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  June 2009

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                                                  Giving a Peaceful Future for Children
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  2008 - 2009 SUIHAA COMMITTEE                    Biographies
  President:            Roger Wescombe
                        president@suihaa.org.au   Walter Westman Lecture 2009
  Secretary:            Gwen Ng
                        secretary@suihaa.org.au   Hans Freeman, 1929-2008
  Treasurer:            Binh Pham
  Publications Officer: Margaret Horan            International House Alumna Volunteers
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  60s Representative:   Lan Wehrhahn              SUIHAA’S New Income - Generating Initiative
  70s Representative:   John Gascoigne
  80s Representative:   Joan Rowlands
  90s Representative:   Chris Tan
                                                  Piano Concerts Raise Funds for the Bo Project
  00s Representative:   Wafa Dabbas
  IHMA Representative: Michael Neely
  Member:               Graeme de Graaff
                                                  Flag Dinner
  Minute Secretary:     Julia Krattli
  Bo Project Convener: Gwen Ng
  Tribal Elder:         Joan Rowlands
                                                  News of Alumni

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2 The alumni news
Roger Wescombe President, SUIHAA

                              A summary report of the October 2008 SUIHAA Strategic Planning Workshop
                              appears elsewhere in this newsletter.      The Workshop project was led by
                              Philayrath Phongsavan, John Gascoigne and Alexandra Cordukes. It involved
                              preliminary focus groups, external convenor David Turner, and representatives
                              of IH management, current IH residents, other IH alumni and the University.

                              Since the Workshop, the International House Council, at SUIHAA’s suggestion,
                              has set up an Implementation Committee to develop formal proposals for
                              the future development of the Alumni Association.          The changes from
                              what we have at present might be small, or they might be huge.

                              The Workshop expressed an elevated view of SUIHAA’s role, seeing it as “the
                              custodian of the culture and experience of International House” and having a
                              mission to “build and foster networks” and even to “become a significant player
                              in fostering international understanding and cooperation through the global
                              extension of its works”.

                              This vision is both grand and credible. New York’s International House sets the
                              example through, among other things, its formal Non-Government-Organisation
                              status with the United Nations; our Alumni Association is already building part of
                              a children’s hospital in West Africa; and one of our current residents has won a
                              US$10,000 grant to support the victims of war crimes in the Middle East.

                              Council’s Implementation Committee has met twice and is exploring the ideas
                              developed by the Workshop. It has the tasks of understanding the Workshop
                              Report and devising a plan for incorporating its findings into Council’s plans for
                              the future of International House and its connected entities.

                              The current “connected entities” with varying degrees of autonomy, are: Council’s
                              Development and Finance Committees, the Implementation Committee, the
                              Fellows of International House, the International House Members Association
                              (IHMA), and the Alumni Association (SUIHAA).

                              In thinking about the role, work and facilities appropriate to an Alumni
                              Association, the Implementation Committee has started to consider whether it
                              should recommend the creation of a further “connected entity” in the form of
                              an “International House Foundation” to stand beside the Alumni Association. A
                              Foundation could fundraise, and by virtue of its membership and financial strength,
                              promote the objectives of International House in ways that extend beyond the
                              capacity of the Alumni Association. Or perhaps the Alumni Association should
                              be incorporated within a Foundation. At the very least, the Alumni Association
                              could share the office and clerical facilities that a Foundation would need.

                              There is a lot of thinking to be done over coming months and it will benefit from
                              the input of any alumni who wish to express views. Please send comments to
                              Gwen Ng who is a member of the Implementation Committee (PH Phongsavan
                              and I are members also). The address for comments is: Ms Gwen Ng, SUIHAA
                              Secretary, International House, 96 City Rd, Chippendale NSW 2008 Australia.

                              It gives me great pleasure to welcome a new Newsletter Editor to the SUIHAA
                              Committee. Margaret Horan is very interested in the objectives and operations
                              of International House though she has never lived there. In recognition of her
                              interest, and her willingness to undertake the huge task of editing Alumni News,
                              Margaret was made an Honorary Member of SUIHAA at the committee meeting
                              of 3 April 2009. Margaret is a former workplace colleague of mine and has
                              undertaken formal study in editing and proofreading. With confidence and great
                              gratitude I wish her a long and happy association with International House.

                                                                                                     JUNE 2009      3
  Charlene Griffiths

 I hope you will all forgive me for starting this piece with a cliché,   day trip to the Blue Mountains was organisesd by Michael Patoka
  Charlene Griffiths
 but time really does fly when you are having fun! My role as Acting     for any interested residents. About thirty five participated. Reports
 Director will come to an end in just over six weeks yet it feels like   indicated that all had a fantastic day, managing to squeeze in
 only yesterday that I started here at International House.              most of the major sights. The cost of the trip was subsidised by
                                                                         the House and IHMA, leaving the total cost to individuals of only
 It has been a remarkable eleven months. I have learnt so much           $50.
 and gathered a wealth of amazing experiences that will stay
 with me for the rest of my life. The current residents know I am        Flag Dinner: Held on the third Friday of semester, this was its
 constantly reminding them to get involved, and not to waste this        usual colourful, festive success. The gorgeous range of national
 wonderful opportunity. Well this goes as well for anyone lucky          costumes from sparkling saris to the good old shorts and thongs
 enough to find themselves working here! By understanding each           reflected the enthusiasm the residents have for this event. This
 other’s backgrounds and revelling in all those unique qualities we      year the formal dinner was followed by an IHMA Quiz and musical
 can make such a difference to the way the world works. I have           performance night. IHMA have embraced the notion of reducing
 been privileged to meet some brilliant young men and women              the amount of alcohol at various functions, and I am pleased to
 from a breathtaking variety of backgrounds who no doubt will go         report that this night was seen as a great success by all those
 on to shape global directions in their chosen fields of endeavour.      who attended.
 Working at International House has given me fresh insights into
 student life and reminded me just what energy and passion exist         IH CHESS Tournament: This lively tournament was held on the
 in students.                                                            Saturday following Flag Dinner and I was somewhat worried about
                                                                         participation levels but the residents didn’t let me down, on the
 We have had a wonderful and frenetic start to 2009. Below is a          day we had sixteen registered competitors. The competition was
 brief sample to give past residents a taste of how rich and vibrant     overseen by Michael Patoka, using our impressive new outdoor
 life is at IH in the year 2009:                                         giant chess set as well as a few other new sets purchased for the
                                                                         event. Our winner, Ben Dickinson, will go on to compete in the IH
 Orientation: IH conducted a full five day orientation program that      World Wide Online CHESS competition.
 began with a Welcome to Country speech by Redfern elder Allen
 Madden that was both informative and confronting, followed by a         Shelly Beach Snorkelling Trip and BBQ: Les Noffke, our Catering
 range of formal and informal sessions that covered all aspects of       Manager, is to be congratulated on sharing his passion for our
 life at IH. The key element to the overall success of orientation       Australian waters by leading a day trip to Shelly Beach near
 was the smaller social floor based activities. The residents of         Manly, and introducing our residents to the delights of snorkelling.
 each floor were taken out by a Senior Resident for an activity          The group was blessed with an Indian summer’s day and warm
 that was designed to focus on team building. One floor went             ocean temperatures. About twenty eight residents participated
 indoor rock climbing, another group played WII sports on the            and Les was assisted by Senior Residents Nisha D’Souza and
 large screen in the wool room and yet another floor played “speed       Raja Sukhdeo (both mad divers and first aid trained). The House
 friend making” (a twist on speed dating) at the local chocolate         supported the event entirely, providing the BBQ lunch and the
 shop. Orientation concluded with a very successful barbeque for         snorkelling equipment. The residents came back raving about the
 all residents and Calendarfest. We send a very big thank you            experience and all the sea life they encountered.
 to all those Alumni who sent Calendars in. The commencing
 residents really do appreciate this token of your interest in them.     Around the World Dinners- North America/South America: We
                                                                         have now held two - semi formal dinners, the first themed around
 International Womens Day Dinner: Was celebrated by IH                   North America and the second around South America (our plan
 on Friday 6 March. Associate Professor Mary Louise Caldwell             is to get through all the continents by the end of the year). Food
 delivered an intense video presentation on the dire condition           has been an eclectic collection of delicacies from the regions
 of maternal health care in Pakistan. The presentation sparked           and after dinner speakers have provided us with insights on the
 a very lively Q&A session on the topic. The presentation was            issues faced in these parts of the world. Todd St Vrain from the
 followed by a formal dinner and IHMA ran their first disco of the       US Studies Centre (and an Alumnus of IH New York) presented
 year on this night with a Mardi Gras theme. A big end to the first      an interesting talk on Obama’s America. And current IH resident
 week of lectures!                                                       Juan Jimenez gave an impressive presentation on life in Chile.
                                                                         The dinners are aimed at encouraging residents to embrace and
 International Movie Night: Sunday nights have become the                revel in the diversity represented at IH.
 night to stay in at IH. Michael Patoka, the Assistant Director,
 coordinates a weekly international movie evening featuring a            I hope that has given you, our Alumni, a small insight into what
 presentation about the host country, followed by a movie from that      life is like in the House in the year 2009, (perhaps even reminded
 country. An extended Q+A on the country featured usually follows        you of how wonderful it was to be a student here!). Now may
 the presentation. These evenings have proved to be a wonderful          I say to you…get involved with your International House, the
 success and have had a consistent number of approximately               opportunities presented by sharing in the life of IH are endless
 fifty residents attending. Refreshments and snacks subsidised           and remarkably rewarding. Alumni are always welcome at any or
 by the IHMA also help to woo the crowds and create a movie-             all of our events. Come and see us, or drop us an email to find
 like atmosphere with the smell of fresh popcorn wafting through         out what our upcoming events may be.
 the house. Countries hosting so far and respective movies to
 date include: Australia – Kenny, Colombia – Extreme Colombia,           I know that though this may be the end of my formal involvement
 Netherlands – Blackbook, Russia – The Admiral, USA – American           with the House, I have the suspicion that I will continue to take
 History X, South Africa – Tsotsi.                                       an active interest in its future development and certainly in the
                                                                         directions that our current residents ultimately take. It has
 Blue Mountains Day Trip: On the second weekend of semester a            become not simply a job but a way of life, thank you for the

4 The alumni news
The Bo Children’s Hospital – building to start in October!

The Bo Children’s Hospital project is a major project of the         Eighteen months ago SUIHAA members started the massive
Rotary Club of Turramurra, and SUIHAA, with the assistance           task of donating, and finding others who would donate, a
of the University’s Advancement Office, is giving the highest        total of $100,000 to build and equip an outpatients clinic
priority to supporting the project. This is the first such project   for the Hospital. So far over $45,000 of the $100,000 has
SUIHAA has engaged in during its 40 plus years of existence.         been forwarded to the University of Sydney appeal for this
                                                                     project. Another $55,000 to go! If you have been thinking
Bo is a city in the heart of Sierra Leone, one of the poorest
                                                                     of helping this dream become reality (and thereby making a
nations on earth and with an unacceptably high infant mortality
                                                                     real difference to the lives of the children of Sierra Leone),
rate. Rotary and SUIHAA, inspired by Dr Nuli Lemoh, are
                                                                     please send your donation now. The donation form can be
working to dramatically improve the health and survival rate of
                                                                     found elsewhere in this newsletter.
the children of Bo by building a hospital which will include an
outpatients’ clinic with diagnostic facilities, operating theatre    Work will start on the building of the hospital in October this
and a ward (initially with 20 beds – but later with 60) and a        year – at the beginning of the dry season in Sierra Leone. The
Health Education and Research Unit (to train nurses and              plans have already been drawn up and a building manager
paramedics, educate parents and children on nutrition and            is soon to be appointed. And the Bo Rotary Club is fully
disease prevention, and research local health issues).               involved in the planning and decision-making, as community
                                                                     “ownership “of the project is essential to its long-term

                                                                                                                        JUNE 2009      5
                        SUIHAA chapters around the world
                        UK Chapter
                        Last July Pauline Lyle-Smith held the inaugural SUIHAA Reunion in support of the Bo project at her home
                        in London (see photos on the SUIHAA website). Now Pauline has offered to host another such event – and
                        extends a warm invitation to all SUIHAA members and friends who will be in London in early July 2009.
                        Please see details in the invitation below:

                                                                                   Pauline Lyle-Smith
                                                                                    Richard Wormell
                                                                        invite you to their London home for the
                                The University of Sydney
                                                                      International House 2009 Reunion
                                                                               on Sunday 5th July 2009, 4.00pm
                                                                           6 Beltram Road, Fulham, London SW6 3AJ

                                                                                         RSVP by 26 June to:
                                                                                           020 7731 3277

                                                                        Subscription: £20 includes £10 donation to the
                                                                         Bo (Sierra Leone) Children’s Hospital Project

  USA Chapters
  Dennis Schatz and Bob Kuzelka have shown great enthusiasm          useful website called you send it, see http://www.yousendit.
  about organizing a SUIHAA reunion in support of the Bo project     com/ so they worked fine on the day.
  in the USA. However, the SUIHAA database revealed that
  SUIHAA members are scattered throughout the vast continent,        We were lucky enough to have some representatives of two
  without any sizeable concentration in a specific centre. It has    Rotary clubs in Melbourne, David Redfearn who is about to
  therefore been decided that a centralised SUIHAA Reunion           become President of the Moreland Rotary club and his wife,
  be scheduled on the weekend of 26-27 June 2010 at IH               and George Mills, who is a member of the
  Philadelphia – to coincide with the Worldwide International        Central Melbourne Sunrise Rotary, as well as chairman of a
  Houses Conference which will be held there from June 20-25         Rotary International committee.
  (with a Worldwide Alumni Event on Saturday 26 June).
  Philadelphia claims to be the original International House         Some of our attendees requested that Nuli send a more
  (certainly preceding the Rockefeller in New York), so the          detailed business plan outlining how the money gets to the
  occasion will have special significance and be a big event.        hospital committee, what is planned for each stage, and how
  The Director of IH Sydney will definitely be attending the         much each stage is anticipated to cost? Best plan might be
  Conference and is looking forward to meeting as many of our        to send this to me and I can forward to them. This would
  alumni members as possible.                                        be very helpful for them to plan precisely how they can be
  More details will be made available as soon as possible – but      most helpful in this venture. Len Harrison also suggested that
  please note the date in your diary now.                            some equipment could be sourced from the Royal Melbourne
                                                                     Hospital, but a list of what will be required to fit out the hospital
  Hong Kong Chapter                                                  would also be helpful if that could be provided.
  In November last year, the IH Development Officer made
  contact with alumni at a very successful dinner in Hong Kong       Prabhati Milton, married to John Milton (both 74-75), one
  (see photos on the SUIHAA website). Avis Wong and others in        of life’s prime movers, has offered to keep enthusiasm for
  the group are actively planning another function this year –       the Bo project going by organizing a “Taste of spice” night in
  and will (hopefully) also raise some funds for the Bo Children’s   Melbourne, so watch this space! All of you think of whom you
  Hospital. More recently, though, Avis has been distracted by       could invite!
  her wedding, which took place in April.
                                                                     Fiji Chapter
  Melbourne Chapter                                                  During the early stages of organisation of the Melbourne
  Margo Honeyman and Birute (Leveris) Don organised a very           function, it was discovered that Bronwen (Bryant) Smith was
  successful SUIHAA/Bo function in Melbourne on Sunday 3             actually working in Fiji (not Melbourne) – and very interested
  May. Many of those present made donations, one at least            in meeting other SUIHAA alumni there. The Bo Convener has
  being very large. Margo writes:                                    now put Bronwen in touch with Nehal Kapadia – and a meeting
                                                                     for coffee will soon take place.
  John Webb spoke eloquently about India and Australia-India
  relations, I attempted to speak to Nuli’s slides and Alison        Western NSW Chapter
  Lemoh was fantastic to answer questions and provide points         Last year, when the University of Sydney organised a function
  of accuracy on them. We renewed old friendships, ate lots of       in Dubbo, Chris Owens contacted SUIHAA alumni living in the
  scones, jam and cream, and Birute Don took photos. John            region and hosted the first meeting of SUIHAA’s Western NSW
  had previously sent me his slides, all 38mb of them on a very      Chapter. Another similar gathering is currently being planned.

6 The alumni news
Bo Sydney chapter events                                                         The film was introduced by the producer/photographer, Michael
The Sydney group has held, and is planning, a series of social                   Dillon AM, one of Australia’s leading Cameramen/Directors
events designed to give alumni from different eras the chance                    of Adventure and Expedition Documentaries, a Fellow of the
to get together, as well as have the opportunity to hear and ask                 Royal Geographical Society and the Director of the Himalayan
more about the Bo project and (hopefully) decide to contribute                   Foundation. After the screening, Mike answered questions
to it. Functions which have already taken place include:                         from the audience, then everyone enjoyed home-made cakes
                                                                                 and coffee.
Lane Cove Walk
In November 2008 we held a walk along the Lane Cove                              The film was fascinating and thought provoking – and very
River in Sydney, followed by lunch at the home of Ruth and                       relevant to the Bo Hospital Project. It was hearing an interview
John Maltby. We set off early in the morning – theoretically                     on radio about Sir Edmund Hillary’s work with the Sherpas that
to avoid over-exposure to sun but in fact to encounter cool                      inspired Nuli Lemoh to begin his own journey - towards the
rainy conditions. A fast group set off first, walking at speed                   building of a children’s hospital in Bo, Sierra Leone.
and finishing at a coffee shop before lunch. The more
                                                                                    Sierra Leonean family
leisurely group wandered along, chatting, and made it back in                         Mr Chernor Bah and
comfortable time for lunch.                                                          his daughters Nawal,
                                                                                          Mabinty, Khadija
                                                                                                and Aisha
The walk was a great success socially. About 50 people
participated and many donated to the Bo appeal as well as
paying an entry fee.

                                                                                            Ros Madden,
                                                                                             Mike Dillon,
                                                                                           George Rosier,
                                                                                             Nuli Lemoh

   Among the ‘leisurely walkers’ were John Friend, Lan Wehrhahn, Craig Collie,    Members of Turramurra
    Gwen Ng, Sara Friend, Richard Madden, Margaret Lemoh and Richard Ng.                          Rotary

“Beyond Everest: The Ongoing Climb”
This award-winning film documents Sir Edmund Hillary’s fifty-
year relationship with the Sherpa people of Nepal. After the
first ascent of Everest in 1953, Hillary asked some of his
Sherpa friends what he could do to help them. They asked
for a school for their children. This request started Hillary on
a life-long project to provide education, health care and other
assistance to the Sherpas.

                                                                          Trivia Night
                                               Trivia Quiz                    Games                   Auction

                      Date:        Friday 4 September 2009          Chatswood Golf Club
                      Time:        7.30pm                           Beaconsfield Road, Chatswood.
                                                           Entry:   $20 per person
                                   Food and drinks available from the club
             Information and bookings: HYPERLINK “mail to: Bo@suihaa.org.au” or 0403 97 22 60
                                 Tables of 6-8                           Form a table                 Bring family and friends

                                                                Great prizes to be won!

                                           Hope to see you at one of these events!!
                                      Best wishes from the Bo SUIHAA Sydney chapter:
            Ros (Wood) Madden, Gwen (Burrows) Ng, George Rosier, Genny (Ferguson) Kang, Liz and Percy Wong,
         Robyn (Walker) Bradley, Rashi Kalra, Ruth Maltby, Rosemary Williams, Anne (Seale) Gotsis, Graeme de Graaff.

                  If you would like more information about SUIHAA’s work on Bo, or about forthcoming events,
                                                please e-mail Bo@suihaa.org.au

                                                                                                                                    JUNE 2009       7
NULI                RADIO

Roger Wescombe       The campaign for a children’s hospital in Bo, Sierra Leone has expanded to the
                     airwaves. On 4 May 2009 Nuli Lemoh (’67) was a guest on the ABC Radio Life
                     Matters program hosted by Richard Aedy. Alumni with access to the internet
                     can hear the broadcast by accessing www.abc.net.au/rn/lifematters.

                     Nuli proved himself a radio natural. In a polished performance he painted
                     a picture of the Bo of his childhood, of his departure from Bo to take up a
                     scholarship to study medicine at the University of Sydney, of his subsequent
                     marriage to fellow IH resident Margaret Bromley, of his career as a paediatrician,
                     and of the inspiration to get a children’s hospital in his native town.

                     After his father had died in the 1950s, Nuli, then a primary school student,
                     earned his school fees by gardening for his primary school principal. His
                     scholarship to Australia depended on his success in writing an essay on why he
                     wanted to study in Australia. He said that early in his candidature for a medical
                     degree very few students wanted to sit next to him. He attributed much of his
                     successful adaption to Australia to the advice and support he received from his
                     counsellor, Yvonne Chamberlain.

                     Nuli met his fellow IH resident, Margaret in 1967 in a Christian discussion group,
                     and that was that. Well, almost, anyway. There was opposition to the mixed
                     race marriage from both Margaret’s and Nuli’s family, but it could not prevent
                     the result that we now all celebrate.

                     Nuli described the problems with children’s health services which he encountered
                     on the family’s return to Bo in the 1980s, problems which were partly answered
                     by some aid from Canada. And then his and Margaret’s decision to return with
                     their children to Australia in 1990 as the civil war grew worse and worse and
                     Nuli reached the stage of having gone five years without a holiday.

                     As Nuli told the story, the current campaign arose from his being inspired by Sir
                     Edmund Hillary’s achievement in building schools and hospitals in Nepal, and
                     his realisation that he should and could do something similar in Sierra Leone.
                     Rotary, friends and SUIHAA are the ones helping him to do it.

                     It’s a great story and Nuli is telling it to audiences throughout Sydney, and now,
                     the world.

8 The alumni news
Promoting                                                      Fellowship - IHWW Conference, 2009
Charlene Griffiths (Acting Director, IH)

                      International Houses Sydney and Wollongong            Houses, IH Sydney has started utilising the IHWW
                      played host to the International Houses'              framework to instigate sporting games between
                      World Wide Conference (IHWWC) from 12-                IH Wollongong and IH Sydney, participate in the
                      14 January, 2009. The Vice-Chancellor Dr              IHWW chess championship in addition to engaging
                      Michael Spence opened the event.                      Wollongong’s leadership team to support training
                                                                            and motivation of our Senior Residents.
                      About twenty delegates attended the IHWWC
                      including house directors and senior staff            The other benefits included professional
                      from New York, London, Philadelphia, Chicago,         development of staff involved as well as the
                      Alberta, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Auckland.           networking opportunities to seek advice from
                                                                            people dealing with similar issues, managing
                      The IHWW Conferences are held every eighteen          business within the structure of the values of
                      months and allow the house directors and key          International House.
                      staff the opportunity to discuss a range of issues
                      affecting campus residential communities.             The overall response from delegates was that
                                                                            they strongly agreed that the conference was
                      This year International House conducted a week-       beneficial for their professional development,
                      long program that had a particular emphasis           that it was extremely well organised and reached
                      on alumni relations and creating world's best         their expectations.
                      standard for residents.
                                                                            Of all the activities, the Harbour Cruise was a
                      The conference enabled International House            significantly popular activity and received rave
                      to raise its profile both with the University         reviews. Another feature of the conference which
                      of Sydney, with our IHWW counterparts in              delegates enjoyed was their trip to the Nan Tien
                      addition to local alumni and students of other        Temple in Wollongong and the opening of the
                      Houses.      Through networking with other            “Postcards from the globe” at IH Wollongong.

                     Some of the 20 delegates on tour
                                  of Sydney University
                                                      From left to right:
                                    Clive Brock-Director, IH Auckland,
                                  Bill McCartney-Director, IH Chicago,
                                                   Alison Hemsley and
                              Lindsay Oades-Directors IH Wollongong,
                                Donald Cuneo-President IH New York,
                          Simone Jeffers Director of Development and
                             Tanya Steinberg–Director IH Philadelphia,
                                  Jane Munro-Director IH Melbourne,
                             Denise North-Chair of Council IH Sydney,
                          Nancy Hanneman-Director Global Education,
                                                  University of Alberta,
                                 Carla Tromans -Director IH Brisbane,
                                    Peter Anwyl-Director, ISH London.

                                                                                                                 JUNE 2009     9
   Bjørnar Snann Lassen

                     is the title of the project I decided to write a proposal about, now four months ago. It all
                     started in October last year when Alexandra Cordukes at the IH office had a presentation
                     of the Davis 100 Projects for Peace provided by the Davis Foundation. At this presentation
                     Alexandra told the audience that the foundation had never received any proposals from
                     students at IH Sydney, and she urged us all to think creatively and submit some proposals.

                     So I started working on the proposal during my                  The project proposal in itself is two fold: to
                     summer vacation in Norway, and submitted                        establish an educational centre for disabled
                     my proposal to the IH office in mid January.                    children, and to establish a kiosk/small
                     After an assessment at IH Sydney the office                     shop for a family having their only income
                     picked two proposals, one of them being mine,                   generating person injured and disabled by war
                     and forwarded the proposals to the Davis                        crimes. The purpose of the kiosk is to give
                     Foundation. Two months later they contacted                     economic security for the family, but by also
                     me with the happy news, that I was one of the                   providing economical sustainability for the
                     lucky students to receive the funding.                          educational centre. The centre and the kiosk
                                                                                     will be established around the southern part
                     The Davis Projects for Peace is now in its third                of Lebanon in areas where there is a lot of
                     year, and is an initiative for all students at the              undetonated cluster bombs, where injuries
                     Davis United World College Scholars Program                     are frequent, and where there is a strong
                     schools and residents at International House                    need for reconciliation and peace building.
                     world wide with the objective to encourage                      The educational centre will serve the disabled
                     and support peace building. The initiative                      children in the district (Caza) of Bint Jbeil with
                     is for students to unfold their creative ideas                  a mixture of workshops and activities once a
                     and implement them through a peace project                      week. The weekly meetings will be for 10-14
                     anywhere in the world during the months                         disabled children in the age group of 10-15
                     from June to August. In a competition with 90                   years of both sexes. Here they will disconnect
                     campuses, 100 projects will be selected for                     from any stress and trauma that they might be
                     funding at $10,000 each.                                        experiencing by participating in fun activities.

                                   Johnny Han-Wei Chang (left) and Bjornar Snann Lassen

10 The alumni news
Through these activities, such as painting,        jointly with Yazbeck, start making connections
dancing and writing the children will express      with these key stakeholders in the municipality,
themselves about their hopes, ambitions and        and assemble community members to run
dreams.                                            the centre, including economists who can
                                                   help with the business financial management
The program will go over five weeks, and start     plan. Also we will be initiating agreements with
over again with a new group of children for        vendors and finding a suitable location for the
a new five weeks, and so the program will          project, and most importantly finding a family
continue. The family will play an important role   to run the kiosk.
in the educational centre by directly helping to
execute the workshops and activities. We will      The project will leave a very positive impact for
help the family to establish the kiosk, make       the people involved. The children will generate
connections and contracts with vendors, and        a better ability for self-expression of emotions.
eventually hand over the kiosk for the family      They will be more confident and active in the
to run on their own. We will also help them to     local community and develop skills in self-
budget and teach them how to manage the            dependence, and allow them to reach their full
economy of the business.                           potential. This centre will provide a safe place
                                                   for the children to come and communicate and
To help me on this project is a Lebanese           to get information. We believe that this centre
student also studying at the University of         will provide a psychological wellbeing for the
Sydney. Nathalie Bou Karam and I have              children and give them a positive self-image,
established contact with the International         allowing them to lead more peaceful lives.
Labor Organization (ILO) in South Lebanon          In an area where more than ninety percent
Program Coordinator, and the ILO Vocational        of all buildings were demolished by the war,
Rehabilitation program assistant for South         where the majority of the inhabitants cannot
Lebanon, Tania Yazbeck. Tania is our focal         find jobs due to their limited knowledge and
point in our collaboration with ILO. Ms Yazbeck    capacity, and where individual families do not
is from South Lebanon and is working as a          have capital to rebuild their businesses that
national disabled specialist. Another person       were destroyed, the kiosk will give hope where
who has been involved in the project helping       hope is needed. ILO register that people are
with the budgeting is Johnny Han-Wei Chang,        searching for someone who can guide and
my friend and roommate at International            help them to be economically independent,
House.                                             and this kiosk will be a great start for them to
                                                   enter the market. Hopefully, establishing this
Our project will be implemented in July 2009       shop will start a chain reaction where one job
in the district of Bint Jbeil. According to        generates another occupation, rebuilding the
Yazbeck this area is the most damaged area         local community towards peace.
after the last war, as well it is the area where
she has the best knowledge and where the           If this goes well we hope to be able to
implementation of our peace project will have      establish more of these kiosks and centers
the biggest impact. Also ILO has contact with      if we can receive funding for them. First of all
a larger number of people with disabilities        we are trying to establish one more kiosk to
and persons that could help us to establish        make the educational center more viable in
the educational centre and the kiosk, such         terms of economics. Then we could proceed
as the head of the municipality and other key      to establish more kiosks and centers.
stakeholders. If we get the funding, we will,

                                                                                         JUNE 2009     11
                             100 Projects for Peace

   Charlene Griffiths        We are very happy to announce that an International House resident, Bjørnar Lassen and fellow
 (Acting Director, IH)       University of Sydney student Nathalie Bou Karam are the first students of the University to successfully
                             apply for a grant from the IH (New York)-affiliated, Davis Foundation’s 100 Projects for Peace. Bjørnar
                             is an international student from Norway who is doing his Masters of Engineering and in his second
                             semester at IH.

                             100 Projects for Peace is an initiative set up by the Davis Foundation that invites all International
                             House students world wide, and students at the Davis United World College Scholars Program
                             schools, to design projects for peace anywhere in the world, which they will personally implement.
                             Every year the 100 best and most doable projects receive $10,000 funding to implement the projects
                             in June/July. The objective is to encourage and support motivated students to create and tryout their
                             own ideas for building peace.

                             Yearly, a total of one million dollars is made available for the Davis projects for peace by Kathryn
                             Wasserman Davis, a well-established and accomplished philanthropist and internationalist. The
                             project was started in 2007 on the occasion of her one-hundredth birthday, designed to support the
                             marvellous ideas students have. Due to the overwhelming success in 2007 she has continued the
                             project in 2008 and 2009.

                             Throughout second semester 2008 the 100 Projects for Peace initiative was broadly promoted at IH
                             to inspire residents to come up with innovative ideas to submit to the Davis Foundation. It was the
                             promotion at IH that gave Bjørnar the idea of participating in the project.

                             Bjørnar has been fascinated with Lebanese culture, language and people for many years and thus
                             decided to investigate whether there would be a feasible project in this geographical region. By
                             contacting various NGOs such as UNICEF he was able to make valuable connections such as Tania
                             Yazbeck from the International Labor Organization in South Lebanon, who assisted him in organizing
                             the project.

                             The actual aim of the project is to aide people in the southern region of Lebanon Bint Jbeil, where
                             there are large quantities of undetonated cluster bombs, which frequently detonate and harm the
                             residents. The project is therefore designed to help disabled children as well as a family whose
                             income earner has been impaired by the bombs.

                             Bjørnar and his colleague Nathalie will be travelling to Lebanon this July for three and a half weeks in
                             order to implement the project they have worked so hard on. Bjørnar states he is extremely excited
                             about finally realizing the project but is also anxious and slightly nervous about the sights he will be
                             confronted with in the war struck region.

                                                                               In the coming weeks leading to Bjørnar and Nathalie’s
                                                                               departure they have countless preparations to take
                                                                               care of. They would therefore much appreciate any
                                                                               help they can get to help them execute their vision.
                                                                               Any students or alumni who are interested in being
                                                                               part of this phenomenal project can get involved by
                                                                               contributing ideas for workshops or other activities.
                                                                               Furthermore, they are looking for people to help
                                                                               them build more, and stronger, connections with
                                                                               people in the region to help them prepare the
                                                                               project. Financial help to assist them expand on
                                                                               their ideas would be much appreciated.

   Bjornar Snann Lassen and Nathalie Bou Karam

12 The alumni news
More on Davis Projects for Peace:
Can you help with this project?

                                                                        Bjørnar and Nathalie have worked closely with
                                                                        contacts in Lebanon to ensure their efforts meet
                                                                        the needs of the affected community.

                                                                        They will both head to Lebanon in July this year
                                                                        to begin the implementation of the project.

                                                                        IH Acting Director Charlene Griffiths says the
                                                                        project is a great opportunity but a few more
                                                                        obstacles need to be overcome.

                                                                        “The Davis Projects for Peace grant is a fantastic
                                                                        endorsement to a really important project,” she
Richard Warwick    After successfully securing a grant as part of the   “But the whole IH community needs to get
     IH Resident   Davis Foundations Projects for Peace, current        behind Bjørnar so we can really ensure the
                   International House student Bjørnar Lassen is        project makes a difference.”
                   looking for more assistance to implement his
                   peace project for South Lebanon.                     While busily preparing and developing their
                                                                        project here at Sydney, Bjørnar and Nathalie are
                   Bjørnar and fellow student Nathalie Bou Koram,       also trying to attract more funding to give the
                   both aged 22, are the first University of Sydney     initiative every chance to succeed.
                   students to successfully obtain a grant from the
                   Davis Foundation, which grants funding to 100        “I’m really looking forward to implementing this
                   student-run peace projects across the world          plan… to do something I really care about, it will
                   each year.                                           be a great opportunity,” said Bjørnar.

                   Bjørnar and Nathalie’s project is to be based        “It’s vital that we address the street-level
                   in the South Lebanon district of Bint Jbeil, one     ramifications of armed conflicts and I think
                   of the most heavily affected areas in the 2006       through this project people of IH can really give
                   Israel/Lebanon conflict.                             back to the international community and make
                                                                        a difference.
                   The project consists of developing an income
                   generating kiosk for a family that has had their     “Hopefully we can raise enough funds to do it
                   source of income destroyed by the conflict and       right.”
                   establishing an educational centre for children
                   that will serve those disabled and traumatised       Bjørnar is being assisted by other IH residents,
                   by the conflict and the resultant danger of          drawing on their interests and expertise to
                   unexploded cluster bombs in the local area.          develop and organise the project.

                   The proceeds from the kiosk will also be used        If you would like to see the ways you can help
                   to sustain the ongoing costs of the educational      Bjørnar and the implementation of his Davis
                   centre.                                              Foundation Peace Project please contact IH or
                                                                        email Bjørnar at bonvivon_lassen@hotmail.com
                   Bjørnar says both locations will play an important
                   role in the welfare of the affected community.

                   “In an area where more than ninety percent of
                   all buildings were demolished by the war and
                   where most people cannot find jobs due to their
                   limited knowledge and capacity, and where
                   individual families do not have capital to rebuild
                   their businesses… the kiosk will give hope where
                   hope is needed,” said Bjørnar.

                   “We believe the educational centre will help
                   the psychological wellbeing of the children and
                   reinforce a positive self-image, allowing them to    Bint Jbeil – Dahnoun
                   lead more peaceful lives.”

                                                                                                              JUNE 2009      13

                                           Gwen Ng

   A festive mood prevailed                                  The Calendarfest committee supporting Functions Officer, Karen Rowe-Nurse: (L to R)
                                                             Lan Wehrhahn, Wafa Dabbas, Roger Wescombe, Julia Krattli, Richard Ng, Gwen Ng

                              SUIHAA introduces itself to new first-semester residents of IH at an occasion known
                              as Calendarfest. This tradition was established in 1998 by Toshiko Mori and every
                              year since then alumni members from all over the world have sent calendars for the
                              new residents as a gesture of friendship and welcome “across the years and seas”.

                              Again this year SUIHAA members sent more than enough calendars for all the new
                              arrivals – and the SUIHAA committee would like to thank everyone for their support
                              and generosity. A letter explaining the significance of the Calendarfest tradition,
                              and giving the name, years at IH and email contact of the donor, was inserted into
                              each calendar so that the recipient could send a note of thanks – and maybe even
                              establish a new friendship.

                              This year Calendarfest was held on Sunday evening at the end of the IH Orientation
                              week. The calendars were displayed on tables and racks in the Coffee Shop.
                              After the SUIHAA committee joined the residents for a superb barbecue in the IH
                              courtyard everyone gathered in the Coffee Shop where Roger Wescombe (SUIHAA
                              President) explained what Calendarfest was all about and the students selected their
                              calendars. The calendars made a beautiful display and the residents appeared to
                              really appreciate not only the gift of a calendar to decorate their rooms, but also the
                              sentiment and good wishes which accompanied the gift.

                              Karen Rowe-Nurse is to be congratulated on assembling the calendars so

14 The alumni news
25 OCTOBER 2008

            he workshop achieved its general objective of carrying out a SWOT (Strengths,
            Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of SUIHAA, putting forward
            elements of a mission and vision statement and reaffirming its values.
       These activities were the subject of vigorous discussion, to which all participants
       contributed. There was insufficient time to examine the pathway to the vision in
       great detail, however some key goals were identified as needing to be achieved by

       The workshop findings are summarised below. In each section there was consensus
       on two or three key points, but the wide range ideas that were put forward
       demonstrated that participants had thought deeply about the issues at hand.

       The meeting was clear that SUIHAA’s mission was to build and foster networks in
       keeping with its role as the custodian of the culture and experience of International
       House. The vision went further, with the proposal that SUIHAA become a significant
       player in fostering international understanding and cooperation through the global
       extension of its networks. It was also recognised that this area of endeavour is
       becoming more competitive and that SUIHAA would need to develop a recognisable
       brand identity to gain attention. In order to proceed down this path, a number of
       immediate goals were identified: growing the database, conducting further research
       on members’ needs and wants, overhauling the existing website and establishing
       a new electronic portal as part of the University’s forthcoming Encompass project,
       due to go live in August 2009. Close liaison with the University’s Alumni Relations
       Office was seen as essential for achieving this important goal.

       Although the ‘big picture’ emerged very clearly, there was insufficient time to
       consider a number of other issues:
       •	 SUIHAA’s	funding,	which	was	identified	as	a	weakness	
       •	 Retaining	experienced	Committee	members,	whose	retirement	was	seen	as	a	
          loss to the organisation, and rewarding them for their contributions
       •	 Recruiting	younger	alumni	to	the	SUIHAA	Committee	
       •	 Developing	programs	to	improve	intergenerational	communication	
       •	 The	proposed	expansion	of	International	House,	which	was	identified	as	a	major	
          opportunity for SUIHAA.

       SUIHAA is to be congratulated for its innovative approach to its strategic future,
       however further work is now required. Next steps should include:
       •	 Drafting	 updated	 mission,	 vision	 and	 values	 statements,	 consistent	 with	 the	
          goals of the workshop for consideration and adoption by members
       •	 Giving	more	detailed	consideration	to	the	goals	and	timelines	required	to	achieve	
          the proposed vision
       •	 Giving	 consideration	 to	 the	 issues	 that	 were	 not	 addressed	 in	 detail	 at	 the	
       •	 Preparing	 individual	 action	 plans	 for	 gathering	 further	 research,	 growing	 the	
          database, overhauling the current website and liaising with the ARO in establishing
          the Encompass portal.
       •	 Prioritising	these	action	plans.	

       David Turner (Workshop Facilitator) & John Gascoigne (SUIHAA committee

                                                                                                     JUNE 2009   15
                                                                   Commitment and passion are just two qualities that were
                                                                   shown by six competing IH Sydney residents over the weekend
                                                                   of 2 and 3 May in the Wilderness Society’s annual Wild
                                                                   Endurance Event. The idea was brought to IH by the Assistant
                                                                   Director, Michael Patoka who was looking for a team-based
                                                                   physical and charity fundraising challenge to put to the 2009
                                                                   IH residents.

                                                                   The weekend consisted of a one hundred kilometre hike
                                                                   along a gruelling track in the Blue Mountains. With another
                                                                   six residents (including one former IH resident currently living
                                                                   in the Blue Mountains) acting as support crew – the IH team
                                                                   exceeded all expectations and completed the event in an
                                                                   outstanding time of thirty hours and thirty minutes.

                                                                   Training for the event, which was open to all residents, included
                                                                   walks through the Royal, Lane Cove, Kuring-gai Chase and
                                                                   Sydney Harbour National Parks and of course in the Blue
   The six competitors (photographed above from left to
   right just before the race began on Saturday morning            During the event itself the competitors were blessed with
   at 8am) were:                                                   perfect weather conditions. As the rain poured down in Sydney,
                                                                   the Mountains had clear skies, allowing the wonderful moon
   Michael Neely: ‘I am a Civil Engineering student with           and stars to shine bright as the residents walked through the
   a wide range of interests - everything from bridges to          night towards the finish line in Katoomba.
   bulldozers. I enjoy new experiences and challenges, and
   appreciate the importance of preserving our remaining           The team climbed onto cliffs, under waterfalls, through rivers
   pristine environments. Participating in Wild Endurance in       and around mountain gorges. The race started in Megalong
   support of The Wilderness Society is a chance to satisfy        Valley where they climbed up onto Narrowneck Ridge, then
   these predilections, and I am glad for the opportunity to       continued under the magnificent Katoomba cliffs and around
   share this with a close group of fellow International House     the Three Sisters. On through the Jamison Valley, around the
   residents.’                                                     Anderson and Ingar fire trails, returning to Katoomba via Leura
                                                                   and Echo Point to finish at Katoomba Oval.
   Michael Patoka: ‘I am 29 years old and the current
   Assistant Director at IH – a live-in role.        I saw this    In order to complete such an amazing feat, the team of
   challenge as twofold: to involve the students in a charitable   endurance walkers relied greatly (and gratefully) on the efforts
   fundraiser and as a means of pushing the students’ mental       of their support crew. This team was made up of current IH
   and physical boundaries.’                                       students, including: Alexandra, Charlie, Marta, Michelle and
   Alison Theriot: ‘I am a 24 year old postgraduate student,       Antonia, and Jacob, a former IH student. The support crew
   pursuing a Master's of Science in Design Science at the         worked tirelessly throughout the day and night to provide the
   Faculty of Architecture. My focus in the Design Science         walkers with hot food, a comfortable place to rest, well needed
   program is in the areas of Sustainable Design and               bandages and well earned massages for aching legs! Most
   Illumination Design. I am an advocate for the environment       importantly, they provided wonderful encouragement and
   and thus have chosen a career path oriented around              moral support and were well known amongst the organisers as
   the built environment in order to promote sustainable           the best support crew in the race.
   development, fight climate change, and abate further
   environmental degradation.’                                     With the event described as “one of the most difficult events
                                                                   on the continent” the IH team crossed the finish line on Sunday
   David Buckley: ‘I'm a 27 year old postgraduate student          afternoon to huge applause from support crew, fellow residents,
   pursuing a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, with       the Acting Director and families, and were greeted with cakes
   a stream in Geographic Information Systems. I love nature       and a cleansing ale to celebrate the mighty occasion.
   and wildlife and expect the Wild Endurance walk to be a
   great and personally challenging experience.’                   This will truly be remembered by all residents involved, both
                                                                   competing, supporting, and assisting with fundraising.
   Andrew Hilliar: ‘I am a 20 year old Medical Science
   student, hoping to study Medicine in the future. I ran the      The competitors do still have their fundraising pages open for
   Marathon last year, and wanted a new physical challenge         contributions, and you can show your support to the house
   to be a part of. I love nature and spend lots of time in the    and competitors by donating to the Wilderness Society at the
   bush – so am keen on doing my bit for the environment.’         following link:
   Patric Horne: ‘I am 24 years old and I have a passion           For more information on the event, the cause or residents
   for the outdoors, sporting activities, natural sciences and     involved, and to make donations, you can visit the Wild
   rocks; and thus am busy with my Masters in Geology,             Endurance event home page at (team IH1): http://www.
   Geophysics and Ore evaluation. I have always cared for the      wildendurance.org.au/
   environment and strongly believe sustainable development
   should be implemented in a more effective and efficient         Or email Michael Patoka – the Assistant Director who organised
   way as to assure a greener future for our planet.’              the event for IH Sydney: m.patoka@usyd.edu.au

16 The alumni news
                                      From left to right:
                       Andrew Hilliar, Michael Patoka,
                       Michael Neely & David Buckley
                      all enjoying a cleansing ale after
                             crossing the finishing line.

                                                            The team getting food, massages and
                                                            general rest from the support crew,
                                                            in checkpoint 1 – 26 kilometres into
                                                            the event.

                                                                       The support crew preparing dinner before the
                                                                        walkers arrive (spaghetti bolognese) at 9 pm
                                                                          in checkpoint two. At the time the walkers
                                                                          commented on the delicious food, though
                                                                       they had been walking for over twelve hours!

                A great photo of the sun setting on the
                          cliffs of the Blue Mountains.

 Support crew Michelle and Antonia provide
 massages for Andrew & Michael after dinner
 at checkpoint two.
                                                                                                                              Checkpoint three at 7am. Walkers keeping
                                                                                                                              warm and rested in the early cold hours of the
                                                                                                                              morning after walking through the night – only
                                                                                                                              19 kilometres to go in sunlight. Some very tired
                                                                                                                              bodies and faces – finding the energy and
                                                                                                                              courage to carry out the final leg.

                                                                                                                       Team huddle before the race began.

The walkers, having just climbed up from
 Megalong Valley onto Narrowneck Ridge
    – a very hard, long climb, stopped to
   take a snap of how they were feeling.

                                                                                                                                                            JUNE 2009      17
   Dhati Subramanyam

   I began calling International House in the March of 2008, when
   I moved to Sydney to pursue a Double Masters degree at the
   Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Sydney. In
   Semester 2, I was invited by the faculty, as part of my Master
   of International Business course requirements, to apply for
   the IBUS Special Project. The International Business Special
   Project is an elite course carried out during summer and winter
   school, for a period of two weeks. Sydney University makes
   use of its global academic ties and its links with industry
   across the world to organize a student consulting project with
   some of its high-achieving postgraduates, for mutual benefits
   of the company and the students. For instance, in the summer
   of 2008, a dozen students travelled to Bangalore, India to
   interact with faculty from the Indian Institute of Management,
   Bangalore while consulting for an IT company. Similarly, in the   At the very heart of this trip was the consulting project we were
   2008 winter school, a group of students went to France for        undertaking. On the very first day, we arrived at the offices of
   a project in the wine industry, while liaising with the London    Symantec, the world’s leading anti-virus software developer,
   Business School.                                                  owning the majority of the market with its various ‘Norton
   With the help of SUIHAA, I was able to accompany 12 of my         Anti-Virus’ offerings for businesses and homes. After signing
   fellow postgraduates to the Silicon Valley, California for the    non-disclosure agreements, thirteen students were divided
   Special Business Project, in December 2008. In the course of      into three groups and each given one prospective business
   two weeks we stayed at the NASA Research Centre and the           plan from the Symantec Advanced Concepts unit, which deals
   Stanford Guest House while attending lectures at Carnegie         with new ideas stemming from internal research. Our mandate
   Mellon West and the Stanford Business School, the mecca of        – to come up with viable go-to-market plans for each of the
   graduate business education.                                      nascent ideas. We were presented to by top management –
                                                                     Mark Bregman, the Chief Technology Officer; Joe Pasqua, the
   Dhati Subramanyam in the Silicon Valley                           Vice President of Research; Art Wong, the Vice President of
                                                                     New Business Investments and others, who metaphorically
                                                                     popped the hood of Symantec and explained to us its history,
                                                                     strategy and inner workings in great detail, better equipping us
                                                                     for the task that lay before us. The next twelve days were filled
                                                                     with the lectures, talks, working lunches and company visits.
                                                                     We were addressed by entrepreneurs, visiting academics,
                                                                     venture capitalists and authors from the Bay area and IT-
                                                                     hotspot suburbs of Palo Alto and Mountain View. We also
                                                                     had the amazing opportunity to visit and tour the facilities of
                                                                     industry-leading companies such as Cisco, Google and Ideo,
                                                                     and interact with their management to better understand
                                                                     issues of innovation, entrepreneurship and strategic growth.

                                                                     All the while, outside of our 8 am to 8 pm schedule, we
                                                                     were also working on the projects that had been assigned
                                                                     to us, researching, brain-storming and ideating. The course
                                                                     structure for the Special Business Project, after all, is one of
                                                                     problem-based learning. Here, one is faced with a problem,
                                                                     the solution to which is subjective and open to interpretation
                                                                     and all other inputs are supporting, helping us approach the
                                                                     issue from new perspectives, and aiding us by giving us ways
                                                                     of thinking rather than solutions.

                                                                     I have to say, this one unit of study taught me more in two
                                                                     weeks than most other units did in one entire semester.
                                                                     Hearing about concepts like marketing or finance from people
                                                                     within industry who have grown their own businesses from
                                                                     scratch to multi-million dollar revenues and visiting the head
                                                                     offices of some of the most influential IT companies in the
                                                                     world was the kind of real world learning that the classroom
                                                                     just cannot replicate. Being in the Silicon Valley alone, driving
                                                                     down streets with the head offices of firms like Apple, IBM,
                                                                     Yahoo! and Microsoft down every sidewalk was breathtaking.
                                                                     Thank you SUIHAA, for helping me on my way. Without this
                                                                     experience, I would not be who I am today.

18 The alumni news
Biography of Chris Tan
Chris Tan (‘98-‘02) was born in Taipei, Taiwan and moved to Perth in 1989. After seven
years in Western Australia, he moved to Sydney in 1996.
Chris lived in International House from 1998 to 2002, during which time he successfully
completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Information Systems) as well as a Master of
Commerce (Finance and Marketing). Chris was appointed one of three senior residents
during 2000 and 2002.
Chris has further embraced a lifelong learning spirit by completing a Master of Business
Administration (Executive) from the AGSM after moving out of IH. Despite a busy life in
work and school, he has never stopped supporting his favourite AFL team, West Coast
Eagles. He also enjoys travelling when the opportunity arises. He has recently visited
the South Island of New Zealand and Seoul, South Korea.
In February this year, he married Masami Tominaga (IH 2001) in Sydney and they have
since bought a place in Killara. Furthermore, they are expecting a baby boy in July.

Biography of Wafa Dabbas
Wafa Dabbas is a member of the 2009 elected SUIHAA committee. She serves as the
00s representative. During 2008, she showed enthusiasm, commitment, and was an
active member.
Wafa stayed at International House between 1999 and 2002, after she changed the
course of her career during senior years, and became a student at the University of
Sydney. The House was her first home away from Jordan, her country of origin. Her
stay at the House has deepened her international understanding, and has helped her
develop a better awareness of people’s cultural differences.
Previously, she served in various roles at Ministry of Planning and International
Cooperation, and Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Jordan. She represented
these organisations in several international courses in countries such as the United
States, Sweden and Japan.
Wafa Dabbas holds a BSc and MSc in Civil Engineering from Jordan and England
respectively, and is a member of the Institute of Engineers Australia (IEAust). She has
also submitted her PhD thesis to the University of Sydney. She is fluent in Arabic and
loves trying her French. Travelling is one of her favourite leisure activities, and home
decorating is among other activities that she enjoys.

Biography of Karen Rowe-Nurse
Karen Rowe-Nurse lived in International House whilst studying law in 1980 and1981.
She shared a room with Denise North, (currently Chair IH Council), for the two years
they both lived in the House. After having decided that she did not want to be a lawyer,
Karen completed a BA at Wollongong University and set off to see the world, travelling
to Europe in 1985-1986. She did what every Aussie in London does when backpacking
- worked in pubs in the West end of London between bouts of travelling. After returning
to Sydney she undertook a Graduate Diploma in Librarianship and put her legal skills to
work by working as a law librarian in various law firms in the city.
In 1988 she married Gordon Nurse and in 1991 had their first son Stuart. Three other
boys followed: Cameron in 1993, Declan in 1995 and Liam in 1998. After Cameron's
birth Karen worked as a part-time law librarian at the University of New South Wales,
going back to fulltime work in 2005. She is currently the Law Librarian at the University
of Notre Dame Australia (developing the law collection) and a part-time researcher /
librarian at the NSW Institute of Psychiatry. She is the Registrar for the Sydney University
Swim Club, a committee member of SUIHAA and involved in various other activities
with her kids including Scouts and School P & Cs.

                                                                               JUNE 2009       19

                               Following the successful inaugural Walter Westman lecture in
                               September last year delivered by Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds, Head,
                               Policy Analysis and Projectures Branch of the Commonwealth
                               Government’s Department of Climate Change, the next Walter
                               Westman lecture at IH will be given by John Connor (date yet to
                               be confirmed). John graduated as a lawyer and early in his career
                               worked in the field of environmental law. He has since used his
                               expertise in a variety of posts: as a researcher for Peter McDonald
                               (the State Independent Member for Manly), with the Nature
                               Conservation Council of New South Wales and (in 1999) the
                               Australian Conservation Foundation. In this last post he developed
                               links with the farming sector in addressing problems such as the
                               links between salinity and climate change which he was later to
                               build on when he became Chief Executive Officer of the Climate
                               Institute of Australia in 2007, a position he still holds. Prior to taking
                 John Connor   up this role, John was the co-convenor of the Make Poverty History
                               campaign for World Vision.

                               The Climate Institute of Australia is a think tank which was established
                               in 2005 and is supported by private donation. As the name suggests
                               its mission is to undertake research on climate-related issues and to
                               raise awareness of how such problems might best be addressed. Its
                               board is drawn from those with expertise in agriculture, science and
                               business and it has undertaken such projects as modelling the cost
                               of delaying action on climate issues and the degree of community
                               awareness of such problems. Particularly of late John has been in
                               demand as a media commentator.

                               SUIHAA are grateful to John for agreeing to deliver the second
                               Walter Westman lecture which commemorates the work of the
                               former resident who lived in IH in its foundation year of 1967 and
                               was a recipient of SUIHAA’s Alumni Achievement Award. After
                               postgraduate work in botany and ecology, Walter went on to hold
                               posts in Washington (including advisor to Senator Muskie) and
                               positions in ecology at the University of Queensland and University
                               of California (Los Angeles). Walter passed away in 1991.

                               By John Gascoigne

20 The alumni news

                   Readers of the SUIHAA Newsletter probably also receive the SU Alumni
                   Magazine in which they will have read of the death of Professor Emeritus
                   Hans Freeman, with its record of his long and significant scientific
                   career. There were several other obituaries written at the time of his
                   death. That in the Sydney Morning Herald on December 5 began:
                   ‘HANS FREEMAN was in the front rank of Australian scientists, an
                   inspirational teacher, meticulous and innovative researcher and
                   ceaseless campaigner for science in Australia.
                   ‘Focusing his research on the application of structural methods to
                   biological problems, he pioneered methods that continue to have a
                   big impact on scientific endeavour. He established the field of protein
                   crystallography in Australia and his team at Sydney University was the
                   first to determine the structure of a protein…
                   …‘And he was, at times, absent-minded. When colleague Mitchell
                   Guss arrived at the appointed time to collect Freeman for their visit to
                   Hamburg, the professor had gone swimming at Camp Cove, locked his
    Hans Freeman   keys in the house and had to borrow a neighbour’s ladder. He went to
                   the wrong airport lounge and didn’t hear the boarding announcement.
                   The pair made the flight because it was delayed. Then he nearly missed
                   the connection in Frankfurt because he needed a camera battery. Yet
                   his whole life was about learning and he learned from this, carefully
                   planning future journeys.
                   ‘Hans Charles Freeman, who has died at 79, was born in Breslau,
                   Germany. In 1938, his father Karl, a successful businessman, had a
                   tip-off from a member of the Nazi Party. Karl, his wife Lotte and their
                   children, Hans and Eva, left for Australia...’

                   It was a different sort of ‘chemistry’ which bound International House
                   and Hans Freeman. As an alumnus of IH in the USA he had joined with
                   Betty Battle, a Lecturer in Social Work, and other IH alumni on Sydney
                   University Campus to work for the establishment of a House in Sydney.
                   Hans’ sister Eva, a student of Betty Battle’s, was also involved – a
                   piece of history which I discovered only last year on meeting Eva for the
                   first time when she came from her home in London for Hans’ funeral.
                   We met outside the packed Great Hall after the wonderful academic
                   farewell to her brother. Before flying out the next afternoon she joined
                   us at the IH Fellow’s lunch at the House. It was her first visit to the
                   place which she had helped to build over forty years previously and of
                   which she had heard so much from Hans.
                   In 1967, when the House was a reality and it was time for the Provisional
                   Board of Management to morph into the International House Council,
                   the Senate appointed Hans Freeman. There he stayed for over thirty
                   years. And there, using his extraordinary intelligence and understanding,
                   he patiently, courteously, tirelessly, firmly and generously cared for
                   International House. He served on the House and Finance Committee
                   and he was a distinguished Chair of the Council.
                   Hans’s vision of International House was of what it could yet become.
                   Of all the Councilors who looked after the House during my time, he
                   was almost alone in being prepared to challenge a Director’s view or
                   proposal. His good-will could never be doubted, but true academic that
                   he was, he expected to be convinced of the wisdom of an action or a
                   policy. His respect for and friendship of a person were not reason for
                   quiet acquiescence. How I appreciated his being there!
                   From that original Council, there are only two of us left. Not seeing
                   Han’s gentle smile when I now visit the House gives me a sad moment.
                   I remember the very strange thing he said at the House Dinner on his
                   appointment as a Fellow of IH: ‘If I could share this award I would want
                   to do so with Graeme de Graaff’. I came over the years to realise that
                   what he meant was that he knew how much we had in common in what
                   we wanted for International House and its people.

                   Graeme de Graaff
                   28 April 2009

                                                                                               JUNE 2009   21

                                                                      Photo from left to right:
                                                                      Thandi Mkhatshwa, Daniela Cohen, Lydia Ngomane,
                                                                      Constance Rahlane, Lou Manzo, Linky Matsie.
                                                                      Front: Briget Ganske, Bongekile Mhlanga.

                                                                      Photo by Tracey Luszcz.

                                                                      Cohen, who did a one-year Student Exchange in Sydney in
                                                                      1999 while completing her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
                                                                      and English Literature, has always been interested in building
                                                                      bridges between different cultures. Living in International
                                                                      House that year allowed her to form lifelong friendships
                                                                      with people from all over the world, and remains one of her
                                                                      richest experiences. Subsequently, she became an English
   International House alumna Daniela Cohen (’99) has almost          as a Second Language teacher and has now taught ESL to
   completed a year-long term as Senior Editor and NPO Manager        international students and immigrants for seven years in both
   with Amazwi, a start-up South African non-profit organization      Canada and France. The opportunity with Amazwi presented
   focused on empowering rural women through narrative                her with an especially meaningful chance to forge friendships
   journalism.                                                        across the racial divides she had known growing up in
                                                                      apartheid South Africa. “The most important thing for me this
   Based in the rural community of Acornhoek, Amazwi’s                year was to be able to genuinely connect with the journalists,
   media education and development programs are focused               to gain the trust of these very special women, and an insight
   on empowerment, education and preservation. Amazwi aims            into a community I never could have had living as I did in a
   to empower rural African women to tell their stories through       segregated society.”
   journalism training and publishing (and thereby preserving) the
   stories of their community in the Amazwi Villager newspaper,       Daniela has been documenting her experience of returning to
   as well as its online component. Started as a quarterly            her homeland in a monthly online column titled “Homeward
   student newspaper in 2007, the Villager has developed into         Bound” for the Canadian Immigrant magazine.
   an important monthly publication containing news relevant
   to local rural communities and distributed in Acornhoek,           “One aspect that I was excited to work with this year was
   Thulamahashe, the Oaks and Hoedspruit.                             my writing. The column was a perfect way to ensure I wrote
                                                                      regularly as well as getting me to reflect on and somewhat
   In 2007 the Amazwi School of Media Arts (SOMA) trained             work through the complex experiences I was having.”
   fifteen unemployed Sotho and Shangaan women between the
   ages of 22 and 34 as narrative print journalists with a focus      Daniela is also interested in pursuing a career in international
   on South African cultural, social and rural issues. This year,     development, and felt her position with Amazwi would give
   five SOMA graduates are participating in a full-time journalism    her practical experience on the ground. She feels she has
   internship with the Villager newspaper.                            learned a lot this year, and is eager to continue to work on
   Since January 2008 Daniela has been mentoring the journalists      projects which enhance the quality of life of people both in
   through the process of editing their stories for publication, as   South Africa and worldwide.
   well as managing the organization’s fundraising and marketing
   projects. She is very grateful to have had the experience of       To learn more about Daniela Cohen, visit her blog located at
   volunteering with Amazwi for the year.                             http://southafricanvoices.wordpress.com You can also read her
                                                                      column at: http://www.canadianimmigrant.ca/onlineexclusives/
   “I left South Africa with my family when I was in high school,     features/archive?catName=Online+Exclusives%2fFeatures&
   and always wanted to go back and do something to make a            PageNumber=3
   difference there. In 2007 I went back to South Africa to visit     Please also see Amazwi’s website at www.amazwi.org for
   my family and also did some touring around. It was the first       more information on Amazwi.
   time since I was a child that I had the opportunity to see         Contact: Daniela Cohen, Amazwi, daniela@amazwi.org,
   more of the country and was blown away by its beauty. After        +27.72.771.2597
   that, I started actively searching for a long-term volunteer
   opportunity in South Africa. I was drawn to Amazwi’s principles    If you would like to cover Daniela’s story and her work with
   of empowerment, education and preservation, which I strongly       Amazwi, please contact Daniela via email –or- Amazwi’s
   endorse, and was glad when I discovered its location near the      founder, Maggie Messitt, (maggie@amazwi.org) to set up any
   Blyde River Canyon. It seemed a perfect fit.”                      interviews. Photographs are available per your request.

22 The alumni news
KEITH SUTER, FELLOW OF                                                                                  HOUSE

Roger Wescombe

             Keith Suter, Roger Wescombe,
            Denise North, Charlene Griffiths,
                          Graeme de Graaff

                                                       n 22 November 2008 Keith Suter became a Fellow of International
                                                       House. His Fellowship recognizes the exceptional quality of his
                                                       contribution to International House over the whole period of its
                                                existence and the exceptional abilities that equip him to be an outstanding
                                                contributor to its intellectual and cultural life into the future.
                                                Though Keith’s full-time employment has normally been outside university
                                                departments, he has earned not one, but two doctorates, and is currently
                                                working on a third. He has lived in, and contributed to the life of, most
                                                University of Sydney Colleges.
                                                His learning is in areas that are of central interest to International House
                                                as a centre for the generation of international understanding. His first
                                                doctorate was on the international law of guerrilla warfare, and his second
                                                on the economic and social consequences of the arms race. His current
                                                doctoral research is on the effectiveness of the Uniting Church.
                                                His extra-curricular interests are likewise of relevance to International
                                                House. He is one of the 100 members of the prestigious think-tank,
                                                The Club of Rome, an honour he shares with such notables as Mikhail
                                                Gorbachev, Bill Gates, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter. He has an exceptional
                                                knowledge and understanding of international affairs in the areas of
                                                politics, law and business.
                                                He is a highly-regarded radio (2GB) and television (Channel 7 ‘Sunrise’)
                                                commentator on international affairs with regular appearances in both
                                                media. He has given innumerable addresses to Uniting Church and
                                                community organisation audiences and is on the professional speakers
                                                His appointments have included:
                                                •	Chairperson,	International	Humanitarian	Law	Committee	of	Australian	
                                                  Red Cross
                                                •	Chairperson,	International	Commission	of	Jurists	(NSW)
                                                •	Director	of	Studies,	International	Law	Association	(Australian	Branch)
                                                •	Variously,	State	and	National	President	of	United	Nations	Association
                                                •	President,	Centre	for	Peace	and	Conflict	Studies,	University	of	Sydney
                                                •	Consultant	on	Social	Policy	at	the	Wesley	Mission
                                                He was awarded the Australian Government’s Peace Medal in 1986.
                                                He was Rostrum’s “Communicator of the Year” in 1995. He received
                                                a Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship in 1997. He has written a number of
                                                books on international affairs.

                                                                                                                           JUNE 2009   23
           NEW INCOME

   Roger Wescombe          o pursue effectively its objectives SUIHAA       ACN offers a wide range of products including
                           needs an ongoing source of income. It            fixed lines for homes and businesses, mobile
                           receives income as each new member joins,        voice, as well as mobile broadband, which
                      and an occasional donation from a member who          provides wireless high-speed internet access.
                      perceives its needs. But these will be insufficient   For further information about the ACN product
                      sources of income in the long term. There are         portfolio, visit www.acnaustralia.com.au.
                      major disadvantages in imposing an annual or
                      occasional fee on members: the sheer cost in          SUIHAA is excited about this initiative and
                      time and resources for the organisation and its       your support can assist. Should you have any
                      members, of a system of annual or occasional          queries, please contact suihaa@optusnet.com.
                      fees, would mean a great deal of waste and
                                                                            au. Please note, however, that if you sign
                      possibly the loss of thousands of members.
                                                                            up with ACN your contract will be with ACN,
                                                                            not with SUIHAA or International House.
                      The SUIHAA Committee has decided to take
                                                                            Please satisfy yourself in advance that the
                      an entrepreneurial approach to the matter by
                      becoming an agent of the telecommunications           offered ACN contract suits your needs. But
                      services provider, ACN Australia.                     if it does, and you become an ACN customer,
                                                                            you can be confident that some benefit will
                      From June 2009, Australia-based SUIHAA                accrue to SUIHAA. One member of the SUIHAA
                      members, families and friends will be able to         committee is an employee of ACN. Neither I,
                      sign up to a range of ACN telecommunications          nor to the best of my knowledge and belief, any
                      products through SUIHAA. A small fraction of the      other member of the SUIHAA committee, has
                      revenue from the sale of such services will be        any pecuniary interest in ACN.
                      passed, by ACN to SUIHAA.

    Three Things …       Karen Rowe-Nurse
     Three things you didn’t know about IH:
     1. IH owns a small Rembrandt, currently resting in the archives of SU.
     2. Steamed iceberg lettuce was served as a vegetable in the early 1980s.
     3. Residents started wearing their pyjamas as a protest against the early (6am) house photos in 1981.

    Upcoming Functions
    Foundation Day Lunch & Address                            Speaker and date to be confirmed
    Stargazing at the Cabin & BBQ                             16 August
    Bo Fundraiser Trivia Night                                4 September
    Walter Westman Lecture                                    17 September (Subject to confirmation)
    Spring Back to Sydney Alumni reunion open day             31 October
    SUIHAA AGM & Lunch                                        29 November

   New Video on IH

    The Director and Residents are impressed with the new publicity video for International House.
    Hosted by the photogenic Dhati Subramanyam and featuring many current residents, it is a cheerful,
    entertaining romp around the House. Alumni with access to the internet can find it at http://www.usyd.
    edu.au/internationalhouse by using the “IH Videos” button.

24 The alumni news
Coming to SUIHAA in June 2009!
You can sign up your home, business, mobile and wireless broadband services through SUIHAA and receive
a range of competitive offers. Hereunder, the ACN advertising

 Sign up ACN services NOW!
 1. You can download the full product catalogue and Customer Authorisation Form (CAF) from www.suihaa.org.au.
 2. Visit www.acnaustralia.com.au for service terms, conditions and network coverage.
 3. Fax the completed CAF to +61 2 9476 2633 or email a scanned copy to suihaa@optusnet.com.au.

                                                                                                         JUNE 2009   25
   PIANO CONCERTS RAISES                                                                  FOR THE BO PROJECT

                                                                                  n December 20th, 2008 some fifty people, including
                                                                                  several alumni braved the pre-Christmas traffic on the
                                                                                  freeway from Sydney to Newcastle to come and hear
                                                                            Tonya Lemoh play a memorable concert a t the Stuart and Sons
                                                                            Piano Factory.
                                                                            Tonya,daughter of IH alumni Nuli and Margaret Lemoh, graduated
                                                                            from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 1996. After gaining
                                                                            her Masters in Music at Cincinnatti , USA, she moved to Denmark
                                                                            where she currently lives and performs as a solo and chamber
                                                                            She was in Australia to spend Christmas with her family and
                                                                            offered to give a performance in aid of the Bo Children's Hospital
                                                                            Project. Wayne Stuart, designer and manufacturer of the unique
                                                                            Stuart and Sons piano, generously offered
                                                                            the use of one of these magnificent instruments in the intimate
                                                                            atmosphere of the piano factory studio.
                                                L to R:   Thanks to a number of innovations this Australian-designed piano has a distinctive
                                    Adele Swain (’67),
                                      Rosalind Lemoh,
                                                          clear and resonant tone, together with a wider range of notes than standard
                           Margaret Lemoh (’67-‘68),      pianos.
                                     Nuli Lemoh (’67),
                                 Pianist Tonya Lemoh,     The audience on this occasion had an exciting and unique experience. Tonya’s
                          Christabel Wescombe (’75).      selection of works by Bach, Brahms, Debussy ,Ginastera and Australian composers,
                                                          Miriam Hyde, Margaret Sutherland and Elena Kats-Chernin had a wide-ranging
                                                          appeal. With this instrument she brought a fresh dimension to familiar composers
                                                          and an intriguing encounter with contemporary music.
                                                          Our own Elena Kats-Chernin’s work,“Variations in a Serious Black Dress”, was
                                                          a highlight, engaging the ear and the eye with its adventurous chords and the
                                                          use at times of elbows and forearms to play the notes! The designer of the piano
                                                          commented that he had never heard some of the harmonics the piano yielded
                                                          during the performance.
                                                          A bonus to the programme was the sumptuous afternoon tea provided, along with
                                                          the opportunity to explore the factory workshop.
                                                          Two days later Tonya performed the same programme at the Fox Valley Community
                                                          Church Activities Centre in Wahroonga, Sydney. This time the piano was a standard
                                                          piano, but the concert was just as enjoyable. The two concerts resulted in $5000
                                                          for the project, a most heartening result.

   Looking Back...
   Wafa Dabbas has fond memories
   of the Flag Dinner of 2000, when
   she was a resident of IH doing her
   PhD. Wafa likes this photo because
   of its vibrant colours and because of
   the wide ranging representation of

     Alfa CHASANAH, INDONESIA (’88-’90, ’96-’01)
                 Wafa DABBAS, AUSTRALIA (’99-’02)
      Ekaterini LYMBEROPOULOU, GREECE (’97-’01)
           Mariana PREGNOLATTO, BRAZIL (’99-’00)
                 Miriam TAVERNIERS, BELGIUM (’00)
          Michelle CHALMERS, AUSTRALIA (’99-’02)
       Nilukshi NANAYAKKARA, AUSTRALIA (’00-’04)
 Hanne Cecilie HOELFELDT-LUND, NORWAY (’00-’01)
                     Anna McADAM, AUSTRALIA (’00)
              Gina Chin-Chin KUO, TAIWAN (’99-’02)

26 The alumni news

The International House Alumni Award for Achievement is an award of the Council of International
House to recognise an alumnus who has made a significant contribution to society. The award is
a ceremonial pin. Previous winners of the Award include: Brian Farmer, Walter Westman, Virginia
Teodosio, John Webb, Nicolas Stuart, Anne Walker, Alina Wojcik.
The selection committee must take account of the extent of each nominee’s contribution to society
and may also take account of:

•	 The	contribution	of	the	achievement	to	international,	intercultural	or	interracial
   understanding and friendship;
•	 The	extent	to	which	a	nominee	has	been	unrecognized	or	under-recognized		
   for the achievement;
•	 Any	other	matter	which	the	selection	committee	considers	relevant	to	the	selection	
   of an appropriate awardee.

The selection committee comprises the President of SUIHAA, the Secretary of SUIHAA and a member
of SUIHAA elected by the SUIHAA Committee. The deliberations of the selection committee are
confidential and may be conveyed only to the Council of International House. Nominations may be
made on a nomination form downloaded from the SUIHAA website or by using the information set out
below. Nominations for the 2009 award should reach International House by 30 June 2009.


   1.    Full name and address of nominee
   2.    Full name of nominee while staying at International House
   3.    Course undertaken by nominee while resident at International House
   4.    Year(s) nominee was resident at International House
   5.    Details of the nominee’s achievement
   6.    When was the achievement (explain short and long term effects)?
   7.    Where was the achievement and where will its benefits be felt?
   8.    By what does the nominee appear to have been motivated?
   9.    Was the activity of the nominee performed on a voluntary basis or as
         part of his/her employment?
   10.   How was the achievement accomplished—what techniques were used,
         organisations involved, media enlisted or innovations used?
   11.   Attach any substantiating or illustrative material
   12.   Full name and address of nominator
   13.   How long and in what capacity have you known the nominee?
   14.   Names of supporting referees (if any)
   15.   Signature of nominator

   Please mark the envelope containing the nomination “Private and Confidential” and address it to:

   SUIHAA Alumni Award Committee,
   International House
   96 City Rd, Chippendale
   NSW 2008, Australia

                                                                                              JUNE 2009   27

                     Nop Seniwongse (’67-’70) receiving           in Germany. Pauline has been leading
                     the Best Paper Award on Construction         the way in London with activities in
                     at the 2008 American Society of Civil        support of the Bo project.     Alumni
                     Engineers - AEI Conference, held in          attending included Adrian Buzo, Gwen
                     Denver, Colorado.                            & Richard Ng, Denise North, Rosemary
                                                                  Williams, Hasan and George Rosier.

                     Dr Victor Valdez (‘69) of the Philippines
                     was the recent recipient of the 2008
                     Outstanding Professional of the Year         (L to R) Val Hazlewood, Karl & Lan Wehrhahn, Pauline Lyle-Smith
                     Award in the Field of Dentistry. The
                     award was presented to Dr Valdez in a
                     ceremony in Manila. This is the highest
                     award bestowed by the Professional
                     Regulation      Commission     upon     a
                     professional as recommended by his
                     peers for having amply demonstrated
                     professional competence of the
                     highest degree and having contributed
                     significantly to the advancement of his

                     Victor is now retired but active still as
                     a consultant to the Philippine Dental
                     Association. His wife Lagring is still
                     practising as a dentist and says she will
                     do so until 90! Victor’s son Magno is a      (L to R) Val Hazlewood, Marion Weiss, Lan Wehrhahn, Pauline Lyle-Smith
                     specialist urologist.

                     The award was reported in the journal
                     'Timek' which is the 'Official Publication
                     of the Provincial Government of La
                     Union' a province in northern Luzon in
                     the Philippines.

                     Pauline Lyle-Smith (’69) made one
                     of her occasional visits to Sydney in
                     May and was the guest of Lan and
                     Karl Wehrhahn at their home for a
                     large reunion with fellow alumni on
                     Saturday 2 May. The gathering also
                     celebrated the visit of Marion Weiss
                     (’67-’68) who has lived for many years       (L to R) John Gascoigne, Graeme de Graaff, Joan Rowlands

28 The alumni news
Julia Krattli (‘99-‘01) is enjoying         Hazel Smith (Dr) Agriculture (‘87-‘90)                   hands to us when we were in difficulty
living in Sydney and teaching maths to      writes that after years off the IH radar,                (moving out of a flat to a new flat, going
teenagers at a small school in the south    and the last ten living in the UK, she is                to the airport picking up a friend from
of Sydney. She is finding her new role      planning to move back to Australia with                  I’sia or leaving A’lia for good, and so on).
of Year 7 Adviser challenging but also      her two daughters (10 and 13) and new                    He used to work for United Nations as a
very rewarding. Earlier in the year Julia   husband in 2010.                                         car driver that provided and distributed
travelled to Peru, Bolivia and Patagonia    Asruddin Barori Tou (’82 – ’86) wrote                    aids to Indonesian people especially in
and is already planning her next trip. In   to advise his change of address and                      the eastern part of Indonesia.”
what remains of her spare time Julia        then became engaged in an exchange
enjoys playing floorball (innebandy/        of e-mails with Roger Wescombe and                       Asruddin was impressed to learn that
salebandy)- the latest Swedish indoor       Graeme de Graaff. Asruddin did his Ph.D                  Graeme and Lauris still ride their bikes.
hockey craze to hit Sydney!                 at Macquarie Uni from 1992 to 1996                       And Asruddin’s children? “I have a son,
                                            when, he remembers fondly, students                      a year-nine student to go to an upper
An announcement from the Washington         from Indonesia had an “Indonesian                        secondary school, and a daughter,
State Pacific Science Centre about our      hero”: Roger Dadd, a North Ryde                          a year-six student to go to a lower
alumnus Dennis Schatz (’69-’70): It's       resident. “He would always give helping                  secondary school.”
becoming routine around Pacific Science
Center - every few years we report that
Dennis Schatz, Senior Vice President        Christopher Moore (’74-‘76) hosted a splendid musical event at his home on
for Strategic Programs, is being            Saturday 4 April. It was to raise funds for the Bo project. During his time as
honoured once again. Last Saturday,         SUIHAA President, Christopher had given his wholehearted support to the project
Dennis received the Faraday Science         and is continuing that support by a series of musical events utilising his own Stuart
Communicator        Award,    presented     piano. The April event included some items by Christopher himself, and other items
annually by the National Science            by several of his gifted piano students.
Teachers Association. This award
recognizes and honors an individual
or organization that has inspired the
public's interest in and appreciation of
science. Dennis joins an elite group of
highly prestigious honorees: last year's
winner was the PBS series NOVA, and in
2007 the award was presented to NPR
Science Correspondent Ira Flatow. Go to
www.pacsci.org/dennisschatz/ to read
a recent article in the Pacific Science
Center eNewsletter that gives a more
complete story about Dennis and this        Christopher Moore with some of his talented piano students   Christopher and Nuli, comrades in arms for the Bo project

                                                                                          This is a picture of 6 alumni from 5 different
                                                                                          counties meeting up in Antigua Guatemala's
                                                                                          Central Parc for New Years celebrations on 1
                                                                                          January 2009, 12.01 AM.
                                                                                          “Best wishes for 2009 and may IH continue
                                                                                          to bind us all, especially now that one of us is
                                                                                          returning to Sydney!”

                                                                                          Guatemala photo from left to right:
                                                                                          Hector Barrera, Mexico City, Mexico (IH 2003-05)
                                                                                          Masa Crnjakovic, Zagreb, Croatia (IH 2003-04)
                                                                                          Marten Dresen, Rotterdam, Netherlands (IH 2004)
                                                                                          Noel Bakhtian, Palo Alto, CA, United States (IH 2003)
                                                                                          Mile Stefanac, Toronto, Canada (IH 2003-2006)
                                                                                          Fadua Musalem, Monterrey, Mexico (IH 2003)

                                                                                                                                            JUNE 2009       29
                       MEMBER FEEDBACK                                                                                                   TO: SUIHAA, International House
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PRIVACY ASSURANCE: The information you provide on this form is collected by the University of Sydney to maintain contact and keep you up-to-date
with information about the University, its services, events and achievements. It may be passed on to groups affiliated with the University, such as alumni
organisations and foundations (local and overseas), SU Sport and residential colleges. Your name may be published in the annual honour roll. If you wish
to remain anonymous or do not wish to receive information, please contact Advancement Services (fax 8627 8819, or email alumni@vcc.usyd.edu.au).
The University abides by the “NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act".

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