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									The Impact of Skin Tags On Our Well Being & Health?
You should only remove your skin tags once you understand what a skin tag really is. On this page
you will learn about causes a skin tag to grow and the different types of treatments for the removal
of skin tags.

What Is A Skin Tag?

Skin tags are small growths of the skin or a tumor that develops on normal skin. Skin Tags are
attached to the skin by a thin tissue called peduncles or stalks. The thickness of a skin tag is
generally no larger than a few millimeters.

                                              Skin Tag Nevus

Skin tags are medically known to us as “arochordons”. Skin Tags are usually harmless and non
malignant. They appear without noticeable symptoms as well. Skin tags can also be very large and
almost unbearable to live with.

                                          Large Skin Tag Nevus 1
Where skin tags are generally found on the body

Skin tags are commonly found on the armpits, neck, eyelids, under the breasts, groin or genital
areas and under skin folds where frequent abrasion or rubbing takes place.

Some people are more prone to suffer from skin tags. Researchers attribute skin tag growth in
some people due to several factors. Obesity seems to play a chief factor as skin tags are
commonly found in obese folks. This is due largely to the extreme skin folds they have. Pregnant
women are also prone to skin tags probably due to the same reasons. It is also prevalent in older
people. Reports show that skin tag occurrence could be passed down from generation to
generation. Women have a tendency to have a higher propensity to develop unsightly skin tags.

Should I worry about My Skin Tags?

Skin Tags are benign and do not have an unfavorable impact on the health of the individual, you
may wish to ignore them. However, in some cases, the sufferer could have numerous skin tags in
colossal numbers. They can be aesthetically undesirable and affect the overall appearance and
self esteem of the person. Some people develop clusters of tightly spaced skin tags dangling in
obvious visible body parts like the eye lids and neck? Few people can accept nor bear their
existence in such circumstances.
These poor sufferers can easily lose confidence in their physical appearances plus in woman
jewelry can get tangled around them and cause immeasurable discomfort. A lot of scratches or
skin friction takes place and can be quite irritating and painful. For some people skin tags can
interfere with their daily activities or just about any physical activity.

How to Remove My Skin Tags

Skin tag removal is obviously necessary for those who suffer from the above symptoms. What are
the best methods of going about removing my skin tag?

In summary, there are several broadly accepted methods of removing your skin tags. You can
freeze the tag and stalk by Cryotherapy, burning off the skin tags by a process called cauterization,
or stopping the blood supply to each skin tag by fastening the peduncle and letting them die off in
weeks. Some people just tie a string around the stalk and wait for it to die and fall of. The skin tags
can also be surgically cut off with scissors or a scalpel at the dermatologist’s clinic. This procedure
can be expensive and painful and the skin tag can grow back with months of the removal.

Finally, there are effective all natural methods such as NoNevus Skin Tag and Skin Mole Removal
treatment. Below you will learn about this amazing, natural, pain free method
of removing your skin tags in just days or your money back.

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Mole Removal Letter (04-02-2008)

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