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									Stunning Two Tone FLX-Paint Wrap - Kandy Lowrider Green trimmed with Tungsten Metallic & Arctic Ice Ultraflake

                                                            2009 FLX-Paint Catalog
                                                                                                                 Rev 3.03 Web
      Table of Contents
P2      A New Way to Paint
P3      FLX-Paint is paint on a roll
P4      Business Case, repainting with FLX-Paint
P5      Two Tones
P6      Patterns & Graphics
P7      Racing Stripes & Wrap Anything
P8      Color Chart
P9      OEM Racing Stripe Colors
P10     Wrapped FX Paint Pattern
P11     Urban Camo Paint Pattern
P12     Applying FLX-Paint
P13     Cutting, Detailing & Removing FLX-Paint
P14     Starter Kits & Laptop Skin
P15     Price Sheet
P16     Order Form

                                                   Car completely repainted with FLX-Paint™ using 022 Kandy Apple Red and 015 Matte Black..
                                                           A stunning Kandy paint job for a fraction of the time & cost of a traditional paint job

                                                                                    What is FLX-Paint™?
                                                                                             FLX-Paint™ is paint on a roll. It is premium
                                                                                             automotive paint bonded to a high performance
                                                                                             base film … a paint job that applies like ppf or a
                                                                                             vinyl wrap

                                                                                    What do I do with FLX-Paint?
                                                                                             FLX-Paint™ is ideally suited for automotive
                                                                                             wraps, graphics, racing stripes & any item that
                                                                                             can benefit from a premium painted surface
  FLX-Paint is paint on a roll. 008 Atlas Orange Pearl shown
FLX-Paint™ is paint on a roll. It
applies like paint protection film or
vinyl wrap

Use FLX-Paint for wraps, graphics, racing
stripes & more

      Get beautiful & durable automotive painted
      finish for a fraction of the price of “direct”
      paint. Chip Foose says “people are physically
      drawn to beautiful paint … they want to touch
      it”. It’s the reaction you will get when you use
      FLX-Paint on your car or any other product that
      can benefit from a premium painted finish
                                                         Kandy Copper & Kandy Apple Red FLX-Paint

                                                          Brilliant, beautiful, durable long
                                                          lasting colors

                                                          FLX-Paint is made with real paint …
                                                          bright, bold colors that last a decade or
                                                          more … drawing attention to your car /
                                                          product for years

          Kandy Lowrider Green FLX-Paint™
A New Way To Paint - FLX-Paint™ vs. traditional paint

         FLX-Paint average price is $10 per sq ft, which is less expensive than paint shop pricing by far … especially when
         you consider a FLX-Paint wrap can be applied to 1 to 2 days & a paint shop needs your car for one or two weeks

         FLX-Paint™ does not replace a traditional paint job … it's a new way to paint & paint protection film / wrappers
         are ideally suited to sell / install FLX-Paint™

Total Cost Business Case: FLX-Paint vs
traditional paint - Real World Numbers
Complete repaint using Kandy Apple Red & Matte Black

- FLX-Paint™: $2,800 total ($1,400 in paint film, $1,400 labor) …
two days to wrap. Plus NO design time, NO print time, NO
laminate time … just wrap, buff, wax & deliver

- Quality traditional paint job: $11,000 plus two weeks minimum
to paint; add rental car at $50 day

                                                                       Car completely wrapped with FLX-Paint™ in Kandy Apple Red & Matte Black

                                                                 Factory Paint Warranty: Paint applied directly on a new car voids
                                                                 factory paint warranty & is a permanent application. A FLX-Paint™ paint
                                                                 job provides all the beauty, gloss & durability of custom paint with no
                                                                 warranty issues. This is a big deal with painted racing stripes & two tone
                                                                 paint jobs. Dealers avoid any kind of painting because it voids the factory
                                                                 paint warranty & makes the dealer responsible for warranty. With FLX-
                                                                 Paint™, they get the best of paint with the ease of vinyl

                                                                 Removability: FLX-Paint™ is removable but traditional paint jobs are
Car completely wrapped with FLX-Paint™ in Kandy Lowrider Green

If you are a ppf installer or wrapper … you are now a custom
painter with an extreme competitive advantage

         Using the same skills, tools, facilities and personnel you already have, you
         can now do wraps, two tone paint jobs & custom painted graphics
    A New Way to Paint                                      - Two Tones

- FLX-Paint = $850
- Install Time - 8 Hours
- Charge to Dealer: $1,600 to $1,800
- Dealer Retails for: $1,995 - $2,395 ($46 per
mo. on car payment

- Paint Shop = $3,200
- Need car for one week minimum, must sand,
prime, etc.
- Voids factory paint warranty
- Permanent application … no option for remove

                                                                                     - FLX-Paint = $230           017 Tungsten on Silver car
                                                                                     - Install Time - 30 minutes
                                                                                     - Charge to Customer - $499 Dealer, $649 Retail

                                                                                     Real paint, great margins & happy customers     ☺
                                                                                     - Paint Shop = $900 to $1,100
                                                                                     - Need car for one week minimum, must sand, prime, etc.
        Brilliant Cosmic Carbon Ultraflake trimmed with Kandy Copper … this is a
                                                                                     - Voids factory paint warranty
                                car show quality paint design done in 8 hours flat   - Permanent application … no option for remove

    FLX-Paint™ is the Green Solution for
                 Far better to have one shop with state-of-
                 the-art filtration doing the painting instead
                 of thousands of shops releasing fumes into
                 our atmosphere. ACI uses the latest
                 coating equipment & techniques to                                                                                          Tungsten on
    minimize overspray & waste. Our coating facility is a                                                                               Silver is an easy
                                                                                                                                          sell to dealers
    near-zero waste operation                                                                                                   looking for conservative
                                                                                                                                   colors that appeal to
                                                                                                                                           wide range of
A New Way To Paint - Graphics

                                                                                            Truck wrapped with -123 Yellow-Orange Pearl Wrapped FX paint

                                                                                            Average selling price for this stunning custom two tone paint job is
                                                                                            about $3,200 ($1,200 material + labor) ... install time 16 hours.

                                                                                            Same paint job from custom painter = $13,000 minimum & need the
                                                                                            truck for two weeks minimum

  - Our paint pattern designs are hand painted ... every roll is unique

  - A custom paint job on a roll

Graphics - cut any design on any cutter / plotter                                       Wet-as-water gloss &
See page 13 for plotter set-up & cutting instructions                                   super durable

  Kandy Copper trimmed with Kandy Apple                                   - Hood wrapped with Kustom Cola Metallic
    Red … a huge draw for your motorcycle                                 - Maui graphic cut & applied in 45 minutes flat

   Stunning all Kandy painted graphic for a
fraction of the time & price of custom paint

                                                                                               - FLX-Paint - $800
                                                                                               - Install Time - 4 Hours
                                                                                               - Charge to Customer - $2,500

                                                                                               - Custom Paint Shop = $10,000 minimum!
                                                                                               - Need truck for two weeks, must sand, prime, etc.
                                                                                               - Voids factory paint warranty
                                                                                               - Permanent application … no option for remove
                                                                                               - Repair is a nightmare
  Racing Stripes - Factory Colors - Real Fast

  Highly profitable business with a killer business case … racing
  stripes made from FLX-Paint have all the benefits of painted racing
  stripes with none of the hassle … and at less than 1/2 the price …
  with real factory paint colors!

                                                               Racing Stripes made from FLX-Paint™
                                                               •    FLX-Paint™ - $250, Install time - 3 hrs, price to customer $900 -

                                                               •    Best of both worlds … applies like paint protection film but with
                                                                    performance / beauty of paint

                                                               •    Factory Racing Stripe Colors - owners want factory colors, not off-
                                                                    the-shelf vinyl colors. FLX-Paint™ color deck contains all the
                                                                    factory racing stripes colors

                                                               •    Does Not impact factory paint warranty

                 Wrap Anything!
Automotive: Pickup bed covers, speaker boxes, solid dash components, etc.

Computers, laptops, game consoles

Motorcycles, ATV’s, snowmobiles, airplanes …
anything that needs a fast, real painted finish that is removable

Appliances: Refrigerators, washer-dryers, dishwasher doors

Point-of-Purchase Displays & Store Interiors:
Applying FLX-Paint™ to POP displays and to strategic areas inside /
outside your store will draw customers … with a remarkably durable
finish that can withstand the heaviest traffic

                                                                              Laptops wrapped with Kandy Copper & Kandy Electric Fuchsia
                                                                           3.03 Color Deck

                                               -011 Kandy Apple Red
         -022 Kandy Copper                                                   -029 Kandy Lowrider Green

                                            -021 Kandy Electric Fuchsia
      -008 Atlas Orange Pearl                                                -044 AquaMarine Blue Pearl

                                               -006 Merlot Metallic
       -025 Indy Yellow Pearl                                                 -004 Blue Wave Metallic

                                           -031 Cosmic Carbon UltraFlake
-033 Brilliant Sunshine Pearl UltraFlake                                     -043 Baywater Blue Metallic

                                             -023 Kustom Cola Metallic
   -038 Golden Red (new for ‘09)                                              -030 Arctic Ice UltraFlake

                                                 -039 Crystal Onyx
     -040 Amber Pearl Metallic                                              -041 Champagne Gold Metallic
    FLX-Paint™ Color Deck
    *Indicates OEM Racing Stripe Color

                                                                                                             *-026 Alloy Metallic

                                                              *-018 Torch Red
             -042 White Pearl

                                                                                                           *-017 Tungsten Metallic

                                                         *-014 Performance White
     -003 Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl

                                                                                                           -037 Dark Silver Metallic

                                                         *-013 Vista Blue Metallic
        *-016 Cobra Gold Metallic

                                                                                                          *-035 Satin Silver Metallic

                                                             -015 Matte Black
            a new way to paint

                                          Stretchable & wrapable … if you can wrap it, you can paint it with FLX-Paint™

•    Automotive: Perfect for complete repaints (wraps), two tone paint jobs, racing stripes, graphics, hard truck bed covers, hard dash &
interior surfaces, speaker boxes, toolboxes and more. FLX-Paint is the perfect Paint Protection Film

• Commercial / Retail / Consumer: Countertops, signage, point-of-purchase displays, gas pumps, appliances, laptops / PC’s / game
consoles, desktop phones & more

•   Apply to any clean, smooth painted surface. Surface must be free from rust & other damage. Do not apply over primer or recently
repainted surfaces. Prep surface by wiping down thoroughly with rubbing alcohol

•    Buff & Wax … after application for a showroom finish

•    Remarkably Durable … perfect for exterior applications & high traffic / touch environments. Repair surface scratches with buffer

•    Removable … FLX-Paint removes cleanly for repaint / repair
                                                                                                              Applying FLX-Paint™

 PREP: Apply to any clean, smooth painted surface. Surface must be free from rust & other damage. Do not apply over recently repainted
 surfaces. Prep surface by wiping down thoroughly with rubbing alcohol

 STRETCHING FLX-Paint: FLX-Paint is highly conformable & moderately stretchable. As with any wrap film, do not over stretch during
 application. Overstretching voids the warranty. Do not stretch beyond 15%. Unlike a printed wrap, it can be difficult to tell when you are
 overstretching as there is no print to distort

 ADHESIVE TYPE: FLX-Paint has an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive, the same as found on premium wrapping vinyl. The
 adhesive is available in standard or air release

 APPLICATION: Apply wet or dry using your favorite vinyl or ppf film application techniques & tools

 •    Use OSHEE brand felt squeegee or felt covered squeegee. Reduces surface scratching during installation
 •    DO NOT bridge during application - lay FLX-Paint into crevices & indentations
 •    Use primer only at attachment points & in crevices & concave surfaces. Use to achieve maximum bond on
      critical areas
 •    Heat - use as needed, same rules for using heat with a vinyl wrap or ppf
                                                                                                             See price sheet for
 •    Wet application - use same wetting agent as used for ppf or vinyl graphics
                                                                                                             squeegee & primer
 •    Application tools can leave micro scratches in clear coat — polish after application                         ordering info

                                                                           Wrappers applying –030 Arctic
                                                                           Ice UltraFlake. Use stainless or
                                                                           carbon blade

                                                    ACI has Certified Wrap Instructors
                                                    available to teach you how to wrap
                                                              with FLX-Paint
                                                           Call 918-283-2938

wrapping with -029 Kandy
Lowrider Green
    36” Envy Green Pearl

                                                                   Cutting FLX-Paint™

PLOTTER CUTTING: FLX-Paint is a soft, composite film that is
easy to cut, weed & apply

Total film thickness is 5 mils & cuts like ppf or vinyl. Use 450 or
600 blade

•    Graphtec FC7000: Set blade depth to cut 5 mil, downforce to 20.
•    Roland: Downforce = 110
•    Weeding: No different than vinyl … allow the film to set for a few hours
     after cutting & it’s a snap to weed
• Masking: Use any medium tack paper masking. Paper masking leaves
                                                                                                                                30” Kandy
an impression in the clearcoat but it will "flow" out after several hours in                                                   Copper after
the sun

                                                Detailing FLX-Paint™
                                             FLX-Paint™ has a 2 mil OEM grade automotive clear coat

                                             - Showroom Finish: Buff at slow speed using mild compound & polish

                                             - Fast Delivery: Just clay sponge the surface, polish & deliver to customer

                                             - Customer Care: Use any premium automotive polish to maintain FLX-Paint

                                                                                            Removing FLX-Paint™
                                               FLX-Paint™ is removable; removes cleanly up to 4 years after application. Use heat source to
                                                                                     loosen adhesive bond. Car’s original paint is fully protected
     FLX-Paint™ Starter Kits

Try FLX-Paint at 50% Off                                                                                       Rev 3.03

Kit A: PF100551
•   One roll, 15” x 3 Yards
•   FREE Shipping (UPS Ground)          $75
•   FREE Color Chart
•   FREE FLX-Paint™ Samples

Kit B: PF100552
•   One roll, 30” x 3 Yards
•   FREE Shipping (UPS Ground)         $150
•   FREE Color Chart
•   FREE FLX-Paint™ Samples

    - Choose color to the right
    - Limited Color Availability
    - Limit One Per Customer

                                                                                      FLX-Paint™ Starter Kit Color Deck
FLX-Paint Laptop Skin
A great way to try FLX-Paint cheap and get a stunning wrap for your laptop

Kit includes a 15” x 18” piece of FLX-Paint plus instructions. Enough to wrap the largest laptop & have plenty
left over for cell phone, etc.

Laptop Skins ship with Air Release film for a fast, easy no-air-bubbles application

                                   Laptop Skin Color Availability
                                       -003 Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl
                                       -011 Kandy Apple Red
- Only $29.95 with                     -017 Tungsten Metallic*
Free Shipping                          -021 Kandy Fuchsia
                                       -022 Kandy Copper
                                       -023 Cola Metallic
- Buy two or more                      -029 Kandy Lowrider Green
& get the 2nd one                      -030 Arctic Ice UltraFlake
                                       -031 Cosmic Carbon UltraFlake
for only $19.95                        -033 Brilliant Sunshine Pearl UltraFlake
                                       -035 Satin Silver*
                                       -038 Golden Red
                                       -039 Crystal Onyx
                                       -044 AquaMarine Blue Pearl Metallic
                                                              List Price Sheet                   3.03

      Part                                        List
                                                 Price                           How To Order
                 Standard Colors                                    When placing order, write down part
PF100508             15" x 4 Yards        $          167.48         number, color number & film type
PF100509             24" x 4 Yards        $          260.67         Example
PF100510             30" x 4 Yards        $          313.50
PF100511             36" x 4 Yards        $          368.33         Size           Color            Film Type
PF100513             60" x 4 Yards        $          618.60         PF100511       -035             -104
                                                                    36” x 4 Yards Satin Silver      Air Egress Film
          Kandy Colors & Patterns
PF100508             15" x 4 Yards        $          182.48                Use FAX Order Form
PF100509             24" x 4 Yards        $          284.67                   on next page
PF100510             30" x 4 Yards        $          343.50
PF100511             36" x 4 Yards        $          404.33         FAX Orders
PF100513             60" x 4 Yards        $          678.60         1-918-512-4611
                                                                    We will call with order total / ship date
        60” Sizes - Standard Colors
                                                                    Order Online
PF100507             60" x 60"            $          257.75
PF100512             60" x 80"            $          350.54         24 hours x 365 days

          60” Sizes - Kandy Colors                                  Call In Orders
PF100507             60" x 60"            $          282.75         1-918-283-2938
                                                                    Monday — Friday, 10:00 - 5:00 US Central Time
PF100512             60" x 80"            $          384.54
        Patterns not available in 60” sizes                         E-mail Orders
                                                                    We will reply with order total / ship date
    Installation Tools & Starter Kits
3M Primer 94, 1/2 pint                AC001        $ 9.95
Felt Squeegee, 4" x 2.75”             AC002        $ 4.95
Felt Squeegee, Moon shaped            AC003        $ 10.49
           5” x 2.5”

Starter Kit A: 15" x 3 Yards         PF100551      $ 75.00
Starter Kit B: 30" x 3 Yards         PF100552      $ 150.00
Laptop Skin: 15" x 18"               PF100556      $ 29.95

* Installation Tools, Starter Kits & Laptop Skin
         are all non-discountable
* Free Shipping on Starter Kits & Laptop Skin

                                                                       Applied Coatings International LLC
                                                                              25104 South 4170 Road
Applied Coatings International LLC reserves the right to                     Claremore, OK 74019 USA
make changes at any time, in price, colors, materials,
specifications, product selection & warranty terms.
2009 Applied Coatings International LLC
                                                                     3 Easy Steps to Order

  1. Choose Size                               2. Choose Color                                3. Choose Film Type

     PF100508        15" x 4 Yards              -003 Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl                   -103 X2 Standard
     PF100509        24" x 4 Yards              -004 Blue Wave Metallic                              -104 X2 Air Release
     PF100510        30" x 4 Yards              -006 Merlot Metallic
     PF100511        36" x 4 Yards              -008 Atlas Orange Pearl
     PF100513        60" x 4 Yards              -011 Kandy Apple Red                                     How To Order
                                                -013 Vista Blue Metallic*
     Hood / Roof Wrap Sizes                     -014 Performance White*                    - Print this page
     PF100507  60" x 60"                        -015 Matte Black
                                                                                           - Order one roll per order form
     PF100512  60" x 80"                        -016 Cobra Gold Metallic*
                                                -017 Tungsten Metallic*
                                                                                           1. Choose Size
                                                -018 Torch Red*
                                                                                           2. Choose Color
                                                -021 Kandy Fuchsia Pearl
                                                                                           3. Choose Film Type
                                                -022 Kandy Copper
                                                -023 Cola Metallic                         Complete your information
                                                -025 Indy Yellow Pearl
Starter Kits - Limited Color Availability       -026 Alloy Metallic*
                                                                                           Company Name
                                                -029 Kandy Lowrider Green
    -003 Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl          -030 Arctic Ice UltraFlake
    -004 Blue Wave Metallic                     -031 Cosmic Carbon UltraFlake              Contact
    -006 Merlot Metallic                        -033 Brilliant Sunshine Pearl UltraFlake
    -008 Atlas Orange Pearl                     -035 Satin Silver*
                                                                                           Shipping Address Street
    -015 Matte Black                            -037 Dark Silver Metallic
    -017 Tungsten Metallic*                     -038 Golden Red
                                                -039 Crystal Onyx                          Suite, Unit, etc
    -023 Cola Metallic
    -025 Indy Yellow Pearl                      -040 Amber Pearl
    -030 Arctic Ice UltraFlake                  -041 Champagne Gold Metallic               City                         State       Zip/Postal
    -031 Cosmic Carbon UltraFlake               -042 White Pearl
    -033 Brilliant Sunshine Pearl UltraFlake    -043 Baywater Blue Metallic
    -039 Crystal Onyx                           -044 AquaMarine Blue Pearl Metallic
    -040 Amber Pearl                                * Indicates OEM Racing Stripe Color
    -042 White Pearl                                                                       Telephone Number
                                                Urban Camo Color Combinations
    -044 AquaMarine Blue Pearl Metallic         -151 Neutrals
                                                -152 Burgundy/Black                        E-mail address
        Installation Tools                      -153 Mocha
                                                -154 Silver/Medium Blue                    Best time for ACI to call with order total &
      3M Primer 94, 1/2 pint
                                                -155 Purples                               shipping date
      Felt Squeegee, 4" x 2.75”
                                                -156 Yellow-Orange
      Felt Squeegee, Moon shaped
                            5” x 2.5”           Wrapped FX Color Combinations              Special Shipping Instructions
                                                -121 Neutrals
                                                -122 Burgundy/Black
                                                -124 Yellow/Orange Pearl
                                                                                             FAX completed form to
                                                -123 Mocha
                                                -126 Silver/Medium Blue
                                                -127 Purples
                                                                              Rev 3.03

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