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					Quarterback University

Ron Jaworski: A former NFL MVP, Ron Jaworski is known for turning knowledge in the film room into
success on the field. In 1980, Jaworski led Philadelphia to an NFC championship and the team’s first ever
appearance in the Super Bowl. Jaworski finished that season as the NFL’s number one rated passer. He was
selected to the Pro Bowl and was awarded the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award. Since retiring from the
gridiron in 1990 after a long and storied career, “Jaws” has brought NFL broadcast analysis to new heights
from the perspective of a former signal caller by showcasing the subtle techniques used by winning
quarterbacks to a national audience. Currently, Jaworski serves as the lead color commentator for NFL’s
Monday Night Football broadcasts on ESPN and also serves as the president of the Maxwell Football Club,
one of the top football organizations in the country.

Tom Martinez – Mentor to Tom Brady: The original quarterback guru, coach Martinez has taught the
quarterback position during most of his 32 years of football coaching. Martinez is the mentor of three time
Super Bowl winner Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Brady works with Martinez in the off season to
insure that his quarterback mechanics are up to speed. "Tom [Martinez] is a key reason why I've been fortunate
to have success in college and the NFL," Tom Brady says. "I think the world of him professionally and
personally. I still consult with him, and he tunes me up when I need him." JaMarcus Russell, the number one
overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft, also turned to coach Martinez to help him prepare for the rigors of NFL.
Besides instructing Russell, Martinez created Russell’s phenomenal pro-day work out where Russell wowed
NFL scouts with his improved poise and mechanics and raw ability. The man who has arguably trained more
of the NFL’s top quarterbacks than any other guru comes to FBU as one of the University’s chief instructors for
the 2008 mini-camps.

Steve DeBerg: A veteran of over 207 NFL games Steve DeBerg brings a wealth of knowledge to the campus
of Football University. DeBerg’s pro career lasted 21 years and spanned over three decades. DeBerg made a
name for himself while suiting up for the San Francisco 49ers where he became the first QB to master Bill
Walsh’s vaunted West Coast Offense. Some of DeBerg’s best years came in the early 90s as a member of the
Kansas City Chiefs. DeBerg led the Chiefs to consecutive playoff seasons. DeBerg passed for over 34,000
yards, and ranks in the top 20 all time for passing attempts, completions, and yards passing. During his time in
the NFL DeBerg learned from some of the best coaches in NFL history including: Bill Walsh, Don Shula, and
Dan Reeves. After his playing days were done DeBerg moved on to the coaching world, where he served as the
QB coach for the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons. DeBerg recently opened up his own training program
where he has tutored NFL stars like Dallas Cowboys’ Pro Bowler Tony Romo.

Larry Kennan – Mentor to Eli Manning: QBU Professor Larry Kennan has worked with more NFL
quarterbacks than anyone else. The quarterbacking guru has personally tutored 11 NFL field marshals over the
past eight years. Keenan is a master at preparing young athletes for futures in football. Six of his pupils were
first round NFL draft picks, including three number one overall selections (Alex Smith, Eli Manning and Tim
Couch). Keenan has served as a quarterback coach or offensive coordinator in the NFL for nearly 20 years and
currently runs the NFL Coaches Association.
Mike Kruczek – Mentor to Matt Ryan: A two time Super Bowl champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers,
Kruczek earned All-America in 1975 as a quarterback at Boston College where he set several B.C. passing and
total offense records and held a rookie record for the Steelers by winning 6 straight games as a rookie subbing
for Terry Bradshaw. It was a record that was only broken by Ben Roethlisberger almost 25 years later. After the
NFL Kruczek became a distinguished college and professional quarterbacks coach working for coaches such
has Bobby Bowden at Florida State. As a head coach at Central Florida, Kruczek led the Knights onto solid D-
1A footing and mentored future NFL star Daunte Cullpepper. After a trip to the NFL with the Cardinals,
Kruczek now lends his decades of expertise to up and coming quarterbacks, training his Alma Mater’s top
prospect, Matt Ryan into being the first Quarterback selected in the NFL draft by the Atlanta Falcons.

Chris Miller was the force behind the electric Atlanta Falcon teams of the early 90s who lit up scoreboards
under eccentric coach Jerry Glanville. A well skilled and even tempered quarterback, Miller got the ball
downfield with accuracy and precision which allowed the flashy wide receivers to make plays and score points
in Glanville’s go for broke offense. Although concussions cut his career short Miller was still known as a smart
football mind who could teach skill to younger players. After a short comeback mentoring Brian Gresie to be
the heir to the legendary John Elway with the Broncos in 1999 Miller made his mark again as a coach in his
native Oregon, turning South Eugene High School into a constant contender for 5 years by teaching skill to
young and determined high school athletes.

Mark Rypien: Mark Rypien was selected in the sixth round of the 1986 NFL Draft. He was a pro bowler in
1989 and 1991.1991 was arguably Rypien's best season; he threw for 3,564 yards and 28 touchdowns with 11
interceptions, leading the Redskins to Super Bowl XXVI after recording a 14-2 regular season record. He was
named the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the game, passing for 292 yards and 2 touchdowns and leading his
team to a 37-24 win over the Buffalo Bills. He used his skill to a 15 year NFL career including using his
knowledge of the game to become a viable backup as late as 2001, well after his athleticism diminished. A
Super Bowl champion, Rypien is known as one of the best students and teachers of the game and quarterback

Jack Thompson, also known as "The Throwin' Samoan," was a first-round draft choice of the Cincinnati
Bengals in 1979 and played for Cincinnati from 1979-82. He was known as a prolific passer setting college
records for Washington State with a whopping 7,818 yards total. He took this success to the NFL where he
became a passing force for the Bengals and Buccaneers as the 3rd overall draft pick in 1978. After his football
career, Thompson mentored quarterbacks in Seattle, teaching quarterback skill and technique as a coach at
Ballard High School for many years. He also oversaw the development of his son and nephew, the latter a
quarterback in his own right for the Stanford Cardinal.

Shawn Moore was a force in college football with the University of Virginia teaming up with future NFL great
Herman Moore to form the very dangerous M&M boys who terrorized ACC defenses in the late 80s into 1990.
He was drafted in the eleventh round of the 1991 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos and filled in for John
Elway during the 1992 season. Moore was known as a great student of the game and became a star in the CFL
in addition to his five year NFL career. After his career in pro football, Moore continued to grow the game,
developing skill and technique as a mentor to the next generation of football stars. Moore works for the NFL
and USA Football to promote youth football. He resides in Northern Virginia and also coaches High School
football at St. Albans School in Washington, DC.

Zeke Bratkowski is remembered by two generations of football fans. A second-round pick by the bears out of
Georgia, Bratkowski lasted 15 seasons in the league, slinging the pigskin for 10 thousand yards and 65 scores
for the bears, rams and packers. I green bay, he was a backup on the legendary packer teams that won the first
two super bowls for Coach Vince Lombardi. After his retirement at age 40, Bratkowski launched a 26-year
coaching career, where he tutored contemporary quarterbacks like former all-pro Randall Cunningham, and
current passers such as Philip Rivers of the chargers, Brodie Croyle of the chiefs, and Patrick Ramsay of the
redskins and the Bratkowski name lives on in the NFL, as Zeke’s son bob is the offensive coordinator for the

Greg Briner: Greg Briner has more than 25 years of offensive coaching experience. Briner has served as the
offensive Briner won a 1-AA national championship with Marshall in 1992 as an offensive coordinator and
won the 1998 Outback Bowl with the University of Georgia. As a player Briner was a member the USC Trojan
squad that defeated Michigan 10-3 in the 1970 Rose Bowl. Briner has worked with numerous NFL players,
including Chad Pennington of the New York Jets during his career. Briner has a track record for success in
helping unnoticed athletes build their skill and technique to maximize their potential, and help them create
opportunities for exposure and success.
Carl Smith: Carl Smith has nearly 40 years of coaching experience at the college and professional ranks
combined. During his extensive career Smith became one of the most well known quarterback instructors,
known for his ability to build a quarterback's skill and technique. Smith spent nearly 20 years coaching in the
NFL, beginning in 1986 with the New Orleans Saints. He most recently served as Offensive Coordinator for
the Jacksonville Jaguars during the 2006 season. Smith was also a successful college coach, guiding young
players at Colorado, NC State and most recently USC. In his career, Smith has worked with high profile
quarterbacks such as Drew Bledsoe and Carson Palmer. With years of experience behind him, Smith has
developed a system designed to help elite quarterbacks maximize their potential.

Richard Bartel: Richard Bartel is a story of skill triumphing over lack of exposure. A division 3 prospect out
of high school, Bartel led his teams through skill and technique. A rocket armed QB, his willingness to learn
and keep improving his techniques led him to being signed by the world famous Dallas Cowboys where he
learned his craft behind Tony Romo and some of the greatest offensive minds in the NFL and now lends his
experiences to FBU.

Todd Krueger: Todd Krueger was a Former NFL Quarterback for the Buffalo Bills was a 8th round draft
choice in 1980. Krueger also played for the Houston Oilers and Minnesota Vikings as well as the Arizona
Wranglers in the USFL. Todd is dedicated to teaching young quarterbacks the fundamentals that made him a
success. He currently runs a youth football/quarterback football coaching website where he sells youth football
coaching products. Quarterback Training DVDs, Football Scouting Software and more as well as teaching
several football stars both in the Boston area and across the country.

Thom McDaniels: A powerhouse in the world of High School football, Thom McDaniels has been educating
high school athletes on the fine points of the sport of football for over 30 years. McDaniels has won titles
throughout Ohio and has coached the top teams in the football rich state. McDaniels has leant his skill and
technique to some of the most famous programs in the country including McKinley high school and currently
Massillon – Jackson high school. His coaching prowess is not limited to himself, his son is Josh McDaniels,
offensive coordinator for the world renowned New England Patriots and a known master of football skill and

Bob Palko is one of Pennsylvania’s most successful coaches of the past decade, compiling a 92-29 record and
leading the West Allegheny Indians to four state regional titles. Palko was named Pennsylvania’s Associated
Press Big School Coach of the Year in 2001. He was also the head coach of the East Team in the 2004 U.S.
Army All-American Bowl and led them to a 45-28 victory over the West. His son, Tyler, played in the 2002
U.S. Army All-American Bowl and went on to become a star quarterback at Pittsburgh and with the New
Orleans Saints. Bob Palko is the mentor and advisor to all game coaches during Bowl Week and is the trusted
voice to hundreds of elite high school athletes in the Pittsburgh area.
Running Back University

Blair Thomas was a national champion for Penn State and a force in college football and the NFL who
became a well respected college position coach after his career. Selected by the New York Jets in the first
round (#2 overall) of the 1990 NFL draft, Thomas's NFL playing career spanned six seasons where he is most
known for his instant impact leading NFL rookies in yards-per-carry and AFC rookies in total yardage in 1990.
 After his NFL Career, Thomas served as running backs coach at Temple University for 8 seasons, from 1998-
2005. He played a key role in the developing the skill and technique of Chicago Bears fullback Jason McKie,
and Jacksonville Jaguars running back Stacey Mack.. He was also the team’s NFL liaison and summer football
camp coordinator teaching football skills to young athletes in the Philadelphia area.
Rodney Hampton: Rodney Hampton was a big back who was not the fastest but used his skill and dedication
to power his way through defensive lines to anchor the Giant run attack throughout the 1990s. Hampton was
known as a skilled force who could cut his way through even the most skilled defensive players in the NFL.
After retiring, Hampton dedicated himself to developing tools and techniques to help the running back reach
his maximum potential. Hampton is known as an innovator in teaching techniques and devices to help football
players reach the top of their abilities.

Lorenzo White was a running back who used skill and technique to overcome small size and become an all-
pro running back. A former Michigan State standout, White excelled during the early 90s Houston Oilers (now
Tennessee Titans) playoff runs. A 5 ft 11 in running back from Michigan State University, White played in 8
NFL seasons from 1988 to 1995. His best year as a pro came during the 1992 season with the Oilers, rushing
for 1,226 yards and 7 touchdowns. He was also selected to play in the Pro Bowl that year. At, Michigan State,
White became the first Big Ten Conference running back to compile a 2000-yard season in 1985. Now white
works closely with several NFL running backs to teach running back skill to rising running back stars.

Ricky Ervins: Ricky Ervins was a highly skilled and dedicated running back throughout his career, in which
he won both a Super Bowl and a Rose Bowl. In the National Football League Ervins used his explosiveness
and pure skill to become a major threat out of the backfield for the Washington Redskins and he was a key cog
in the team's 1992 Super Bowl championship. In college Ervins led the University of Southern California to a
Rose Bowl victory. His touchdown run was the deciding factor in the game and he was named the games’ Most
Valuable Player. Ervins also ranks second all-time in USC history with an amazing eight consecutive 100-yard
rushing performances. After retiring from his playing career in 1995, Ervins founded Xtreme Xplosion, a
company dedicated to showing the proper techniques and skills needed to be a top grade running back. Ervins
is excited and proud to show this technique on a national basis at Football University.
Wide Receiver University

Andre Rison: Andre Rison played 11 productive seasons in the NFL in which he earned five Pro-Bowl
selections and won a Super Bowl. The Michigan State product was a first round draft pick in the 1989 NFL
Entry Draft, taken 22nd overall by the Indianapolis Colts. Rison would go on to play his most productive
seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, where he earned four of his five Pro-Bowl selections. In 1993 Rison led the
NFL with 15 receiving touchdowns. Rison would go on to win a Super Bowl ring with the Green Bay Packers
in 1996, and he scored the first points of the game on a 54-yard touchdown catch. By the time he retired
following the 2000 season, Rison had tallied 84 career NFL touchdowns and over 10,000 career receiving

Ed McCaffrey: Ed McCaffrey established himself as one of the top receivers in the National Football League
during his professional career that spanned over a decade and included Super Bowl rings and a Pro Bowl
appearance. The All-American out of Stanford University was drafted into the NFL in 1991 and he would go
on to become known as one of the best route-runners in the pros. Playing the majority of his NFL career with
the Denver Broncos, McCaffrey possessed an unerring ability to make the tough catch in clutch situations and
he became a key target for Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway. McCaffrey was a big part of the Broncos
back to back Super Bowl victories in 1998 and 1999 and he earned a Pro-Bowl selection in 1998. McCaffrey
was also a member of the San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl winning team.

Glenn Smith: A long time NFL assistant coach Glenn Smith has assisted the Dallas offensive coaches by
breaking down film during the week and charting plays at practice and on game days since 1998. In 1996 and
1997, he spent the majority of his time as an assistant in the Cowboys personnel department. While working
under Larry Lacewell, Smith helped evaluate college and pro prospects while assisting with pro timing days at
colleges and universities. A 1986 graduate of the University of Texas, Smith began his coaching career as a
graduate assistant at Oklahoma from 1988 to 1990. While with the Sooners, he worked under head coaches
Barry Switzer and Gary Gibbs with the strength and conditioning program. Since FBU’s inception, Smith has
been a valuable and trusted coach to all facets of FBU.
Linebacker University

LeVon Kirkland: LeVon Kirkland was a massive presence at inside linebacker throughout his 11 seasons in
the NFL. Kirkland had the size, the speed and the agility, but most importantly he possessed the skills that
produced an All-Pro career. Kirkland was leader on the field and he anchored the Steelers defense for nearly a
decade. Kirkland helped lead the Pittsburgh Steelers to Super Bowl XXX and he earned two Pro Bowl
selections in his career. Beyond his all-pro career, Kirkland is also known for his qualities as a leader and
mentor to up and coming linebackers and he looks forward to working with the same type of linebackers at

Andre Collins: A champion linebacker for the Redskins in Super Bowl XXVI. Andre Collins was a skilled and
talented Linebacker who was honed at Linebacker U, Penn State, to become one of the better skilled
linebackers in the NFL over a long career with many teams. A great mind and mentor on and off the field
Collins currently serves as Director of Retired Players for the National Football League Players Association,
where he works to ensure retirees make successful post-football transitions and is a teacher to youth and pros
alike when it comes to being successful on and off the football field.

Rick Lantz: Rick Lantz is a highly skilled Linebacker coach who has led several prominent defensive corps in
his career. The veteran coach served as the Linebackers coach for the New England Patriots in the early 1980’s
and is widely recognized for his defensive mind. Lantz served as the head football coach at Navy in 2000 and
as a defensive coordinator for both the University of Virginia and the University of Louisville. The highly
skilled coach worked with several NFL linebackers during his career, including former Pittsburgh Steeler
James Farrior. Lantz, who specializes in the Linebacker position, also served on the coaching staff for Georgia
Tech, Miami, Buffalo, and Boston.

Defensive Back University

Perry Williams: Perry Williams comes to FBU as a two-time Super Bowl winner with the New York Giants.
He was one of the first modern cornerbacks to showcase all the tools – big, strong, quick, and fast (really fast).
Overshadowing his natural ability however, was his developed skill and ability to play the position. His
technique was considered flawless by NFL experts. Williams believes the philosophy that, “Pressure is
something you feel when you don’t know what to do,” and he strives to teach young athletes the right way to
play defensive back. Williams is currently mentoring Will Hill, the Nation’s #1 rated prep defensive back.

Steve Shafer is one of the most respected coaches in football. After stints at the College of San Mateo and San
Diego State, Shafer moved to the NFL in 1983 and spent the next 20 years as a pro assistant and co-head coach
in the pros. His dedication to building skill is well known. He lives by the philosophy that: "the learning and
dedication are the same in the pros as in any other level, They include the fundamentals, improving your
individual skills, working hard as a player and as a person, knowing how to perform well, and believing in
what you are doing." Shafer was one of the architects behind the legendary 2000 Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl
champions' defense . Shafer retired from coaching following the 2003 season. However, he said he still enjoys
working with the players and coaches through his guest speaking appearances including FBU.
  Linemen University
  Guy McIntyre: One of the most skilled offensive linemen to ever play in the National Football League, Guy
  McIntyre played thirteen seasons at guard. McIntyre is known most for his years protecting the legendary Joe
  Montana during the San Francisco 49ers glory years. He played the majority of his career with the 49ers and
  earned five consecutive Pro Bowl selections as a 49er. McIntyre helped San Francisco win three Super Bowls
  during his time with the team. The All-Pro lineman shares a passion to teach young lineman the skill he used
to succeed in his career.

 Irv Eatman: Irv Eatman played 11 seasons in the NFL as an offensive tackle. A highly skilled lineman,
 Eatman began his pro career with the Kansas City Chiefs in 1986. Over his eleven years in the league, Eatman
 would also have stints playing for the New York Jets, Los Angeles Rams, Atlanta Falcons and Houston Oilers.
 In college Eatman attended UCLA where he was a two-time Lombardi Award semi-finalist, three-time
 honorable mention All-America and two-time All-Pac 10 selection. He played on the Bruins Rose Bowl
 Champion squad as a senior following the '82 season. Eatman has also served on the offensive line coaching
staffs for the several NFL teams.

Jim McNally was regarded was one of the best offensive line coaches in the history of football. In teaching
All-Pro and Hall of Fame linemen including Anthony Munoz and Lomas Brown. McNally’s lines protected the
quarterback for three Super Bowl teams. In his 27 years in the NFL with the Bengals, Panthers, Giants and
Bills, some of the top linemen in football have benefited from McNally’s tutelage. Add in another 10 years in
the college ranks and you have almost 40 years in instructing and developing skills for the top linemen the
game has ever seen. McNally concluded his impressive career with a four-year stint in Buffalo, which was
highlighted by the development of offensive line project Jason Peters into a Pro Bowl left tackle. Peters was an
undrafted free agent TE out of Arkansas and converted to tackle through McNally’s expert advice.

Punter and Kicker University

Bill Renner: The creator of the most effective punting and kicking curriculum in the country, Bill Renner is a
former NFL punter who played with the Green Bay Packers after a successful college career with Virginia
Tech. Renner has taught kickers since 1980 and provided personal instruction for special team’s players since
1986. With more students in the NFL Seahawks kicker Josh Brown. Renner brings the instruction methods he
has used for the pros to Punter & Kicker University.

Paul Woodside: Paul Woodside was one of the best place kickers to ever play for the WVU Mountaineers and
this was starting out as a walk on. He is the only Mountaineer place-kicker to earn first team All-America
honors, selected in 1983 when he booted 21 field goals in 25 tries and led WVU in scoring with 100 points. He
was also selected a second team All-American by UPI in 1982 and 1983 and was a third team pick by the AP in
1982. Nowadays, he teaches young kickers and punters as part of 4th down sports, the leading kicking and
punting school in the country.

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