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									                                                                                      THE WALL STREET JOURNAL APRIL 23, 1991, B1

Milder Listerine Announced Following Cancer Report
          BY RON WINSLOW                                  establish” the increased risk of cancer and     Listerine after it brings out the reformu-
Staff Reporter of the Wall Street Journal                 said “it is premature to make recommen-         lated version.
   NEW YORK - Warner-Lambert Co.                          dations about using mouthwash” based on            The alcohol content is important to the
said it is developing a lower-alcohol ver-                the results.                                    product’s claims for germ-killing ability,
sion of its popular, harsh-tasting Listerine                 Researchers surveyed 866 people with         and the company touts Listerine as the
mouthwash.                                                mouth and throat cancer and 1,249 people        only leading mouthwash with the Ameri-
   The disclosure comes in the wake of                    without the disease, and after adjusting for    can Dental Association seal vouching for
news reports that a pending study from                    use of tobacco and alcohol, found a             effectiveness in controlling dental plaque
National Cancer Institute suggests users of               slightly increased risk of the cancers          and a gum disease called gingivitis. But
high-alcohol mouthwashes face an in-                      among mouthwash users, According to a           officials believe tests with a lower-alcohol
creased risk of cancer of the mouth and                   summary of the findings, men who used a         product - the company wouldn’t disclose
throat. Listerine is 26.9% alcohol and the                mouthwash with 25% or higher alcohol            the level - will prove effective enough
new version is expected to contain signifi-               content had a 60% higher risk of cancer         against those problems to also win the
cantly less alcohol.                                      while women had a 90% higher risk than          ADA seal.
   Joseph D. Williams, chairman and                       people who didn’t use mouthwash. How-               Competitors have used advertising to
chief executive of Warner-Lambert, said                   ever, the risk was seen only in people who      take aim at Listerine’s sharp, bitter taste,
the company’s development of a lower-                     used mouthwashes with 25% or higher             but haven’t succeeded in denting its popu-
alcohol formula is “coincidental. It’s not                alcohol content. The summary gave no            larity in the U.S. Indeed, Warner-Lam-
directed at any cancer problem.” Other                     indication of what kind of mouthwash any       bert’s own advertising has exploited the
 officials said the company will offer the                 of those involved in the study used.            taste as an indication of its effectiveness.
 reformulated version to appeal to Euro-                      Mr. Williams disclosed the new formula          At the analysts meeting, the company
 pean consumers and lure new U.S. cus-                     in response to a question at a previously       told analysts it expects 1991 net to grow
 tomers.                                                   scheduled meeting of securities analysts.        15% to 16% and signaled that Melvin R.
    The big Morris Plains, N.J., drug and                  Mr. Williams said the company hadn’t            Goodes, president and chief operating
 consumer products company’s stock tum-                    seen the cancer data but asserted that          officer, will succeed Mr. Williams as
 bled $3.125 to $75 in New York Stock                      Listerine was safe and effective. He did-       chairman and chief executive in August
 Exchange composite trading in response to                 n’t give any other details of plans for         The earnings projection assumes sales will
 news of the study. Listerine is the leading               Listerine, but after the meeting other          increase between 8% and 9%. Mr. Wil-
 mouthwash in the U.S., with a 30% mar-                    officials said a new formula was devel-         liams said he would ask the board at the
 ket share last year, the company said.                    oped when consumers in Britain and else-        July meeting to name Mr. Goodes, 56
 Domestic sales were $238 million, while                   where in Europe objected to the taste of        years old, as his successor effective Aug.
 sales in Europe and Japan added $42                       Listerine and that it was likely such a          1 and recommend Mr. de Vink, 46, to
 million.                                                  version would be marketed in the U.S.           succeed Mr. Goodes. Mr. Williams is to
    The institute said the study, which is                 Lodewijk J.R. de Vink, executive vice           retire August 31, but will remain a direc-
 expected to appear in a future issue of the               president, U.S. operations, said the com-       tor and chairman of the board’s executive
journal Cancer Research, didn’t “firmly                    pany will continue to market its basic          committee.

                             New for canker- sore sufferers: A study at the University of Oslo in Norway saw
       a 70 percent decrease in the small, craterlike ulcers when patients prone to them brushed with a
       toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate. Researchers suspect that SLS, a common dental detergent,
       disrupts the mouth’s mucosal layer, leaving it more vulnerable to irritants and allergens.
                                                                           Longevity, August, 1995

Mouthwashes may harm children
                                                         several organizations, including the Ameri-              Mouthwash danger. High-
                                                     can Academy of pediatrics, have petitioned the
                                                     Consumer Product Safety Commission to                     alcohol mouthwashes may raise a
                                                     require child resistant packaging for all mouth-          person’s risk of developing oral
                                                     washes that contain more than 5 percent alco-
young children. Listerine                            hol.                                                      cancer by as much as 60%. Dan-
is touted to have a 26.9                                 Thank you for writing to point out that yet           ger threshold: Mouthwashes with
percent alcohol content, the Dr. Peter Gott          another ubiquitous household substance can be
highest of some 12 brands                            a threat if it gets into the wrong hands. Inciden-        an alcohol content of 25% or
tested. Is anything being                            tally, children who ingest such products should           higher (as indicated on their la-
done to alert the public of this potential hazard?   be seen by a physician
     DEAR READER: You’re right that                      To give you more information, I am sending            bels) have been implicated in
mouthwash containing alcohol can be toxic            you a free copy of my new Health Report                   mouth, tongue and throat cancers.
for small children In fact, the American Assoc-      “‘Heart Disease.” Other readers who would like
ciation of Poison Control Centers recently           a copy should & $1.25 plus a long self                    Theory: Alcohol acts as a solvent
reported that during the past few years, more        addresses, stamped envelope to P.O. Box 2433,             in the mouth, making tissues
than 10,000 children under the age 6 ingested        New York, NY 10163. Be sure to mention
such products.                                       the title.
                                                                                                               more vulnerable to carcinogens.
     One ounce of a high alcohol mouthwash can                                                                    Research by the by the National Cancer,
cause serious side effects such as seizures and                                                                reported in Working Mother, 230 Park Ave.,
brain damage, in a toddler.                                                                                    New York 10169
10 D      NAPLES DAILY NEWS                             Consumers are advised to judge the oral             ORAL HYGIENE RISKY
                                                    health safety of a product by looking for Amer-           People tend to assume that if a product
Toothpastes                                         ican Dental Association certification, and to
                                                    avoid all non-ADA endorsed products claim-
                                                                                                            appears on the supermarket shelves, it is
                                                                                                            totally safe, having been thoroughly checked
                                                    ing dramatic results.                                   out by the appropriate government regulatory
may pose                                                Along with being mindful about their
                                                    toothpaste, consumers also should be careful
                                                                                                            agencies. Time and again, however, that
                                                                                                            assumption has proven incorrect. Here are

health risks
                                                    about the type of toothbrush used.
                                                        Recent studies have shown that soft-bristle
                                                                                                            some examples related to oral hygiene prod-
                                                                                                              l After adjusting for the possible variables
                                                    toothbrushes are more efficient than their
New York University College of Dentistry                                                                    of alcohol and tobacco consumption, cancer
                                                    hard-bristle counterparts for proper dental             researchers found that the risk of oral cancer
     Some of the toothpastes and tooth whiten-      hygiene, last just as long as the hard-bristle          was 40% higher in male mouthwash users,
ers that promise pearly white teeth may, in         variety, and also are better tolerated by gum           and 60% higher in female users. The risk
fact, hold possible health risks for consumers.     tissues.                                                was found only for mouthwashes with high
     They could alter the chemistry of the oral          Using a hard-bristle brush can cause               alcohol content.
cavity or be abrasive to the teeth and gums.        bleeding of the gums despite the apparent                 *A Canadian professor of gastroenterology
     The public is cautioned against excessive      absence of periodontal disease.                         believes that swallowing toothpaste could lead
use of products containing “dioforms,” which                                                                to Crohn’s disease. Animal studies on the
are abrasive substances that can cause the               (Dr. Warren Scherer is an associate professor of   subject resulted in the discovery of enteric
breakdown of tooth enamel.                          restorative and prosthodontic sciences at New York      lesions, thus indicating that a toothpaste-
     Products containing the ingredients silica     University College of Dentistry.)                        disease link may be possible for humans.
 and cellulose, in particular, should be avoided                                                            Because children tend to swallow toothpaste.
when gum disease, tooth decay, sensitivity and      HORIZONS
 receding gums are present.
                                                                                                            Spectrum Consumer Products Co.,
     While these ingredients can remove tartar
 and make teeth whiter in appearance, they also
                                                    Mouthwashes                                             Houston, was quick to take advantage
                                                                                                            of the National Cancer Institute report
 may do harm to dental health by altering the
 acidic balance of the mouth, gums and tongue.
                                                    pose hazard                                             linking high alcohol content liquid
                                                                                                            mouthwashes with increased risk of
      Some tooth care products found in health
 food stores also can lull consumers into a false   to children
                                                    Scripps Howard News Service
                                                                                                            cancer in the oral cavity. Reason: the
                                                                                                            company had already marketed an
 sense of security.                                   The effort to prevent children from being             alcohol-free, “dry” mouthwash in which
     Because these products do not contain          poisoned by mouthwashes that contain alcohol            surfactants take the place of alcohol
 chemicals or preservatives, consumers tend to      is gaining momentum.                                    as a solvent. Called Spritz, the prod-
 believe they are necessarily beneficial.             A petition calling attention to the danger of         uct uses technology covered by two
     But many of these health store toothpastes     alcohol-containing mouthwashes has been                 U.S. patents (4,919,918 and
 omit fluoride, which helps fight cavities, and     filed with the Consumer Product Safety                  4,971,785) and 15 foreign patents
 are also high in sodium, which in excess can.      Commission by the attorneys general of 27               pending. It is in limited distribution in
 contribute to high blood pressure and other        states and several medical and health organi-           Texas and is also sold directly by
 diseases.                                          zations, including the American Academy of              mail. The company points out that
     Other products which may be detrimental        Pediatrics.                                             most national brands of mouthwash
 to oral health can be found in ethnic supply         Opponents of the mouthwashes point out                contain between IO and 27 percent
                                                    that 10,000 children under age 6 have been              alcohol.
                                                    poisoned by them during the past five years.
     These include products manufactured in         They note one ounce of mouthwash with a
 India that use a red tint designed to make the     large amount of alcohol can cause seizures,
 gums appear healthier by providing a sharp         brain damage and comas in small children,
 contrast to the color of the teeth.                and five ounces can be fatal.

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Can toothpaste contribute to canker sores? Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is the detergent found in most toothpastes. But
research from Oslo, Norway indicates SLS may precipitate canker sores in people already prone to get them. Oral surgeon
Paul Barkvoll found a 70 percent decrease in occurrence of canker sores when susceptible persons switched to a toothpaste
that did not contain SLS. Barkvoll suspects the ingredient dries out the protective mucous layer lining the mouth, leaving
the gums and cheeks vulnerable to irritants like acids in foods. Until recently, the only U.S.-marketed toothpaste without SLS
was Rembrandt’s Natural. But others are now following suit.

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