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									               Anne Frank Body Biography & WebQuest


We have finished reading our play The Diary of Anne Frank and now it is time to take a
closer look at the events surrounding our story and the characters themselves. The
purpose of this assignment is to have you research information, analyze a character,
produce a product, and practice presentation skills.

The Tasks

There are two parts involved in this assignment. They are as follows:

1. You and your group members have been hired to design a full sized portrait of a
   character from The Diary of Anne Frank, which will be used in a museum exhibit.
   Each group will be creating a body biography of a given character from the play. You
   will create a full sized visual and written portrait that illustrates several aspects of
   your character’s physical and personality traits within the play. In addition, your
   team will participate in a “showing” of your masterpiece where you will explain your
2. People visiting this exhibit will need to have background information on the historical
   events of the Holocaust, which leads the members of the secret annex to go into
   hiding. Your group will need to research information using the Internet, books,
   encyclopedias, and other sources to accomplish this task. Finally, you will present
   this information in one of the following manners:
   a) A PowerPoint presentation
   b) A written report
   c) A video presentation
   d) A live oral report


 Part 1. You will create your body biography by tracing a person’s outline on a large
piece of butcher paper. The body biography must include the following:
 A basic introduction of your character and his role in the play.
 At least two visual symbols representative of your character.
 Your character’s three most important lines from the play. Use quotation marks.
 5 describing words and a one sentence supporting example from the text. Example:
    (Margot) Intelligent – Mr. Frank corrects her work and gives her all “excellents” on
    her assignments.
 A picture of the real person.
 Birth date and Death date.
Additional Suggestions

1. Placement: Carefully choose the placement of your writing and artwork. For
example, the area where your character’s heart would be might be an appropriate place
for emotional characteristics.
2. Color: Colors are often symbolic. What color(s) do you most associate with your
    character? Why? How can you effectively work these colors into your presentation?
3. Symbol: What objects can you associate with your character that illustrates his or her
    essence? Are there objects within the play that are particularly representative of the

The following Web sites will assist you in acquiring your information:

Part 2. The background information on the historical events of the Holocaust should
include information on the following list of events:
 The Nazi rise to power after WWI
 Nazi Anti-Semitism
 Nuremberg Laws
 Kristallnact (Night of the Broken Glass)
 The Final Solution
 The end of the war

You may choose to present your information in any of the four methods listed above
under The Tasks.

Use the following Web sites to gather your information:
                                 Holocaust Presentation
                  Superior         Sufficient      Limited              Minimum
                  Performance      Performance     Performance          Performance
                  Indicator        Indicator       Indicator            Indicator
Research of       Collected all    Collected most Collected some        Did not collect
Holocaust         information      of the          of the               information
Information       needed.          information     information.         needed.
Presentation of   Presentation     Presentation    Presentation         Presentation
historical        was effective    was somewhat was not as              was not
background        and well         effective with  effective with       effective with
                  planned.         some planning. limited               little or no
                                                   planning.            planning.
Creation of       Product is       Product is      Product is not       Product is not
Body              pleasing to the somewhat         as pleasing to       pleasing to the
Biography         eye. Objects     pleasing to the the eye.             eye. Objects
(Design,          are carefully    eye. Objects    Objects are          are missing or
appearance,       placed.          are acceptable. placed               ill placed.
placement).                                        haphazardly.
Writing for the   Writing was      Writing was     Writing was          Writing was
project was in    clear,           meaningful      not meaningful       missing,
final copy        meaningful,      with some       with several         unclear, and
form and was      and carefully    errors in       errors in            had numerous
edited for        edited with      grammar and     grammar and          errors.
content,          little or no     spelling.       spelling.
grammar, and      errors.
Project overall   Project met all   Project met       Project met       Project did not
was               requirements      most              some              meet
professional in   and was           requirements      requirements,     requirements.
both print and    professionally    and was           but lacked a
nonprint          done.             professionally    professional
components.                         done.             appearance.
Individual        Student           Student           Student did not   Student did not
student worked    worked well       worked well       work well with    work well with
cooperatively     with group.       with group.       group. Student    the group.
with              Student           Student did not   did not           Little or no
teammates and     participated in   participate in    participate in    participation
participated in   all aspects of    all aspects of    all aspects of    took place.
elements of the   the project.      the project.      the project.

The purpose of this activity is to engage students’ critical thinking skills in an in-depth
character analysis. It will also require students to practice researching information. In
addition, it will provide a hands-on activity, which will reach across the multiple
intelligences. Finally, students will practice their presentation skills.

This activity fits into the 8th grade Language Arts curriculum in numerous ways. It
requires analysis of character, research skills, writing skills, and speaking skills.

The Internet will enhance this project by providing visual and informational data for the
students. It would be difficult to give students access to this much information in the
form of a book. The online resources will be used to acquire information about a
historical event.

If the Internet happened to be unavailable for this project it would be possible to use
electronic and traditional encyclopedias as well as books. Some parts of the assignment
would have to be modified. For example, pictures of the real people in this project might
not be available and would probably not be required.

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