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  Spike heels and pointed toes for wedding shoes
          his year, the bride's heel has
          risen to a level worthy of its
          importance. The spike heel is
back in full force to shape the bride's
legs. Resolutely pointed toes, full of
audacity and charm, they relegate
rounded and squared toes to the past.
    In the models available, the closed
shoe fills an elegant place, the semi-
closed offers a bit of refined fancy, and
the open-heeled shoe dares to express
itself gracefully. Sandals have also adopt-
ed a finely drawn spike heel. In warmer
weather, sandals will be appreciated by
brides for their lightness and freshness.
In fact, the choice is made easier with a
range of the most attractive models so
each can find the right fit in shoes.
    Straps are in fashion and wrap around
the ankle for a stylish look. These can be
found mainly in sandals, but also in the
semi-closed shoe. Pure white, with silver
highlights, have overthrown the ivory or
pink hues. However, if your favourite
shoe isn't available in the same colour as                                                      tints, the one that goes with your gown.              the shoe. That way, you'll avoid unneces-
your wedding gown, it's possible to                                                                To make sure your day is extraordi-                sary pain and unpleasant discomfort.
choose, from the choice of top quality                                                          nary, put the emphasis on the comfort of

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