Signs A Man Is Interested In You by RandyBullock

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									Signs Of Male Attraction Will Show If He Truly Likes You
You might have met a man you think is super, but have doubts about whether he likes you. The doubts can be quite strong, particularly in a girl who
doesn't know what the signs of male attraction are and is a little unsure of herself. Knowing what these signs are will soon let you know when a man
likes you.

All men are different, however when you are looking for signs that he likes you there are a few generalizations that will always be present. Some are
more obvious than others, but regardless they are pretty simple to read. One way of knowing that he is attracted to you is if he watches you when you
are reading a book or watching a movie. It means that he finds you attractive and is admiring you.

If a man speaks to you about personal matters, and wants to be protective over you, it means that he is starting to really trust you. When he picks up
the phone and calls you a few times a day, he likes talking to you and enjoys having regular contact. These signals both mean that he is attracted. By
discussing personal matters he is opening up and will only do this with someone he likes being with.

When you get introduced to the family or friends of a man, he is probably doing this to get their approval of you. It is a sure sign that he is attracted. If
he did not find you attractive, he wouldn't care about anyone he loves meeting you. This kind of attention could also mean he is looking to spend more
time with you.

Guys who are attracted to women generally tease them, talk dirty (jokingly) and call they cute nicknames. They are really nice to you, more than they
are with other people, and will find any reason for talking to you. They like to hang out with you no matter what you are doing, just to be close to you,
as this makes them happy.

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