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Do It Yourself Colon Cleanse


									Can You Lose Weight by Colon Cleansing?
Right. You really want to know the answer and you hope it is not YOU. Colon cleansing sounds awful and either new age or just plain nasty. That is,
unless you have had experience with it in recent years or know someone who has. Maybe you have been tuning in to which celebrity is using colon
cleansing for weight-loss and what products and methods they have been using. Then you know it should be a relatively "cool" or acceptable

Are bowel movements enough to clear the colon? Not for most people. In our Western society we have a lot of environmental contaminants that can
build up inside our bodies and we tend to eat a lot of junk food or fast food with insufficient fiber. Most of us are actually working with bodies that are
partially dehydrated all of the time. We do not drink enough water to keep our systems flushed out or to keep our intestines healthy. Maybe that is part
of the reason Colon cancer is the second major cause of cancer deaths in the United States.

There are two basic approaches to colon cleansing. One way to accomplish the cleansing task is to go to a spa or a clinic where a Hydrotherapist
Colonic Cleansing professional will help you through the process so you do not accidentally damage your intestines. The more natural alternative
follows the same path that digestion does. You eat or drink a colon cleansing product and it works all the way through your digestive system to clean
out excess wastes and toxins.

Who needs a colon cleanse? Whoever wants to feel better and strengthen their immune system or lose weight. Excess wastes form a hardened
plaque like substance that is not flushed out with routine bowel movements. Cleansing will help your body eliminate toxins that have accumulated over

A potentially serious concern is that some people use laxatives for colon cleansing and that throws your electrolyte balance off. If you have serious
health conditions it is a good idea to talk with your healthcare provider before proceeding with a colon cleanse. If you do a colon cleanse, be sure to
take some simple precautions. Use natural products. Plan ahead. Read the labels. An improper colon cleansing can increase your risk of dehydration.
Some people will opt for other Colon Cleansing Products.

Many products and recipes are effective. There are a few things that you should look for. For one thing, look for is natural ingredients. Read the
reviews. Avoid anything that claims to be a cure-all for every health ailment. Avoid products that are entirely synthetic and full of ingredients you do not

Since colon cleansing can help prevent colon cancer, colon cleansing is an emerging health trend and do it yourself colon cleansing is often chosen.
Some people advise cleansing your colon once a year or more often. Colon cancer does not recognize your education or your bank account. It does
make a difference what you have eaten and what toxins you have been exposed to during your lifetime. Did you realize that some toxins remain
lodged in our intestines for 5 years or more?

All of the recent celebrity publicity has brought positive attention to colon cleansing. That is a good step towards better health. Perhaps we will
eventually see less colon cancer.

About the Author
Colon Cleansing is more important now than ever before. You want an expert like Donnie Boots guiding you with good information about the best
colon cleaning products and methods available.


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