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Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers by RandyBullock


									Create More Closet Space with Huggable Hangers
The design or lack thereof of most basic closets does nothing to help organize your clothes. Your wardrobe ends up in total mayhem with everything
mixed together. Who can find anything in such a muddle? Clothes hangers are part of the problem. They are so bulky that they take up lots of valuable
space. Some hangers don't grab the clothes well and they just slide off onto the floor. The worst case scenario is when a hanger actually damages or
creases your clothes. Space Saving Huggable Hangers will solve all of these problems.

The next step is to buy a set of Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers to maximize the space you have just freed up. If your out of season clothes are
stashed away for lack of space in your closet, go ahead and put them back in your closet. These space saving hangers will free up so much space in
your closet that you will have room for these clothes and more. Using Huggable Hangers will give you 30-50% more space in your closet.

Clothes Hangers generally take up too much space in your closet due to their thickness and bulk. A Huggable Hanger is very different from your
average clothes hanger. They are about a third as thick as plastic hangers making them extremely thin and in turn they give you a lot of extra space to
hang more clothes.

These space saving hangers can accommodate several articles of clothes. You can hang your pants or skirts on the lower section of the hanger and
shirts on the upper section. This is a great way to match things you wear together often and will save you time matching your clothes when you are
rushed to get to work in the morning. Huggable Hanger clips, link up to five hangers together to make a cascading hanger. This utilizes vertical space
and saves you a lot of horizontal space in your closet.

Huggable Hangers are not only attractive but the soft, velvety fabric that covers them is practical as well. The fabric actually "hugs" your clothes so that
they won't slide off, hence the name Huggable Hangers. They most delicate of garments like lingerie can be hung on these hangers and will stay put.

For a small price, Huggable Hangers will double or triple the storage space of your closet giving it a completely redone look and feel. You'll have the
extra space you need for all your clothes, they will be organized for easy access and your whole closet will look uniform, tidy and most importantly,

About the Author
Marnie S. Williams writes articles about how to maximize closet space. She recommends Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers and other products like
kids Huggable Hangers.


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