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Unique Wedding Vows by ChevarBryson


									Personalize Your Wedding Vows

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Personalize Your Wedding Vows By George Meszaros You can personalize your wedding ceremony with your own wedding vows. The freedom of creating your own vows comes at a price; you have to work at it. Although writing your own personalized wedding vows can be a difficult and rewarding, there are many things you can do to make the process easier. First of all, you should make sure that you and your groom are in agreement on having personalized vows. Then, you have to discuss it with your wedding officiant. Most officiants should have no objections to the idea. The wording should be in line with the style of the ceremony, and it is going to be different for a traditional ceremony than a modern ceremony. If you elected to have a religious ceremony, you may be required to include certain phrases. You and your groom may write the same vows or work on different vows on your own. Remember from your term paper writing days? Brainstorming may be the best approach to start? Write down the words and thoughts you must have in your vows. If you encounter writer's block, you may read several traditional vows to look for ideas. You can start by swapping out some of the words with words you feel more comfortable with. Write down what kind of commitment marriage means to you. Try to put your thoughts into words. Don't worry about grammar and spelling at this point. The goal is to try to be creative. Some of the questions you could ask yourself in the process are: What are my expectations of my partner? What are the qualities that are important to me? What it means to be committed to one another? What does marriage mean to me? After you have a first draft, you should consult your wedding officiant. Your friends and your family may be able to help you fine tune it too. Then, be prepared to rewrite. Some of the best writers are famous for writing and rewriting their best work dozens of times. Rewriting is not a sign of failure; it is a sign of

Personalize Your Wedding Vows

perfection. Remember that your wedding ceremony is also a performance, so you must practice your vows with your groom. Once you hear it, you may have a different opinion on the words you have used. Practicing provides you with an opportunity to make final adjustments. Once you've worked out a final version, practice reading it on your own, and try to memorize it. George Meszaros http://www.sweet−

Say Your Own Personalized Wedding Vows By Sheila Easton This article was written to answer many of the most frequently asked questions on wedding vows. Your wedding is your own. And in todays society, people have been constantly scouring every book for any way to make their wedding as personal and as unique as possible. One way to do this is to whip up your own wedding vows. Traditionally, couples to be wed do not have much of a say in what goes into many of the words spoken during the wedding ceremony. Today, it is increasingly getting easier to personalize and influence what is said during the ceremony within reasonable bounds, though. If you desire to make your wedding vows unique and personal, you are not alone. Many other couples incorporate feelings, and intimate messages into their wedding vows. It has an added effect of making your wedding more touching, dramatic, and memorable. Talk with the Officiant Ahead of Time If you would like to personalize your wedding vows, first notify your Officiant to find out the legalities, guidelines and rules in drafting your own wedding vows. He or she will typically give pointers and examples to help you draw up your own vows. Furthermore, the Officiant will inform you of the parts of the vow that are expected to be said. The Topic It may include promises, such as "I will swear upon my life to do ..." or it may be heartfelt messages for each other, or even hopes for each other plans for the future and such. You may also opt to create a mixture of each to spice up your wedding vows. Although norms vary from culture to culture, as a

Personalize Your Wedding Vows

general rule, the wedding vow should not take too long to recite. Keep it concise yet meaningful. Remember, you will have to recite this, and long recitations tend to make the memory suffer. Make it Official After creating a draft of the vows you wish to exchange, it would do well to meet up with the Officiant again and show him a draft of your vows. Although in the end, it is ultimately your decision that is followed, do take heed of the Officiants advice, as it is usually sound and has been honed by experience. Practice It is a good idea to practice your vows before the wedding. Although there is no rule against reading vows, a thoroughly practiced, heartfelt rendition of the vow will definitely make a lasting impact on your partner and the people witnessing the ceremony. As mentioned earlier, avoid overly long vows as they

tend to be less remembered and are harder to memorize, not to mention quite inconvenient to others. You may do so, however, if you feel the need is justified. The Performance When reciting your vows during the wedding, always keep calm. People who are tense tend to speak to fast, and since the wedding vow is a very important part of the wedding, you will want to take your time in the spotlight. Loosen up, so that in case you forget a line or two during the exchange of vows, you will at least be able to bounce back with something from your heart. If you desire so, you may also keep a written version of you vows with you. You might want to read it surreptitiously though. Good luck on your wedding, and may the sweet words you utter during the exchange of vows never lose their meaning for rest of your days! Ex−wedding planner assistant Sheila Easton reveals how anyone getting married can save a lot of money. On her free website the uncovers several wedding − secrets. Visit this link for details:−ideas−and−

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Personalize Your Wedding Vows


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