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					Case Study

 CVO Firevault

           “                                                                                                  “
                       Matteu Destandu
                       Restaurant Manager - CVO

The Hippest Fire Place Showroom and Restaurant….Choose The best EPoS System!

The Sunday Times quotes “CVO is the Prada or Armani of the fire place industry.”
How's this for an idea. A showroom that sells top of the range fireplaces, converted the bottom
floor into the coolest, most romantic and original bar in the capital.

If your business is being compared to Armani, then you are going to require a smooth and top class
EPoS system. ECR Retail Systems was proud to be chosen as CVO’S EPoS partner.

ECR Touchsoft’s flexibility, features, speed and ease of use make it suitable for all areas of the
Retail, Hospitality and Leisure sectors. Just ask the staff at CVO Firevault. “We love the flexibility
and ease of the system,” says Matteu Destandu.

         ECR Retail Systems ECR House Unit 3 Watling Gate 297-303 Edgware Road London NW9 6NB   Website:
               Telephone: 020 8205 7766             Facsimile: 020 8205 1493                     E-mail:
                                                  An important aspect of the ECR Touchsoft system
                                                  is it’s ability to assist business growth by blending
                                                  into our store and restaurant operations.” says
                                                  Matteu. “It enhances a comfortable process
                                                  rather than disrupting it. It had a positive effect
                                                  from the beginning because it is cost efficient and
                                                  doesn’t make existing computer systems
                                                  obsolete”. “The ease and flexibility of ECR’s
                                                  system frees our employees to contribute to
                                                  other areas of the business. The system adapts
                                                  and supports growth without major equipment
“I use the information to make sure we balance
                                                  upgrades or expenses. It wasn’t just ECR’s
properly at the end of the day and to help track
                                                  history of quick service and support that
down any looming discrepancies or errors.” Says
                                                  impressed me.” Matteu says.
Matteu “It makes accounting so much easier
when preparing our monthly numbers .The
philosophy at CVO is to provide, Objects of
glamour, prestige and desire... creating the
world's most beautiful fireplaces. To compliment
this Firevault restaurant and cocktail bar offers
you traditional comforts with a unique modern

Located just a few minutes walk from Oxford
Circus, CVO Firevault is the perfect place to                          “The fact that ECR had on-staff ability to solve
escape for old fashion comforts, style and                             both software and hardware questions was really
modern extravagance. Matteu makes frequent                             important. We get answers with a single call, and
use of ECR Touchsoft’s many reports. “I run a                          that was different from what other companies
sales activity report every Monday through                             could provide.”
Saturday to keep me abreast of the store and
restaurant’s day-to-day transactions.                                  “Increased customer satisfaction was one of the
                                                                       reasons CVO Firevault decided to upgrade their
Being able to automatically bring up inventory                         technology. ECR Touchsoft does that and brings
on the screen, rather than shuffling paper work                        endless possibilities with continuous upgrade
is a major improvement, helping us keep                                service through the expansion of the system.”
 accurate accounts with our suppliers, saving us                       The capabilities are almost endless from how the
valuable time and allowing us to improve our                           screen can be customized, to what is displayed,
customer service.                                                      right down to the innermost functions the
                                                                       network is asked to perform.
Anything I normally do in the office, I can do at

                                                                                          C V O
the counter, so there isn’t any down time in
accounting work, that is a real plus for me!

         ECR Retail Systems ECR House Unit 3 Watling Gate 297-303 Edgware Road London NW9 6NB   Website:
               Telephone: 020 8205 7766             Facsimile: 020 8205 1493                     E-mail:

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