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					Bulk Text Messaging

An SMS text message is a message that is made up of no more than 160 characters and is
the mobile equivalent to an email. Research into the use of mobile phones and text
messaging has shown that in the UK alone we send over 100 million text messages a day and
that over 90 per cent of these messages are read by the recipient within a matter of
minutes. It should come as no surprise then that companies are now using bulk text
messages to market their products and services to their customers and that text message
marketing is perhaps one of the most effective, direct and personal marketing tools
available today.

Bulk text messaging basically refers to an advertising medium where by a company can send
a single text message containing important promotional information to multiple individuals
at the same time. A significant number of people can be reached via a text message yet
one of the most important benefits of SMS or bulk text messaging is that it is significantly
cheaper than using direct mail or traditional advertising techniques. Another advantage is
that people are more likely to remember a text message to their personal mobile phone
than they are an email.

Today there are hundreds of companies that provide bulk SMS management services. The
reason for the growing number of companies supplying bulk SMS services is that the number
of companies and organisations using SMS as part of their marketing strategy is growing
rapidly. Dynmark international is a leading SMS text messaging supplier that has been
providing mobile data applications to large and small businesses since 2001 when the
company was first founded.

In 2004 Dynmark launched e-txt™ its award winning SMS bulk text message and distribution
service. Thousands of companies and organisations are now using e-txt™ for marketing and
customer relationship purposes. The service provided by Dynmark offers its users a quick
and efficient way to stay in touch with their customers or members in a manner that is both
more convenient and much cheaper than traditional marketing techniques such as cold
calling or email.
SMS messaging is very similar to an email in that it can be stored by the recipient and read
again at a later date. On the other hand it has been estimated that nearly 90 per cent of
emails today are considered to be spam. Mobile phone technology is much less intrusive
therefore is much harder to spam. e-txt™ software also enables you to build up a database
of numbers that have been provided with the permission of the recipient so the people you
are contacting via SMS are more likely to be genuinely interested in your services and

For more information about e-txt™, and to download this innovative software for free,
please visit and begin your mobile marketing campaign with Dynmark’s

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