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									                                 M                  ISE EN PLACE
A publication of the American Culinary Federation Harrisburg Chapter PA 181                  July, 2011

 Monday, July 18, 2011
                                 Hello Chefs, Students, and Friends:
                                 I would like to thank Chef Charlie Gipe, CEC, AAC for hosting our
 Metro Bank Park @ 6pm           June meeting and providing our chapter members and their guests
         PRA Night               with the opportunity to spend a fun filled day at Hershey Park.
                                 Charlie and his crew went above an beyond to arrange a great day
                                 and a great meal. You guys rock!

                                 I would like to give special recognition to our guests at the meeting,
                                 Lisa Standsfield from Feeser’s and Joe D’Alessandro from Venture
2011 ACF National                CDC Sales Group for their generous donation of product and support
Convention                       to the chapter, Marshall Englebrook and Rick Mailey from Superior
                                 Business Solutions for all of their hard work and contributions to the
July 22-26, 2011                 new website design and last but never least Chef Edwin Brown for
                                 making the journey to Harrisburg to spend an evening with our
Gaylord Texan, Dallas            chapter. What a great night.
                                 A reminder that we will not have an official chapter meeting in July.
convention for deadline dates,   Some of us will be leaving that week to attend the National
downloadable registration        Convention in Dallas. I hope to return with a lot of great things to
form and convention              share with the chapter at the August meeting at Hotel Hershey. Until
schedule.                        then I hope you all have the time to enjoy the start of summer.
                                 Michael A. Finch, CEC, ACE

American Culinary Federation
Harrisburg Chapter PA-181
5809-B Hidden Lake Dr.
Harrisburg , Pa 17111
Mise En Place                                                                             July, 2011


                          Greetings Fellow Culinarians

                                can’t think of a better way to kick off the summer than to have
                          a wonderful day at Hershey Park with my family and colleagues.
                          Many Thanks to Chef Gipe and his hardworking crew for an
Please keep our           exceptional day! It was great seeing everybody and I hope you will all
chapter members in        join us again over the summer meetings. We have a great line-up in
                          store. Check the web-site for details. Speaking of web-site, this tool is
your thoughts and
                          a great asset to our chapter. Changes are done within a day or two
prayers as they travel    and it can be expanded as needed. If any member has ideas or
to Dallas for the ACF     suggestions please see Chef Mike, Brian P. or myself and we’ll see
National Convention.      what we can do to add it to the site.
                          Please keep our chapter members in your thoughts and prayers as

                          they travel to Dallas for the ACF National Convention. I know we will
                          be represented well and we look forward to their safe return. I am
                          putting in a request for a training session on Twitter, in this way we
                          can communicate what’s going on at our various functions like

                          Our monthly spotlight on food items is raspberries. As a child
                          growing up I picked many quarts along back roads of Bedford
 SEASONAL PRODUCT         County. My mom made a great scout for the berries since she was a
 SPOTLIGHT                rural mail carrier and would see the prime locations. It was hard for
                          my mom to make jelly and jams since my sisters and I would eat so
                          many. I enjoyed the black raspberries the most until I was
                          introduced to the Fall Gold variety. These sweet, golden perfumed
                          berries give two crops a year and are very prolific. If you have the
                          space I highly recommend you put a couple of plants in. Raspberries
                          have many benefits including fighting cancer. For more information
                          on the Raspberry family please go to the following link:

 See Link in newsletter
 for more information     Well until next month Blessings to you and remember, “There is
 on Raspberries.          something in the red of a raspberry pie that looks as good to a man
                          as the red in a sheep looks to a wolf.”
                          (E. W. Howe)

                          Bob Corle CEC,CCE
                          Vice President
                          ACF Harrisburg Chapter
Mise En Place                                                                                      July, 2011

                                                                          MEETING INFORMATION

Meeting Minutes From June 20, 2011
                                                                               2011 Meeting
The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by Chef Michael Finch.                 Locations
All officers were present.                                                     Please Mark
                                                                               Your Calendars
We had the Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer.
                                                                               All meetings start at
Approval of Minutes
                                                                               7 PM
Motion: Charlie
                                                                               March 21, 2011
Second: Tim
                                                                               Sysco Central Pennsylvania
The following information was provided by John Reis:
                                                                               April 18, 2011
TREASURER’S REPORT                                                             The Pennsylvania School
                                                                               of Culinary Arts
                                                                               YTI Lancaster Campus

                                                                               May 16, 2011
                                Checking Account           Business Account*   Scholarship Night

Beginning Balance               $ 7,990.68                 $15,069.50          June 20, 2011
                                                                               Hershey Park
Expenditures                      $575.00                        —             Family Fun Day
Deposits                          $125.00                        —             July 18, 2011
Rebates                                                          $16.01        City Island, Baseball Night

Ending Balance                  $7,540.68                  $15,085.51          August 15, 2011
                                                                               Hotel Hershey
*John opened a business account at M&T Bank.
                                                                               September 19, 2011
                                                                               HACC (Harrisburg Area
                                                                               Community College)
                                                                               Wildwood Campus

                                                                               October 17, 2011
                                                                               PRA-Golf Outing at
                                                                               Hershey Country Club

                                                                               *Meeting following golf

                                                                               November 21, 2011
                                                                               Polyclinic Hospital/Brass
                                                                               Rail Café

                                                                               December 19, 2011
Mise En Place                                                                                                          July, 2011


Certification                                                  Ronald McDonald House
Chairperson: Michael Harants                                   Chairperson: Bob Roebuck
Co-Chair: Robert Corle                                         Co-chair: Tim Durgey
Working on an ACE training date and practical for certifica-   Chef Roebuck gave the report for Ronald Mc Donald House.
tion. Looks like some time in the Fall. Planning will take     Thanked last month's chefs who helped provide the meal and asked
place during the summer. See inserts for updates.              for help for following months during the summer.

Correspondence                                                 Taste
The chapter received Thank you Letters from the                Chairperson: John Reis
Ronald McDonald House.                                         Co-Chairs: Roebuck, Finch, Gipe, & Durgey
                                                               The Kick Off meeting is planned for this month. Planning to begin
Education                                                      for the annual event at Strawberry Square in the Fall of 2011.
Chairperson: Ed Byrem
Co-Chair: Mike Finch                                           Blood Bank
Work continues to provide educational venues for               Chairperson: Mike Harants
our future meetings                                            Co-Chair: Tim McGrath
                                                               Goal is 16 pints. Please donate to ACF PA 181.
Continuing Education
Chairperson: Gary Johnson                                      Cooking School (Parade of Chefs)
Make sure you sign in at meetings to receive con-              John Reis
                                                               Chef Jackie from Channels was present at the meeting to give an
tinuing education hours.
                                                               update on the program. The theme for the dinner is across the
Membership                                                     Globe with 12 stations. Extra help the week before, starting June 5
                                                               and the dinner is on June 11, 2011.
Chairperson: Richard Blythe
Co-Chair: Chick Zoll                                           Adopt-A-Ship Program
You may complete the entire membership applica-
                                                               Mike Harants
tion online @, under mem-
bership. Please remember to renew your member-                  Chef Harants, gave a quick report of areas and chefs that are out
ship. Barb Byrem is mailing correspondences of                 and about which include Spain, Seattle, and North Carolina to
past due, due, and new members letters of reminder             name a few. If you have any interest in participating in the

and welcome. 3 NEW Members!                                    program please contact Michael Harants.

Newsletter                                                     SkillsUSA
Chairperson: Marsha Brandt                                     Cher Harris, Charlie Gipe, & Tim Harris
                                                               We have 3 Students that will be at the Nationals this June repre-
Co-Chair: Mike Finch
                                                               senting schools within our chapter.
Please contact Marsha if you would like any infor-
mation posted. Please make sure we have your cur-              Tour De Cure
rent mailing address.                                          Tim Roben
                                                               Great turn-out. Everything went well. $18,000 ahead of
Academy of Chefs                                               last year as of 6/20/11.
Chairperson: Bob Roebuck
Co-Chair: Tom Long AAC                                         Golf Outing
National Convention July 22-26. 2nd Annual Golf                Chairperson: Charlie Gipe
Outing Classic Friday July 22, 2011. Chef Brian Peffley        Co-Chair: Brian Peffley
will be inducted into the Academy at the Nationals.            Save the date the Golf outing is the 3rd Monday in October at the
                                                               Hershey Country Club, followed by the chapter meeting.
Mise En Place                                                                                                          July, 2011

                                                                                                        ACF NEWS BRIEFS

Old ACF Business                                                                                    NEXT MEETING
Boy Scouts Venturing Program                                                                        Monday, July 18, 2011
Charlie gave an updated report on the involvement with the Boy Scouts of
America and the Venturing Program with our chapter. For those who would like                        Metro Bank Park @ 6pm
to be more involved please contact Charlie. The hope is to launch the program by
September 2011.                                                                                             PRA Night

National Night Out Committee
Chef Ed Byrem gave an update to the “National Night Out” held in Lemoyne the 1st weekend in
August. Chefs that want to take part and help please contact Chef Byrem.

Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts, Culinary Team. The team competed on April
25, 2011 at Anne Andruel Community College. The team was comprised of 4 students, two
representing Culinary and two Pastry. The team received two Bronze medals in the hot food
competition, and two pastry Silver medals. The overall score for the team placed them in
second place right behind the Team from Anne Andrunel's Team. All the students did an
outstanding job for their 1st major ACF Team competition. The teams went on to competitions
in Maryland and Philly to garner a bronze medal in hot foods, in addition Chef Renfroe
received gold and the students a gold in fruit carving, the team also medaled at Monroe
College with Gold and Silver medals. The Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts is working on
a fall date to host an ACF competition weekend for school teams and for Professionals to enter.

ACF Competition Philly: Cher Dapp Harris from Hotel Hershey competed in Philly, Cher
entered the Warm Plated Dessert Category ( P1 ) and received a Bronze Medal. Congrats and
job well done !

ACF Student Invitational: HACC Student Member Victor Kendlehart, gave a report on the               Meeting Hosts
recipes that Rachael Johnson and he had sent to the national office in hope to represent the
region at the national convention in July. He thanked all the chefs that helped to put the whole
package together and the time that they spent working with them to showcase the best that our
                                                                                                    We still have the following
region has to offer. If Victor and Rachael are chosen they will be a special part of the National
Convention in Dallas                                                                                month open for hosting
                                                                                                    our monthly meeting—
New ACF Business                                                                                    December. If you are able
                                                                                                    to host a meeting please
Education: Letters being send out in support of the State high priority list of programs and        contact a chapter officer.
making sure that culinary and pastry high school programs are viewed as important programs
and get the funding they need. If these programs do not make the list of High Priority type
programs the schools could lose them. Please look for more information soon about this Very
important subject. Please we need everyone's help !

The chapters NEW website is now complete! Join us on Facebook and Twitter!

Chef on the move to Schools: Chef Gipe would like to create a list of our members that are
out in schools and what schools we are working with.

The chapter voted for Chef Biagio Dente,CEC,AAC,HOF for the “2011” American Culinary
Federation Hermann G. Rusch Chef’s Achievement Award. Motion—Charlie Second—Ed

Meeting Adjourned @ 7:35 PM Motion—Bob Second—Brian
Mise En Place                                                                              July, 2011

 American Culinary
 Harrisburg Chapter
 PA 181

 Michael A. Finch, CEC,ACE                      The Culinarian’s Code
 717-350-8508                                As a proud member of the
 Vice President                             American Culinary Federation,
 Robert E. Corle Jr.,
                                          I pledge to share my professional
 Home (717) 270-0438                   knowledge and skill with all culinarians.
 Work (717) 273-8551 ext.
 2144                         I will place honor, fairness, cooperation and consideration
 Treasurer                               first when dealing with my colleagues.
 John Reis         I will keep all comments professional and respectful when
 (717)579-1724 Cell Number
                                               dealing with my colleagues.
 Marsha Brandt                I will protect all members from the use of unfair means, un-
 Brandt.Marsha@                necessary risks and unethical behavior when used against
 (717)557-6810 Cell Number                   them for another’s personal gain.

 Chairman of the Board        I will support the support the success, growth, and future of
 Brian D. Peffley, CEPC,CCE
                                         my colleagues and this great federation.
 (717) 279-7207
                                       Adopted at the Board of Governors, August 3, 2010

                               This newsletter was
                              printed and mailed by:
                                  Sysco Central
                                Pennsylvania, LLC

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