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					Pink Wedding Dress A Popular Choice
Most brides prefer the color white for their wedding dresses. However, nowadays, women are more experimental when it comes to choosing colors for
their wedding dresses and one of the most popular choices is a pink wedding dress.

Traditional colors such as white and to a lesser degree pink are also being ignored for colors such as yellow, blue, red and it may seem strange the
color black.

Choosing different colors for a wedding dress has something to do more with the individuals values rather than aesthetics. For instance, choosing the
color blue signifies tranquility, trust and intuition while violet symbolizes passion, meditation and strength.

Furthermore, red represent passion, lust, energy, pride, ruthlessness, domineering and courageous. Green represents nature, harmony, growth,
stability and endurance. A pink wedding dress symbolizes the most romantic color. Aswell for pink it represents love, fertility, companionship,
innocence and compassion.

The color pink has the elements of air, fire, passion and oxygen, calling for the images of ripeness, life, pleasure, hunger and health.

No matter what kind of dress you want for your wedding day, pink is a very attractive color to use. Many designers utilize pink as a medium for
wedding dresses because of the positive energy it radiates.

Predominantly, pink is more relax, so it makes it a great spring or summer wedding choice. If the other way around and your wedding is a winter
wedding a couture and winter dresses are obtainable in the shades of rose, baby pink and blush.

For brides to be if your skin tone is rather pale, pink would deffinately be your best option. Pink wedding dresses can also compliment blondes,
brunettes and redheads.

Whatever color you pick it is your choose because it is your special day. If for some strange reason some people dislike the color you choose, I would
personally not take any notice of their opinion. Let it be their issue not yours. By saying that who could not agree with pink being the color choosen for
a wedding dress.

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