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									 November 2011

                                  Fall Frenzy!                                              Fitness Works Athletic Clubs
Your children are going to have a            purples, and oranges! November                    www.fitnessworks.com
"bushel of fun" this month at the            will be an exciting month in the
KidZone! As we welcome Fall,                 KidZone, and we know your kids
your kids will have an adventure             will have a blast! Come play with
getting their hands on exciting              us!
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crafts such as scarecrows, autumn                                                           great articles, special promos
wreaths, colorful leaves, and so                                                                      and more!

much more! Your kids will learn                                                                        Locations:
why the weather is getting cooler,                                                             Gilbert—480-396-0086
and why leaves change from                                                                    Chandler—480-413-1111
green to beautiful yellows, reds,                                                             Glendale—623-872-8000

                             Parents Night Out!
  The leaves are falling, the weather is changing, but the autumn fun is only starting!
Join us at any of our four locations for our Fall Frenzy Parents Night Out to celebrate
the season with autumn-themed activities that your children will enjoy. While you’re        Inside this issue:

 out, your children will en-                                  deavor in an adventurous      What’s New?……..….….….………...1

fall scavenger hunt for the                                   chance to win cool prizes!    Parents Night Out.……………….....1
To exercise their creativity,                                  we will make a variety of    Black Friday Parents Day Out..…..1
   arts and crafts that will                                   include a mini fall thank-   Planning a Healthy Thanksgiving.2,3
 ful tree to take home and                                     an exciting falling leaves   Healthy Substitutions…….………..3
 project. Your children will                                   also be making their own     Homemade Cranberry Sauce…...4
 snack- a mini cornucopia                                      made up of a sugar cone      Meet the KidZone Family..….......4
  and fruit shaped candy. For dinner, they’ll enjoy delicious pizza and apple juice. Fi-    Word On The Street……….……….4
  nally, what better way to end the night than a good movie? Bring your kids in for a
             great time! For more information, contact a KidZone Manager.                   Dates To Remember:

              “Black Friday” Parents Day Out!                                               11/12/11: Parents Night Out @
                                                                                            Mesa and Chandler!
Parents, do you love our Parents                        so, then take this opportunity
Night Out? Well if you do, then                         to drop your children off with
                                                                                            11/19/11: Parents Night Out @
you will LOVE this! Our KidZone                         us. We have 2 different             Gilbert and Glendale!
will be opening at 5am on                               sessions available and will
November 25th for “Black Friday”                        provide meals plus hours of         11/25/11: Black Friday Parents Day
Do you love to get out early and                        fun! See a KidZone Manager          Out! (All Clubs!)

hit up all the awesome deals? If                        for more information!
        Planning to have a Healthy Thanksgiving By: Anne Kolker, MS, Registered Dietitian

The beginning of school seems long ago and suddenly it is No-         Get kids involved in Thanksgiving planning and cooking
vember. Fall is a wonderful time to gather with family and
friends. It is also a time when busy parents tend to get even bus-    Most young children enjoy being a
ier. So many more things are added onto your plate including          'helper' and its a fun way to spend
what to cook, how to avoid overeating at Thanksgiving and             time together. They also enjoy
whose house will host Thanksgiving this year. Ahhh, ‘tis the sea-     cooking and will be proud to share
son’.                                                                 the healthy dish they helped pre-
                                                                      pare for Thanksgiving. As you pre-
We want to help your family enjoy a fun and healthy Thanksgiv-        pare for Thanksgiving you can use
ing with these easy and helpful family planning tips and ideas.       this time to get kids involved and
This family nutrition article features tips on controlling portions   teach them about new foods and
                                                                      healthy eating. There are plenty of
and calories, keeping the family active, and cooking kid-friendly
                                                                      ways to get kids involved.

Simplifying Thanksgiving - Planning Tips for Busy Parents             Kids can:

Thanksgiving is a special time for                                        help come up with the menu
family and friends to gather to-                                          find items on the grocery list
gether, enjoy seasonal foods and                                          find different colored seasonal vegetables
appreciate things we are grateful
for. Thanksgiving and the holiday
                                                                          wash vegetables and fruits
season is also a busy time for par-                                       help measure and mix ingredients
ents with the emphasis on food                                            add fresh fruits and vegetables to platters
preparation and eating! Throw in                                          make cute Thanksgiving decorations
the added holiday stress and it can                                   set the table
be a challenge to keep up with
good nutrition, calorie manage-                                       Quick Thanksgiving nutrition facts and tips to keep your fam-
ment and being active. With a little                                  ily healthy
planning, you can take steps to
create a healthy and fun holiday
                                                                      This holiday season is a great time to take steps to keep your
season with less stress! Ready to
                                                                      family healthy. Kids are developing their habits through the daily
get started?
                                                                      experiences. Since Thanksgiving is the kick off for the holiday
                                                                      season, demonstrate healthy holiday habits. This Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving food planning tips:                                      you can teach the kids how to prepare for Thanksgiving by mak-
                                                                      ing healthy choices.
   Take time to plan your meal - planning ahead can save time
    and be less stressful
   Simplify your menu – less thanksgiving dishes and desserts
                                                                         Don’t forget breakfast. Start the morning with a healthy
                                                                          pumpkin smoothie.
    means less to prepare and less to clean up!
   Make a shopping list
                                                                         Don’t starve. Avoid trying to save your appetite for dinner or
                                                                          you will tend to overeat.
   Shop early - look for bargains on nonperishable foods
                                                                         Cook with natural ingredients. The first Thanksgiving cele-
                                                                          brated in 1621 had no processed foods and no access to
   Make it a potluck – save time and have family and friends             sugar
help with some of their favorite healthy side dishes
                                                                         Shop smart. Buy fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables for a
                                                                          better price such as squash, carrots, turnips, and pumpkins.
    Prepare some foods in advance - appetizers and desserts can         Go for Veggies! Cook healthier, low calorie seasonal vegeta-
be prepared in advance, reducing your "to do" list closer to the          bles for a nutrient packed meal.
                                                                         Cook healthy. Look for healthier substitutes for your recipes
                                                                          by substituting whole grains and low fat items whenever
   Reduce your “To Do” list – prioritize to create time for rest,        possible.
fun and being active                                                     Think out of the box! Consider fish or a vegetarian meal for
                                                                          your main entrée.
   Start the festivities with healthy choices. Offer some tasty                   Healthier Holiday Meals -
    and healthy appetizers with low fat dips to keep the calories
    down!                                                                               Substitutions Guide
   Use low fat creams for soups and desserts.
   Get moving! After dinner, get the family active with fun          With just a few adjustments you can make any special
    indoor or outdoor activities.                                                 meal healthier with this healthy
   Don’t beat yourself up! If you feel like your family forgot
    their healthy habits, then just get the family back on the                        ingredient substitution guide!
    healthy track.
                                                                          If Your Recipe Calls For          Use This Instead!
Tips on Thanksgiving Portion Control – Avoiding overeating                This…
                                                                          All-purpose flour            Whole-wheat flour (you
The average person will eat about 4500 calories on Thanksgiv-
ing Day! With so many delicious foods and the excitement of                                            may only need 1/2 as
the holiday it is easy to get carried away and over eat. But with a                                    much)
few portion control tips, you can eat less and teach your chil-           Dry bread crumbs             whole wheat bread crumbs or
dren to eat sensibly, even during the holidays.                                                        crushed bran cereal, Rolled Oats

   Think small - serve in smaller serving dishes to encourage            Pie crust                    Graham cracker crust
    smaller portions
   Use smaller plates and bowls to help portion control
                                                                          Eggs                         Two egg whites or 1/4 cup
   Plan for leftovers to reduce the chance of over-eating-
                                                                                                       egg substitute for each whole
    you’ll save time on future
    meal preparation too!
                                                                                                       Canadian bacon, Turkey Bacon,
   Make a low fat vegetable                                              Bacon
                                                                                                       Lean Prosciutto
    based soup as a starter
   Limit starches such as po-
    tatoes, stuffing, and rolls,                                          Sour cream                   Low fat yogurt or reduced fat
    instead fill your plate with                                                                       sour cream
    more vegetables
                                                                                                       Reduced-fat or fat-free milk, soy
   Drink plenty of water.                                                Whole milk
                                                                                                       milk, rice milk
   Avoid seconds. If you can't
    resist the second helping,                                            Full-fat cream cheese        Fat-free or low-fat cream cheese,
    focus on refilling your                                                                            Low Fat Cottage Cheese pureed
    plate with vegetables and                                                                          until smooth
    other lower calorie choices
                                                                          Ice cream                    Low fat whipped cream or
   Enjoy desserts however, slice your pie into 16 slices and use                                      frozen low fat yogurt
    nonfat whipped cream.
   Use small plates or tea cups to reduce portion size when              Cream for soups              pureed starchy vegetables or
                                                                                                       silken tofu, mashed potatoes
    serving the desserts

The Thanksgiving holiday can be the start of a hectic holiday             Enriched pasta               Whole-wheat or brown
season. We get into such a rush that we might be tempted to                                            rice pasta
throw all our healthy habits out the window. But it can also be a
time to take steps to simplify, slow down and enjoy the simple            Eggnog                       Sparkling cider or         re-
pleasures of family. It can be a time when the whole family can                                        duced fat eggnog
remember to be thankful for healthy foods and a healthy family.
And isn’t being thankful about our blessings what this holiday is
really about.

We hope you have a wonderful, enjoyable and healthy Thanks-
                Homemade Cranberry Sauce Recipe                                                         Meet
                                                                                                   The KidZone
  This is low sugar homemade cranberry           Wash the cranberries and add
 sauce recipe, using fresh cranberries and        cranberries to saucepan.                            Family!
naturally sweetened with orange juice and
                  apples.                        Cook with lid over medium low heat,           “Desiree Kerns”
                                                  stirring every minute for about 10
Makes 6 servings                                  minutes- watch closely for cranberries
Prep Time:                20 minute(s)            to pop, when this happens add in the
                                                  apples and the Golden raisins. Then
Cooking Time:             20 minute(s)            reduce heat to low and cook for 10
                                                 Remove from the heat - squash with
Raisins                   1/4      cup(s)
                                                  fork and stir, let cool, place in covered
Fresh Cranberries         4        cup(s)         bowl, store in fridge for 6 hours or
Water                     1/2      cup(s)         overnight and enjoy!

Orange juice 100%         1        cup(s)                                                        Hi, My name is Desiree,
Apple                     2        each                                                        I'm the Glendale KidZone
Cinnamon                  2 1/2    tsp                                                            manager I've worked
                                                                                                  for Fitness Works for
                                                                                                almost 3 years. I'm a fun
    Measure water and orange juice and
                                                                                              and out going person who
     put in saucepan
                                                                                              loves children. I've worked
    Wash, peel and chop apples (into small
                                                                                              with kids for over 10 years
                                                                                                 and have enjoyed every
                                                                                                moment. Fitness Works
                         Word On The Street!                                                        has given me the
 “Remi LOVES the KidZone! He's got such an assortment of things he                            opportunity to learn great
can do there but his favorite is Duck, Duck, Goose. Lately, I have a hard                     customer service that i can
                  time getting him to want to leave!”                                            take with me later on in
                                  -Melanie Opheim                                              life, as well as make new
                    Fitness Works Member since April 2009                                             friends, that I
                                                                                                now consider family. I'm
                                                                                               very appreciative to have
                     We want to hear from you!                                                 been given the chance to
                                                                                                work with this company.
    If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns please come talk to us!                       Thank You!
     The only way to make our KidZone the best it can be is to hear from you, our

           The KidZone manager at each location is always there for you!

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