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iRefer iRefer is a referral incentive scheme to reward referrals of


       iRefer is a referral incentive scheme to reward referrals of new qualifying
                  clients to open trading accounts with Sanlam iTrade.

Sanlam iTrade will pay a referral fee to persons who refer new qualifying clients to open trading
accounts with iTrade, subject to the Terms and Conditions. Qualifying clients are clients that
trade reasonably big or often, paying on average more than R1,000 in broking fees per month
over a six month period. If you know someone that might fall into this category and you convince
him or her to open an account with iTrade, you can earn 10% commission on that client’s
broking fees over the first six months referral period. The client will probably qualify for iBonus
as well and receive a percentage of his or her broking fees back. This is indeed a win-win

Read the Terms and Conditions first and make sure the new client enters your e-mail address in
the correct field during registration. Registration is done online by going to and click on “New Clients”. You can view “What does it cost?”,
“iBonus” and the “Website Demo” before going to “Register”.

                          Terms and Conditions:
1. Definitions:
   1.1. “New client” is a client who has never registered with Sanlam iTrade before and
        completes the registration process with all Fica documentation as required.
   1.2. “Qualifying client” is a “new client” who paid more than R6,000 in “broking fees” in the
        “referral period” on a BDA account.
   1.3. “Referral period” is the exact 6 month period of either January to June or July to
        December immediately following the date of registration of the new client on Sanlam
        iTrade’s website. Therefore, the referral period for a new client registering between 1
        January and 30 June of a year will be from 1 July to 31 December of that year. The
        referral period of a new client registering between 1 July and 31 December will be from
        1 January to 30 June immediately following.
   1.4. “Broking fees” means that part of the actual brokerage paid (excluding VAT) by a client
        above the first R99 per transaction. The first R99 brokerage per transaction is excluded
        and covers transaction admin costs and JSE settlement fees. Only brokerage paid on
        JSE listed instruments are included: equities, warrants, ETFs. Sanlam iTrade can in its
        sole discretion and without notification change the brokerage scales charged to all
        trading clients.
   1.5. “Referral fee” is an amount equal to 10% of the “broking fees” (above R99 per
        transaction) paid by a “qualifying client” in the “referral period” on a BDA account. The
        referral fee is a once-off payment. The referral fee is calculated per BDA account, not
        on all BDA accounts added together if a client has more than one account.
   1.6. “Referent” is a person, older than 18 years, whose e-mail address was entered by the
        “new client” when completing the online registration the first time after 1 November
        2011. The “new client” must on registration include the Referent’s e-mail address in the
        field marked “Other” when asked the question “Where did you hear about Sanlam
        iTrade?” No late submissions of referrals will be allowed. Only one person can be
        entered as a Referent.
2. Payment: Sanlam iTrade will pay to the “Referent” the “referral fee” within 60 days of the
   “referral period”. Sanlam iTrade will contact the “Referent” on the e-mail address provided by
   the “qualifying client” on registration and request Banking details to effect payment.
3. Exclusions: No “referral fee” will be paid for new clients referred by third parties where
   Sanlam iTrade have a revenue sharing agreement with the third party. BDA Accounts on
   special broking scales other than Sanlam iTrade’s normal broking scale are also excluded.
4. Termination: iRefer starts on 1 November 2011 and can be cancelled at any time in
   Sanlam iTrade’s discretion, but it will not affect registrations made by new clients prior to the
   termination. iRefer will be deemed terminated when it is no longer displayed on the Sanlam
   iTrade website.

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