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					                                                                   Breakfast Briefings are scheduled for
                                                                             March and April.
                                                                         More details coming soon!

                                         Financial Executives International
                                                                  Nashville Chapter
   Newsletter                                                                                               February 2011
President *
   Scott Armstrong                      Great Programs at February Monthly Meeting
V.P., Programs *
                                Our February dinner meeting on Tuesday February 22nd at Richland Country
  Amy Smartt

V.P., Membership *              Club features Paula Tkac, Assistant Vice President, of the Federal Reserve
  Donna Thomas
  Diane Lockhart                Bank of Atlanta, who will be speaking about U.S./Federal Monetary policy. The
Secretary *                     Technical Session with CPE will be sponsored by VACO Resources and will
  Randy Boyd                    feature David Schultz, CPA, speaking on the topic of ‘Leadership for
Treasurer *                     Successful Project Management’. This month’s event has something for
  Barbara Zipperian             everyone so bring along a prospective member as your guest.
Directors *
  Kim Orr                       Our February monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 22nd, at Richland
  Mark Myers                    Country Club at One Club Drive, Nashville 37215. One Club Drive is on Granny White Pike
  Scotte Hudsmith               (approximately ¾ miles north of Old Hickory Boulevard or approximately 2.75 miles south of
                                Harding Place). (For more detailed directions, you may contact or 615-
Academic Relations
 Charles Frasier                370-0030.)

Assistant Secretary             Please reserve your spot by contacting Jennifer L Young at 615-460-1212 or via e-mail at
  Glenn Gentry         Please let Jennifer know if you will be attending the technical
Assistant Treasurer             session (CPE), social mixer, dinner meeting, or all three. Reservations must be received by
  John Calfee                   Thursday, February 17.
  John Wilck                    February Dinner Meeting at 6:00 p.m.
Career Services                  (Preceded by a Technical Session at 4:15 p.m. and Social Mixer at 5:30 p.m.)
  Scott Armstrong
                                Guest Speaker: Paula Tkac, Assistant Vice President
  Scotte Hudsmith

                                                         Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  Mark Myers

FERF/National Liaison
  Brad O’Shoney                 Topic: U.S./Federal Monetary Policy
 Tricia Siegfried               About the Speaker:
                                Paula Tkac is an assistant vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. She leads the
Social Events                   financial markets group in the Research Department and serves as a policy advisor.
  Lisa Kelley

Sponsors/Technical Sessions     Dr. Tkac conducts research on various financial market topics including investor decision-
  David Newman                  making, the mutual fund industry, financial regulation, and the recent financial crisis and policy
  Bill Henry                    responses. Her research has won two William F. Sharpe Awards at the Journal of Financial and
  Natalie Owings
                                Quantitative Analysis.
  Jennifer Young, Robert Half   In addition to publication in academic journals, Dr. Tkac frequently speaks to academic and
  Management Resources          practitioner groups, has appeared on CSPAN and as an op-ed writer in the Wall Street Journal.
* Board Members
                                Before joining the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in 2000, Dr. Tkac was on the faculty of the
                                Finance Department at the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Tkac earned her bachelor's, master's
                                and doctorate in economics from the University of Chicago.

                                                      Financial Executives 1
                          Financial Executives International
                                              Nashville Chapter
Newsletter                                                                 February 2011

February 22nd CPE/Technical Session (4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.)

Presented by: David Schultz, CPA
                   of VACO Resources

Topic:       Leadership for Successful Project Management

The following critical factors in leading a successful project will be discussed:

      Keys to Successful Project Management
      Defining a Project
      Obtaining Executive Approval/Support
      Determining Appropriate Resources (internal, external, outsourcing)
      Planning for Success (project methods, project overview, phases of the plan)

Please make plans to attend this very informative and relevant technical session,
which qualifies for one hour of continuing professional education (CPE).

Upcoming Breakfast Briefings:

March 17 – LBMC – Embassy Suites
     Speaker: Allen Hovious, Partner, LBMC Planning Services, LLC
     Topic: The Difference between Strategic Management and a 5 Year Forecast

April 12 – Hylant Group – Richland Country Club

Additional CPE opportunities!

Watch for details coming soon!
                                    Financial Executives 2
                                                              CAREER MANAGEMENT AND NETWORKING:
                                                   Joint meeting of FEI and FENG (Financial Executives Networking Group).

                                                        Always the third Tuesday, at 7:30am, in the LBMC training room.
                                                             Next meetings are February 15 and March 15.
                                                             See Scott Armstrong or Scotte Hudsmith for details.

                                      Financial Executives International
                                                                 Nashville Chapter
Newsletter                                                                                                     February 2011

Upcoming FEI Nashville Dinner Meetings
February 22, 2011:
        Paula Tkac, AVP, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (U.S. Monetary Policy)

March 22, 2011:
        Health Care Panel – Technology’s Impact on Delivery of Healthcare Services
        Moderator: Caroline Young, President, Nashville Health Care Council
        Panelists: Joe Story, Leon Dowling, Scotte Hudsmith, and David Vreeland.

April 26, 2011: Academic Night
          Michael Burcham (Nashville Entrepreneur Center)

FEI Nashville offers a technical session qualifying for 1 unit of CPE preceding each dinner event.

    •   March networking event – St Patrick’s day theme
    •   April event – TBD
    •   May/June social - TBD

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See the Financial Executives International (FEI) LinkedIn Group for this discussion started by Mark Myers and a link to
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             Financial Executives International
                             Nashville Chapter
Newsletter                                       January 2011


                   Financial Executives 4
                                                         “80 percent of building and
                                                      maintaining relationships is just
                                                      staying in touch.”    --Keith Ferrazzi

                                 Financial Executives International
                                                      Nashville Chapter
    Newsletter                                                                             February 2011

                  NOW through        EXECUTIVE MEMBERS
                   March 31
                                          SAVE $150

    Remember to invite prospective members to our dinner meetings so
          that they may explore the benefits of membership.

                           WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!!!
    Our new members since July 1, 2010, through new applications, transfers from other
    Chapters, or reinstatements of previous members:

       -   Liz Alexander, Sr. Director - Tax, NEWAsurion
       -   Melissa Capell Schramkowski, Controller, JHS Holdings
       -   Beth Forbes, Sr. Director – Finance, NEWAsurion
       -   Mary Howard, CFO, American Sentinel University
       -   Angie Martin, CAO, Santa Rosa Consulting
       -   Martin Zorn, Tennessee Commerce Bank
       -   Kevin Huff, VP Finance & South Group Controller, Gannett Company Inc. d/b/a The Tennessean
       -   Jim Brzezinski, CFO Supply Chain Management & Sr. Director, NEWAsurion
       -   Jeff Burns, CFO, Aladdin Temp-Rite LLC
       -   Laura Willmon, VP Process & Controls Improvements, NEWAsurion
       -   David Jordan, International Corporate Controller, Gibson Guitar
       -   Linda Neenan, Assistant Controller, Vanderbilt University

    Look for them in our meetings and introduce yourselves.
                                    NETWORKING TIP:
        "You have about 10 seconds before a person decides, subconsciously, whether they like
                                                             May distance, or play mysterious. we
          you or not. it is not a time to play hard-to-get, keep a our Sponsors have the most
       should take the initiative in creating the impression we want to give. smile and be the first to
                                                               wonderful year ever in 2011!
       say hello, which demonstrates confidence and immediately shows your interest in the other
                                            person" (Keith Ferrazzi)

                               connecting Executives International
                          FEI –Financial financial executives!
                                                      Nashville Chapter
                                             Financial Executives 5
                                    We wish continued success to
                                       our Sponsors in 2011!!!

                 Financial Executives International
                                Nashville Chapter
Newsletter                                              February 2011


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