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					Webkinz cheat codes
All across the country children are trying to get their hands on Webkinz pets. For any of you who don't know, a Webkinz is a plush pet that allows
children to access an online and interactive environment that is safe. There are also secret Webkinz cheat codes that can earn special prizes or extra

Webkinz are available at many retail stores or online. Each Webkinz comes with its own adoption code, which can be used to access the Webkinz
online world. Webkinz adopters can visit the online world to adopt and name their pet, as well as play many games and even create a room for their
new pet. In addition, Webkinz cheat codes can be used to discover hidden prizes!

There are many things that you can do in Webkinz World using a wide variety of secret and cheat codes. Using the Webkinz cheat codes may cause
some problems, but just wait a half hour and restart the Webkinz client again. You may have to enter the cheat codes several times before they are
accepted by the Webkinz World.

The 100000 in free money code is one of the most sought after Webkinz cheat codes. Hold down the control key, and the m and g keys while
simultaneously closing the phone when you hear the noise that signifies your friend has popped onto your screen. This Webkinz cheat code may take
a few tries before getting it right, because timing is the key. Just remember to do it as quickly as possible.

If you happen to be able to enter the free money Webkinz cheat code, nothing will change until you are given kinzcash next. At that time, the audio will
begin to fail, and then the Webkinz World will crash. Then you should simply log into your account again. Check your kinzcash at this time, and it
should have increased by 100,000.

Go to the arcade and here you can play a game called Zingoz pop. This is also where you can use the Webkinz codes for Zingoz. Start playing the
game and after you have scored more than 100 in Kinzcash, drop out and opt to replay the game. You will need to select 2 players and any 2 balls,
then press the gold X when the game starts. Again you should win as much kinzcash as you did in the first game. Using this code over and over
again, you will be able to obtain an unlimited amount of Webkinz money.

Be aware however, that Webkinz World does not approve the use of Webkinz cheat codes to enhance your kinzcash. If you are caught, your account
can be terminated. It's also a poor example to set for your kids. Just think of how you're going to be able to explain why they can't log onto Webkinz
World anymore.

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