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									                                                                                                                   s ummer 2010

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Welcome to the Inaugural
Edition of our Newsletter!

EnchantMutts news
Y o u r N e x t B e s t F r i e N d i s Wa i t i N g . . .

Invisible Dogs
EnchantMutts helps dogs who need more time to find the right family.
Some of the dogs EnchantMutts rescues from shelters need special care or
attention. “Invisible Dogs” is a story about a shy, fearful dog that needed that
special care.

As a fellow dog lover, no doubt             A shy dog is a complex creature
you have read countless stories             who has usually suffered or
of medical tragedies, squalid               endured psychological or physical
living conditions, neglect and              trauma. Their unfortunate life
abandonment. These are visual               circumstances make them dogs
horrors that prompt us to take              that are virtually invisible — they
action to help. We can help                 hide so people don’t notice them.
by repairing that broken leg,               This was our Tula Rose.
medicating a treatable illness
or providing a foster home and              How do you help a dog who is
attention. But the plights of some          not lured by food, who walks
that are not shocking nor obviously         by crawling, whose tail is glued
visual are the hardest for most             to her underside, who cowers,
rescuers to help. Those are the shy         hides, trembles, and averts her
dogs.                                       eyes? These shy dogs want so
                                                                                                “Tula Rose”
                                            c o N t i N u e d o N pa g e 2

                                            WaggiN’ taiL: Ms. JiLLY
                                            What a shocker when this precious girl found herself in a local shelter at the ripe
                                            young age of seven. We knew she should be an EnchantMutt the moment we laid
                                            eyes on her, and lucky for us Kate Olsberg wanted to foster her. Kate took Jilly
                                            home with meds for kennel cough, but, as it turned out, it was Kate’s homemade
                                            chicken soup that held the key to getting Jilly well.
                                                                                                       c o N t i N u e d o N pa g e 3
EnchantMutts news 2
iNvisiBLe dogs              c o N t i N u e d F r o M pa g e 1

desperately to trust, but cannot           year of life. EM rescued Tula Rose
do that very easily. How do you            and she was adopted on Mother’s
know if they will ever enjoy life in       Day of this year! She whispered
general and humans in particular?          to me the other day to give a kissy
How long will it take? Each time           slurp of appreciation to all of those
there is a change to a                                 she has welcomed into her
shy dog’s surroundings
you can expect a couple      “   How do you help
                                  a dog who is not
                                                       trusted circle of human
of steps backwards in           lured by food, who     To the community of
their progress. They are        walks by crawling,     people who rallied on her
difficult and they need         whose tail is glued    behalf, you have our free-
more help from all of us!        to her underside,     flowing tears of gratitude:
Without question they are who cowers, hides, Vicki Bellmyer, Sandy
precious and worth our        trembles, and averts Johnson, Seth Matlicks,
efforts. Helping a shy dog
requires taking multiple
                                     her eyes?
                                              ”        Roxann Hudson, Susan
                                                       Minter, the EM Board
deep breaths daily, rejoicing in           and volunteers, and staff at Aztec
the smallest steps of progress,            Animal Clinic.
providing a stable and routine
environment, being creative and            The inimitable story of Tula Rose
flexible, and never putting timelines cannot be told in a few paragraphs,
on results.                                it deserves a book. We are sure the
                                           future will continue to reveal this
Tula Rose had been a wandering             beautiful dog’s personality and
puppy on a reservation, in a               unique talents.
hoarding situation, two shelters,                                                               Former invisible dog Tula Rose
and seven foster homes in her first

riNgWorM crisis                                                                      sHY dog: MoLLY
In October 2009, a horrible                                                          Molly is a shy girl being fostered
outbreak of ringwom at a shelter                                                     gingerly and patiently by Karon
meant death for numerous kittens.                                                    Ely. Molly’s progress toward being
Sadly, shelters do not have the                                                      her true self is coming about
resources to handle this treatable                                                   unhurriedly and unfolding so
disease. EM was able to rescue 5 of                                                  beautifully. Her life started out with
these kittens and provide them with                                                  a physically abusive past making
the intensive personal care and                                                      her one of the “invisible dogs.”
lengthy time needed to be restored                                                   Molly is available for adoption into
to health. We found loving homes                                                     a very special, loving home. Is that
for all of them.                                                                     yours?

                                          “reZ” dog: HeNrY
                                          This little “rez” dog had to scrounge
                                          and struggle every day to survive.
                                          He was severely bitten in the throat
                                          and upper body by bigger dogs
                                          wanting his share of the sparse
                                          food. He crawled under a tree to
                                          die of his bloody wounds. Rescued
                                          and treated, EM made sure that Sir
                                          Henry David Thoreau, the mighty
                                          little dog that he is, would be loved
                                          and safe.
         Thank You to our Donors!
PLATINum                                BrONZe                                 TLC Pet Hospital
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  Animal Welfare Fund                   Karon Ely
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Tommy Martinez                          Andrew Vance                           Kristi Edwards
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(Long Leash on Life)                                                           Roxann Hudson
William Slease                          IN-KIND DONATIONs                      Sandy Johnson
Marilynn Stone                          Kathy Belinski                         Carolyn Levy
Emilia Wang                             Donna Bradley                          Seth & Ashley Matlicks
                                        Dr. Diane Combs                        Susan Minter
sILVer                                  Jennifer Gardner                       Martina Moore
Cathy Atkinson                          The Glaspys                            Carmen & Matt Mulder
Vicki Bellmyer                          Sandy Johnson                          Kate Olsberg
Lori & Brian Berry                      Pat Medsker                            Petroglyph Animal Hospital
Jon Bradley                             Janet Moses (WEAR IT!)                 Katie Randazzo
Warren & Grace Bradley                  Janet Murray                           Tristan Rehner
Steven DeRoma                           Patrice Schooley Fish                  Marilynn Stone
Pat Doyle                               Sheila ter Bruggen
Beverly Embry                           Tom Toevs, Esq.
Peter Hays                              Kathleen Weinbrecht
Angie Holtschlag
Linda Johansen                          GOLD sTAr suPPOrT
Kate Olsberg                            Academy Kennels
Patrice Schooley Fish                   Animal Humane | New Mexico
Cheryl Senitz                           Aztec Animal Clinic
Kelley Skehen                           Good Shepherd Animal Clinic
MaryAnn Weems                           Kindred Spirits Animal
John & Dawn Wolf                          Sanctuary
Sue & Steve Wright                      Long Leash on Life
                                        Petco - Lomas
                                        Petroglyph Animal Hospital
                                        Spiritwind Kennels
                                        Tara’s Babies

platinum = >$500; gold = up to $500; silver = up to $200; Bronze = up to $50
enchantmutts is a 501(c)(3) public charity. For more information about enchantmutts and how you can help,
please contact Carolyn Levy at (505) 293-3386 or by email at
The lives your support helped save...

       Walter                       Bleu
        Opal                      Hershey
       Tessie                     Frankie
       Scarlett                   Hannah
         Tex                       Mollie
       Quigley                      Finn
       Chaco                       Juliet
       Romeo                       Quinn
       Sunday                      Jessa

                    Wii Willey
                    Tula Rose

     Jilly Flower                  Margo
        Maggie                      Cesar
    Rowdy/Rosey                  Jackie Love
         Henry                      Kevin
        Bailey                      Sally
          Bart                   Sonny Boy
         Oscar                      Belle
         Rosie                     Shylee
         Abby                       Callie
                                                                                           3 EnchantMutts news
Some EnchantMutts Evening...
Question: How can we say “thank you” to all the people that helped make EnchantMutts’ first year a success?
Answer: Have a party!! So, EnchantMutts’ Board of Directors held an Open House at Casa de la Torre on
Saturday March 27th. It was great to see so many animal lovers all in one place. Some people we had only met
electronically, so it was very nice to have an opportunity to chat in person. The event was well attended, and
everyone had plenty to eat and drink in this beautiful setting.

M s . J i L LY
c o N t i N u e d F r o M pa g e 1

Fast forward to the Weems           her “brothers” Jake (12) and
ArtFest where Ms. Jilly found       Ian (4). What fun is a backyard
her new family. In their own        full of snow if there weren’t two
words:                              energetic boys to play with!
“Life is great. That’s the motto in Chasing the sled down the hill
our house now. Ten months ago, is an all-time favorite, as is
our dog passed away from old        chasing the tennis ball! Thank
age and we knew she would be        you, Kate, for rescuing Jilly so
a tough act to follow; however,     that she could spend the rest of
at the Weem’s ArtFest we found her life being loved and adored!
EnchantMutts and the “Best          Jilly has moved into our hearts
of Show,” Ms. Jilly. It was love    as well as our home and filled a
at first sight and still is! She    very big gap.”
couldn’t be a more perfect dog                           ~Mom & Dad
and fit for our family. She loves
                                                 available to love
enchantMutts                        Please visit or to see photos and
Board of directors                         detailed descriptions of all EnchantMutts available for adoption.

Carolyn Levy-President                                BEAR
Sandy Schmidt-Treasurer
                                                      Easy as pie and just as sweet, Bear is kid-focused, kid-friendly
Cheryl Senitz-Secretary                               and unfortunately currently kid-less! Playful but gentle Bear
Cathy Atkinson                                        is house- and crate-trained, and a well-behaved boy inside the
                                                      home. He is an easy-keeper and, frankly, needs not much more
Janet Columb
                                                      than a loving family and a backyard. Watch Bear in action on
Kristi Edwards
                                                      EM’s website! We love Bear and you will too!
Kate Olsberg
John Rainwater
                                                      Contact Sandy at 615-2357

too many animals are homeless
and at-risk in our New Mexican                        Young, active and downright gorgeous, Missy is just a delight.
shelters. Help save a life                            She is excellent inside the home and falls deeply in love with
and consider fostering with                           her humans. She is exceptionally athletic, loves to play fetch,
enchantmutts. e-mail info@                            run just for the joy of it, adores romps in the snow and is just or fill out a                        coming into her prime adolescent years. She would make an
foster/volunteer application from                     excellent companion for a runner or hiker.
our website. Help us help them!                       Contact Kate at 291-9786

                                         These guys deserve a wonderful home! Spread the word!

     enchantMutts inc.
       p.o. Box 23143
  albuquerque, N.M. 87192

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