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Paid Survey Sites: Can You Really Make Money Answering Surveys, Or Is It
Just A Scam?
The short answer is Yes, there are quite a companies on the net that pay you to answer surveys. There are many
sites out there that are legitimate. Among those, some are better than others. More..

Online Surveys Are A Low Cost Way For Legitimate Marketers To Gather Huge Amounts Of Data

This is a much cheaper method of getting consumer information than sending people out to stores, malls, or going
door to door.

It's even cheaper than doing phone surveys, because they don't have to pay a person to collect survey information.
That's why there is such a demand for this.

Once they find people that fit a certain profile, they are willing to pay even more for your opinion by inviting you
to join consumer panels or focus groups.

Depending on your occupation, or number and ages of children, you may fit right in as an expert. You could be a
computer expert, an expert Mother, or an expert shopper for example. Some of these groups pay very well.

There Are Several Of High Quality Survey Companies (That Are Definitely Not Scams) Listed Here With
Free Signup So That You Can Try This Without Spending A Penny.

Or, If You Want To Dive In Head First, There Are Reviews Of Some Large Survey Directories, Which Charge A
One Time Fee For Membership, But List Hundreds Of Companies On The Internet That Pay You To Take Surveys,
Test Products And Join Focus Groups.

Some choices:

     1. Read on
     2. Go directly to the Survey Directory reviews (Sites that charge one time membership fee)
     3. Go directly to the Free List of paid survey sites (No charge at all)
     4. Read a more detailed article about why some survey sites are scams.

     5. For A Brief (Tongue In Cheek) Article On What A Pain In The Butt It Is Working At Home, Plus Some
        Home Business Ideas, Click Here.

     6. A Site That Lists Lots Of Other Good Work At Home Jobs And Opportunities. . If you have any desire to
        start your own business with little or no investment, this is a must read!

If you don't happen to know, I'll just mention what survey sites are about.

Thousands of (many large) companies pay agencies to collect data about consumer opinion. I remember once,
someone in a shopping mall actually paid me $20 to fill out a survey.

Now, many surveys are taken on the Internet. They might ask you which magazine cover you like the best and why.
Or, they might ask you what deodorant you use.
You can actually make a very good living, just filling out online surveys. I rated a few
of the top survey directories for you. To make a real full-time income, you have to sign up with a large number
of survey companies, so that you receive several surveys a day.

Some survey sites are looking for product testers. They have you do the product testing and give them feedback
about the product. Product testers get to keep whatever is is their testing. They also get paid for answering a
questionnaire about the product.

They also create focus groups, where people discuss the product together.

As I rate more paid survey directories, I will add their rating.

One note: The paid survey directories that charge you to join vary a great deal in quality. The best ones frequently
update their database to make sure that the sites still exist and that there are no problems with them.

The three sites that are reviewed here are professional directory sites that receive payment through Clickbank,
which has very strict regulations regarding refunds. You can request a refund from the merchant for up to eight
weeks. If they won't give it to you, Clickbank will. Also, Clickbank now in addition to accepting credit cards and
echecks, also accepts Paypal, which many people already have.

Paid Survey Directory Reviews

These sites rated below charge a one-time fee for membership, but list hundreds of places to
register and take surveys, join focus groups, do product testing, etc. If you search the net, you
can eventually find the sites they list, along with a lot of junk sites, but how much is your time
worth? Plus, the sooner you have the information, the sooner you can start getting surveys and
making money.

A word of caution: These directories list hundreds of sites. Some (of the sites they list) are better than
others. My suggestion is to pick sites that pay in cash. Look at the privacy policy before signing up. If they
require you to apply for anything like credit cards, don't bother - unless you wanted to anyway.

Paid to read sites pay you for receiving emails and actually reading them. They are generally a waste of time -
most only pay the equivalent of a few cents per hour (although I have heard rumors that some pay well). After
trying this for a while, I never was paid anything. I noticed some of (if not all) of the directories I recommend list
some information about them. Since you end up getting bombarded with spam, I recommend you do not sign up
for them. I am only recommending signing up for paid surveys.

You can also do a google search to find out if any of the sites listed are a problem to others. Some people are very
happy with these directories, some are not. It probably depends on the listed sites that are individually picked. It
also depends on how you fit a profile of the type of information they're looking for. Also, you just can't please
everyone, so don't expect all glittering reviews.

If you decide to get a refund on any of these and have any problems getting it, let me know - I will help -
really. I do not think I can help after the refund period expires (currently 8 weeks).

You have to manually type my email in to reach me. If I just put a link in, I will be spammed mercilessly. Also, if
you have any comments, good or bad, feel free to contact me. I don't even really care whether you signed up for
these through this site or not. I will still try to help. If it turns out that there are too many requests for this, I am
reserving the right to retract this offer at any time without notice.
                                                                           This is from another, local information site I have, but I check it

Also, if you have any information, good or bad about anything on this site, send me an email and I will post it - unless it's absolutely outrageous.

Lucy Vieira

Contributing Editor
1. Survey Scout

    •   They list hundreds of paid survey agencies. Well organized site, excellent, responsive support. Some of
        their features:
    •   Excellent customer service. They (at this time) have four full time reps just for answering emails.
    •   Their database has a green check mark next to the best survey opportunities.
    •   They have excellent instructions on how to do this whole process on the site.
    •   There is a list of other bonus information and sites for more ways to make money, like getting paid to drive
        a car (with an ad on the doors).
    •   I personally have been in contact with them for questions through the member contact form. They
        responded within 8 hours (not bad for a large site).
    •   There is information on the site written by someone who has been doing surveys for over 30 years and
        currently makes over $2600 per month part time.
    •   Sign up fee (One time) $34.95 - definitely worth it in my opinion. It's a lot of work maintaining a database
        of active sites, plus responding to customers questions.
    •   Special Offer On This Site Only (For A Very Limited Time): If you sign up for this and
        decide it was something you want to do, I'll send you a $10 rebate after the 8 week trial period (Rebates
        Through Paypal Only - So I don't have to deal with mailing money internationally). Just forward your
        purchase confirmation email to

    •   If you do not have a Paypal account sign up here
    •   If you were thinking about joining anyway, why not get the membership for $10 cheaper? The net
        cost will be twenty five bucks. And - it save you a ton of searching and trial and error.

        Visit Survey Scout

        Rating ***** (Highly Recommended)

The next two survey sites are also listed with Clickbank. I have never actually signed up
for these, or visited their members section.

The main reason I am listing them is that they sell through Clickbank. I know Clickbank
is a reputable site. If you have a problem with one of these sites, Clickbank will see that
you get a refund (within the 8 weeks from date of purchase).
2. Survey Platinum

Make $65 instantly with Survey Platinum. After you sign up you can immediately make almost double your
registration fee. Lists 400+ survey sites.

Get paid to take online surveys and make from $5 to $75 each, or more.

Get paid to participate in focus groups and make up to $150/hr.

Get paid to take phone surveys and earn as much as $120/hr.

Get paid to try new products (and keep the free products too).

Get paid to preview new movie trailers for $4 to $25 per hour.

Get paid to drive a car

Signup fee: $34.95

Rating *** ( recommended)

Visit Survey Platinum

3. Paid Surveys Online

Similar to the other two directories, they offer a very large list of companies that pay you to take surveys, join focus
groups and test products. They have some nice bonuses for signing up, including a survey that you take right away
that pays you $25.

Signup fee: $34.95 Net cost after survey: $9.95

Rating *** (recommended)

Visit Paid Surveys Online


Once again, To View A List Of FREE Reputable Sites That Pay You To Take Surveys And Test
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