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					12 • Burlington Downtown, Fall 2007

Embrace autumn’s fashion trends
By Leah J. Chutko
Amidst the heat, blazing sun and humidity of summer comes the             from spending time with the family to shopping with the girls, fall     black dress and add a dash of 2007: animal print shoes, a bold cuff
secret desire for change: a change in temperature, a change in            is all about comfort, coziness and couture! Denim takes centre          bracelet and a Mary Frances bag that makes a statement!
colour and, most excitingly, a change in wardrobe! Be prepared for        stage again and is easy to wear because every shape and colour is in
the most fashionable of seasons, a season where you’ll shine as your      vogue. From a tailored, high-waisted wide-leg pair to slim in a
most fantastic self whether at work, at play or at a special event.
                                                                          bright colour, every woman is sure to find something to suit her
Working girl                                                              lifestyle. Cutting edge denim lines come in slim and palazzo and
                                                                          are classically designed to let the rest of the outfit shine through.
Just because “business casual” is your daily dress code doesn’t mean      Cozy up your jeans with a cable knit sweater over a crisp white
that “boring” is too. Suits are at the height of fashion, bringing        shirt for downtime or a rugged bomber jacket when you’re on the
daring alternatives to the classic navy skirt and blazer. Forties cou-    go. An amazing coat can be the ultimate accessory – look for your
ture-inspired day suits bring a touch of glamour to the workplace.        signature piece with a great hood, a big belt, and a face-framing
Grey makes a comeback, as an office must: from charcoal to a              collar or with lots of zippers. While smart and chic is the way of
faint cloud grey, it’s versatile and classy. If black is your favourite   fall fashion, the accessories are anything but plain – bright colours
starting point, finish off with accessories and detailing in bright       in handbags and shoes, patent everything, textures, metallics,
hues like electric blue, lacquer red, orange and canary. Skirts are       pucci prints and of course, lots of snaps, studs, zips and chains.
long and lean with hemlines hitting from just below the knee to
mid-calf. Demure enough for work, this slender shape has a sexy,          Evening star
feminine quality that makes you want to wear it. Pair up a classic             When special events float into your
skirt with a jacket that screams personality, or do the same with a       schedule, make the most of them by
great pair of men’s wear-inspired pants or gauchos. Cropped               wearing something equally special.
                                                                          Fifties-style Hollywood glamour is in the
sleeves, which you want to pair up with the longest pant or skirt,
                                                                          spotlight, featuring elegant jewel-toned
will stay out of the way when there’s a job to be done. Look for          gowns in satins and chiffons, comple-
the new jacket with shorter sleeves, bold shoulders and cinched           mented by the highest of luxurious
waists. For one-step dressing, simply cut and classically shaped          heels. If your celebration requires
dresses are a must. The shift dress goes from day to night with a         something less lavish, Nicole Miller
simple accessory change and switching from a jacket to a little           dresses, often cocktail length or at the
cape. A bold, large-scale bag in purple or green patent doubles as        knee, offer a classic blend of beauty
                                                                          and boldness in print silks or exqui-
a necessary briefcase but packed with style and flair. Before boots       site satins.
become a necessity due to weather, try the sexy pump with your                 When simplicity shines in gown
suit in a strong contrasting colour or with fun patent details.           designs, there must be a wild accent
                                                                          trend: accessories are unrepressed
Ready for the weekend?                                                    with details of faux-fur, feathers,
                                                                          sequins, pleats and 3-D textures.
The weekend is your time, so you should feel great during it –            And when in doubt, pull out that little                                     Two looks for autumn.

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