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            2010 - 2011
                     1205 Pen Park road
                  Charlottesville, va 22901
          Phone: (434) 964-0400 Fax: (434) 964-1373
Section 1: Calendar
Section 2: Student/Parent Handbook
     Sunday       Monday                   Tuesday             Wednesday Thursday                                Friday               Saturday
1             2                        3                       4         5                                  6                     7

8             9                        10                      11                   12                      13                    14

15            16                       17                      18                   19                      20                    21
                                                                                    • New Parents' Dinner

22            23                       24                      25                   26                      27                    28
              • 10:00 am -12:00 pm:   • First Day of School   • 11:00 Dismissal     • 11:00 Dismissal       • 11:00 Dismissal
                Open House for        • 11:00 Dismissal         Kindergarten only     Kindergarten only       Kindergarten only
                Parents & Students      Kindergarten only                            • School Board
                                                                                       Meeting 6:30

29            30                       31
    Sunday       Monday              Tuesday            Wednesday Thursday                            Friday                   Saturday
                                                        1         2                              3                         4
                                                                        • Back-to-School Night
                                                                        • Pre-K Open House
                                                                          10:00 am – 12:00 pm

5            6                   7                      8                9                       10                        11
             • School Closed -   • Pre-K Class Begins   • PTO Meeting
               Labor Day

12           13                  14                     15               16                      17                        18
                                                                        • School Board                                    • Back to School Picnic
                                                                          Meeting                                           4:00-8:00
                                                                          (check school
                                                                          website for details
                                                                          and confirmation)

19           20                  21                     22               23                      24                        25
                                                                                                 • No School
                                                                                                 • Elementary Inservice
                                                                                                 • 6th Grade Parent

26           27                  28                     29               30
     Sunday       Monday       Tuesday     Wednesday                    Thursday                Friday                Saturday
                                                                                           1                      2
                                                                                                                  • 8th Annual CCS All
                                                                                                                    Terrain 5K Run

3             4            5               6                        7                      8                      9
                                                                                           •School Closed:
                                                                                             Diocesan Inservice

10            11           12              13                       14                     15                     16
                                          • PTO Meeting
                                            (check school
                                            website for details
                                            and confirmation)

17            18           19              20                       21                     22                     23
                                                                   • School Board
                                                                     (check school
                                                                     website for details
                                                                     and confirmation)

24            25           26              27                       28                     29                     30
                                          • End of First Quarter                           • 12:00 Dismissal
                                                                                           • Teacher Workday

     Sunday       Monday       Tuesday    Wednesday Thursday                                 Friday                Saturday
              1            2              3         4                                   5                      6
                                                                 • 12:00 Dismissal      • No School
                                                                 • Parent - Teacher     • Parent - Teacher
                                                                   Conferences            Conferences

7             8            9              10                     11                     12                     13
                                         • PTO Meeting
                                           (check school
                                           website for details
                                           and confirmation)

14            15           16             17                     18                     19                     20
                                                                  • School Board
                                                                  (check school
                                                                  website for details
                                                                  and confirmation)

21            22           23             24                     25                     26                     27
                                         • School Closed         • School Closed        • School Closed
                                           Thanksgiving Break      Thanksgiving Break     Thanksgiving Break

28            29           30
     Sunday       Monday              Tuesday          Wednesday Thursday                                  Friday             Saturday
                                                       1         2                                    3                   4
                                                      • Christmas Concert
                                                        6:00 pm, MLK Center

5             6                   7                    8                       9                      10                  11
                                                      • PTO Meeting
                                                        (check school
                                                        website for details
                                                        and confirmation)

12            13                  14                   15                      16                     17                  18
                                                                              • School Board          • 12:00 Dismissal
                                                                                (check school
                                                                                website for details
                                                                                and confirmation)

19            20                  21                   22                      23                     24                  25
              • No School -       • No School -       • No School -           • No School -           • No School -
                Christmas Break     Christmas Break     Christmas Break         Christmas Break         Christmas Break

26            27                  28                   29                      30                     31
              • No School -       • No School -       • No School -           • No School -           • No School -
                Christmas Break     Christmas Break     Christmas Break         Christmas Break         Christmas Break
      Sunday              Monday                Tuesday     Wednesday                   Thursday                Friday             Saturday

 2                    3                     4               5                       6                      7                   8
                     • School Resumes

 9                    10                    11              12                      13                     14                  15
                                                           • PTO Meeting                                   • 12:00 Dismissal
                                                             (check school                                 • Teacher Workday
                                                             website for details                           • End of Second
                                                             and confirmation)                               Quarter

 16                   17                    18              19                      20                     21                  22
                     • School Closed -                                             • School Board
                       Martin Luther King                                             Meeting
                       Day (snow make –up                                            (check school
                       day)                                                          website for details
                                                                                     and confirmation)

 23                   24                    25              26                      27                     28                  29

 30                  31
• Catholic Schools   • Catholic Schools
  Week                 Week
      Sunday             Monday                   Tuesday          Wednesday Thursday                                   Friday            Saturday
                                              1                    2         3                                     4                     5
                                             • Catholic Schools   • Catholic Schools      • Catholic Schools      • Catholic Schools   • Catholic Schools
                                               Week                 Week                    Week                    Week                 Week

 6                   7                        8                    9                       10                      11                   12
• Catholic Schools                                                • PTO Meeting
  Week                                                              (check school
                                                                    website for details
                                                                    and confirmation)

 13                  14                       15                   16                      17                      18                   19
                                                                                          • School Board
                                                                                            (check school
                                                                                            website for details
                                                                                            and confirmation)

 20                  21                       22                   23                      24                      25                   26
                     • School Closed –
                       Presidents’ Day
                       (snow make –up day)

 27                  28
    Sunday       Monday                 Tuesday            Wednesday Thursday                                   Friday                 Saturday
                                    1                      2         3                                     4                       5

6            7                      8                      9                       10                      11                      12
                                                           • Ash Wednesday                                                         •CCS Gala Auction
                                                           • PTO Meeting (TBA)

13           14                     15                     16                      17                      18                      19
                                                                                  • School Board
                                                                                    (check school
                                                                                    website for details
                                                                                    and confirmation)

20           21                     22                     23                      24                      25                      26
                                                                                                          • 12:00 Dismissal –
                                                                                                            Optional Conference
                                                                                                          • End of Third Quarter
                                                                                                          • Terra Nova Testing

27           28                     29                     30                      31
             • Terra Nova Testing   • Terra Nova Testing   • Terra Nova Testing   • Terra Nova Testing
     Sunday         Monday                 Tuesday              Wednesday                 Thursday              Friday                Saturday
                                                                                                           1                      2
                                                                                                           • Terra Nova Testing

3               4                      5                       6                      7                    8                      9
                • Terra Nova Make-up   • Terra Nova Make-up

10              11                     12                      13                     14                   15                     16
                                       • Spring Concert      • PTO Meeting
                                         6:00 pm, MLK Center (check school
                                                               website for details
                                                               and confirmation)

17              18                     19                      20                     21                   22                     23
                                                                                                           Good Friday
                                                                                       Holy Thursday       • No School- Easter
                                                                                     • 12:00 Dismissal:      Break
                                                                                       Easter Break

24              25                     26                      27                     28                   29                     30
                • No School- Easter    • No School- Easter    • No School- Easter    • No School- Easter   • No School- Easter
Easter Sunday     Break                  Break                  Break                  Break                 Break
     Sunday       Monday              Tuesday    Wednesday                 Thursday                  Friday              Saturday
1             2                   3              4                        5                      6                   7
                                                                        • Spring Musical
                                                                          7:00 pm, MLK Center

8             9                   10             11                       12                    13                   14
                                                • PTO Meeting                                   • 1:00 Dismissal-
                                                  (check school                                   Grandparents Day
                                                  website for details
                                                  and confirmation)

15            16                  17             18                      19                     20                   21
                                                                        • School Board
                                                                          (check school
                                                                          website for details
                                                                          and confirmation)

22            23                  24             25                      26                     27                   28
                                                                        • Pre-K Last Day of     • 12:00 Dismissal-
                                                                          School                  Teacher Workday

29            30                  31
              • School Closed -
                Memorial Day
     Sunday       Monday              Tuesday    Wednesday Thursday                     Friday                Saturday
                                                1          2                       3                      4

5             6                   7             8          9                       10                     11
                                                                                  • 12:00 Dismissal
                                                                                  • Last Day of School
                                                                                    (Earlier if no snow

12            13                  14            15         16                      17                     18
              • Teacher Workday                           • School Board
                                                            (check school
                                                            website for details
                                                            and confirmation)

19            20                  21            22         23                      24                     25

26            27                  28            29         30
                                         JULY 2011
     Sunday       Monday       Tuesday    Wednesday       Thursday        Friday       Saturday
                                                                     1             2

3             4            5              6           7              8             9

10            11           12             13          14             15            16

17            18           19             20          21             22            23

24            25           26             27          28             29            30

                                  AUGUST 2011
    Sunday       Monday       Tuesday   Wednesday Thursday        Friday       Saturday
             1            2             3         4          5             6

7            8            9             10        11         12            13

14           15           16            17        18         19            20

21           22           23            24        25         26            27

28           29           30            31
                                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                                                  ATTENDANCE                                            6
MISSION AND VISION STATEMENT                          2
                                                                  Absences, Tardies, Early Pick-up, Pre-planned
STATEMENT OF PHILOSOPHY                               2             Absences

FACULTY/STAFF                                         3           CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION                            7
                                                                  Books, Supplies, Homework, Progress Reports,
SCHOOL BOARD                                          3             Report Cards, Grading, Conferences,
                                                                    Curriculum, Testing, Accreditation, Field Trips,
PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION                           3
COMMUNICATIONS                                        4           CODE OF CONDUCT                                      11
 School Office, Email Addresses, Calendar, E-                     Conduct, Rule Violations, Detention/In-School
 Teller, Friday Folders, Emergency                                  Suspension, Student Responsibilities,
 Communications                                                     Student Property
SCHEDULE                                              5
  Daily Schedule, Arrival, Dismissal, Carpool, Car                MISCELLANEOUS                                        13
  Line, After-Care Program.                                       Student Responsibility, Student Property,
                                                                     Electronics, Non-School Groups, Visitors,
                                                                     Volunteers, Lunch Program, Snack, Weather

                                                                  HEALTH                                               15

                                                                  UNIFORMS AND DRESS REQUIREMENTS                      16

Charlottesville Catholic School provides a rich and challenging curriculum in a community rooted in the Gospel of
                                                      MISSION STATEMENT

Jesus Christ and the Traditions of the Catholic Church. The school nurtures students’ God-given gifts, cultivates a life-
long thirst for knowledge, and prepares students to embrace their world through lives of faith, service and
(Charlottesville Catholic School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national and ethnic origin in administration of
educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic and other school administered programs).

To be a premier educational community in the greater Charlottesville area that:
                                                            OUR VISION

   † Combines the traditions of Catholic education with contemporary instructional strategies to enable students to
      achieve at the highest level and prepare for future success.
   † Serves as an integral part of the ministry of the larger Charlottesville Catholic community.
   † Provides financial accessibility for families who seek a Catholic education for their children while maintaining the
      school’s fiscal stability in order to serve future generations.
   † Graduates faith-filled students who exemplify Christian values in all aspects of their lives.

                                                 STATEMENT OF PHILOSOPHY
Charlottesville Catholic School is dedicated to excellence in education and to the spiritual development of youth within the framework of
the Gospel and the Traditions of the Catholic Church.

Our fundamental task is educating the whole person, and integrating faith with learning in daily life. Recognizing the uniqueness and
individuality of children, we guide them to discover and develop their God-given gifts.

We strive to instill in our students a lifelong commitment to learning, to Christian virtues, and to growing as a contributing community

Adopted by the School Board and Faculty - Fall 1997, Revised - June 1998
member. We are dedicated to developing and achieving these goals in a supportive Christian community.

Charlottesville Catholic School is staffed by licensed, state-certified teachers. In some cases, qualified teachers are in the process
of acquiring Virginia certification. Our faculty is comprised of professional academic educators dedicated to the principles of
traditional Catholic Christian education. For a current listing of all staff, please visit our website at

                                                      SCHOOL BOARD
In the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, each Regional school must have an advisory School Board. A regional school is defined as
a school that is served by more than one parish. The School Board functions as a consultative body to the Superintendent of
Schools and the administrators of the school. As per diocesan policy, “boards assist in six areas for which there are ordinarily
Standing Committees or appointed persons with particular expertise and/or responsibility. The areas include Development,
Marketing, Finance, Strategic Planning, Facilities, and Legislative Advocacy. The Finance committee shall have a minimum of 3
persons, who have appropriate expertise. Local school boards are not to deliberate on any matters pertaining to personnel or the
curriculum. (cf. School Board Handbook).” For a current listing of all School Board members, please visit our website at

                                   PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION (PTO)
The Charlottesville Catholic School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) supports the school’s overall mission by:
  *Promoting open lines of communication between parents, teachers and administration.
  *Enhancing a sense of community through social and spiritual activities.
  *Advancing the spirit of service to meet the volunteer needs of the school.
Any parent or guardian of a student at Charlottesville Catholic School is a member of the PTO, as well as all faculty members.
There are no membership dues. Monthly meetings are held at the school. For a current listing of all PTO officers and additional
information, please visit our website at

                                                                   GENERAL INFORMATION,
                                                                 PROCEDURES, AND SCHEDULES

  COMMUNICATIONS                                                                          Parents will be informed as soon as possible of any changes in the school
                                                                                          calendar. Please be advised that any such changes are not made lightly, but are
School Office:                                                                            due to circumstances that are impossible to foresee. Every effort will be made to
                                                                                          avoid any inconvenience that changes in the school calendar may cause.
During the school year, the school office is open from 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday. All calls received after 4:00 p.m. and before 7:30 a.m.
will be answered by the automated answering system.
                                                                                          The E-Teller is our weekly bulletin, which is sent via email each Tuesday. Parents
Administration and faculty strongly encourage close communication with                    must register their email address(es) online at
families. Parents are encouraged to first contact their classroom teacher if they In addition, any
have any issues/concerns regarding instruction. If further discussion with                parent may request a paper copy of the E-teller. The administration utilizes this
administration is deemed necessary, please request an appointment through the             resource as the primary source to communicate with parents. We ask that parents
front office.                                                                             check it for important information. Parents are encouraged to register for the E-
Specific contacts:                                                                        Teller. All E-Tellers are archived on the school website.
 Principal, Alan Yost, ext. 305
 Assistant Principal, Sue Dougherty, ext. 304                                            Friday Folders:
 Business Manager, Frank Murphy, ext. 300                                                Each Friday, expect a class news update either electronically or in your child/ren’s Friday
 Development, Keri-Ann Byrne, ext. 301                                                   Folder. This letter, written by each teacher, will provide you with the curriculum for the
 Admissions/Student Records, Ann Michel, ext. 307                                        upcoming week The Friday Folder contains the work of the past week and may include
 Administrative Assistant, Tammie Otto, ext. 303                                         other important information. You are required to sign the folder indicating you have
                                                                                          read the contents of the folder and to return it to school with your child on Monday or the
In an effort to encourage responsibility, students are allowed to use the phone for       next school day.
emergencies only. We discourage students from calling parents for forgotten
items. Please encourage your child to double check that (s)he has all necessary
items before arrival at school.
                                                                                          Emergency/Important Messages:
                                                                                          In the event that ALL parents must be notified of an emergency, the
Email Addresses:                                                                          administration will utilize the school student database to send an email. Please
                                                                                          directly notify the school office of any email address changes. It is important
All faculty and staff follow the same email address pattern: first initial, period,       to note that this is not the e-Teller email list; changing your e-Teller registration
last name (i.e. Suzie Que’s email address would be                    on line will not notify the office.

Upcoming events will be listed weekly in each E- Teller (electronic newsletter.)
The monthly/annual calendar is also available on the school website at
                                                                                              automatically be dismissed to the After-School Program and parents will be
 SCHEDULE                                                                                     charged according to the program’s fees structure. Students may not linger
                                                                                              around the school building or grounds. CCS cannot be responsible for students
Daily Schedule:                                                                               on CCS property after dismissal. The only reason a student should be on grounds
                                                                                              after school is for either the After-School Program or a special activity on site.
 7:30 – 8:000 a.m.        Before-School Care                                                  When parents are on school grounds after picking up their child, they are directly
 7:45a.m.                 Middle School Group Prayer (chapel)                                 responsible for the child’s supervision and must keep the child with them.
 8:00 a.m.                Go to lockers/classrooms                                            Early pick-ups must be preceded by written notification or by phone. Please
 8:10 a.m.                Elementary School begins (students in classrooms)                   report to the front desk to sign out your child. Parents must park in a designated
                          Prayer & Homeroom                                                   parking spot, keeping out of the fire lane in the circle. Children are not to be
 11:15 – 1:00             Lunch/Recess (as assigned)                                          picked up from the classrooms nor are they to meet you outside the school
                                                                                              building. A staff member will page your child to meet you at the front office.
  *3:10 p.m.              Dismissal and Car Line (*2:00 Wednesdays)
 *3:30 p.m.               After-School Program Begins (*2:30 Wednesdays)                      For the safety of all students and to honor teachers’ other commitments, parents
                                                                                              are asked to not visit the classrooms during dismissal (car line times). If you
Arrival 7:30-7:50 a.m.:                                                                       need to talk to your child’s teacher, please call or email her/him to arrange for an
                                                                                              appointment. Although teachers welcome communications with parents, they
Students enter the school through the main entrance and report to the                         cannot meet unannounced.
multipurpose building from 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. At 8:00, elementary studentsmay
proceed to their lockers and classrooms. Middle School students should be
                                                                                              Carpool/Car Line Information:
dropped off by 7:45 to give them time to visit their lockers and prepare for the
day. Elementary Students should be dropped off by 8:00 to give them time to                   Dismissal begins promptly at 3:10 p.m. and continues until about 3:30 p.m.
visit their lockers and prepare for the day. Please see attendance portion of                 Except for students going to After-Care, all Elementary and Middle School
handbook for tardy/absence policy. Tardy students must report to the front desk.              students should be picked up at this time. Any students not picked up at the end
                                                                                              of carline will be sent to After-Care. Dashboard signs will be provided and are
Please notify the office before the beginning of the day when a student will be absent.       mandatory during car line. Please display them prominently on the passenger
                                                                                              side visor to help speed up the process. Parents may get in car-line any time
Before School Care 7:30 – 8:00 A.M.:                                                          during the day. If you are volunteering and will be done prior to dismissal, you
Elementary children reporting to school during this time period are to go directly            may go ahead and park your car in line starting at the end of the gravel drive. If
to the multipurpose building and are supervised by school personnel. They are to              you arrive to car line before 3:10 and you leave your car unattended, please be
remain there until they are released. Middle school students may wait in the                  sure to display your dashboard sign(s) so the person taking names will know
middle school hall until the 7:45 bell when they report to Chapel. Elementary                 who you are picking up. To avoid congestion on Pen Park Road, all cars need to
students are picked up by their teachers at 8:00. Under no circumstances should               continue the car line up the gravel driveway. Once you are in car line, your child
children be at school before 7:30 a.m. Before-School Care is free of charge.                  will be called and will be waiting for you when you come around to the pick-up
Dismissal 3:10 P.M., Wednesday 2:00:                                                          To encourage families to car pool and to get as many children out as efficiently
All students must be picked up from car line unless they attend the After-School              as possible, Charlottesville Catholic offers an HOV option. Check our website
Program or an after-school onsite activity. Parents may not ask for a child to be             for other families seeking car pools.
called prior to car line unless the child has an unavoidable appointment and is
signed out prior to departure. Any child not picked up by 3:30 p.m. will

Car line lasts until approximately 3:30 p.m. each day. After 3:30, please park
and come get your child from After-Care. If your child has an after school                  ATTENDANCE
activity on site which ends after 3:30, park and meet your child in the front foyer.
Carpools are encouraged, and anyone interested in setting up a carpool can add             There is a direct correlation between success and attendance. Make-up work is not
their information to the Carpool Connection listing on the CCS website. The                equivalent to direct classroom instruction and results in additional work for the teacher.
form must be completed so the office knows with whom your child has                        It is the student’s responsibility to coordinate with the individual teacher to make up
permission to go home. These forms are available at the front desk if you join a           missed homework/class work. (See section on Homework). While it is important
carpool later in the year or if your carpool information changes. To encourage             for children who are sick to stay home, please consider carefully the
carpooling, an HOV carline is available to speed up car line for those carpooling.         consequences of absences for other reasons.

For safety reasons, if the office does not have this completed form we will not            Absences:
allow your child(ren) to be released to anyone but the parent/guardian. If
                                                                                           More than ten absences during the course of the year is considered excessive.
changes are made to your carpool list, you must indicate this change in writing to
                                                                                           Notification, including an explanation of any absence, must be received
the front desk as soon as possible.
                                                                                           within three school days of the student’s return to school or the absence will
If your child will be going home with another driver who is not in your regular            be considered unexcused. Notification can be made in the form of a written
carpool (i.e. going home with a friend for the afternoon, a grandparent from out           note or an email to the office or teacher.
of town, etc.), you must indicate this in writing or by phone either prior to or the
                                                                                           Unexcused absences will result in a grade reduction. At the end of the quarter,
morning of the pick-up. IMPORTANT: If we do not have this permission from
                                                                                           one point for each unexcused absence will be deducted from each class missed.
the parent/guardian, we will not allow your child to leave.
                                                                                           When a student is absent in excess of ten days per semester, excused or
                                                                                           unexcused, his/her grade will be lowered by a letter grade for the last marking
After-School Program 3:30 – 6:00 P.M.:                                                     period of that semester. For medically documented or administratively pre-
Children attending the after-school program need to be registered. Any child               approved absences, a student’s grade will not be affected.
who is not picked up by 3:30 will automatically be dismissed to after-school
care. Registration forms may be obtained on the CCS website or at the front                     Excused Absences: doctor note/appointment, illness documented by parent
desk. Families using this program are billed monthly and statements are mailed                  (up to 10 days), religious events, funerals, court, out of school suspension
out at the beginning of each month. To respect the after-care staff, please make                Unexcused Absence: skipping class, non pre-approved family trip, beyond
every effort to pick-up your child by 6:00 p.m. If you will be delayed, please call             10 days without a medical note.
the school at 964-0400, Ext 325. There is a $1/minute charge for children left in
the after-school program beyond 6:00 p.m.                                                  Tardies:
                                                                                           To ensure that students begin the day appropriately, it is very important for
                                                                                           parents to have their children at the school on time. Late students disrupt the
                                                                                           education of all students in the class.
                                                                                           If your child arrives at his/her classroom after 8:00 (middle school) or 8:10
                                                                                           (elementary school) with a parent’s note explaining why (s)he is late, an
                                                                                           “Excused Tardy” will be given for doctor appointments, inclement weather,
                                                                                           attending Mass, and other exceptions specifically approved by the administration.
                                                                                           If a student arrives at his/her classroom after 8:00 for all other reasons, an
                                                                                           “Unexcused Tardy” will be given.

Absences and tardies will be noted in a child’s school record and excessive              Homework:
absences/tardies may be reported to appropriate authorities and put at risk the          Homework refers to an assignment given by a teacher that will positively
student’s contract for the following academic year.                                      reinforce a concept presented in class and includes both written and/or study
Early Pick-up/Lunch:
Checking students out early disrupts the child’s education, as well as impacts the       Homework is essential to a good school program. It helps students practice
other students in the class. Excused early check-outs include: doctor                    acquired skills, develop organizational skills and personal responsibility, extend
appointments, attending Mass, and inclement weather. Only when it is                     knowledge, and prepare a background for new material. Homework assignments
unavoidable will pre-arranged family trips be excused early check-outs. Students         are also a means of keeping parents informed of the responsibilities placed on
are not allowed to be checked out during the school day to eat lunch off premises.       their children and of the activities in which they are involved.
Parents and guests are welcome to join their child in the CCS dining room for            Parents are encouraged to foster systematic study habits in their children. The
lunch. If a child is picked-up early, we ask that you send a note to your child’s        following is a general guideline according to grade that a child should devote to
teacher. You must park your car in an appropriate space (not the traffic circle)         daily homework. Teachers wish to be informed if a child is consistently
and come into the office to sign out your child.                                         experiencing difficulty in completing homework within the target times. Since
                                                                                         teachers use homework to assess a child’s understanding, too much support can
Pre-Planned Absences:                                                                    be misleading to the teacher. While parents should ensure that sufficient time is
Pre-planned absences that affect the instructional day are discouraged. Any such         allotted for students to complete homework, they should remember that
absences decrease the quality of instruction that your child receives and takes          homework is the student’s work, not the parents’.
teachers’ time/energy from other students. When a parent decides that the
situation warrants a child being absent from school for a planned absence, the           Grades 1 and 2 - approximately 20 minutes;
teacher must be notified at least one week prior to the absence; failure to do so        Grades 3 and 4 - approximately 30-40 minutes;
will result in the absence being considered unexcused. After returning, it is the        Grade 5 - up to 60 minutes;
student’s responsibility to receive, complete, and turn in assignments. In               Middle School - approximately 60-90 minutes.
addition, teachers will not be available to provide one-on-one assistance to
explain direct instruction that was missed. Students will be given an equal              Weekend homework will not be assigned to grades 1-5 (except for long-term
number of school nights to turn in the work as the number of school days absent          assignments or making up missing/incomplete assignments).
(i.e. missed two days, work is due the third day after returning).
                                                                                         When your child is absent from school, homework is due the day the child
                                                                                         returns from a one-day absence. Homework and class work missed during
  CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION                                                             absences that last two days or longer can be picked up at the front desk at the end
                                                                                         of the second missed day and each additional day. Due dates for assignments
Books and Supplies:                                                                      and make-up tests will be equal to the number of days missed or as determined
                                                                                         by your child’s teacher(s). Middle school students should refer to the Homework
Textbooks, consumable workbooks, and some supplies are included in your                  Board on the web for information about assignments missed during absences.
child’s tuition. Non-consumable textbooks are checked out to the student for the
year and (s)he is expected to take proper care of them and to return them in good
condition. All hardbound textbooks must be covered by the student.
Additionally, at the beginning of the school year each teacher provides a list of
other supplies and incidentals that are listed on the CCS website.

Progress Reports:                                                                               Grading:
All students will receive a mid-term interim report if s/he has a “C” or lower in a             The grading system prescribed by the Diocese of Richmond is as follows:
subject or if their grade has changed significantly since the last report.
Additional progress notes or communications may be sent at the discretion of the                                 A+ 98-100                     C         79-81
teacher. All progress reports will be sent home through the students’ backpacks.
These progress reports are to be signed by the parents, and returned the next day.                               A      95-97                  C-        77-78

                                                                                                                 A-     93-94                  D+        75-76
Report Cards:                                                                                                    B+ 90-92                      D         72-74
Report cards are sent home quarterly (nine weeks). Grades three through eight
receive letter grades while kindergarten through second grade receive                                            B      87-89                  D-        70-71
developmental grades. Student performance is based on formal and informal
assessments, class work, homework, teacher observations, and class
                                                                                                                 B-     85-86                  F          0-69
participation. Student effort is also assessed and given an effort code, which is
                                                                                                                 C+ 82-84
indicated on the report card.
Students who fail one or more subjects for two consecutive quarters or who have
not been able to demonstrate mastery of the taught curriculum may be required to
                                                                                                Parent-Teacher Conferences:
repeat the grade. Retention notification will be given to parents during
conferences in April.                                                                           Any questions/concerns regarding student progress or classroom issues must be
                                                                                                directed to the classroom teacher for resolution. If a resolution is not achieved,
The first quarter report cards are given directly to parents during designated conference
                                                                                                the principal may be consulted and a parent/teacher/principal meeting may be
times. The second and third quarter report cards are sent home via the Friday Folder.
The last quarter report cards are mailed after the last day of school. All report cards
must be signed and returned to the classroom teacher within a week of receipt.                  Parents are encouraged to freely consult with the teacher at any time during the
                                                                                                school year. Please make an appointment with the teacher either by phone, note,
                                                                                                or e-mail in order to set up a mutually convenient time. Please do not drop in on
                                                                                                your child’s classroom before or after school without first arranging a
                                                                                                specified time with the teacher.

                                                                                                Conference Days:
                                                                                                Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year – after the first reporting
                                                                                                period in the fall (required) and again after the third reporting period in the spring
                                                                                                (optional). You will receive information regarding sign-up dates/times for these
                                                                                                conferences. Parents of multiple children have priority for scheduling purposes,
                                                                                                followed by families with just one child.

Curriculum:                                                                                 Subjects outlined in the Consensus Curriculum include:

“Catholic Schools nurture personal growth, scholarship, life-long learning,                         Religion       Math             Language Arts
service and responsible stewardship through a faith-centered way of life.”                          Social Studies Science          Music
                                        (Vision Statement - Diocese of Richmond)                    Art            Technology
                                                                                                    Foreign Languages
The articulation of a faith-centered environment with a quality educational
program for the Diocese of Richmond requires that all educators involved in                         Physical Education
schools work collaboratively to design and implement an ever-developing and
creative curriculum. According to Catholic Tradition, curriculum should                     The Consensus Curriculum is available for review on the CCS website.
encompass the principle of respect, challenge learners to achieve their full
potential, and contribute to the moral development of all students.                         Standardized Testing:
The Consensus Curriculum has been designed in such a manner that it will                    The Terra Nova Standardized Test is administered yearly to grades 1, 3, 5, and
stimulate a logical progression through the intellectual stages of critical analysis,       7 throughout the Diocese of Richmond. Any standardized test is considered by
deductive/inductive reasoning, clarity of thought/ expression, and utilize effective        the faculty and administration as one tool in the measurement of student
strategies for problem solving. The full curriculum can be viewed on the                    progress.
Diocesan website at                                            The primary purpose is to provide educators with specific information that
The teacher, as a leader, creates a learning environment that provides all learners         assists them in making professional judgments. The results can be of a
with the opportunity to learn and succeed. Having a thorough knowledge of the               diagnostic nature and assist teachers in their annual curriculum plan.
current research on learning, the teacher will set high expectations, address the           Each June following the testing, parents receive a “home report” in the mail
varied learning styles of students, and provide the necessary resources to achieve          that presents a student’s test scores and other relevant information.
The principal creates a school environment of mutual respect and encourages the
team approach of teaching at each grade level. S/he oversees the development                Accreditation:
and implementation of the Consensus Curriculum. Additionally, s/he is
instrumental in the continuing development of the curriculum scope and                      In 2006, CCS achieved re-accreditation with “exemplary” status by the Virginia
sequence and ensures that all teachers are adhering to established grade level              Private Education Association and the Southern Association of Colleges and
timelines. The principal reports to and consults with the Office of Catholic                Schools (SACS). A five-year plan is underway as CCS works toward subsequent
Schools in the Richmond Diocese.                                                            re-accreditation in 2012. Each year CCS has an annual plan to update and
                                                                                            implement as part of this 5-year process. This information can be viewed in the
The curriculum exists for the total development of each student in our schools.             front office.
The students, as learners, will assist in the continuing growth of the curriculum,
not only as recipients of learning, but as creators of new opportunities. A well-
developed curriculum encourages within every student, an inventive spirit,
flexibility to adapt to change, a desire to set and attain goals, and a belief in

Field Trips:                                                                                         emergency stop is necessary, the driver should notify the teacher via cell
                                                                                                     phone. No stops for snacks or treats should be made.
Under Diocesan policy, all Diocesan-sponsored trips or excursions of any kind                       Students dropped off at the school at the end of the day should not be left
that require travel of students off school grounds are restricted to:                                unsupervised. Please remain with all children in the carpool until either
         Those directly related to an essential educational objective, approved in                  the teacher returns or the student is picked up.
          advance by the administration for a specific course or class (grade level),               Drivers are asked to insure that student conversation and music is
          that can only be achieved by an off-campus visit OR                                        consistent with CCS values. DVDs shown in vehicles must be approved
      Participation in scheduled school-sponsored extra-curricular athletic                         by the classroom teacher.
          events OR                                                                          Library:
      Participation in school-sponsored religious programs.
                                                                                             The CCS Library supports the school curriculum by providing materials for
Because all field trips have a direct or indirect educational purpose, students are          student research as well as a wide range of books for personal enrichment.
fully expected to attend all field trips. When a student does not attend a field
trip, the teacher will give an assignment of equal educational value.                        Hours
                                                                                             The Library will be open to all students Monday through Friday between 8:00
Students may be transported by commercial transportation or by volunteer car                 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
pooling. Volunteer drivers need to be “Registered Volunteers” and need to
complete the driver approval form.                                                           Circulation
                                                                                             K – 3rd - Two books for one week
All students carpooling on a field trip must follow the following state safety belt          4th – 8th - Four books for two weeks (includes books for personal reading as well
laws.                                                                                        as books needed for research and projects)
   Effective July 1, 2007: Child restraint devices are required for children
   through the age of seven (until 8th birthday). Safety seats must be properly              Renewals
   used and approved by Department of Transportation standards. Effective                    Books may be renewed up to two times with the concurrence of a librarian.
   July 1, 2007: Children age 8 through age 15 (until age 16) must be belted
                                                                                             Reference Books
   correctly in vehicle safety belts, in vehicles manufactured after January 1,
   1968.                                                                                     At the request of a teacher, reference books may be checked out by students
                                                                                             during the school day for a single class period but must be returned after the class
Individual electronic devices are not permitted due to the difficulty in monitoring          period has ended.
music and the potential of losing/damaging individual students’ equipment.                   Reference books may also be checked out overnight. Students may check the
                                                                                             books out five minutes before dismissal but must return them by 8:30 a.m. the
At any time that a field trip is a financial burden on a family, please contact the          following morning. This allows the books to be available to other students
office for fee waivers.                                                                      and/or teachers during the school day.

Drivers will also be asked to sign the “Guidelines for Field Trip Drivers”                   Overdue Books
indicating that they agree to adhere to expectations made to ensure the safety of            Periodically, reports will be issued to all students (kindergarten through 8th
all students. These include:                                                                 grade) for any book(s) identified as being overdue. Students will get a
                                                                                             “reminder” notice in their Friday Folder to return the book as soon as possible.
      Cell phones should not be used while driving.
      Speed limit and all traffic rules must be observed, including car seat                Lost/Damaged Books
         laws.                                                                               Students are expected to pay for the replacement cost of any lost or damaged
      Only stops on the planned itinerary should be made. If a bathroom or                  item(s) checked out from the library. The librarian will determine the amount of
damage, whether the book is still usable by other students, or if it must be                 can be understood and appropriate intervention can be taken. In certain
replaced.                                                                                    circumstances, the principal may assign detention or in-school suspension as a
                                                                                             result of inappropriate behavior. Continued inappropriate behavior may result in
The cost of lost books may be reconciled with a librarian at any time during the             the child being denied enrollment.
year. Should a lost book be found and returned to the library during the school
year and returned to the library, any fees paid for the material will be refunded.           In line with the school’s mission, the following Christian principles
Report cards and school records will be withheld until all financial obligations             exemplify the expectation students must reflect. A Charlottesville
to the library have been met.                                                                Catholic student is an individual who:
Questions                                                                                          1. Gives personal best in academics, sports, and other extra-
Any questions concerning overdue, lost, or damaged books, or comments on any                             curricular activities.
material your child has checked out of the library should be directed to the                       2. Respects all adults and peers in words, actions, and non-verbal
librarians.                                                                                              communications.
Parents that would like to have any materials removed from the school must                         3. Is empathetic and accepting of others and their differences.
write a letter stating the material in question and why they find it objectionable.                4. Is polite and courteous by using proper manners at all times,
The principal will then start the process to review the material.
                                                                                                         including: responding “please”, “thank you”, addressing
Donations                                                                                                others in hallway, holding the door for adults, etc.
The Library continues to welcome donations of quality material in good                             5. Is honest and trustworthy.
condition.                                                                                         6. Accepts responsibility and consequences for personal actions.
                                                                                                   7. Respects the rights and property of others.
                                                                                                   8. Resolves conflict with other students in a positive manner and
  CODE OF CONDUCT                                                                                        seeks adult interaction when needed.
                                                                                                   9. Refrains from any aggressive physical behavior and renounces
Expectations:                                                                                            verbal, nonverbal, physical bullying or intimidation.
Every child has the right to quality instruction and to feel safe coming to                        10. Abides by all school rules, regulations, and policies.
school, and no other person should interfere with that safety or with the                          11. Presents a neat appearance and complies with the school uniform
educational process of others.                                                                           guidelines.
    It is important that an environment be established in school wherein students
and faculty can concentrate on the business of learning without unnecessary
interference. It is our belief that limit-setting guidelines enable children to
                                                                                             Rule Violations:
develop academically and socially. The faculty and administration strive to                  To insure that consequences are age-appropriate, specific behavior management plans
develop and maintain a system of discipline that is fair, consistent, respectful,            are designed to address the needs of students in elementary and middle school. The
and firm. The classroom teacher is the primary source of information for parents             purpose of all consequences is to stop the behavior and to teach appropriate /acceptable
regarding student behavior. In order for the school to ensure an environment                 actions. To the extent possible, consequences are related to the nature of the infraction.
conducive to learning, , parents must support the teacher’s and administrator’s              In most cases, behavior concerns are addressed in the classroom; however repeated or
efforts to deal with behavior issues in the classroom. In cases of misbehavior, it is        serious infractions may be referred to the administration. Furthermore, the
the faculty’s intent to know each child well enough so that his or her behavior
administration reserves the right to discipline any student action occurring off school        3. Faculty and staff have latitude to use items necessary to accomplish their
grounds that has an impact on the school environment.                                             jobs at CCS (i.e., the facility manager may be allowed to wear and use a
                                                                                                  Leatherman Multi-Tool, which includes a knife blade, in the accomplishment
                                                                                                  of his/her job).
Parents are encouraged to work closely with teachers regarding misbehavior of
their children. Parents will be notified when repeated behaviors occur. When                   4. If a student or visitor is discovered to have a weapon or dangerous item in
necessary, parent/teacher conferences may be arranged to develop a personalized                   their possession on school grounds every reasonable attempt will be made to:
behavior management plan. Both the administration and the guidance counselor
                                                                                                      a. Ensure the safety of all persons.
are available to assist with the creation of such plans.
                                                                                                      b. Remove the weapon or dangerous item from the premise.
                                                                                                      c. Take every reasonable measure to have the student or person
                                                                                                           removed. This may include calling appropriate civil authorities.
Middle School Procedures                                                                       5. Any student who is discovered to have a weapon or dangerous item(s) may
Please refer to the middle school handout given to all students at the beginning of               be dealt with using every venue as determined by the administration, up to
the year that explains the middle school discipline policy. This policy will also                 and including expulsion. Common sense should be used when determining
be posted on the CCS website.                                                                     the course of action to be followed.
                                                                                               6. Adults who are discovered to have a weapon or dangerous item(s) may be
                                                                                                  dealt with using every venue as determined by the administration, up to and
Weapons and Dangerous Items Policy                                                                including banishment from CCS property. Common sense should be used
1. Weapons of any kind are not permitted on school grounds. Weapons                               when determining the course of action to be followed.
   include, but are not limited to, guns–loaded or unloaded–explosives,
   firecrackers/ fireworks, flammable materials, sharp-edged knives, box                       7. Any student who is aware of another student in possession of a weapon must
   cutters, razor blades, tools with knives or sharp blades attached, potentially                 let an adult know. Discipline action may be taken in the event that a student
   harmful chemicals, pieces of metal, glass, or similar material that may                        does not notify an adult that another student is in possession of a weapon.
   present a threat to another person, or other items which may be used to injure
   or threaten others. Weapons or dangerous items may also pose a threat to the                Detention/In-School Suspension:
   CCS physical plant or property. In all cases, these items will be dealt with in             Detention and in-school suspension are consequences for infractions or a series
   the same manner as if they threatened a person. The final determination of                  of infractions involving school rules and/or policies. Both are intended to be of a
   whether or not an item is a weapon or dangerous item rests solely with the                  serious nature. Common sense will be used when administering detention or in-
   administration.                                                                             school suspension. For instance, during the first week of school, a kindergartner
                                                                                               may not be assigned to detention for hitting another student. However, a sixth
    It is understood that seemingly benign items may constitute a threat to                    grader who intentionally hits another student in the first week of school will be
    another person if they are used in an inappropriate manner. The                            suspended.
    administration has the latitude to act as (s)he deems necessary to ensure any
    item is not used in a manner which may threaten another (i.e., threatening use             Detention/in-school suspension will not be used as a form of public punishment.
    of a baseball bat may constitute its use as a weapon and will be treated as                Detention is a set period of time which can take the shape of extended and
    such).                                                                                     supervised time out or some form of school community service.
2. Common sense must be used in determining whether or not any item                            How detention/in-school suspensions are administered:
   normally found in daily use constitutes a threat to any person.
                                                                                                    Only the administration can issue a detention or suspension. This is done
                                                                                                     as a result of documentation and/or input from the CCS faculty and staff.
         A CCS teacher or staff member will supervise detention/in-school
         Detention will be scheduled within a reasonable time from the infraction.
                                                                                                STUDENT RESPONSIBILTIES
         A letter will be sent to parent/guardians informing them of the student’s            Students are expected to assume the responsibility of maintaining and cleaning their
          assigned detention or suspension.                                                    classrooms and lockers. This includes putting things away, stacking chairs, wiping
         Detentions and suspensions must be served as scheduled – no exceptions.              tables, taking out trash, taking care of text and library books, and any other
          Only the administration may reschedule. This will only be done in                    responsibilities deemed necessary by the teacher and staff.
          extreme cases. Missing an extracurricular activity, etc. is not considered to
          be an extreme case and/or reason for rescheduling.
         A student who misses a detention or in-school suspension, unless
                                                                                                 STUDENT PROPERTY/ELECTRONICS
          rescheduled by the administration, will receive an additional detention and
          or additional days of in-school suspension. If this is a repeat offense, the         All property brought to school must be clearly marked with the student’s name.
          student will be given an out-of-school suspension.                                   This includes all clothing, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc. CCS is not responsible
                                                                                               for lost belongings.

 TECHNOLOGY                                                                                    Students must not bring large amounts of money, electronic devices (including
                                                                                               Game Boys, MP3 players, CD players, cell phones, etc.), jewelry, trading cards,
Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy                                                     or high-cost items to school. Toys, trading cards, and sporting equipment are
Each student and his/her parent/guardian are expected to sign and adhere to the                only to be brought to school when requested by the teacher.
Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy agreement. This agreement will                      At all times, including field trips and other extracurricular activities, students
detail the terms and conditions relative to the privilege of using the computers               have access to a phone or an adult that has a cell phone. Therefore, no cell
and networks at CCS, including:                                                                phones are permitted on school property or taken to any off -ground activities.
           Acceptable use – The purpose of CCS’s computers and network
            connections are to support research, instruction, and the business of
            conducting education. Students may only use the internet to visit
            websites directly related to educational assignments.
                                                                                                NON-SCHOOL EVENTS
           Privileges – The use of a computer and the network is a privilege, not a
            right; therefore, inappropriate use may result in cancellation of those            At CCS, we foster inclusion and encourage a family atmosphere among our children.
            privileges.                                                                        Please keep this in mind as you plan your children’s private events. We ask that
           Home Computers – Any comments/actions on home computers that                       invitations and thank you letters NOT be issued at school. This is to ensure that
            pertain to staff, CCS, and/or other students are subject to school                 children do not feel excluded from activities, as young feelings and self-esteem are
            discipline policies.                                                               easily hurt. We also ask that you consider not departing in groups from the school
           Network etiquette:                                                                 grounds for these events (i.e., limousine rides).
                      Be polite
                      Use appropriate language
                      Engage in appropriate activities
                      Respect privacy

Do not engage in vandalism and electronic mischief

                                                                                           A brief snack time is scheduled mid-morning for all grade levels. Only water
 SCOUTS/GROUPS                                                                             and healthy snacks are permitted in the classroom. Because many of our rooms
                                                                                           are carpeted, foods such as yogurt and pudding should not be sent in for snack.
CCS students participate with fellow classmates in scouts and other extra-                 These items are fine for lunchtime.
curricular groups. Membership in organizations is certainly welcomed, and
modified uniforms other than our CCS uniform may be worn at school on                      School Celebrations:
meeting days. This requires prior approval from the administration. For                    Students may share a simple snack for a birthday celebration with their
example, a kindergartener belonging to a Daisy troop may wear the smock to                 classmates, but this must be arranged in advance with the classroom teacher.
school on the day of the meeting. Your child may bring another group uniform               These snacks must accommodate any special dietary needs of all of the
to change into after school if their meeting is held on-site or if s/he is                 students in that class. Please do not send in punch, candles, messy food items,
participating in a sport at another location. Clothes may be changed before car            or decorations. Party invitations may not be distributed during school time.

                                                                                            WEATHER CLOSINGS
All visitors must enter through the main entrance and report directly to the front
desk. State regulations require that you sign in and be issued a visitor’s badge in        CCS is an independent school and does not fall under either county or city
order to enter the school. Individuals observed in the school without a visitor’s          regulations/decisions for school closings or delays. The decision is made at the
badge will be directed to report to the front desk. Please help us keep our school         discretion of the principal.
safe for your child/children. Any visitors who are not listed on our Registered
                                                                                           In cases where school closing is necessary due to inclement weather,
Volunteer list will be issued a special visitor pass and will have to be chaperoned
                                                                                           Charlottesville Catholic School will inform local radio and TV channels. These
at all times in the building. Parents and other volunteers are highly encouraged
                                                                                           are: WINA (AM 1070), WKAV (AM 1400), WQMZ (FM 95.1), WWWV (97.5
to become a Registered Volunteer (which includes a Child Protective Services
                                                                                           FM), and on TV: NBC, CBS, and ABC. The school’s automated voicemail
check, VIRTUS training, and volunteer application form). All costs will be
                                                                                           system will provide school closing information as soon as feasible.
covered by CCS.
                                                                                           If you do NOT see “Charlottesville Catholic School” specifically represented
                                                                                           on the television news or hear a CCS announcement on the local radio
  LUNCH/SNACKS                                                                             stations, assume that we are open on time for that day. If your child will not be
                                                                                           at school, please call the front desk. Due to the wide range of road conditions
Lunch:                                                                                     during inclement weather, a child will be excused for tardies, early pick-ups or
                                                                                           absences when a parent determines that their particular route of travel is unsafe.
Each class eats lunch in the dining room unless otherwise scheduled. Children
are to bring their own nutritious lunches to school or purchase meals through the          In the event of a 2-hour delay, our doors open between 9:30 and 10:00 a.m and
lunch program. If the children bring their lunch to school, we suggest easy-to-            classes will begin at 10:00a.m. Please do not drop off your child for before 9:30;
open containers. Glass bottles, soda and gum are not permitted. A microwave                there will be no supervision for your child.
oven is NOT available.
                                                                                           It is important to note that the After-School Program will not be provided when
Commercially prepared lunches are available for a fee. Specific information is             school has been cancelled or closed early due to inclement weather.
listed on the school’s website.
Snack (Grades K – 8)
 HEALTH/CLINIC                                                                              Contagious Disease:
                                                                                            The nurse will notify faculty, staff, and parents if and when infectious outbreaks
                                                                                            occur in the school setting (examples: fifths disease, lice, strep throat, chicken
CCS is very fortunate to have a dedicated part-time registered nurse who is under           pox, etc.) (S)he will also provide educational information regarding the
the direct supervision of the principal.                                                    particular outbreak including instructions regarding incubation periods,
                                                                                            symptoms to be to be aware of, and course of action necessary should a student
Health Mission Statement:                                                                   become infected.
The nurse who staffs the CCS Clinic works to promote the health and education
of CCS students, families, faculty and staff regarding health issues that can               The policy for contagious conditions is that the affected child will be isolated to
impact the school experience.                                                               wait for parental pick up.
Health Services:                                                                            PLEASE NOTE: According to VA Department of Health Guidelines, a child
The Nursing Clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 2:30pm.. The                must be fever free for a full 24 hour period before returning to school. “Fever
nurse on duty provides initial assessment of injuries and symptoms of illness that          free” is defined as having a temperature less than 100º without the use of fever
present themselves during the school day. (S)he provides care, comfort, and                 reducing agents (Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, etc.)
treatment of minor injuries and symptoms of illness. When necessary, the nurse
will contact a parent when a student needs to go home and/or to seek further
medical care.
                                                                                            Serious Illness and Injury:
The school nurse completes CCS Clinic Visit form in triplicate for clinic visits            In case of serious injury, the school will call 911 to transport the student to a
requiring documentation. This form indicates the reason for the visit and any               hospital for emergency treatment. Parents will be notified as soon as possible.
care and treatment provided. The original is placed in the student’s clinic folder          However, the child’s welfare is the first and foremost focus of the CCS faculty
and a copy is given to the student’s teacher, a copy is sent home with the student          and staff. Emergency numbers are required for each student. It is imperative for
for the parent to review.                                                                   parents/guardians to keep emergency information up-to-date.
Students with allergies are accommodated based on physician documented
conditions. CCS reserves the right to determine if any accommodation is too                 Required Forms:
expensive, realistic, or too disruptive to implement.                                              Clinic Information/Emergency Form - must be completed for each
The nurse will contact a student’s parent or guardian by phone whenever                             student every year. This form includes an authorization for the
concerns about the student’s health status warrant immediate parent notification                    administration of acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and antacid tablets.
or when consultation regarding a student’s symptoms would be helpful.                              Parent Release for Specific OTC Medications - must be completed for all
                                                                                                    other non-prescription medication (ex. Tylenol Sinus, Benadryl).
Health Records:                                                                                    Authorization for Administering Prescription Medication - must be
Physical examinations and immunization records are required before your child enters                completed by BOTH the parent and prescribing physician for all
school for the first time and health records must accompany new transfers into CCS                  prescription medications. Prescription medications must have a current
from another school system.                                                                         pharmacy label.
                                                                                                   Individualized Health Care Plan – must be completed for all students
Students born outside of the US must have a recent TB test.
                                                                                                    with severe allergies by BOTH the parent and their physician.
Hepatitis B shots are required for all rising 6th grade students.
                                                                                            All required forms are available on the CCS Website.

Please note:                                                                                 Items with the CCS Crest Logo: Knit shirts and outerwear must have the CCS
     All medications must be transported to and from the school by a parent,                logo applied. You must identify our school by name or code when placing an
        guardian or carpool driver and must be in its original container.                    order. The Rose Uniform item numbers specify the CCS logo for these items,
     The first dose of any new medication should be administered by the                     but Lands End requires that you request the logo be applied when you order the
        parent or guardian, unless it is an “in school only” medication.                     item.
     Any change in medication, including dosage changes, should be reported
        to the Nursing Clinic immediately.                                                   Girls K-5
     Medications not retrieved from the Nursing Clinic within 2 weeks of the                Daily
        last day of school will be discarded.                                                  Sneakers - white/ black/ blue, without lights or bright colors
                                                                                                Socks - plain white (no logos), ankle socks or navy blue knee highs
                                                                                             Formal Dress Days (whole school mass days, picture days, VIP visitor days)
  UNIFORM AND APPEARANCE POLICY                                                                 Plaid jumper with white Peter Pan collar blouse (Rose Uniforms only)
                                                                                                Navy blue tights or navy blue knee high socks (Rose Uniforms only)
     The Catholic School uniform symbolizes self discipline, and association with               Navy sweater with CCS Emblem may be worn (no fleece during Mass)
the community, as well as each individual’s equality in the eyes of God.                        Navy blue knit bike shorts must be worn under jumper and should not extend
Charlottesville Catholic School students should wear their uniforms in a manner                 below the hem of jumper
that reflects pride in themselves and in their school.                                          Shoes- black or brown dress shoes or solid white tennis shoes
    All students in grades K-8 are required to wear uniforms during the school               Regular Dress Days (“Formal” dress optional)
day. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are appropriately               Navy blue slacks with black or brown belt (belt optional for K-2)
dressed.                                                                                       Long or short sleeve white polo with CCS emblem or white Peter Pan collar
   Occasionally, there will be a day of “free dress”. Parents are to make sure that           blouse
their students are dressed in a respectful manner. All non-uniform clothing                   Plain white socks (no design)
should reflect Christian values with respect to graphics, lettering and physical fit.         Shoes - solid white, black, or brown (no Converse or hightops) micro or polar
Students dressed inappropriately will be required to change into suitable attire.             fleece (with CCS Emblem) may be worn inside
    Our uniform suppliers are Rose Uniforms and Lands' End. Unless otherwise                  Navy sweater with CCS Emblem is optional
specified, all items must come from the required supplier. You need to identify              Summer Uniform (April-October), “Regular” and “Formal” dress optional
CCS when placing your order with either company. This allows them to provide                  Navy Blue Shorts (plain front or pleated)-fingertip length
you with the correct items and logo and gives the school a financial credit. (Rose            White Peter Pan collar blouse OR long or short sleeve white polo with CCS
Uniforms donates 10% back to CCS and Lands End donates 3%).                                   emblem (Rose’s or Lands End)
Rose Uniforms: Supplies all items.                                                            Plain white socks (no design)
 or 1-800-527-4689 (our school code is VA-                       Solid white, black, or brown sneakers (no Converse or hightops)
         075). They also have a retail store in Richmond.
Lands’ End: Supplies most items but does not supply the plaid jumpers, plaid
skirts, white blouse for grades K-5. or 1-800-469-2222 (our school code is
See the school website for item numbers for all uniform
items and complete details on placing an order.

Girls Middle School                                                                        Plain white socks (no design)
 Formal Dress Days ( all-school mass days, picture days, VIP visitor days)                Regular Dress Days “Formal” dress optional
  Plaid uniform skirt (Rose Uniforms only)-no shorter than 2 inches above the              Navy blue slacks with black or brown belt (optional for K-2)
  knee                                                                                     Long or short sleeve white polo with CCS emblem Black or navy socks (no
  Biker shorts under skirt suggested                                                          design)
  Light blue oxford shirt (Rose Uniforms only)                                             Shoes - white/ black/ blue, without lights or bright colors
  Blue tights or navy blue knee high socks (Rose Uniforms only)                            Micro or Polar fleece (with CCS Emblem) may be worn inside
  Solid black or brown dress shoes                                                         Navy sweater with CCS emblem is optional
  Navy sweater or sweater vest with CCS Emblem may be worn (no fleece                     Summer Uniform (April-October) “Regular” and “Formal” dress optional
  during Mass)                                                                             Navy blue shorts (plain front or pleated)
Regular Dress Days (“Formal” dress optional)                                               White polo with CCS Emblem (Rose’s or Lands End)
  Plaid skirt with navy blue knee highs or tights OR                                       White socks (not required to cover the ankle)
  Navy blue slacks with black or brown belt                                                Solid white sneakers
  Short or long sleeve white Polo with CCS emblem OR short or long sleeve
  light blue oxford shirt                                                                 Boys, Middle School
  Plain dark socks (no design)                                                            Formal Dress Days
  Solid black or dark brown dress shoes                                                   Navy blue slacks (plain front or pleated) with black or brown belt
  Micro or Polar fleece (with CCS Emblem) may be worn inside                               White oxford button down collar shirt (long or short sleeve)
Navy sweater or vest with CCS Emblem is optionalOptional regular dress for 8th             CCS tie (purchase from front office)
grade girls ONLY                                                                           Navy sweater (pull over or button down) with CCS Emblem may be worn (no
  Khaki skirt OR khaki pants (Rose’s or Lands End)                                            fleece at Mass)
  Light blue Oxford shirt or navy polo (polo does not require CCS crest)                   Shoes - black or dark brown dress shoes with dark dress socks
Summer Uniform (April-October) “Regular” and “Formal” dress optional                       Regular Dress Days
  Navy Blue Skort (Rose’s or Lands End)                                                      Navy blue slacks with black or brown belt
  White polo with CCS Emblem (Rose’s or Lands End)                                            Long or short sleeve white polo with CCS emblem black or navy socks (no
  Plain white socks (no design)                                                               design)
Solid white, black, or brown sneaker (no Converse or high tops)Optional                       Shoes - black or dark brown dress shoes with dark dress socks
summer uniform for 8th grade girls ONLY                                                    Optional regular uniform for8th Grade Boys ONLY
Khaki skort (Rose’s or Lands End)                                                             Khaki pants with black or brown belt
Navy blue polo (Rose’s or Lands End); polo does not require CCS crest                         Navy long or short sleeve polo OR light blue Oxford
                                                                                           Summer Uniform (April to October)
Boys K-5                                                                                      Navy Blue Shorts (plain front or pleated)
Formal Dress Days (all school mass days, picture days, VIP visitor days)                      White polo with CCS Emblem (Rose’s or Lands End)
 Navy blue slacks (plain front or pleated) with black or brown belt (belt optional            Plain White socks (no design)
    for K-2)                                                                                  Solid white sneakers (no Converse or high tops)
 White oxford button down collar shirt (long or short sleeve)                              Optional summer uniform for 8th Grade Boys ONLY:
 CCS tie (purchase from front office)                                                         Khaki shorts with black or brown belt
 Navy sweater (pull over or button down) with CCS Emblem may be worn (no                      Navy polo (no emblem) or light blue Oxford
    fleece at Mass)
 Sneakers (white/ black/ blue, without lights or bright colors)

General Dress:                                                                            Free Dress Days:
     The dress code applies to all students as long as they are on school                      Students will be notified of any special occasions when they are allowed
      grounds or at school-sponsored activities; including field trips.                          to wear non-uniform "free dress" clothing.
     All shorts, skirts, and skorts must be within two inches of the knee. Less                Free Dress Days are a privilege, not a student right.
      than finger tip at the side will not be permitted.                                        All non-uniform clothing worn at school or school event, which contains
     Pants and skirts should be worn above the hips.                                            a message, picture, or logo, must present a positive image acceptable at
     Students should present a neat appearance. No sloppy dress permitted.                      CCS.
     Shirts must be buttoned, except for top button, and neatly tucked in at all               All non-uniform clothing must appropriately cover one’s body; no
      times.                                                                                     muscle shirts, low cleavage, and/or short shorts (with arm at side bottom
     Clothing should be clean, unwrinkled, devoid of holes, and not faded,                      tip of finger should touch bottom of shorts.) Make-up and colored
      torn, or frayed. Patched clothing is acceptable.                                           finger nail polish are not permitted on Free Dress Days.
     No baggy, oversized, or excessively tight clothing.                                       No heels over 2 inches or platform shoes
     No sweatshirts/sweaters worn around the waist.                                            No leggings, without a top or skirt to cover at least fingertip length.
     Undergarments must not show through uniform parts.                                        Girl/Boy Scouts are allowed to wear their scout uniform or vest to school
                                                                                                 on days they have their meeting. Shoes must still meet the uniform
Physical Education (5th-8th grades)                                                              requirements.
A change of clothing is required for grades 5th-8th for all PE classes. PE clothes        Jewelry / Piercings:
should be taken home and washed when necessary. Students are not permitted to                   One cross, religious charm or medal, one ring, one bracelet, and a watch
borrow or share PE clothes with classmates. For safety reasons and to protect the                are permissible.
gym floor, all grades must wear sneakers during PE.                                             Only necklaces with a religious medal/theme or cross may be worn.
                                                                                                Chokers, large bracelets and necklaces are not acceptable, including
   Fifth-Seventh grade uniforms are purchased through Rivanna Gear and                           “Live Strong” or any variation of this bracelet.
   Apparel on Pantops Mountain. All clothing must be marked with child’s                        No visible body piercings except girls are allowed a single stud earring in
   name on space provided.                                                                       each ear. No hoop, dangling, or French loop earrings are permitted. No
       Navy gym shorts or sweat pants with CCS logo                                             tongue piercings.
       Gray t-shirt with CCS logo                                                              No chains or studded jewelry of any kind may be worn to school or at
       Grey sweatshirt with CCS logo or                                                         any school sponsored event/trip.
       CCS Polar fleece (regular uniform)                                                      Due to the potential for lost items, younger children are strongly
                                                                                                 discouraged from wearing jewelry.
    Eighth grade students are given the option to provide their own PE clothes,                 No thumb rings permitted.
    which are clean, neat and meet the following:                                               No shoe jewelry.
       Cover all underwear and stomach
       Clothes may have print that is consistent with CCS values
Finger tip length shorts (not too short and not past the knee).

       Hair should be groomed away from the face so as not to cover the face.
       No hair dying, chunking, or streaking.
       No shaved or intentionally bald heads. No designs shaven into hair.
       No "skater cuts", spiked hair, or tails.

    Boys: Hair must not extend over the ears or below the top of the shirt collar.
    No ponytails. Sideburns must be straight, trimmed, and must not extend
    beyond the lowest opening of the ear. Bangs should not extend past the
    eyebrows. Students must be cleanly shaven every day (no mustaches,
    beards, or goatees).

    Girls: Conservative hair clips are allowed (dark blue, white, etc.) but
    bandannas, multi-colored ribbons, etc. are not. Headbands and ribbons
    should be school colors only

Makeup / Nail Polish:
    No makeup.
    Clear colorless fingernail polish is permitted only for girls in grades 6-8.
    No artificial fingernails.
    No visible tattoos.


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