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Summer Sisters by jermainedayvis


									                                SUMMER SISTERS

Author: Blume, Judy

Publication Date: 1998

Number of pages: 441 pg. Large Print (also available in regular print)

Genre: Fiction

Time Period: Twenty century Geographic

Setting: Summer on Martha's Vineyard

Plot Summary: Golden girl Caitlin Somers and working-class kid Victoria Leonard
have little in common until they spend the summer together at Martha's Vineyard
at age thirteen. They form a friendship and a bond that will last a lifetime. They
share experiences from the summer, coming of age, meeting boys,
understanding different lifestyles and family relationships. They also learn about
trust, honesty and betrayal. Their friendship makes them summer sisters forever
and changes each of their lives by the end of the summer.

Appeal Points: Teenagers need to choose their friends carefully. They have
choices to make on morals, sex, drugs, education, and friends. Their experiences
in relationships form a basis for later in life as they choose a partner for life. A
good read for women of all ages who ever had a best girlfriend. Our choices in
life are not always in our best interest as time reveals. Do we really understand
who we are? Are we happy?

Annotator: Reta Middaugh

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