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Krups Fem4b 4 Slice Toaster Black

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									                                                                              Sale Ends
                                                                       December 31, 2007

 Serious Kitchen                                                                Featured on Cover:

 Tools for Creative Chefs                                                    Cuisinart Stand Mixers
                                                                       See Page 13 for more details

1916 Merivale Rd   1573 John Counter 3011 Hwy 29 147 Lansdowne St E 457 42 Ave SE 1095 Kingston Rd
Ottawa ON          Kingston ON       Brockville ON Peterborough ON  Calgary AB    Pickering ON
613-228-7252       613-542-1255      613-342-0616 705-749-1167      403-243-5539 905-831-5269
                     Henckels TWIN®
                    Four Star II                                              003/30070061
                                                                              Paring Knife 2.75"         List $60.00 Sale: $46.50

                           ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS, the leading
                           manufacturer of superior quality knives intro-     003/30070081
                                                                              Paring Knife 3"            List $60.00 Sale: $46.50

                           duces TWIN®Four Star II the latest addition
             %             in the ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS family of
                           fine cutlery. TWIN® Four Star II is the re-birth   Paring Knife 3.5"          List $80.00 Sale: $61.50
 o n a l l H e n c k e l s of the classic Four Star series. A new

enhanced handle design features the TWIN logo integrated into
a special stainless steel end-cap. The TWIN Four Star II Series               Paring Knife 4"            List $70.00 Sale: $54.00
features precise one piece forged construction from our special
High Carbon-No Stain Steel. ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS' spe-                      003/30090101
cial ice hardened process produces the exclusive FRIODUR®                     Serrated Paring Knife 4"   List $80.00 Sale: $61.50
blade for excellent cutting edge retention and corrosion resist-
ance. The new line has the ideal balance. TWIN® Four Star II
knives are available in a block set and in a wide assortment of               003/30070131
individual open stock items to meet every possible cutting chal-              Tomoto Knife 5"            List $90.00 Sale: $69.75
lenge. Each knife delivers quality, design excellence and supe-
rior performance.
                                       Twin Charcoal Knife                    Utility Knife 6"           List $105.00 Sale: $81.00
                                       Block, 10 Slot
                                       Twin Walnut Knife
                                       Block, 10 Slot                         003/30070201
                                       003/35100960                           Carving Knife 8”           List $120.00 Sale: $93.00
                                       List $50.00
                                       Sale: $37.50

                                                                              Chef's Knife 6"            List $120.00 Sale: $93.00

                                                                              Chef's Knife 8"            List $150.00 Sale: $116.25

                                                                              Santoku Knife 5"           List $120.00 Sale $96.75

                                                                              Santoku Knife 7"           List $150.00 Sale: $116.25
                                       Twinsharp Select
                                       Pull Through Knife
                                       003/32601000 List                      003/30076201
                                       $65.00                                 Bread Knife 8"             List $115.00 Sale: $88.50
                                       Sale: $48.75

                                                                              Filleting Knife 7"         List $105.00 Sale: $81.00

                                                                              Boning Knife 5.5"          List $90.00 Sale: $73.50

                                       Stylus Steak Knives
                                       Set of 4
                                       003/13208000                           003/30072181
                                       List $80.00                            Carving Fork 7"            List $120.00 Sale: $93.00
                                       Sale: $60.00

 The Cuisinox Elite cookware
• Three-ply professional cookware features: core of
pure aluminum bonded to a highly polished 18/10
stainless steel interior & a hand polished mirror
finish 18/10 stainless steel exterior • Even heat
distribution along the bottoms & side walls of
the cookware, eliminating hot spots •The pure
aluminum core provides unsurpassed heat
conductivity & will also heat & cool quickly for
precise temperature control • Cast stainless
steel handles are permanently attached with
stainless steel capped rivets, keeping them cool
to the touch • Stainless steel lids have a deep draw
to retain food's natural juices & nutrients for more
flavourful results • Oven, broiler, & dishwasher safe
• Covered by a 25 year warranty.
10 pc set 197/POT-310 Reg $790.90
Sale $499.99
1.9L Saucepan 197/POT-316 reg. $107.90 Sale $79.99
2.8L Saucepan 197/POT-318 reg. $124.90 Sale $92.99
3.6L Saucepan 197/POT-320 reg. $146.90 Sale $109.99
4.5L Dutch Oven 197/POT-322 reg. $172.90 Sale $129.99
10.4L Stock Pot 197/POT-328 reg. $229.90 Sale $169.99
30cm Saute Pan 197/POT-330SPX reg. $241.90 Sale $179.99
28cm Fry Pan 197/POT-328F reg. $149.90 Sale $109.99
28cm Excaliber Frypan 197/POT-328FX reg. $179.90 Sale $134.99
Jazz Roaster 38 x 25cm 197/ROA-38 reg. $129.90 Sale $99.99

                                                        2.3L Whistling Kettle
                                                        This trendy kettle is durable enough to
                                                        withstand the rigors of everyday stovetop
                                                        use. Made of durable stainless steel in a
                                                        mirror finish with a 3-ply base. A polite
                                                        whistle will indicate that the water has
                                                        reached boiling point. Dishwasher safe.
                                                        197/KET-ST reg: $37.90
                                                        Sale: $31.99
                                                        Teapot with Infuser
                                                        This charming round belly design teapot
                                                        brews the perfect cup of tea • High quality
                                                        stainless steel • Mirror finish • Includes an
                                                        infuser basket for tea leaves or tisane.
                                                        0.35L 197/S36-95A
                                                        reg: $27.90 Sale: $22.99
                                                        1.5L 197/S36-92A
Milano Stovetop Espresso                                reg: $49.90 Sale: $41.99
Coffeemaker Hand crafted to the
highest possible standards in the                       1.5L Coffee Server
industry • Heavy gauge 18/10                            Serve fresh coffee right at your kitchen
stainless steel • Mirror finish                         table with this stylish coffee server
Induction base • Sizes based on                         •18/10 Stainless steel • Hollow handle
1-1/2 ounce "cups" • Dishwasher                         • Dishwasher safe
safe • 1 extra gasket and reducer                       197/S36-90
included                                                reg: $39.90 Sale: $33.99
4 Cups 197/COF-M4G
reg: $89.90 Sale: $74.99                                Cream & Sugar Set
6 Cups 197/COF-M6G                                      • Made of high luster stainless steel
reg: $99.90 Sale: $84.99                                • Includes a sugar bowl with cover and
10 Cups 197/COF-M10G                                    spoon, as well as a hollow handle creamer
reg: $129.90 Sale: $110.99                              197/S37-32 reg: $22.90 Sale: $19.49
      Out With the Old
    And in With the NEW!
Hendrix has inventory of discontinued
Saeco Incanto Series on sale at Rock
Bottom Prices. Selection will vary by
location. Visit your local showroom for
selection and prices.

                                                                “Odea Giro”     includes Rapid Steam and
                                                                a Coffee Dosage Control system.

                                                                       up to
                                                                             Gift Card
                                                                       with purchase of any
                                                                          Coffee Machines
“Talea Touch”A statement in modern coffee tech-
nology: user-friendly interfaces, SBS Saeco Brewing
System, and Touch Lift. From every angle, the Talea line
is a delight for your eyes - and of course - for your tongue.
Its coloring concept meets all the demands of coffee
lovers, with inviting silver and titanium tones. These fully
automatic coffee machines allow you to enjoy everything
you want with just a simple push of a button or a soft turn
of a dial. The machine materials include chromed metal
parts that give this innovative development a shiny and
sleek appearance. In short: its attractive exterior and
high-tech interior give all Talea models a seductive
appeal you want to give in to.

Milk Island Automatic Frother
• Specially designed for use with
Saeco’s Talea line of super automatic
machines • easy to connect &
remove, making frothing, pouring,
& cleaning a snap • To use, just
connect the black hose to the steam
output on the bottom left side of your                            “Armonia” Designed for the coffee lover who
Talea, place the glass carafe filled                              enjoys the hands-on method of
with the desired amount of milk on                                making a true "Italian espresso". Easy to use and
the base, & turn the steam knob to       NEW                      ideal when space is limited.
the Milk Island icon.

                 054/FDH2 RICE COOKER                               054/FLF3
                 • Slow cooker and steamer functions as well        CORDLESS KETTLE
                 • Automatic keep warm function after end of      • 1750 watt element for fast,
                 all cooking cycles • 10 cup capacity (up to 20   efficient heating • Stainless
                 cups of cooked rice) • Non-stick coated,         steel locking safety lid with
NEW              removable bowl is dishwasher safe
                                                                  covered spout for super fast
                 $99     .99                                      • Integrated limescale filters
                            054/FBC4 CONVECTION OVEN particles in
                            Optimal results due to innovations in
                            heating technology by Krups Expert
                            Quartz Cycling Technology™ with
                            dual alternating 1600 Watt top and
                                                                    $99    .99

                            bottom heating elements reg:$300

                            $249.99                                          NEW
      054/GVX2 GRIND                                         054/FMF5 PRO AROMA
      EXPERT GRINDER                                         COFFEE MACHINE
      The new Krups Burr Grinder with                        Powerful, fully programmable brewing
      its "Burr Milling System" avoids                       system that results in optimal coffee
      overheating, preserves aroma,                          flavour. 10 cup double-walled stain-
      and has a grind fineness selec-                        less steel thermal carafe.
      tion. Allows even results with
      removable burr for easy cleaning.                      reg: $119.99   $99.99
      reg:$100   $79.99                                      With Glass Carafe 054/FME4
                                                             reg: $99.99 $79.99

          054/FEM2B                                                     054/FEM4B
          2-SLICE TOASTER                                               4-SLICE TOASTER
          Premium quality 2-slice toast-                                Integrated warming tray is
          er built to provide versatility                               easy to clean, removable
          and high-speed results.                                       and dishwasher safe.

          reg: $90.00   $69.99                                          reg: $120.00   $99.99
                                                   All-Clad Stainless Cookware Beautifully pol-
                                                   ished, magnetic stainless exterior layer. Pure
                                                   aluminum core that not only covers the bottom
                                                   of the pan but also extends up the sides. This
                                                   allows for great heat conductivity as well as an
                                                   even heat distribution so you won’t have “hot
                                                   spots” when cooking. Stainless steel interior
                                                   layer/cooking surface. Long, polished stainless,
                                                   stay cool handles. Non-corrosive rivets. Open
                                                   stock available. Check your local showroom.
                                                  10 pc Set:
                                                  8” Fry Pan, 10” Fry Pan, 2 qt Sauce Pan with
                                                  Lid, 3 qt Saute Pan with Lid, 4 qt Casserole
                                                  with lid, 8 qt Stock Pot w/Lid. 054/90-501532

                                                  $945        Bonus $100.00 Gift
                                                              Card with purchase

                                                  7 pc Set:
                                                  10” Fry Pan, 2 qt Sauce Pan with Lid, 3 qt
                                                  Saute Pan with Lid, 6 qt Stock Pot with Lid.

                                                              Bonus $75.00 Gift
                                                              Card with purchase

                                                                 Food Safety Holder
                                                                 394/V-2008       Sale: $6.99

Hash-Brown/               Waffle        Julienne Cutter Curly Slicer                                   Disc Slicer
Cheese Grater             Design Slicer 394/V-2003      394/V-2004                                     394/V-2009
394/V-2005                394/V-2002               Sale: $12.99               Sale: $12.99 Sale: $12.99
Sale: $12.99              Sale: $12.99
• Adjustable scoop / cup that measures liquid and dry ingredients • Magnetic bot-
tom • Comfortable rubber knob that adjusts to measure different amounts •
Precise mechanism provides smooth and easy operation • Space - saving -
replaces bulky measuring cups and spoons • One-hand adjustability • Easy to
clean - dishwasher safe • Easy non-spill carrying - measure, fill to brim, then
move slider back so contents won't spill. Available in blue, clear, red and yellow
NUSCUP 394/D1045        $14.99 NUSCUP Mini 394/D1065 $12.99
Bread Bag Keep bread fresh up to one week compared to one day when stored in a
paper bag. Hand washable. Round 394/D3600 $10.99 Long 394/D3605 $10.99
Veggie Bag Ideal for storing vegetables and fruits in the fridge - keeps
vegetables fresh for weeks. 394/D3610 $10.99

                                        Fill your Mill!                                Double tray fits most popular
                                        small funnel                                   Peugeot mills under 8”, black or
                                        for pepper, salt
                                                                                       natural 394/TRAY2 $5
                                        or spice
                                        394/ST4300                                     Single tray fits most popular
                                                                                       Peugeot mills under 12”, black
                                                                                       or natural 394/TRAY1 $3

                             Zepher Electric
                                                                                    8.5” “Fidji” Black
                             5.5” Pepper or
                                                                                    Matte Pepper or
                             Salt Mill                                              Salt Mill
                             Pepper 394/PM22563
                                                                                    Pepper - 394/PM17156
                             Salt 394/PM22570                                       Salt - 394/PM17163
                             $59.99                                                 Reg $78 $69.99

“Paris” solid wood pepper and salt mills with Peugeot grinding mechanisms are guaranteed to last! Sizes range from 4” to 42”!
                              NEW Chocolatiere Chocolate Jug
                              Enjoy your hot or cold chocolate drink in Bodum's
                               delightful chocolate jug with its unique blender quali-
                                    ties. The manual blender of the jug mixes the
                                      chocolate powder and milk in a smooth way pro-
                                      ducing an uncongested froth without too much
                                      squirting. The cleverly devised manual blender
                                     consists of a propeller attached to a spiral rod mak-
                                   ing it a fun-to-use tool and ensuring the best mixed
                                  chocolate milk. To use • Fill the chocolate powder in
                                the jug • Add cold or warm milk • Put on the lid • Turn
                              the fluted spout towards the handle to securely seal it,
                              so no squirting occurs • Use the manual blender press-
                              ing the spiral rod down and pulling it up • Blend until the
NEW                           froth is formed • Unseal the lid putting the fluted spout
                              in place • Pour, taste and indulge
                              001/10676-16 $29.99

            NEW Travel Mug 16OZ                        NEW Travel Press Coffee
            The travel mug with lid from Bodum         Maker 16OZ This travel press
            is airtight and also comes with a          makes fresh coffee or tea on the go.
            spout so you can quench your               Add ground coffee or fresh tea leaves,
            thirst without spilling liquid all over    hot water, press and enjoy. The travel
            the place. You can customize your          press holds 16 oz. of your favorite cof-
            mug to suit your mood as the pho-          fee or tea selection. You can cus-
            tograph on the mug is interchange-         tomize your press to suit your mood
            able. 001/10659-01 $7.99                   as the photograph on the mug is inter-
                                                       changeable. 001/10660-01 $9.99

Cast Iron Wok with Glass Cover
The cast iron Wok is made for gas, ceramic and
conventional stovetops, and it's a superb cook-
ing tool for induction stoves. The practical wok-
rack makes it possible for you to cook vegetables
and meat at different times in your cooking process.
001/K0810-01SINGLE $59.99

Assam Tea Press 34OZ
Simply place your loose tea leaves in the
strainer, pour in hot water and place the                                   Chambord Milk Frother
plunger in the strainer. Once the tea is                                    Get your milk in a froth
brewed to your preferred taste just press                                   in seconds with this specialty
down the plunger and the brewing process                                    frothing system in the
is stopped. Now just pour your                                              dome-top plunger style.
tea & enjoy!                                                                001/1964-16 $19.99
001/1801-16US $35.99

                                                          NAOKO Stainless Steel Teapot
                                                          1 litre 001/1710-16 Sale $49.99

                            CHAMBORD Coffee Press
                            Enjoy fresh tasty pressed coffee at
                            work or anywhere you want.
                            001/1923-1USC 3 Cup       $21.99
                            001/1924-1USC 4 Cup       $24.99
                            001/1928-16US/6 8 Cup $34.99
                                                        Round French
                                                        Oven 3.3L
                                                        Available in
                                                        many colours
                                                        Reg $235
                                                        Sale $188

                      NEW 10" Pie Dish can
                      go straight from baking to the
                      tabletop making a beautiful
                      presentation, then to the
                      refrigerator or freezer for        NEW Deep Dish Bakers can be used in the
                      storage. White, Blue, Citrus       oven, microwave, refrigerator and freezer allow-
                      or Red 050/PG1800-26               ing you to prepare, bake, serve and store in the
                      Reg $50 Sale $40                   same piece. Easy grip rim on all sides of the
                                                         piece allows you to comfortably lift and carry the
                                                         piece from the oven to the table. 34cm x 27cm.
                                                         Red or blue. 050/PG1048-39 Reg $90 Sale $72

                                                         Oval French
                                                         in many
Table Mats Made from heat resistant silicone, it can     colours
be used as a surface protector under hot pans and for    050/L2502-29
handling hot dishes. 050/FB401 Reg $11 Sale $8.80        Reg $285
                                                         Sale $228
Tagine The tagine originates in North Africa
                where the same design has been
                 in use for centuries to cook meats,     Stoneware Butter Dish
                 poultry, vegetables, fruits and         Red or Blue
                   spices very slowly on the hob so      050/PG0306-19
                    that the finished dish is full of    Reg $30 Sale $24
                       succulence and flavour.
                               Reg $195                                        Butter Crock Keeps your
                                  Sale $156                                    butter soft and fresh!
                                                                               Available in red or blue.
                                                                               Reg $35 Sale $28

                                                           Round Skillet-Grill Offers the combined
                                                           advantages of a grill and a frying pan. Blue or red.
                                                           050/L2024-23 23cm Reg $135 Sale $108
                                                           050/L2024-26 26cm Reg $155 Sale $124

“Zen” Enamel
on Steel Teakettle
Reg $90
Sale $72
Cook'N'Bake Silicone Bakeware
is made from high quality liquid silicone, using a
patented production method. It performs beautifully in
releasing molds - whether frozen or just baked - and
it uniformly distributes heat when used in the oven.
Even better, each mold is flexible, offering ease of
use and storage. Additional features and benefits
include: • Durable finish withstands temperatures          B.
from - 104°F to 536°F and retains shape during and
after cooking • Suitable for use in all types of ovens
including the microwave • Freezer and dishwasher
safe • Thermal shock resistant - can go straight from
freezer to hot oven • Non-stick finish allows it to eas-
ily peel away from food • Can be rolled or folded for
easy storage • Hygienic - will not absorb or leech
odors or flavors • 10 year warranty.                       C.

A. Cook'N'Bake Silicone 6 Mini Savarin Pan
Bake six beautiful Bavarian cakes with ease.
Measures 11.75” x 7” x 1.25”
050/PV232 Reg $30.00 Sale $24.00
B. Cook'N'Bake Silicone 6 Muffin Pan
Perfect for baking cupcakes, custards, cornbread
& of course, muffins! Measures 11.75” x 7” x 1.25”
050/PV201 Reg $30.00 Sale $24.00
C. Cook'N'Bake Silicone Deep Savarin Pan
Deep savarin pan (bundt) measures 8.75" x 4.25"
050/PV209 Reg $30.00 Sale $24.00
D. Cook'N'Bake Silicone Loaf Pan
Great for banana bread and other loaf items,
even meatloaf. Measures 9.5" x 4" x 2.5"
050/PV210 Reg $30.00 Sale $24.00
E. Cook'N'Bake Silicone Rectangular Pan
Great for Lasagna’s and other large dishes.
Measures 11.5" x 9.5" x 1.75"
050/PV211 Reg $30.00 Sale $24.00
F. Cook'N'Bake Silicone Round Cake Pan
Brown your cake perfectly! Measures 7.75" x 1.5"
050/PV229 Reg $30.00 Sale $24.00
G. Cook'N'Bake Silicone Square Cake Pan
Perfect for cakes, brownies and more.
Measures 9.5" x 9.5" x 1.5"
050/PV230 Reg $30.00 Sale $24.00
H. Cook'N'Bake Silicone Baking Sheet                       F.
Great for delicate items like cookies, parmesan
crisps and more. Measures 15" x 12".
050/PV207 Reg $30.00 Sale $24.00


                                Ever wish you could
                                prepare extravagant breads,
                                mouth-watering cheesecakes or
                                traditional biscotti with ease?
                                Our assortment of Kitchen Aid
                                stand mixers will make all of
                                your culinary wishes come true!
FREE     10” Stainless Steel   Artisan 5 QT Mixer
Frying Pan with purchase       • Powerful 325 watt motor • 10 Speed control • Durable
of any Kitchen Aid Artisan     direct-drive transmission • Multipurpose attachment hub
Mixer Valued at $119.99        with removable cover • Sturdy all-metal construction • 67-
                               Point planetary mixing action • Flour Power rating: 9 Cups
                               • Assorted Colours
                               321/KSM150PS      $399       receive a Free 10” Stainless
                                                            Steel Frying Pan

                                Chrome 321/KSM150PSMC           $429 receive a Free 10” Stainless
                                                                     Steel Frying Pan

                               Professional 600
                               KitchenAid Mixer
                               • Powerful 575 watt motor
                               • 10 Speed control • 6 qt bowl with
                               ergonomic handle • Multipurpose
                               attachment hub with removable
                               cover • Sturdy all-metal construction
                               • Flour Power rating: 14 Cups
                               • Commercial-style motor

                               protection • Electronic speed
                               sensor • Professional

                % OFF          bowl-lift design • Colours:
                               Meringue (MR), Nickel
                               Pearl (NP),
                Stand Mixer    Pearl Metallic (PM), Black

                Attachments    (LC) 321/KP26M1X

                               Kitchen Aid Immersion
                               Blenders with Attachments
                               • Easy to clean • One-touch power button
                                       • Powerful motor • Convenient to store • Comfort
                                          grip motor body • Chopper attachment •
                                              Variable speeds (9 high to 1 low) • Whisk
                                              Ejector buttons • 3-cup (750 ml) capacity
                                              blending breaker and lid • 8" (20.3 cm)
                                              immersion depth • 5-foot (1.52 m), round
                                              power cord • Blending attachment with
                                              stainless steel blade
                                               Available in Red, Black & White
                                               Reg $149.99

                                               $129       .99

Kitchen Aid Food Processors                                                    FREE     10” Stainless Steel
Powerful Professional Performance & Versatile Features                         Frying Pan with purchase
                                                                               of any Kitchen Aid Food
                                                                               Processor Valued at $119.99

12 cup Food Processor                      12 cup Food Processor                        12 cup Food Processor
Ultra wide mouth design                    Ultra wide mouth design                      Ultra wide mouth design
321/KFPW760OB Black                        321/KFP770NK Brushed Nickel                  321/KFPW760WH White

$319        receive a Free 10” Stainless
            Steel Frying Pan               $359      receive a Free 10” Stainless
                                                     Steel Frying Pan                   $319         receive a Free 10” Stainless
                                                                                                     Steel Frying Pan

Kitchen Aid Toasters
•The Baker's Bagel™ toasting option lets you thoroughly toast the sides of sliced bagels while gently browning the
bottoms. •The one-touch 'warm' button lets you heat previously toasted items without additional browning. •A gen-
tle tap on the Easy Lift™ lever cancels the toasting cycle and raises the toast for easy access. •The easy-to-read
dial knob helps you precisely control your toasting levels. •The durable metal construction features an extra-deep
steel interior to ensure even results for the entire slice. •Two rugged steel, double-width crumb trays can be easily
removed and are dishwasher-safe.

                                 Stainless                                                               Stainless
                                 Steel Two                                                               Steel Four
                                 Slice Toaster                                                           Slice Toaster
                                 321/KMTT200SS                                                           321/KMTT400SS
                                 Reg $119.99                                                             Reg $179.99
                                 $99                                                                     $149

Kitchen Aid
Countertop Oven
• Unique Wave-Rack™ oven rack lets
air circulate around 6 slices at once,
ensuring evenly toasted bread.
• Choose to bake, broil, toast or warm
with temperatures up to 450° F.
• Rugged, heavy-gauge steel broil
pan is durable and long-lasting.
• Indicator light glows red to show that
oven is in use.
• Crumb drawer is sturdy, dishwash-
er-safe and pulls out completely with-
out opening the oven door.
321/KC01005OB Reg $199.99
NEW Fully Automatic Burr Grind & Brew Thermal™ 12 Cup Coffeemaker
features an integrated burr mill grinder that automatically grinds whole beans just
before coffee is brewed through a hands-free lid right into the thermal carafe.
With a Strength control feature, Cuisinart® lets you customize your coffee by
choosing strong, medium or mild brew to suit your taste. • 8 oz. Bean hopper with
a sealed lid to prevent moisture • Burr Grinder automatically grinds beans before
brewing • Strength selector - Choose coffee strength when brewing with
the grinding of beans: Strong, Medium or Mild • Portion Control -
Program the amount of coffee you want to grind: choose from 2 - 12
cups • 24-hour fully programmable • 12 cup double-wall insulated ther-
mal carafe • Separate grinder chamber and filter area for easy cleanup
• Brew Pause™ feature lets you enjoy a cup before brewing has
finished • Grind-off feature • 2 - 4 cup feature • Includes – gold
tone commercial permanent filter, and charcoal water filter
836/DGB-900BCC                                                                                                       NEW

Cuisinart® Classic Brushed Stainless            Cuisinart® Supreme Grind™           Cuisinart® Filter Brew™ 12-Cup
Steel Perculator • Cordless convenience         Automatic Burr Mill provides        Programmable Coffeemaker - 12 cup
lets you pour at the table or on the desk • 4   uniform grind and optimum fla-      carafe, charcoal water filter, showerhead
- 12 cup capacity is great for morning cof-     vor. 18 position grind selector -   system, programmable automatic shut-
fee and evening parties • Precision No-         from ultra-fine to extra coarse.    off, gold tone filter, brew pause feature,
Drip Spout pours without a spill from the       Holds enough ground coffee for      dripless spout and knuckle guard.
long tapered spout. 836/PER-12BCC               32 cups. 836/DBM-8C                 836/DCC-1100BKC $79.99 Black
$89.99                                          $69.99                              836/DCC-1100WHC $79.99 White

                      Cuisinart® Electric Knife Two full size       Cuisinart® Classic Style 2-Slice Electronic Toaster
                      stainless steel blades - bread blade          with its handsome finish, evokes the memories of a
                      and carving blade. One touch pres-            bygone era but has all the technology of today.
                      sure-activated on/off trigger control.        836/CPT-70BCC $59.99 (not shown)
                      Wood block storage tray keeps blades          Cuisinart® Classic Style 4-Slice Electronic Toaster
                      safe and in place 836/CEK-40C
                                                                    836/CPT-90BCC $89.99
                                  Cuisinart® Egg Cooker
                                  cooks up to 7 eggs in
                                  shells – hard, medium or
                                  soft – or perfectly poach-
                                  es up to 3 eggs at once.
                                  836/CEC-7C $34.99

                                                                       Cuisinart® Griddler
                                          Cuisinart® 6.5 Qt.
                                                                       Cuisinart™ Two sets of
                                          Slow Cooker Uses
                                                                       removable plates make
                                          the latest technology
                                                                       the Griddler™ a contact
                                          to let you effortlessly
                                                                       grill, a panini press,
                                          bring traditional one-
                                                                       and an extra large
                                          pot favourites right to
                                                                       open grill or griddle.
                                          your table.
                                                        CHANGING THE WAY THE WORLD MIXES
                                                       7QT Cuisinart® Stand Mixer
                                                       This is the mixer that does it all! Your new extra-large Cuisinart™
                                                       7 Quart Stand Mixer has the power, capacity and precision to
                                                       handle any job your recipes require. With three accessories, you
                                                       can mix, whip or even knead dough. With 12 speeds, you’ll
                                                       always do it just right. And with the auto shutoff Countdown
                                                       Timer you’ll always do it for just the right amount of time! Results
                                                       will be perfect. Cuisinart offers optional attachments that can be
                                                       purchased separately. Each connects to one of three power out-
                                                       lets on the mixer to let you squeeze juice from your favorite citrus
                                                       fruits, blend, process food, make perfect homemade pasta, or
                                                       grind your own meats. Available in White(WH) or

                                        NEW            Stainless steel (SS) 836/SM-70C $549.99
                                                       5.5QT Cuisinart™ Stand Mixer
                                                       Available in White(WH) or
                                                       Stainless steel (SS)
                                                       836/SM-55C $449.99

Citrus Juicer      Blender         Food Processor Pasta Maker               Meat Grinder
836/SM-CJC         836/SM-BLC      836/SM-FPC     836/SM-PMC                836/SM-MGC Save 25% on all Cuisinart
$29.99             $37.49          $44.99                $59.99             $97.49          Stand Mixer Attachments

                            Cuisinart® Hand Held Food Processor            Cuisinart® Ultimate Food Prep
          NEW               Cuisinart adds to its signature food
                            processor line the Hand Held Food
                                                                           The top-of-the-line Cuisinart® Limited Edition
                                                                           Metal™ Ultimate Food Prep Centre is construct-
                            Processor. A comfortable handle allows         ed of heavy-duty die-cast metal that houses our
                            users to pick it up to grate, slice or shred   most powerful induction motor with over
                            ingredients directly into a bowl or pan.       ¾ horsepower. Large 14-cup work
                            Stainless steel accents make it an elegant     bowl capacity handles family
                            addition to Cuisinart’s food prep collec-      size tasks. 836/MP-14C
                            tion. Set includes: Slicing Drum,              $399.99
                            Shredding drum, Grating/Fine Shredding
                            836/HFP-300BKC $89.99

Cuisinart® PowerSelect™ 7-Speed
Electronic Hand Mixer 220 watts of
power. One-step power switch & 7-speed
LED display. Smooth Start® feature with 3
low mixing speeds eliminates splattering.
Extra-long self-cleaning beaters without
centre posts. Whisk and spatula.
836/CHM7-C                                                                     Cuisinart® Smart Power Duet™ Blender/
                                                                               Food Processor A 3-cup work bowl attach-
$59.99                                                                         es to the base to turn this Blender into a Food
                                                                               Processor. Loaded with features to crush ice,
Cuisinart® Mini-Prep® Plus            Cuisinart® Premier Food                  blend, chop, slice and shred
Processor A 3-cup bowl with           Processor Wide, one-piece                fast, it’s an appliance you’ll
a convenient handle. The              feed tube and accessories for            want to build your whole
auto-reversing blade feature          virtually any pro-                       kitchen around.
& chop/grind touchpad con-            cessing task, this                       836/CBT-500FPC
trol let you chop/grind ingredi-      "mid-size" is ready                      $149.99
ents instantly at the                 for every day in
touch of a button.                    every kitchen.
836/DLC-2AC                           836/DLC-2007NC
$39.99                                $199.00

                                                          Waring Pro® Professional Buffet Server
                                                          • Brushed stainless steel housing • 400 watts for
                                                          quick heat-up • Three 21/2 QT stainless steel chafing
                                                          dishes - each holds twenty 4 ounce servings •
                                                          Adjustable temperature controls up to 200°F • Spoon
                                                          slotted, stainless steel and polycarbonate lids
                                                          836/BFS50C $149.99

Waring Pro® Professional Extra Burner                    Waring Pro® Professional Double Burner
• Brushed stainless steel housing • 1300 watts for       • Brushed stainless steel housing • 1300 watts large
quick heat-up and heat retention • Independent           plate, 500 watt small plate for quick heat-up and heat
adjustable thermostats with on and ready indicator       retention • Independent adjustable thermostats with
lights 836/SB30C $49.99                                  on and ready indicator lights 836/DB60C $69.99

Waring Pro® Professional 18QT Roaster Oven               Waring Pro® Hot Dog Griller
• Brushed stainless steel body • Will accommodate up     • Grills 6 Hot Dogs in 8 Minutes • 200 Watts
to an 18lb turkey • 1440 Watts • Removable enamel        • Polycarbonate cover for easy storage/dishwasher
pan • Wire cooking rack included • Adjustable thermo-    safe • Non-stick coated rollers 836/HDG100C
stat to 450°F 836/RO18C $99.99                           $49.99
                                                         Waring Pro™ Meat Grinder
                                                         Heavy Duty 450-Watt Motor- 3 lbs/minute
                                                         Extra-Large Die-Cast Hopper
                                                         Sausage Attachments.
                                                         836/MG800C $169.99

Waring Pro® Food Slicer The perfect solution to the
time-consuming task of slicing food by hand. Expert
engineering has taken the best of the traditional com-
mercial meat slicer and customized it for home use.
Smooth-edged 7.5” blade. 836/FS150 $109.99

Waring Pro™ Belgian Waffle Maker • Extra Deep
Waffle Pockets • Browning Control Feature • Brushed
Stainless Steel Housing 836/WMK300C $89.99
                                                                Knife makers to the World. Since 1814

                                                                • Each Classic knife from Wüsthof is precision forged
                                                                from a single piece of high carbon, no-stain steel.
                                                                • Wüsthof knives are exclusively manufactured in the
                                                                cutlery capital of Solingen, Germany.
17cm Wüsthof Classic Santoku Knife                              • More than 38 major manufacturing steps, requiring
with Granton Edge & Bamboo Cutting                              one week, are needed to produce every forged
Board (20cm x 30cm)                                             Wüsthof knife.
051/BB4183                                                      • With more than 70 items, Classic is our most com-
                                                                prehensive product range.
Sale $136
***Quantities are limited! Come in & get yours today!!!

                                                                        Peeling Knife 2.7" 051/4062 $79.00 Sale: $59.25

                                                                      Paring Knife 3.5" 051/4066-9 $79.00 Sale: $59.25

                                                                        Tomato Knife 4" 051/4109 $115.00 Sale: $86.25

                                                                          Bread Knife 9” 051/4150 $150.00 Sale: $112.50

                                                              Carving Knife, Granton edge 8" 051/4524-20 $160.00 Sale $120.00

Starter Set, 2 pcs.        Oriental Set, 2 pcs.
051/9755                   051/9280
                                                               Short Cook's Knife 4.5" 051/4582-12 $105.00 Sale: $78.75
$239.00                    $239.00
Sale: $179.00              Sale: $179.00

                                                                      Cook's Knife 6" 051/4582-16 $130.00 Sale: $97.50

                                                                     Cook's Knife 8" 051/4582-20 $165.00 Sale: $123.75
                                Knife Block Set,
                                8 pcs. 051/9835

                                                                      Cook's Knife 9" 051/4582-23 $180.00 Sale: $135.00


 40%                                                      Santoku Knife 7”, Granton edge 051/4183 $170.00 Sale: $127.50

                                                      Cook’s Knife 6”, Granton edge 051/4572-16 $155.00 Sale: $116.25

                                Knife Block Set,
                                10 pcs. 051/9842
                                Sale: $619.00         Cook’s Knife 8”, Granton edge 051/4572-20 $195.00 Sale: $146.25
                                                                                Yogurt Maker
                                                                                Make your own homemade yogurt
                                                                                with no artificial additives or
                                                                                preservatives with the Donvier™
                                                                                electronic yogurt maker. This
                                                                                remarkable machine is reliable
                                                                                and temperature controlled to
                                                                                make the best yogurt you’ve ever
                                                                                tasted. 016/83-7418 $54.99

     Yogurt Cheese Maker Create thick, creamy yogurt
     cheese with this uniquely designed strainer. Just add yogurt
     and the patented design produces yogurt cheese in 2 to 24
     hours. Sealed container prevents odour transfer and pro-
     vides safe storage. 016/83-7426 $19.99

                                                           Roast And Serve Rack The removable rack easily
                                                           transports meat from the roast pan to serving tray in one
                                                           motion without awkward lifters. Non-stick surface makes
                                                           cleanup quick and easy. Holds up to a 25lb/11 kg bird or
                                                           roast. Folds for compact storage. Fits 16 x 13" / 41 x 33
                                                           cm rectangular roasting pan. Not recommended for
                                                           dishwasher. 016/74-6780 $29.99

                                                                             Box Set
           Dual Baster The one-of-a-kind                                     Measuring
           Shower Head will shower basting
                                                 10oz Stainless              Cups & Spoons
           sauce over your meat evenly with      Steel Spray Pump            016/74-701305
           one simple squeeze. Also, with the    Add a healthy,              $24.99
           Shower Head, liquid gently flows      light coat of
           to prevent scalding splatters. The    flavour to
           Injector Head injects flavor, such    just about
           as sauces, marinades or butter,       anything.
                           directly into the     016/83-7514
                           meat.                 $24.99

     Silicone Spatulas and Tongs- These           Deluxe Batter Bowl
     attractive silicone spatulas and tongs       A distinctive notch in non-slip base
     will not discolor or absorb odors. Heat-     allows the user to perfectly angle the
     resistant up to 575°F. Available in blue,    bowl forward for steady, easy mixing.
     red, yellow, and orange. From $12.99         016/74-703602 $17.99

                                                                                      Jewel Acrylic 8”
                                                                                      Salt & Pepper Mill
                                                                                      Available in Rainbow, Ruby &
                                                                                      reg: $54.99

                                                            Our new premium line of thermometers
Reduces fat in sauces,
soups and brines.                                                       Instant Read Thermometer
5 year warranty                                                         Multi-purpose with fast
494/ZY13855                                                             response. 1 1/4" dial. Pocket
                                                                        sleeve with textured grip.
                                                                        396/501 $14.99

                                                                           Digital Instant Read
                                                                           3/8" digit height. Accurate to
                                                                           446°F. 396/508 $23.99

                                                                           Meat Thermometer
                                                                           Unique dual pointer monitors
                                                                           temp or meat doneness level.
INJECTOR/BASTER                                                            396/502 $19.99
• Angled nylon tip easily extracts drippings
• Stainless steel injector tip lets user add marinades
and brines to foods • Special foot prevents rolling                        Oven Thermometer
• 5 year warranty 494/ZY50510 $14.99                                       Hangs, stands or clips.
                                                                           Calibrated for accuracy
                                                                           with150°F-600°F range.
                                                                           396/503 $19.99

KITCHEN TIMER WITH TEMPERATURE                                              Espresso/Cappuccino
PROBE Simple operation
                                                                            Zoned for optimal frothing
allows up to three tim-
                                                                            results. The clip attaches to
ings to be halted.
Integrated clock. No                                                        frother. 396/506 $14.99
buttons. Rotate dial to                                                     Candy Thermometer
set clock. Additional                                                       Oversized 3" overall width; 2
probe for the ideal roast-                                                  1/4" dial. Silicone coated pan
ing of meat. 5 year war-                                                    clip won't scratch pans.
ranty 494/ZY61520                                                           396/509 $23.99
ZYLISS 4-IN-1 SLICER & GRATER                                               Wine Thermometer
• versatile tool offers two slicing and two grating                         °F/°C. 3/8" digit height. Wine
options to meet your needs • to switch between                              bottle stopper holds thermome-
tasks simply clip interchangeable inserts onto the                          ter in place. Wine temperature
base • Compact design allows for easy storage                               guide on sleeve.
494/ZY11950 $24.99                                                          396/505 $23.99

                                                         NEW Chocolate Spatula Thermometer
                                                         Unique design aids in melting all kinds of
                                                         chocolate, while monitoring temperatures
                                                         at the same time. Helps keep chocolate
                                                         at the right temperature. Soft grip han-
                                                         dle. Handy temperature chart print-
                                                         ed on spatula. Range 70°F to
                                                         130°F. 396/513 $14.99
Shake & Go Shakers
Measure & mix,
store & serve,
leak proof
spout. 16oz
                                                         Digital Timer with Clock
                                                         Features DoubleTime™ technology: switchable
                                                         from hour/minute to minute/second timing with
                                                         the flip of a switch. 0.8” LCD readout. Counts up
                                                         or counts down. Water resistant. Clip/magnet/
          Zyliss utensils starting at $9
                                                         stand positioning. 396/5807 $14.99
          Great stocking stuffers!
NordicWare Bake and Store Bakeware is
the way to go. It allows you to keep your deli-
cious baked goods in the same pan when you
store it away, which makes for easy clean-up      Nordic Ware® Platinum Bakeware: Original cast
and total convenience!
                                                  aluminum bakeware provides very fine details and
                                                  superior baking performance. The reflective exteriors
                                                  allow for uniform browning so as to enhance the
                                                  unique Bundt® Cake Designs.
                                                  Lifetime Warranty.
                                                  Choose from many in
                                                  stock Platinum Bundt®
                                                  Pans: $34.99

12 Cup Muffin Pan with Lid
082/59510 Reg $35 Sale $27.99

                                                      Marianne Pan

                                                                                    Star Bundt® Pan
10” Pie Pan with Lid
082/59506 Reg $25 Sale $19.99                      Cathedral Bundt® Pan

                                                                                     Rose Bundt Pan
13” x 18” Cookie Sheet with Lid                                                        082/54137
082/59507 Reg $30 Sale $24.99
                                                      Christmas Tree
                                                        Bundt Pan

                                                      Mini Holiday
9” x 9” Cake/Square Pan with Lid
                                                      Bundt Pan
082/59509 Reg $25 Sale $19.99                         082/58748

13” x 9” Cake/Square Pan with Lid                                                      Bundt Keeper
082/59511 Reg $35 Sale $27.99
                                    Professional Bar Supplies
                                    Streamlined and attractive, strong and durable pourers
                                    are designed for the professional bartender in a fast
                                    paced environment. The fastest and most accurate
                                    control pourer in the world. Available in a variety of colors
                                    and portion sizes. 024/
                                                                 Bravura Martini
                                                                 A daring show of brilliance,
                                                                 new from Libbey.

              Stainless Steel Bar
              Shaker 016/57-508
              28 oz $14

                                              $5.99 ea                   $6.55 ea

                                                149/7700 5.75 oz          149/7700BS 5.75 oz

                                                Glass Rimmer
                                                Perfect for margarita’s and caesar’s
                                                558/666 $24

                 Ironwood                                  Ironwood Baguette Miter
Ironwood         French Bread Miter                        082/28155
Bread Knife      082/28121                                 $39.99
082/28132        $49.99

                                                                            Slice and serve bread
                                                                            in this striking vessel.

                                                               Ironwood Canape Tray
                                                               082/28124 $8.99 ea

                                                          Ironwood Gourmet™ Extra Large
                                                          Salad Bowl is 16” x 8”. Made from
                                                          Acacia wood and design adapted from
                                                          the Aborigine stone bowl.
                                                          082/28134 $99.99
                                             Serving Bowls 7” x 3” 082/28109 $14.99

FunPop Popcorn
Popper • 20 watt Foil
Heater • Stainless Steel                                • Ergonomic       • Safe • Anti-slip       • Hygienic
Kettle Integral Element
• 50 watt Cabinet Light                                                                    S A V E

• Easy access door                                      Made in Italy
• Drop Panel • Non-
Skid Rubber Feet                                           Also available in
X285/2404                                                   black handles
+ X285/2469 (cart)                                                                           on all Sanelli

$699                                                    15.00 $11.25 504/330606P 2.5” Peeling Knife

                                                        15.75 $11.81 504/324610P 4” Paring Knife

                                                        20.00 $15.00 504/329612 4.75” Tomato Knife
                      Heavy Duty 10”
                      Immersion Blender                 41.00 $30.75 504/107618 7” Flex Fillet Knife
                      •1/2 HP Motor • 350 Watts •       43.00 $32.25 504/107622 8.75” Flex Fillet
                      18,000 RPMs • 2 speed control
                      • Light- weight and ergonomic
                      $279                              37.00 $27.75 504/110616 6.25” Narrow Boning

                                                        42.00 $31.50 504/302624 9.5” Bread Knife
                                                        59.00 $44.25 504/302632 12.5” Bread Knife
                              Powerful 3/4 HP
                              Blender • Crushes
                              Ice in Seconds! •         55.00 $41.25 504/312621 8.25” Cook’s Knife
                              44oz Polycarb             64.00 $48.00 504/312625 10” Cook’s Knife
                              Container • Easy to
                              Clean Electronic
                              Membrane; High,
                              Low, Off & Pulse          60.00 $45.00 504/316621 8.25”Indented Cook’s
                              Touch Controls •          68.00 $51.00 504/316625 10” Indented Cook’s
                              Limited 2 Year
                              $189                      57.00 $42.75 504/313618 7” Japanese Knife

                                                        60.00 $45.00 504/315618 7” Indented Japanese

Commercial Toaster
• 225 slices per hour • 120 volts • Four extra wide 1                       The Edgemaker sharpens all
3/8” slots • Brushed chrome housing X285/WCT708                             types of knives and is unsurpassed
$289                                                                        on serrated, wavy and electric
                                                                            knifes. 504/196331 $28 $21
Vacuum Coffee Saver                                       Chef'sChoice® Professional Sharpening
The vacuum pump simply extracts the air from              Station #130: Professionally sharpens, steels
the Vacuum Coffee Saver creating a vacuum, so             or strops all brands and types of knives; straight
that the flavour and aroma of the coffee will be          edge or serrated, kitchen, Asian style, sports and
kept in perfect condition. The dark colour of the         pocket knives in seconds. 006/0130506
container protects the coffee from the harmful            $149.99
effects of light. 026/28834 $29.99
                                                          Chef’sChoice® Diamond Sharpener For
Bottle Opener                                             Asian Knives, Model 316 quickly and easily
This cleverly designed                                    puts a factory sharp,
Bottle Opener is the per-                                 precision edge, on
fect tool that can be used                                contemporary
to easily open up sealed                                  Asian style knives,
bottles and safely uncork                                 Chinese cleavers
champagne bottles.                                        and thinner tradi-
                                                          tional style
026/68534 $14.99
                                                          Japanese blades.
            Rapid Ice Wine Cooler                         $99.99
            After storing the Rapid Ice chiller bag       Chef’s Choice® Scissor Sharpener
            for several hours in the freezer, the gell-   Enjoy incredibly sharp scissors by using an
               filled cooler will chill your favorite     advanced 2 step process that
                champagne in only minutes.                sharpens your scissors
                  Grapes - 026/38814                      without disassembling
                   Leaves - 026/38810                     them. 006/4900000
                 $13.99                                   $21.99
                  Rapid Ice Beer Cooler
                                                          WafflePro® Express™ Unique "floating" top-
                                                          plate, the M840 is our most advanced waffle
                      Wine Saver        A vacuum          maker yet. In as little as 90 seconds, you'll be
                      pump, which extracts the air        preparing the world’s most delicious waffles,
                      from the opened bottle and          effortlessly.
                      re-seals it with a re-usable        Recipes included.
                      rubber stopper.The vacuum           5 Hearts
                      slows down the oxidation            006/8300000
                      process so that you can             Classic Belgian
                      enjoy your wine for longer.         006/8300100
                      026/9894 $22.99                     $59.95

                                                                            Chef’sChoice® Pizzelle
                                                                            Baker Bakes 3 party size (3
                                                                             inch) pizzelles in 45 - 60
                                                                             seconds. These cookies are
                                                                            perfect for holidays and ideal for
                                                                             entertaining. Try rolling them into
Pineapple Slicer Core and slice a fresh                                      cylinders or cones and fill with
pineapple in just 30 seconds. It works like a                               tasty fruits or whipped cream.
corkscrew, removing the flesh in perfectly formed                           006/8350000
rings leaving the core in the shell.                                        $49.99
White 026/48822 $9.99
Stainless Steel 026/48823    $19.99                                                                           21
                                                          Bormioli Rocco
                                                          NADIA Glassware

                                      Cognac Glass      Martini Glass     Juice Glass     High Ball        Wine Testing
                                      18oz 4/pk         8.25oz 4/pk       11.75oz 4/pk 15.5oz 4/pk         7.5oz 6/pk
                                      619/450165120     619/45024490      619/450324970 619/450324980      619/45001160

 $2                  .49
                       per stem

An elegant and practical
                                    Cordial           Champagne         Barolo                             Chardonnay
range for traditional and                                                               Bordeau Wine
                                    3.5oz 4/pk    Flute 7.25oz 4/pk     15.5oz 4/pk     18oz 4/pk          11.25oz 4/pk
modern foodservice                  619/450166239 619/45002079          619/45002077    619/45002076       619/45002078

NEW Flipper Measuring Cup Set features reversible scoops. Press
scoops on either side for different measurements. 1CUP - 1/2CUP, 2/3CUP
- 1/3CUP, 1/4CUP - 1/8CUP. Dishwasher safe. 619/0997009 $19.99

NEW Flipper Measuring Spoon Set features reversible scoops.
Press scoops on either side for different measurements. TBSP - 1/2TBSP,
1TSP - 1/2TSP, 1/4TSP - 1/8TSP. Dishwasher safe. 619/0997008 $19.99

NEW Flipper 4 in 1 Reversible Measuring Spoon The Trudeau
Flipper 4 in 1 measuring spoon features reversible scoops. Press scoops
on either side for different measurements. TBSP - 1/2 TBSP, 1TSP - 1/2
TSP. Dishwasher safe. Assorted Colours. 619/0997007 $5.99 ea

NEW Silicone Basting Set Silicone Bulb and brush heat resistant to
500°F. Adaptable and removable silicone brush. Poly carbonate heat resist-
ant tube. Also includes Stainless Steel injector needle and cleaning brush.
Dishwasher safe. Assorted Colours. 619/0997028 $12.99

                                        Battery pepper mill

NEW Professional Non-               $29.99

stick flexible Muffin Cups

are oven safe to 572°F,

                                                                                                               . ....
reusable, dishwasher &
microwave safe.
Small Silicone Muffin

Cups - Set of 12
619/0996039 $9.99                                                                            flip it!
Large Silicone Muffin                                                                         no button,
Cups - Set of 6                 Available in 5 colours: Yellow 619/0716904,                   no effort,
619/0996038 $9.99               Red 619/0716903, Black 619/0716908                            no mess!
                                Chrome 619/0716907, Green 619/0716906
Single Burner Reversible Griddle
                                                    Ask any great home cook and they will
10-1/2" sq., depth 3/4" Logic seasoned ready to     tell you that they could not do without
use. Features a reversible grilling surface for     their cast iron skillet. Whether you’re
both flat and ribbed indoor and outdoor grilling.
644/LSRG3 $67.99
                                                    preparing gourmet cuisine, or simply
                                                    preparing warm wonderful home
                                                    cooked comfort food, nothing serves
                                                    up the love better than Lodge Cast
                                                    Iron. LodgeLogic by Lodge represents
                                                    a new design in cast iron cookware.
                                                    Each piece of LodgeLogic is foundry
                                                    seasoned with our proprietary Logic oil
Preseasoned 10.5” Square Pan
Put restaurant stripes on your grilled favorites    fired finish so that it is ready to use,
like a pro. These ribbed bottom pans let you        right out of the box.
keep foods from simmering in fatty drippings.
644/L8SGP3 $41.99

                                                    Preseasoned Skillet
                                                    6.5" Skillet 644/L3SK3      $13.99
Preseasoned Reversible Griddle                      8" Skillet 644/L5SK3        $21.99
The griddle of your dreams! Larger than the         10" Skillet 644/L8SK3       $27.99
Grid/Iron griddle, this reversible two burner       12" Skillet 644/L10SK3      $41.99
griddle features a slight slope into a generous
grease gutter. 10.5” x 20”. Reversible
                                                    15.25" Skillet 644/L14SK3   $84.99
644/LPG13 $99.99

Preseasoned Reversible Griddle                      Preseasoned Dutch Oven
9.5” x 17.5” Covers two burners. Flat on one side
and ribbed on the other. Reversible.
                                                    2 QT Dutch Oven 644/L2SP3     $49.99
644/L7GI3 $84.99                                    5 QT Dutch Oven 644/L8DOL3    $74.99
                                           Cake Stand
                                           12.75” Available in
                                           Pink(57) or White(54)

                                               Bermuda Plaid Kitchen
                                               Sets Includes 2 dish cloths
                                               and 2 tea towels.
                                               Fir 710/2173-470
                                               Chili 710/2173-495
                                               Black 710/2173-500
                                               Persimmon 710/2173-581

Solid and Plaid Table Linens
Tablecloths starting at only $44.99 Placemats starting at only $4.99 Napkins starting at only $3.99

                                                                         Party Talk
Basic Aprons                        Kids Collection
Many styles to choose from.         Selection may vary by store.
Selection may vary by store.
                                    710/APRON    $11.99                     $14.99
710/BASIC APRON                                                               Available in
$19.99                              710/HAT $6.99                              5 designs
                                                         FACTORY SALES!
                   November 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18
                    December 27, 28, 29 & 30
Check with your local showroom or newspaper for more Factory Sale details

 304/2105-8238              304/2105-8233            Cookie Pan
 Cooling Grid 14.5” x 20”   Cookie Sheet 13” x 17”   304/4500 15” x 10”   $15.19
 $19.19                     $15.19                   304/4503 17” x 11”   $18.39     8” Square Cake Pan
                                                                                     304/4510 $11.19
                                                                                     9” Round Cake Pan
                                                                                     304/4507 $9.59

 304/4522 Mini Muffin         304/4521 Muffin        Quiche Pan                    304/4513 Springform
 Pan 24 Cup                   Pan 12 Cup             9” 304/4525 $15.19            Pan Glass Bottom 9”
 $21.59                       $19.19                 11” 304/4527 $18.39           $21.59
Microplane® 35000
Home Series graters
are dishwasher-safe and
feature surgical-grade
stainless steel blades
available in five unique
blade styles, clear plas-
tic frames and ergonom-
ic black handles.
                             Medium                 Fine Grater         Course Grater Extra Course
                             Ribbon Grater          For Fine grating    For Grating of Grater For
                             For grating of soft    of Citrus Zest,     Chocolate, Hard        Grating of
                             cheese, butter,        Hard Cheese,        Cheese, Coconut,       Cheddar & Other
                             chocolate, cab-        Nuts, Ginger &      Ginger & Garlic        Soft Cheeses &
                             bage & apples.         Garlic              791/35001              Vegetables
                             791/35009              791/35002           $21.99                 791/35038
        Zester with          $21.99                 $21.99                                     $21.99
        Handle For
        Grating/Zesting of                                          Grater Attachment
        Chocolate, Hard                                             Pair it with your 35000 series grater
        Cheese, Citrus                                              and turn your grater into a grinder.
        Zest, Coconut,                                              Works wonderfully on pebble-sized
        Ginger & Garlic.                                            foods like nuts or chocolate chips.
        791/40020                                                   791/35057 $5.99

                                                   Garlic Pro E-ZEE-DICE
                                                   Twenty Stainless Steel Blades Dice Garlic Perfectly in
                                                   Seconds. Garlic Pro E-ZEE-DICE cuts like a knife
                                                   maintaining the garlic's integrity. All of the natural oils
                                                   and juices are left in the garlic. A typical garlic press
                                                   crushes and purees garlic into a mash. Much of the
                                                   natural oil and juice of the garlic is left behind. A must
                                                   have for every chef or home cook. Top Rack
                                                   Dishwasher Safe. 258/GARLICPRO $19.95

Scizza Pizza Scissors created to cut
pizza without disturbing the toppings
or scratching the cooking surface. Ideal for
quiches, pastries and other foods • Heat-
resistant nylon base will not scratch cook-
ware and is led by a spatula head that
slips beneath and lifts food with
ease • Ergonomic soft-grip handles
are comfortable in either the left or right       016/74-612105 Red
hand • Hardened German stainless steel           016/74-612102 Black
blades have a 10cm cutting capacity          Reg $29.99 Sale $24.99
• Dishwasher safe
                                  Tastee Rings Burger
                                  Press Made of durable
                                  plastic that is easy to clean.
                                  Produces nicely pressed
                                  patties that firmly hold
                                  together. The circular
                                  grooves add a delicious
                                  taste to the patty by retain-
                                  ing the juices and season-       Alligator with collector.
                                  ings. FDA approved materi-       Dice vegetables with
                                  als and dishwasher safe.         ease 494/AL1079
                                  141/PBP $10.99                   $39.99
H.I. Classic Clad Cookware
Durable heavy gauge 18/10 stainless steel construction (multi-ply).
Stainless Steel outside and
inside layers. High strength
and resistance to rust. Aluminum middle
layer for excellent heat conductivity.
7 pc set 003/40320000
reg: $400.00

Saucepan 1qt 003/40315140 reg: $80.00 $60.00
Saucepan 2qt 003/40315180 reg: $100.00 $75.00

Saucepan 3qt 003/40315200 reg: $120.00 $90.00
Butter Warmer 1/2 qt 003/40310145 reg: $50.00 $37.50
Saute Casserole 5qt 003/40311280 reg: $160.00 $120.00
Saute Pan with Lid 003/40325288 reg: $190.00 $142.50                                       Gift Card
Dutch Oven 3.5qt 003/40312200 reg: $130.00 $97.50                                      with purchase of
Stock Pot 6qt 003/40313240 reg: $160.00 $120.00                                       7 pc Classic Clad Set
Wok without cover 003/40323320 reg: $140.00 $105.00
13” Wok with Cover 003/40330932 reg: $55.00 $41.25
                                                                S A V E

8” Fry Pan 003/40318205 reg: $79.99 $59.99
8” Non Stick Fry Pan 003/40318208 reg: $90.00 $67.50
10” Fry Pan 003/40318265 reg: $100.00 $75.00
10” Non Stick Fry Pan 003/40318268 reg: $120.00 $90.00
12” Fry Pan 003/40318305 reg: $120.00 $90.00
12” Non Stick Fry Pan 003/40318308 reg: $140.00 $105.00         on all Henckels

Henckels International Flatware - 45pc Sets $99.99
Made of 18/8
stainless steel.
Includes eight 5-
piece place set-
tings (Dinner Knife,
Dinner Fork,
Dinner Spoon,
Salad Fork, &
Teaspoon) & one
5-piece hostess
set (Large Serving
Spoon, Slotted
Serving Spoon,
Serving Fork,
Butter Knife, Sugar    Cottage             Rapture                    Chiaro              Venicia
Spoon)                 003/22507345        003/22555345               003/22535345        003/22550345
4pc Children’s Cutlery Sets           $18.75 per set

BINO                         GRIMS FAIRY TALES            TEDDY                      TOYS
003/07009210                 003/03010210                 003/07012210               003/07013210
                              Spiegelau's “vinovino” wine glasses are lead-free and first ever machine
                              made pulled stem wine glasses on the market. High performance glasses
                              produced using modern glass making technology. Exceptionally beautiful
                              and durable and is designed to enhance flavour and bouquet. Each shape is
                              specific to how the wine will aerate and how the bouquet will be delivered to
                              your nose. Lead free Crystal. Dishwasher safe.

                          12oz White Wine          16.25oz Red Wine          22oz Bordeaux 24 oz Burgundy
                            158/4380182               158/4380181             158/4380177    158/4380180
                            4 each/pack               4 each/pack              4 each/pack   4 each/pack
                            $39.99/pack               $39.99/pack             $39.99/pack    $39.99/pack

             3.25 oz Grappa     7.5 oz Champagne        9.25 oz Tasting          13oz Footed     19.75 oz
              158/4380185          158/4380175               Glass                 Pilsner       Brandy
               4 each/pack          4 each/pack         158/4630031S             158/407024    158/407018
               $39.99/pack         $39.99/pack            6 each/pack            6 each/pack   6 each/pack
                                                         $29.99/pack             $43.99/pack   $43.99/pack

                                                        Dishers - Great for measuring out your muffin
                                                        and cookie dough or for scooping out your
                                                        favourite ice cream! 18/8 Stainless Steel with
                                                        Color Coded Plastic Handles

                                                        016/HL12640          0.67 oz Orchid
                                                        016/57-3330          1.2 oz   Black

                          Economy                       016/57-3324
                                                                             1.75 oz Red
                                                                             1.8 oz   Yellow
                                                        016/57-3316          2.2 oz   Blue
                          9L / 9qt capacity             016/57-3312          2.9 oz   Green
  Quality                 016/57-5126
                                                        016/57-3310          3.6 oz   Ivory

                          $79            .99            016/57-3308
                                                                             4.4 oz
                                                                             4.6 oz

                     Handy Wick Chafer Fuel

                     6 hr Burn Time 392/HW03006

                     $1.69         ea or $39.99 case of 24

Thermalloy 18/10
Stainless Cookware
This collection is made of heavy
duty construction, with a 6mm
aluminum sandwiched bottom
for better heat conductivity. "Stay
cool" hollow handles.
Induction capable!
8 QT Stock Pots 016/57-23908 $49.70
2 QT Sauce Pans 016/57-24032 $27.83
7.75” Fry Pans 016/57-24048 $29.40
9.5" Fry Pans 016/57-24050 $35.00
11” Fry Pans 016/57-24051 $42.00
Many other items and sizes available.
Lids sold separately.
                          BUNN 10 Cup Coffee
                          Maker Stainless steel vacu-
                          um insulated carafe keeps
                          coffee hot without overheat-
                          ing. Unbreakable double wall
                          carafe is dishwasher safe.
                          Convenient close-and-brew
                          lid. No warmer needed.
                          017/29400.0001 $199.99
                                                                Silpat Nonstick Bake Sheets Consider SILPAT as
                          BUNN 10 Cup Coffee                    parchment paper replacement. Made in France
                          Maker White original hot
                                                                605/DE42295 13"X18" reg: $35.00 Sale: $29.99
                          water reservoir-style.
                                                                605/DE4262 18"X 26” reg: $70.00 Sale: $59.99
                          $149.99 (not shown)                                                    Aluminum Bun
                                                                                                 Pans Commercial
                            Butane Stove Great for                                               quality non stick
                               when the power goes                                               pans. Two sizes
                                out, camping, or to put                                          great for baking or
                                  with your BBQ.                                                 general cooking.
                                    132/ZA-3HP                                                   13” X 18” 172/10297

                                                                       $9.99 CQ
                                                                         .99                     15” x 21” 172/10295

                             Commercial                                                       Commercial
                               Quality                                                          Quality

Ramekins White Ceramic                    Whipped Cream                    Colour-Coded Cutting
Great for serving crème brûlée,           Dispensers                       Boards Helps prevent hazardous
molten chocolate cake, cheese                                              cross contamination of foods.
                                          Prepare light whipped
dishes, potted shrimps, soufflé or                                         Featuring a durable colour-coded
                                          cream, delicious desserts,
used to serve side garnishes and                                           cutting board system to enhance
condiments alongside an entree.           and creative
                                          sauces at the                    safe food handling. Available in Blue,
2.5 oz - 100/4038 $0.69                                                    Red, Brown, Yellow and Green.
                                          touch of a but-
4 oz - 100/4014 $0.99                                                      3 different sizes.
5 oz - 100/4009 $1.04                                                      12” x 18” x 5” $12.50
                                          1/2 Litre -
10 oz - 100/4020 $1.44                    100/3305 $89                     15” x 20” x .5” $17.43
                                          1 Litre -                        18” x 24” x .5” $22.70
                                          100/3310 $99

                                                                         072/SK-40 Santoku Paring Knife 4”
                                                                                 Reg: $45.00 Sale: $36.00

Our reputation as the World's finest knife is
based on the experiences of MAC knife owners                                    072/SK-65 Santoku Knife 6.5”
who use our knives every day. They tell us that                                    Reg: $90.00 Sale: $72.00
once they began using their MAC knives, they
could never go back to their "old" knives
1. World's Sharpest- MAC knives boasts leg-
endary razor-like edges                                                 072/SB-105 Bread/Roast Knife 10.5”
2. Effortless Slicing- MAC knives feature thin,                                 Reg: $100.00 Sale: $80.00
flexible blades which glide effortlessly through
fruits, vegetables, meats & fish.
3. Stays Sharper Longer- MAC knives have                                         072/HB-55 Paring Knife 5.5”
been hardened to 57-61 degrees Rockwell C.                                        Reg: $42.50 Sale: $34.00
4. Less Fatigue- MAC knives are light in weight,
perfectly balanced, and ergonomically designed
to reduce fatigue.                                                        072/TH-80 Dimpled Cooks Knife 8”
5. Value- No matter how expensive the knife,                                    Reg: $110.00 Sale: $88.00
there are none better than the MAC knives. Yet
our knives are reasonably priced and with proper
care and maintenance, they will provide many,
many years of exceptional service.                                             072/PKF-30 Paring Knife 3.25”
                                                                                    Reg: $65.00 Sale: $52.00
                                                                                  072/PKF-50 Paring Knife 5”
                      072/MTH-80 Chef’s Knife 10.25”                                Reg: $70.00 Sale: $56.00
                         Reg: $165.00 Sale: $132.00                                072/PKF-60 Utility Knife 6”
                                                                                    Reg: $75.00 Sale: $60.00

                                                                             072/MSK-65 Santoku Knife 6.5”
                                                                                Reg: $150.00 Sale: $120.00

                     Rollsharp Knife Sharpener                                 072/MSL-105 Slicer Knife 6.5”
                     Reg: $25.00 Sale $20.00                                    Reg: $150.00 Sale: $120.00

                                                       The unique Kapoosh™ freedom
                                                       rods allow you to mix-and-match
                                                       kitchen knives from different sets
                                                       and to store practically any utensil
                                                       easily – anywhere in the block.
                                                       Plus, the rods keep your knives
                                                       sharper by eliminating the
                                                       potential of scraping the
                                                       blades on the edges of
                                                       traditional knife block slots.
Steak Knives
Boxed Set of 4                                                                       Stainless Steel
                                                                                     Knife Block
$59.99                                                                               005/625
                                                                                     *Knives not included
                                                                                     Wood Knife
Boston                                                                               005/650
839/6705277B                                                                         $59.99
                                                                                     *Knives not included
                                                Round Casserole Available in assorted colours
                                                4L 640/KA24NC List $78.50
                                                Sale $58.88
Fajita Pan with Wooden Base                     5L 640/KA26N List $100.00
Available in assorted colours                   Sale $75.00
640/KN25 List $35.00 Sale $26.25
                                                Oval Casserole
                                                Available in assorted colours
                                                4.5L 640/KB28N List $84.00
                                                Sale $63.00
                                                7L 640/KB32N List $112.00
                                                Sale $84.00
                                                1.3L Saucepan
                                                Available in assorted colours
                                                640/KC16N List $42.00
                                                Sale $31.50
                                                1.6L Saucepan
6pc Cast Iron Cookware Set                      Available in assort-
                                                ed colours
Available in Red, Blue or Green 640/KLC-6       640/KC18 List $48.00
List $155.00 Sale $116.25                       Sale $36.00

Skillets Available in assorted colours          Mortar & Pestle
17cm 640/KE17Z List $16.00 Sale $12.00          Small 640/K-MP-S List $12 Sale $9.00
21cm 640/KE21Z List $23.50 Sale $17.63          Medium 640/K-MP-M List $16 Sale $12.00
25cm 640/KE25Z List $37.50 Sale $28.13          Large 640/K-MP-L List $22 Sale $16.50

                                            Deep Fryer Fondue Set
                                            This handy appliance doubles as an
                                            electric fondue pot and a deep fryer. To use as
                                            a fondue pot, simply snap off the lid and insert
                                            the fork guide. To use as a deep fryer, replace
                                            the lid and insert the frying basket. 6 color
                                            coded fondue forks are included. 640/ECK-50
                                            List $85.00 Sale $59.99 *Limited Quantities

                                            Raclette/Fondue Set lets you entertain with
                                            style and ease, and instead of cooking in the
                                            kitchen, you can spend your time with your
                                            guests while the food is prepared at the table.
                                            The set includes: • removable non-stick coated
                                            grill that can be used to grill meat, seafood &
                                            vegetables. • adjustable thermostat control
                                            knob & on/off indicator light • 8 non-stick coat-
                                            ed cooking pans with stay cool handles • 8
                                            heat resistant spatulas for easy release of
                                            cooked foods • stainless steel fondue pot • 6
                                            fondue forks 640/ECK-52+RACL-T1
                                            List $133.00 Sale $79.99 *Limited Quantities

                                            BONUS: Includes Extra Raclette Grill

                                                   a. Noirmont 10pc Meat Fondue       d. Fondue Plates - Set of 4
                                                   394/F66611 $79.99                  394/F66102 $24.99
                                                   b. Rabbit Wine to Go - Single      e. Bamboo Cutting Boards
                                                   Bottle                             394/SBB713 10” x 14” $24.99
                                                   394/MK6403 Charcoal $7.99          394/SBB714 11” x 18” $32.99
                                                   394/MK6406 Red $7.99               f. Red Paris Pepper Mill
                                                   c. 12 Pc Chocolate Fondue Set      394/PM19143 18cm $47.99
                                                   394/F66330 $24.99                  394/PM19921 22cm $54.99
                                                                                      Red Paris Salt Mill
                                                                                      394/PM19150 18cm $47.99
                                                                                      394/PM19938 22cm $54.99





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