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NCMA Grant App-conf


									                                  CHAPTER GRANT APPLICATION

DUE DATE: September 19, 2011
Date 19 September 2011
Chapter Name/Number China Lake/Ridgecrest #72
Chapter Contact___Debbie McKellar________________
     Phone: __760-939-9661_____________________
     Email: ___deborah.mckellar@navy.mil_________

Purpose of Chapter Grant Program: The Chapter Grant Program provides funds to assist chapters in
accomplishing specific objectives within the scope of their missions. Priority for grants will go to
struggling chapters (chapters attempting to provide educational opportunities but with limited financial

Policy: Grant awards are to be made to chapters whose submission is consistent with achieving the
NCMA strategic goals and whose use of the grant funds would accomplish a worthy objective that they
would not otherwise be able to accomplish without the funds. A brief report of the outcome is due to
Chapter Relations within 30 days of completion of the event for which the funds are intended. Please
note that any grants for travel will be reimbursed after completion of the travel upon receipt of a
certificate of attendance and receipts to NCMA.

Submittal Process: Please review the grant guidelines and requirements in detail prior to submission. Submit
application to Chapter Relations at: Chapters applying for multiple grant requests
should submit separate grant forms for each project.

Did your chapter submit its Annual Report for PY 2010 -2011 by 31 Aug 2011?           Yes_x__ No___

Chapter Bank Account Balance(s) Current Total (savings & checking) $17,236.22_($5,135.99=scholarship
which reflects $8k disbursement 6/2011))

Chapter Annual Operating Expenses? _$16,797.64__

Grant Amount Requested? $__3,000

Reason/Purpose for Grant Request (e.g. grow membership, educate members, develop specific skills, encourage
enthusiasm and commitment to volunteer opportunities, etc.):

Main purpose is to educate members, increase personal and professional development. Grant received in 2010-11
was used to build chapter membership. This was successful and the board now contains a number of new
participants. Receipt of this grant would aid in building board skills and create opportunity for travel and
conference fee reimbursement.

                                    CHAPTER GRANT APPLICATION
Anticipated Event or Launch/Completion Dates: Funds would be utilized during January 2012 to reimburse
the chapter for travel expenses and mid-year leadership conference fees.

Target Audience:
Board participants.

Anticipated # of Participants: 8         Chapter Membership Total: __65___

Detailed Description of intended use of Grant Funds in the current program year (e.g. to pay the speaker fee and
travel expenses for Jane Doe, expert on subject matter, to speak on the subject of XYZ at a NES, etc.) :

Grant funds would be used to reimburse the Chapter for mid-year leadership conference fees of board attendees
and associated travel expenses.

What is your spend plan for your project? (Grant funds must be used by 31 Oct 2012):

As the conference is within driving distance it is anticipated fuel will be required for three vehicles and four
double-occupant hotel rooms will be required. Registration fees for eight are also anticipated. A food allowance,
if any, will be dependent on the award received. All funds will be utilized by 31 January 2012 as the Mid-Year
Leadership Conference is scheduled for January 20-21, 2012.

How will you market this event? _

Attendance will be encouraged during board meetings. Post-attendance participant report will be conducted
during February or March 2012 Luncheon Meeting.

Expected Outcome:

Attendance of the board as a group will build team cohesiveness and assist with building a unified chapter
“voice”. Attendees will be able to translate national intentions into local chapter implementation. The board will
also see our remote chapter as part of the national whole and obtain networking opportunities pertinent to
individual responsibilities. Ultimately membership will be retained and chapter participation will stay strong.

Value to Your Chapter:

Leadership skills of newer members are developed via training from “the source” which helps to ensure the
NCMA message and methodology remains consistent nationwide. Understanding of the chapter’s relationship to
the national NCMA program is invaluable in helping the board understand the value of continuing participation.

Value to NCMA:

Participation increases “ownership” and strengthens feeling of belonging to NCMA. Participation will also
increase awareness of NCMA programs and its contributions to personal and professional development.
Development of local leaders can create enthusiasm to serve at the national level as well. Robust membership also
increases the national revenues which in turn creates more grant opportunities.


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