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Cheat Codes For Webkinz - PDF - PDF


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									                                                   Webkinz Secrets

Webkinz World Cheats For Free Secret Codes
Contributed by B. Baker

Many people want to buy a Webkinz for its Secret Code, but simply cant find any for sale. So Ill reveal some of the secret
cheats behind the Webkinz World secret codes that very few people know.
Its rumored that there are special Secret Codes that can be entered at the adoption center that will give you large
amounts of kinzcash, free furniture, and even free Webkinz. These Secret Codes typically dont last long once they are
discovered because Webkinz World doesnt want too many people to know about these Free Secret Code Cheats.

An example of one of these Secret Cheat Codes is 115yuihd, which is known to sometimes give 10000 kinzcash and
various Webkinz. This Cheat may take several tries of entering it at the adoption center until it gives a Free Webkinz.
Dont expect this Secret Code to work for very long however.

One of the best Secret Cheat Code rumors so far has been the 485¿^Tui6 code, which is said to commonly give a
Sherbert Bunny and even a Love Puppy or Cheeky Dog among other rare Webkinz. Wether or not this will still work or is
a discontinued Cheat, Im not sure.

Among the other Secret Cheat Codes to try is ¢¯¢¾¢Ü81 the rumored Love Puppy Code. The 100000 kinzcash Secret
Cheat is said to still work, it is 889ry5ui, but beware as using that Cheat too much will get your account suspended.

One of the harder Webkinz World Secret Cheat Codes to use is the invisible Webkinz Code. Before trying it you should
know that some people say you have to have at least one littlekinz for it to work. You log onto your Webkinz World
account and type the Secret Code 117yur5h into the adoption center as quick as you can then log off of Webkinz and
wait at least two hours. If you log back on Webkinz and it crashes, then you know its worked. Log back onto Webkinz yet
again and you will have various Webkinz, invisible Webkinz wich will go away later, lots of kinzcash and items.

So you may be wondering how you can find more of these Secret Cheat Codes to get Free Webkinz for yourself? Well,
the main way the Free Secret Code Cheats are discovered is through trial and error by entering random Secret Codes in
the Webkinz adoption center. But doing that too much could get your Webkinz Account suspended. So check back here
often, along with other places people discuss Cheats and Secret Codes. And keep an eye out for new Secret Cheat
Codes that may pop up so that you can use them quickly while they still work.

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