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Push Up Grips


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									START F ITNESS                                                                                  DIAMOND-GRIP PUSH-UP

                                                                                                                          Photos and illustrations courtesy StartFitness™

 STEP 1                                 STEP 2                                    STEP 3
 Assume the Start Position for the      Begin the exercise by bending your         Once your arms have bent short of
 Diamond-grip Push-up by placing your   arms at your elbows and lower your-        a 90-degree angle at the elbows,
 thumbs and first fingers together.     self to the ground. The middle of the      you have gone low enough. Push
 Place your hands on the ground         Diamond should line-up in the center       away from that point until your arms
 underneath your sternum. Straighten    of your sternum.                           become straight again. You have
 your arms and legs with your feet                                                 completed a full repetition of this
 next to each other. Straighten your                                               exercise once you have performed
 back and balance your body on your                                                each of the steps listed.
 hands and the balls of your feet.
 Squeeze your rear-end and abdominal    IMPROVE YOUR
 muscles and tilt your head up and
 look forward.
                                        ARMY PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST

                                        DIAMOND-GRIP PUSH-UP:                    raise my rear end upward and slide
                                        The Diamond-grip Push-up is often        my hands a bit outward in order to
                                        referred to as the Tricep Push-up        reduce the use of my triceps and to
 THEORY: Your triceps are strong        because it incorporates a great deal     incorporate more of my pectoral or
 and short lasting. Your chest          of tricep strength in order to perform   chest muscles.
 muscles are endurance muscles.         the exercise.
 Make use of your tricep muscles                                                 I continue to perform this procedure
 while performing the Push-up event     STRATEGY:                                until my arms are as wide as I can
 by beginning the exercise with your    I have been able to improve my Push-     successfully perform this exercise
 hands close together.                  up score as part of the Army Physical    when the clock runs out.
                                        Fitness Test simply by beginning
 BREATHING: Inhale while going          the Push-up event with a Diamond-        WARNING:
 downward and exhale while pushing      grip Push-up. Once I have reached        Do not attempt to complete the APFT
 away from the ground. Breathe in       muscle failure while performing this     using only the Diamond-grip method.
 through your nose and out through      stage of the Push-up event, I then
 your mouth.

GX   VOL 2 ISSUE 2   068
  START F ITNESS                                                                                                                               SKIPPING BREAKFAST?


                           ?                                     SKIPPING
                                                                 Breakfast can set the tone for the rest of the day. It is the key to “breaking

KEN                            ™                                 the fast,” the fast of an eight-hour slumber.

                                                                 TOO BUSY?
                                                                 Try boiling enough eggs for two to three days. Take one portion with you daily in a small
                                                                 unbreakable container like Tupperware®. Tip: For flavor, try adding pepper instead of
                                                                 toppings that are loaded with fat such as butter and mayo.
Dear SGT Ken™
I was wondering if you could tell me how
                                                                 NEED OPTIONS?
to knock 40 seconds off my run time?                             Heart healthy, Quaker Oats™ has recently launched a brand of instant oatmeal that
                                                                 contains half the sugar of the original recipe. Keep a non-plastic, microwave-safe
Thanks,                                                          dish nearby. Simply take out one packet a day and heat it up in the microwave!
SPC Ryan McGuire
                                                                 STILL NOT CONVINCED?
Dear SPC McGuire,                                                Try cereal. When choosing a cereal, try and keep sugar out of the first two to three
                                                                 ingredients. For the organic food shoppers, try Kashi Go Lean Crunch™! For everyone
THEORY: Use interval training to improve your                    else, we suggest plain old Cheerios™.
run time. In fact, I have been able to carve nearly
two minutes off of my two-mile run time as part
of the APFT with interval training. I pick a running
track and I sprint the straight and jog the curved
sections of the track. This can also be performed
on a street course: Sprint the long sections of
each block and jog the short sections. This form
of interval training allows you the opportunity
to gradually boost your overall running speeds.
Through consistent interval training and proper
recovery periods in your schedule, your body
will be able to manage longer sprint and shorter               The START (Strategic Army Training) Fitness™ program
jog periods.                                                   incorporates the same exercises that are used annu-
                                                               ally to test the strength and endurance of the National
WARNING STATEMENT: Be certain to                               Guard. START Fitness is a program created for Soldiers
perform an adequate warm-up (Maybe 20-30                       by Soldiers.
minutes) prior to doing this style of intense
physical fitness activity.                                     SGT Ken Weichert, six-time Soldier of the Year and
                                                               veteran of both Iraqi Freedom and Desert Storm, began
SUGGESTION: Take two days of the week to                       the START Fitness™ program in 1997. Now partnered
first warm up twenty to thirty minutes and then                with his wife Stephanie, Strategic Director of START
perform interval training as previously suggested.             Fitness and a certified personal trainer, the Weicherts       ABOVE: (l-r) Stephanie and SGT Ken Weichert
Then take two days per week to simply jog three                are conquering the fitness industry. START Fitness™
miles or more to condition your body for a longer              has been profiled on Backpacker Magazine, the San
course so that when performing the APFT, the                   Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Post, and now
two-mile run will appear to be short and easy.                 you can expect it in the pages of GX.
Consult your physician before beginning this or any new diet   For more information, visit:
or exercise program. START Fitness™ is not associated with
the Army National Guard.                                       W
Got a fitness question? Email SGT Ken™:
                                                               You can work out with SGT Ken™! Purchase all three of their
m                         workout videos (VHS & DVD) on their website.

                                                                                                                                            GX     VOL 2 ISSU E 2   069

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