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					                         God Provides...Again!

                         by Randy Delp                                                                                                                   Philadelphia
Achievements                               It is a joy to follow a         talents and money, both as board and staff,                                   Mennonite
                                           God who provides for            people who give through their consistent fi-
Our Environmen-                            our needs, both individu-       nancial contributions and those who give                                      High School
tal Education Team                         ally and as a gathered          their time and energy in prayer. All these
came in 2nd in the                         community of believers.         actions are a result of saying “yes” to God
Citywide Competi-
                                           Over the last four years,       and His priorities and turning away from                                          Equipping for Leadership, Service + Peacemaking Fall 2006
                                           I have witnessed time           the world’s priorities.
Another year of                            and time again how God                                                                                     God’s Amazing Grace
100% college ac-         has brought the right resources, at the right     We thank God for each of you who are                                       by Pam Seretny
ceptance. Gradu-         time, to accomplish His work through this         faithful participants in this ministry. Thank
ates were accepted       school.                                           you for listening, and responding, to the                                      Teaching for the past seven years has
at Drexel University,                                                                                                                                 been a time of great blessing in spite of great
                                                                           Holy Spirit.
Eastern Mennonite                                                                                                           Philadelphia              challenges. In my weakness, I have relied
University, Eastern      We’re excited that God has provided just
University, University   the right person to serve in the newly creat-     Your generous donations, combined with           Mennonite                 on the strength of Christ in handling many
of Pennsylvania, Penn    ed position of Communications Coordina-           our fiscal discipline, has again allowed us       High School               classroom situations. Little did I know as
State, Temple, Com-      tor (see inset below). Ron has an excellent       to finish the fiscal year on June 30, 2006,                                  I started the 2005-2006 school year that I
munity College, etc.     background in graphic design and most im-         with a balanced budget. A special Thank          860 N. 24th Street        would be facing the biggest challenge of
                                                                           You to each one who gave financial gifts          Philadelphia, PA 19130
                         portantly, a desire to serve and follow Christ                                                                               my life – cancer.
40% of the student                                                         during the last year!!! God is good!!!                                                                                         I am blessed by the love of God
                         and to utilize his God-given abilities.                                                            215.769.5363                  The news arrived during a typical school        poured out to me through the
body made the honor                                                                                                         215.769.4063fax
roll. 13 of the 15
                                                                                                                                                      day in September and shook me to the core.          words and actions of my stu-
                                                                            In our next newsletter, we’ll share a sum-                                                                                    dents, their parents, my co-
graduates from the       God has blessed this school with faithful mary of what happened during our Strate-               I’d like to tell you I handled the news with
                                                                                                                                                      cool composure but I did not. I was unable          workers, and the larger school
Class of 2006 were       people. These are people who give of their gic Visioning Retreat in May, stay tuned…                                                                                             community of board members and
honor roll students.                                                                                                        Dr. Barbara Moses         to continue teaching that day.                      donors.
                                                                                                                                                          I determined to be honest with my stu-
The PMHS Choir                            My name is Ron Tinsley. I am     sity of the Arts and I am presently completing   Chief Operating Officer    dents about the cancer. After much prayer,        ers to a nursing home. He was glorified in
ministered at the                         the new PMHS Communica-          a Masters Degree at Eastern University.          Denys Pfeiffer
MSEC Choir Festival,
                                                                                                                                                      I returned to school the next day and shared      the diligent and kind prayers of so many
                                          tions Coordinator. I will be
                                                                                                                            Campus Pastor             the truth with the school community. I em-        in the larger Mennonite community and
Mennonite churches,                       responsible for producing        In the past 15 years, I’ve worked for Men-       Pastor Joe Dugan
nursing homes and                         the school’s print, digital      nonite Central Committee as a graphic de-                                  phasized that I was trusting God. While           the taking of duties by co-workers when I
at the Philadelphia                       and web-based marketing          signer, pursued my entreprenuerial interests     Director of Development   a relationship with God does not promise          couldn’t handle them all. God was glori-
Country Club.                             materials. I also will teach a   and ministered to youth with Young Life in       Randy Delp                supernatural deliverance from hardship,           fied in the understanding and support of my
                         media and culture class. I have a Bachelors of    Wilmington, DE.                                                            it does promise a supernatural use of it.         principal.
                         Fine Arts in Graphic Design from The Univer-                                                       Coordinator               Those words from Philip Yancey would                 Not one of these individuals helped me
                                                                                                                            Ron Tinsley
                                                                                                                                                      help sustain me through surgery, 6 months         begrudgingly, but showed joy in their ac-
                                         Visit our redesigned website at                                     Mission Statement         of chemotherapy and 34 days of radiation.         tion. I have thanked God for them daily.
                                                                                                                            Providing an excellent        After completing the school year, I want         In conclusion, as I have contemplated
                                                                                                                            education that equips     to state that I am truly blessed by God al-       the possibility of death and the gift of life, I
                                                                                                                            urban students for        lowing me to live this year before young          have realized that as a Christian I am truly
                                                                                                                            leadership, service
                                                                                                                            and peacemaking.          students. This has been an awesome privi-         in a win-win situation no matter what the
                                                                                                                                                      lege and honor.                                   outcome.
                                                                                                                                                          What I hadn’t specifically requested but          Please know that this high school is so
                                                                                                                             Principal’s Desk         witnessed beyond expectation was God              much more than a place to prepare stu-
                                                                                                                                                      glorified through others. He was glorified          dents for college. It is a place where God
                                                                                                                             Alumni News              through the students who prayed with me,          is actively at work in the midst of all our
                                                                                                                             LEAP Interviews
                                                                                                                                                      helped me and called me at home to ask            imperfections. Here men and women,
PHILADELPHIA, PA                                                                                                                                      how I was doing. He was glorified through          both young and old, are being molded
 PERMIT NO. 05511
                                                         Philadelphia, PA 19130                                              Student Achieve-         the gift of a silver star with “faith” engraved   into people of character in order to offer
   P A I D                                               860 N. 24th Street                                                  ments                    in the middle given to me by a student.           hope that does not disappoint to a hurting
                                                         Philadelphia Mennonite High School                                  God Provides...              God was glorified by the physical help in      world.
                                                                                                                             Again                    moving my elderly father with Alzheim-
From the Principal’s Desk                                     • The mercy and protection God extended to our Board

PMHS: Where Miracles Begin
                                                              President, Dr. Mark Garis, during a car accident and the
                                                              subsequent diagnosis of a brain tumor. He continues to         2 BIG LEAPs near the Equator
                                                              improve and we praise God for his recovery.                   Pastor Dugan, PMHS Campus                                                        PMHS senior Jurrell Patterson
                         We just completed our eighth                                                                       Pastor traveled to Honduras with                                                 traveled to Jamaica with other
                         school year at Philadelphia          • A wide variety of constituents joined us at the Nation-     LEAP leaders and students as their                                               high school students as a part of
                                                              al Christian Conference Center for our Annual Strate-         pastor and as a seminary professor.                                              the LEAP program.
                         Mennonite High School. I
                         look back with gratitude on          gic Planning Retreat to seek God’s wisdom for the next
                         God’s favor and forward with         five years.                                                    What was your reaction to being in Honduras?              What was your reaction to being in Jamaica?
                         great expectation excited to see                                                                   Closure, gratitude, and redemption. The last time I       The only thing that came out of my mouth was wow!
                         God fulfill His will for PMHS.        • The success of the newly formed basketball team             was in Honduras in 1985, I was an Army Captain.           I felt blessed that I was there. Also no one seemed
                         Words written by Roy Hicks           coached by Ms. Carla Robinson and track team coached          While there this time in the role of a pastor, the Lord   to be rushing to do anything like we do back home.
                         Jr. deeply move my spirit as I       by Mr. & Mrs. Twittle.                                        graciously affirmed my presence as a man of peace.         People moved at a slower pace.
                         reflect on this journey:
“The miraculous always begins with something you can          • Working in the community and with WHYY Radio                What did you learn about the Honduran people?             What did you learn about the Jamaican people?
do. Jesus only asked Peter to ‘launch out.’ He didn’t         during their Phone-a-thon.                                    They are a very friendly people. For example, one         Well there are many stereotypes about Jamaicans in
ask him to produce the catch. But often the miracu-                                                                         of the cross-cultural leaders and I were accidentally     the U.S. But when you actually get to know them,
lous also begins with something you don’t want to do.           How blessed we are that God has                             locked out of the retreat center. We visited his sister   you find out that they are a very generous people.
It requires time, energy or resources that you’d rather         produced such amazing outcomes just                         nearby as other family arrived despite the lateness of    They like to share what they have with others.
not expend. It’s all about fishing where you’ve already          because all of us launched out--                            the hour. I was treated like a member of the family
fished---just because He asked you to.” This reminds             just because He asked us to.                                and we fellowshipped over cookies and tea.                What did you do while you were there?
me of the faith and obedience to God’s will that former                                                                                                                               We had devotions every morning and we helped
board members Bishop Luke and Miriam Stoltzfus and            • The successful implementation of our new Physical           What did you do while you were there?                     teach Vacation Bible School at Waterloo Mennonite
others must have had to begin and sustain this venture.       Education program which allows us to use the resources        I preached in three different cites while the LEAP        Church to children and youth. I was particularly im-
                                                              in the city for swimming, gym, ice skating and tennis.        students sang. Many came forward for prayer and re-       pressed by the love and care given to orphans. We
   You have joined us in Kingdom building for the glo-                                                                      commitment to Christ! We encouraged students at a         also visited a Catholic convent.
ry of God and He has done wonderful things. Neither           How blessed we are that God has produced such amaz-           one-room schoolhouse in an impoverished area and
time nor space permits me to list all of the wonderful        ing outcomes just because all of us launched out--just        planted a large garden for a local Anabaptist church.     Did anything in Jamaica shock you?
things that happen here but it all happens because- God       because He asked us to. Thank you for partnering with                                                                   I saw poverty that was depressing. Large families
asked us to! But here are some of the highlights from         us in this miraculous God ordained endeavor.                  Did anything in Honduras shock you?                       living in small houses. But at the same time, the peo-
this past school year:                                                                                                      Hondurans care for their modest homes and families        ple were humble and content. Even though they were
                                                              Blessings,                                                    with incredible intensity and integrity.                  poor, they felt honored to serve and provide for us.
• The deliverance God gave our super Science teacher,
Mrs. Pamela Seretny, from breast cancer. Her faith and                                                                      What did you learn from this leap of faith?               What did you learn from this leap of faith?
trust in God was a gift that allowed the entire school                                                                      I had the distinct privilege of shepherding a wonder-     Keep a humble spirit no matter what the circum-
family to see God’s grace and love in action.          Barbara Moses                                                        ful group of people and proclaiming the Word to an-       stances. Be ready to learn from others and don’t wor-
                                                       Principal                                                            other nation whose people are on fire for Christ. I        ry about what others think. When I returned home,
                                                                                                                            learned first hand that God is the God of the nations.     I sang in church. Everyone knows that I have been
                                                                                                                            This experience deepened my understanding of re-          drumming since 8th grade but singing? No. But I just
 PMHS ALUMNI News                                                                                                           demption and inspired me to recommit to the call of       wanted to sing. My pastor asked me to sing again
                  Darryl Mosley remembers when he first set foot in Philadelphia Mennonite High School. “I did not           pastoral ministry in my life.                             sometime in the future.
                  know anything about the Mennonites. I originally wanted to attend a different high school well known
                  for its academics,” Darryl says laughing. “But somehow I felt at home at PMHS, and the schoolwork          LEAP students praying                                    LEAP students leading worship during VBS
                  was actually more challenging.” This was a turning point for him.

                  Judith Mosley, Darryl’s mother liked the emphasis on learning in a small community and traveling to
                  new places. “It prepared him for college,” Mrs. Mosley said.

 Darryl graduated as President of his class in 2005 and is a sophomore at Eastern Mennonite University. He chose to
 study Digital Media because it connects him to his passion: music. He is active in several ministries that involve music
 and evangelism.
 Alumni! Email us with updates on what God is doing in your life at

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