             o   Ohev Shalom General Fund
o   College Connection Fund                                  o   Ohev Shalom Mitzvah Fund
o   Cook for a Friend Fund                                   o   Ohev Shalom Torah Fund
o   Education Fund                                           o   Oneg or Kiddush Co-Sponsor
o   Etz Chayim -Tree of Life                                 o   Pre-School Fund
o   Essence of Life - JNF                                    o   Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
o   Financial Aid Fund                                       o   Rothman Family Education Building Fund
o   Fisher Family Education & Scholarship Fund               o   Sisterhood Kesher Pledge Fund
o   Gary Doline High Holy Day Prayer Book Fund               o   Social Action Fund
o   Hazak of Ohev Shalom Fund                                o   Yahrtzeit Fund
o   Idella Pollack Fund for Jewish Youth Summer Camps        o   Youth Group Fund
o   Jerusalem Fund

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                ♦ .Take advantage of my 25 years experience.
               ♦ I am a member of the Centurion Honor Society
           ♦  Specializing in Residential Resale & New Construction
      ♦    Proudly Serving Bucks, Philadelphia & Montgomery Counties
          ♦ From Your First Home to Your Dream Home, I Can Help!

                (SRES) Seniors Real Estate Specialist
               (ABR) Accredited Buyer Representative
                (CRS) Certified Residential Specialist

OFFICE: 215-968-6703                              CELL: 267-474-7030                      

IRIS is a proud and active member of Ohev Shalom since 1978.

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                 Shop n Bag
                  Murray Battleman, Owner
                 and member of Ohev Shalom

                   A full service Supermarket
              giving great value to our community

                    Use Shop N Bag scrip
                   and benefit Ohev Shalom

1025 N. Second Street Pike
Richboro, PA 18954                  (215) 355-5300

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 Rothman Securities, Inc.
    Rothman Agency
                       43 Years Investment Experience

     * Annuities          * Bonds            * Life Insurance
     * Mutual Funds       * Money Market     * Disability Insurance
     * Pension Plans      * Tax Shelters     * Long Term Care Insurance


Theodore G. Rothman, President David L. Rothman, Vice President
Certified Financial Planner    Certified Financial Planner

                Eight Neshaminy Interplex
                       Suite # 102
                    Trevose, PA 19053

             (215) 245-2141                 1(800) 543-3215

The Dove Tale

       Legal services to the business community

              Contracts. Counseling. Planning.
           Transactions. Franchising. Trademarks.
                Corporations. Partnerships.
                     Business entities.
                    Employment matters.
              Business sales and acquisitions.
               Purchase and lease property.

          110 South State Street   Telephone: 215-504-9494
           Newtown, PA 18940       Facsimile: 215-504-9495

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                               Pet Sitting Services
                      At Your Service Pet Nannies
                           of Bucks County
                      Daily Dog Walks (Work long hours?
                  Does Your Dog Need a Mid-Day Potty Break?
                   We’ll take him/her out for a nice long walk.)
  ♦ Vacation Pet Sitting In Your Home
  ♦ Insured & Bonded
  ♦ Red Cross Certified in Pet First Aid

  Shara L. Connors, Owner and member of Ohev Shalom
                       (215) 478-1377

 For information about advertising in the
 Dove Tale, please contact the office at
 215-322-9595 and leave a message for
Christine Kahn

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                                      …in Market Share in Council Rock
             #                        …in Market Share in Bucks County
                                      …in Customer Satisfaction in the
                                       entire Delaware Valley…
           Prudential Fox and Roach, REALTORS®
                        Representing Buyers and Sellers of the Finest Homes in Bucks County
                                                  ...and Beyond
                                         Perry Epstein, REALTOR
                                        Jack Lacey Team
                                     677 South State Street
                                      Newtown, PA 18940
                          215-504-2895 Direct ♦ 215-579-0212 Office
                        Search the entire MLS at

                                                                      RICHARD S. GOLDSTEIN, M.D., FACS
        Private Tutoring Services                                     ANNE-MARIE MARCOUX, M.D., FACS
          Individualized instruction K through adult
            Available to travel to your home

              Paula Mann, M.Ed.                                          COLON & RECTAL SURGERY
    Reading Specialist/ Special Education Teacher

Certified in the Orton Gillingham Multisensory Method
                                                                            ST. MARY MEDICAL CENTER
                                                                           ST. CLARE MEDICAL BUILDING
                                                                        1203 LANGHORNE-NEWTOWN ROAD
                                                                                    SUITE 130
                                                                               LANGHORNE, PA 19047
                           Services to include instruction in:
                               reading, writing, spelling,
                              organizational/study skills

                                                                             HOURS BY APPOINTMENT

                phone: 215-357-6699
             e-mail:                              OUTSIDE PA       TELEPHONE   215-741-4910
                                                                  1-800-693-9355         FAX   215-741-4394

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         The Shoppes at the Buck
             1201 Buck Road
          Feasterville, PA 19053

Hours: Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday 10-5,
Wednesday and Thursday 10-8, Sunday 12-4

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                                                                  FOR YOUR PERSONALIZED
                                                                    PRINTING NEEDS SEE

                                                                MIMI POLLACK
                                                                FOR INVITATIONS, STATIONERY,
                                                                ACCESSORIES, HOLIDAY CARDS,
                                                                  KIPOT, ANNOUNCEMENTS

  WHISPERING              •
                            Preservation Quality Framing
                            Photograph Restoration
   WOODS                  • Diploma & Ketubah Framing

   GALLERY                • PPFA Master Certified
                          • Picture Framer™
                                                                 BY APPOINTMENT, PLEASE
      295 BUCK ROAD
       HOLLAND, PA              Owned and operated                     215-355-5069
                               by synagogue members
      215-364-4321             Debbie and Larry Grant
       Established 1986       And Susan Gittlen, MCPF™      WE CAN CREATE THE MOOD FOR YOUR
                                                                    SPECIAL OCCASION

Learning and Development Center
              4 Derby Place
             Newtown, PA 18940

Phyllis G. Weisberg, Ph.D.
Learning Consultant (LDT/C) (215) 968-7942
School Psychologist         By Appointment
Strategy Trainer            Fax: (215) 504-9041

               HOW TO ADVERTISE
               For information about
 advertising in the Dove Tale, please contact the
office at 215-322-9595 and leave a message for
                   Christine Kahn

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        Spectacular wooded views. Close to                                                   Joanne Babbitt
        all major highways. Luxury one and
      two bedroom fully furnished apartments                                 Ruvo Travel
       available for a day, a month or a year.                              We move people
         Unfurnished apartments available
              with flexible lease terms.

            RHONDA SILVER
                                                               65 Poplar Drive          Phone: 215-968-8987
       1459 Neshaminy Valley Drive
           Bensalem, PA 19020                                  Richboro, PA 18954 Toll free: 1-866-968-8987
              215-752-5400                                                  Fax: 215-968-9176                                  email:

                                                              178th House District
                                                              State Representative
                                                              Scott Petri

       Your family will love our rooms as
      much as you'll love them being here!

1000 Stony Hill Road                    Call Us Today!
                                                                        Wishes the
Yardley, PA 19067                        215-860-1700
                                                               Ohev Shalom family
            NEWTOWN/ YARDLEY

                                                                   the best in 5769
       Complimentary On the House Hot Breakfast
          Complimentary High-Speed Internet
             100% Satisfaction Guarantee                           Paid for by Friends of Scott A. Petri
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The Dove Tale

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 Richboro, PA 18954

Real Estate: Buying – Selling – Investing

                       Today’s marketplace
                        is all about price -
                        What is your home
                           What is your
                       purchase property’s

                        I’ll do a professional
                               analysis -

                        Make sure what you
                       buy is worth what you
                                 pay -
                        Make sure what you
                          sell, sells right -

    Neil Kogen, B.A., M.Ed., Realtor
      Honesty, Integrity, Service
          24-7 Real Estate LLC
          Office: 215-891-0777
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