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                   Newsletter of Bishop’s Cleeve u3a

                 MONTHLY MEETINGS
At Woodmancote New Village Hall on 3rd MONDAYS, at 2.30pm.
 We welcome visitors interested in joining Bishop’s Cleeve U3A.

                      ADMISSION 50p
                  Monday 19th December 2011
                A mixture of music, food, and quizzes

                 Monday 16th January 2012
         VIEWS OF CHELTENHAM 1786 – 1850
                   By Steven Blake
      Refreshments served after the presentation until 4pm

                     CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE

Wow!! What a glorious Open Meeting we had in September. There
was a real buzz of activity which resulted in 14 new members, lots of
suggestions for new groups and offers of help for them. Then that was
followed by the October general meeting which was bursting at the
seams—the biggest attendance yet—and four new groups getting off
the ground. There is a smell of success which is entirely due to the
relentless hard work of our group leaders, committee members and
those unsung stalwarts in the kitchen. My grateful thanks to them all.

       On the downside I find that some 40 of last year‘s members have
not, so far, renewed their membership. If you are among them I must
remind you that if you have not renewed by 30th November you will be
taken off the list of members and will not receive any of the National
Office or branch publications, nor be able to attend any general or
interest group meetings. To renew simply ring our Membership
Secretary, Rosemary Pullin (01242 678312) and follow it up with a
cheque for the relevant membership fee.

       Christmas is coming! I, and some 40 others will be going to the
Christmas lunch on 14th December (see Editor‘s Notes for more) and
we have arranged a bit of fun for the General Meeting on 19th
December. There will be quizzes, competitions, seasonal music and
readings and a bit to eat and drink. Do come along.

                               Brian R

Copy for the next newsletter must be sent to Barrie Hall by 6th
January 2012 (680575) or to

A bit like my grandson, we seem to be going through a growth spurt at
the moment.

Despite what seemed like chaos - to me anyway - after the last general
meeting, we have actually managed to get all four groups started. So
Gardening, Art and Petanque have all had their initial meetings, Arts
and Crafts at the time of writing are about to have theirs and you can
get details of the regular meeting times and contact numbers from
Group Information in this month‘s Clarion and from the website.

Do read Sally Lavis‘s piece on the Aspiring Artists group which will
give a clearer picture of what the group is planning to do. Susan
Hamer has ‗volunteered‘ with only a bit of arm-twisting to lead the Arts
and Crafts group and group leaders for the other three groups are to be
decided soon.

The number of people expressing an interest in Music Appreciation and
the Current Affairs/Discussion group looks as though it should be
possible to get these groups up and running soon. We also had a huge
response to the theatre group which was originally suggested as an
opportunity for people who didn‘t want to go to the theatre on their
own. So we‘re a bit overwhelmed and need to give this further

A third Local History group, run along the lines of a working/study
group, has also generated a lot of interest but we do need a group leader
for this. So those of you who have signed up for this new group or
anyone among our vastly talented membership who would be prepared
to take this on do please get in touch with me on 523910 or email me on

Thanks for all your interest and enthusiasm.

Gill Tarling


To accommodate those interested, two groups will be meeting – one on the
2nd Thursday afternoon each month from 2.00 – 3.30pm, and the other on
the 3rd Thursday morning each month from 10.30 – 12.00.
The previous course ran for about 9 months. Tuition is given using a
projector and screen, and hand-out sheets will be available explaining the
work covered at each session.
The subjects covered will include files and folders, page layout, using
memory sticks, e-mails and the internet – and progress to inserting
pictures, clip art, symbols with text, drawing lines & simple shapes and
using WordArt.

This group will meet on the 2nd Thursday morning each month from
10.30am – 12.00.It will only consist of members who attended last
session‘s Computer Studies and want to continue with further topics. It will
run on a different format, with more sharing of ideas and problems.

This new group will have its first meeting in January 2012. Initially it will
be a self help group to promote the enjoyment of painting and drawing,
using various media. We aim to learn from each other, from teaching
DVDs and from outside speakers/ demonstrations.
Meetings will take place in Woodmancote New Village Hall, on the second
Wednesday afternoon each month from 2 --5pm starting on 11th January.
Depending on the number of members, we anticipate the cost of the hall
will be met by a payment of approx £2.00 per person per session. This will
be paid 3 monthly in advance. During the 'set up' period further details can
be obtained from : DIANA JONES on 672454 or SALLY LAVIS on
673835 (E-mail


This new group wish to be known as the Crafty Crafters and will have
it‘s meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at Woodmancote
New Village Hall 10am – 12, commencing on 18th January 2012. They
have highlighted a wide range of crafts, including decoupage, rag rug,
quilling, teabag folding, silk painting, and much more. During the set
up period further details can be obtained from SUE HAMER 672541

Petanque: Contact Dave and Tricia Atkinson (674169)
This group plays (weather permitting) at Woodmancote New Village
Hall Car Park on the 3rd Friday of the month at 10.30 am..

 The group meets on the 4th Monday of the month at a member's home,
but there will be no meeting in December.
Further details from Linda Coole 674830

The 2012 Calendar will be available at the meeting on 21 s t
November for those of you who placed an order.

    Please telephone the contacts named for further details.
      Denotes new group Denotes future meeting dates

Contact DIANA JONES (672454) or SALLY LEVIS (673835)
Meet 2nd WEDNESDAY 2 – 5pm in Woodmancote New Village Hall

Contact SUE HAMER (672541)
Meet 3rd WEDNESDAY 10am - 12 in Woodmancote New Village Hall

Contact MARY BEASANT (673815)
Meet 1st WEDNESDAY at 2pm in members‘ homes.

 Contact EILISH TALBOT (675557)
 Meets 3rd THURSDAY at 10am in members‘ homes.
New members will be welcomed – please contact Eilish (675557) for
further details.
 No! I Don’t Want to Join a Bookclub – Virginia Ironside
 Hosted by: Eilish       Presented by: Stella

Contact ROSEMARY PULLIN (678312)
Attend either on 2nd THURSDAY or on 3rd THURSDAY each month at
Rosemary‘s home.
DECEMBER 8 2.00 –  DECEMBER 15 10.30 – 12

Meets on 2nd THURSDAY each month at Rosemary‘s home
 DECEMBER 8 10.30 – 12.00

Contact WENDY STOW (701303)
This group meets on the fourth Friday of the month at Rectory Court,
Bishop's Cleeve 10-12 noon. If you wish to join us please contact
Wendy beforehand in case there is a change of venue.
 NOVEMBER 25 – Wales to Patagonia
 No DECEMBER Meeting

Contact MARIE BRAIN (674121) The group continues to enjoy
fortnightly meetings usually at Marie`s. Group membership is closed at

Contact ED & LIZ REILLY (674253)
This group is for members who have a basic knowledge of German.
Meets twice a month usually on the 2nd and 4th MONDAYS,
10.00-11.30am at members‘ homes.

Contact BARRIE HALL (680575)
Group meets on 4th THURSDAY at Barrie‘s home at 2pm.

Contact HILARY SWAN (674825)
The group will meet on the 2nd THURSDAY of the month at 2pm.

Contact SHEILA BROCKMAN (674736).
Local walks starting at 2pm from junction of Millham Road and Station
Road (Woodmancote end) on alternate FRIDAYS.

SOLOS Contact DIANA JONES (672454)
Meets at 2.30pm on first Thursday of the month.

Contact JOAN HALL (680575)
The Group meets on the first Monday of each month, at varying venues
during the summer months, and in the winter months at the Woodmancote
New Village Hall, except for Bank Holidays when the date will be changed
accordingly. New members will always be welcome.
 Forthcoming Meetings:
 DECEMBER 5 Dr Anthea Jones The 1909 Land Values Survey:
  Bishops Cleeve & Woodmancote in context
 JANUARY 3 (Tuesday) Open meeting – Our future For further details of
the above visits please contact Joan Hall on 01242 680575.

 Contact Terry Wheelwright (676391)
The group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2pm in a
member‘s home to listen to Opera, Operetta or famous singers on CD or
DVD. Contact Terry Wheelwright (676391)

Contact SALLY LAVIS (673835) or KATIE HIGHAM (679576)
The group meets monthly on the 2nd Monday at 2:30 pm and aims to
meet all levels of ability and interests.

Contact GILL TARLING (523910)
Meets at a member‘s home on the last TUESDAY in the month at
2.30pm – 4.30pm.

Contact to be arranged.
Meets on second Tuesday morning of the month at 10.30 a.m. in a
member's home.

Contact SUE ROBINSON (675791)
Meets on the fourth Monday at 2.30pm in a member's home.
 NOVEMBER 28 Theme is ―Old Age‖


    On a lovely mellow September afternoon, 31 members made their way to
St. Mary‘s Cotswold- stone parish church in Painswick.
    This church is the focal interest of the town, whose spire can be seen
overlooking the valley from all directions, and where a lych gate leads into a
well kept churchyard with cotswold –stone tombstones, and its famous 99 yew
     Some of the present building dates back over 600 years, and a priest from
this area is mentioned in the Domesday Book (1084), with intimations of
religious worship in Painswick pre Roman times. The oldest existing part of
the church is St. Peter‘s chapel, 1380, with additions and restorations carried
out over many centuries. .A tower was built in 1632, a bell tower was added in
1686, and the south aisle in 1740, when the yews were planted outside. In
1742, it is worth noting, John Wesley preached here. The bells were increased
to 12 in 1821, and by 1880, the church had assumed its present form. Moving
on, - In 1969, a porch was added, and by 1993, a 14th bell was acquired-
making more compilations possible for the campanologists, and even more of
a lovely sound when the bells are rung.
     The interior, so fresh and well maintained, is interesting to explore, with
its beautiful stained glass windows, wood carvings, font corner, and so much
more. I particularly admired the tapestry kneelers-over 300 of them- nearly all
different and creatively designed by individuals or groups in the period of
1984-88, in a skilful petit-point stitch.
      Outside,- in 2007,- with public and official financial help, the many
ancient tombstones were restored by local masons, and look as impressive as
the church itself. The fine yew trees have individual care and attention,
following on from the ―Adopt a Yew‖ programme in 2009.This proved to be a
popular idea, as within one week, all the yews had sponsors (£99 a tree!) and
some would-be adopters were disappointed. Each tree is trimmed annually, in
August, and all are kept in good order.
       It is not just wealth that keeps this church well restored and maintained;
it is also local enthusiasm and pride.
       A good afternoon was had by all, nicely rounded off by afternoon tea in
the town.

Kay Duck


On Monday 3rd October History Group 2 were taken on a guided tour of
Tewkesbury and its Alleyways. Our tour started at the Abbey and after a
brief introduction our guide took us to see the the Old Baptist Chapel, The
Bell (formerly a pilgrims‘hostel), the old Grammar School and the merchants‘
houses with their pull down shutters which served as a shop fronts. We
learned that the merchants‘ houses had narrowly escaped demolition, and that
of the alleyways only about 30 out of the original 90 had survived - they had
become unsafe and the houses no longer habitable. The alleys have varying
names as Fish, Priors, Fletchers etc. indicating their origins.

Tewkesbury is justly famed as having one of the best medieval townscapes in
England and however many times we visit it there is always something new to
wonder at.

Annie Clement

 Michael Hill gave our group a very interesting talk on The Changing
Face of Farming. He grew up on his father's farm, first on the
outskirts of Bristol and then the family moved to Pamington. Then
milking was done by hand, corn was cut with a scythe, put into stooks
to dry and then into ricks, all very labour intensive. Now his son
runs the farm with a little help from his father! They no longer have
a dairy herd and are now diversifying and using the buildings for other
purposes. Mr Hill has been involved in many projects locally,
including serving on the Borough Council and helping Alderman Knight
School, via the Lord Taveners.


Editor‘ notes:
 Well here we go, another Christmas almost upon us and I hear people
already talking about the new year! The plans for the Christms lunch are
already in place with the Farmers Arms at Apperley but if you haven‘t
booked your place yet do let me know. I‘m sure we‘ll be able to arrange a
few more late additions.
The timing is 12.30 for 1pm and you will be given a card with your name
and menu selection on arrival. You will be asked to put this card on the
table you wish to be seated at. This enables the staff to collect these when
the table is full and makes it easier for service. You don‘t have to
remember this as we‘ll repeat it when you get there. It worked very well
for the last two years!

It‘s very encouraging to hear of new groups being formed and I hope we
have similar support with the election of our committee at the AGM today.
I look forward to receiving information for future Clarions and our website
to provide information which will be helpful. If you have any ideas do
please let me know. Sorry about the blank pages but it‘s due to not having
enough to write about

I wish you all an enjoyable Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

       P.S. We live in an age when pizza gets to your home before the police.

        Current Committee
        Chairman:                  Brian Raistrick         01242 693740
        Secretary:                 Wendy Stow              01242 701303
        Treasurer:                 Barbara Riccalton        01242 677859
        Groups Co-ordinator        Gill Tarling             01242 523910
        Membership Secretary       Rosemary Pullin         01242 678312
        Vice Chairman              Mick Brain               01242 674121
        Committee Member:          Margaret End             01242 672686


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