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Low Brake Fluid


									                                                            TE low brake fluid sensor              and fits both the metal type of Lockheed
 Low Brake                                                  - a vital safety device                brake fluid reservoir with either the
                                                             Bob Owen from Berkshire               original metal cap or the later nylon cap
Fluid Sensor                                                 suffered a brake servo failure        we see on V8s. A variant of the sensor
 gives early                                                 on his chrome bumper                  has also been produced for the cap on
                                                                                                   the later see-through plastic replacement
                                                             MGBGTV8 and decided he
 warning of                                                  would like a little more warning      brake fluid reservoirs.
 brake fluid                                                 if the brake fluid loss might         LBFS can be used with
                                                             occur again! He was well              negative or positive earth MGs
    loss                                                     placed to create an electronic
                                                                                                      The kit comes in a pack with all the
                                                             sensor as he runs an
                                                                                                   parts and comprehensive fitting
                                                             electronics business. His kit
                                                                                                   instructions together with a copy of a
                                                             was launched in July 2005 and
                                                                                                   detailed note which describes an
                                                             has undergone extensive
                                                                                                   enthusiast’s experience fitting one of the
                                                             testing with fellow V8
                                                                                                   kits to an MGBGTV8. The sensor
                                                             enthusiasts. It is seen as a
                                                                                                   operation is thermal. The sensor element
                                                             very useful safety measure
                                                                                                   is a small metal cased device 5mm dia
                                                             and is easy for enthusiasts to
                                                                                                   by 3mm which is surrounded by a larger
                                                                                                   metal protective shroud attached to the
                                                                The need for this kit is clear -
                                                                                                   cap. The alarm goes off within 1.5
                                                             there have been over four
                                                                                                   minutes if fluid does not surround the
                                                             cases of total failure of servos
                                                                                                   sensor. The delayed response makes
                                                             on MGBGTV8s which are
                                                                                                   the unit proof against false alarms from
                                                             reported in the V8 Workshop
TE Electronics have developed an ingenious                                                         fluid displacement such as might occur
                                                  Notes series. By "total failure" we mean
device to monitor the brake fluid level on                                                         when cornering or braking hard.
                                                  a complete loss of brake fluid swallowed
classic MGs from the sixties and seventies                                                            The electronics are built onto a
                                                  by the servo so when you apply the
so you have early warning of low brake fluid                                                       hexagonal printed circuit board which
                                                  brakes your foot goes straight to the
levels that may cause brake failure. The                                                           takes the place of the push-on lid on the
                                                  floor with that immediate sensation of
TE3509 Low Brake Fluid Sensor has the                                                              standard plastic screw cap. The
                                                  horror that you have no brakes other
outward appearance of a standard cap on                                                            components are mostly surface mount
                                                  than the very limited retardation
the brake fluid reservoir, but underneath are                                                      (ultra miniature) types which fit into the
                                                  provided by a hand brake! If you have
the sensor and electronics. It is a significant                                                    void in the cap. The printed circuit board
                                                  had this type of failure, your spine stays
safety enhancement and particularly                                                                has a 0.6mm dia vent hole which
                                                  cold for ten days or more afterwards!
valuable on cars with single circuit braking                                                       communicates with the reservoir via a
                                                     Regular brake checks are essential
systems and remote servos. Over time a                                                             small slot in the sensor connector
                                                  with classic MGs from the sixties and
servo seal can age and then leak or fail                                                           assembly, simulating the original vent
                                                  seventies but as a number of models
resulting in a total brake failure as all the                                                      path. The three wires to the unit
                                                  pass the 30 or 40 year age barrier, it
brake fluid is drawn out of the system by the                                                      (chassis, +12V and Indicator) are
                                                  has to be prudent measure to have your
inlet manifold vacuum.                            servo and hydraulic
It’s human nature to think it                     pipework and hoses
cannot happen to you – but it                     thoroughly checked by a
                                                  skilled specialist. The
can!                                              Low brake fluid sensor
   Many members who have purchased a              provides a reassuring
TE3509 LBFS have noted warnings of low            confirmation of a correct
fluid levels so they could deal with the risks    fluid level each time you
in good time. This is not scaremongering but      start the car - both an
a real concern for owners of classic cars with    audible bleep and a
ageing brake hydraulics and servos. Several       confirmatory light. Then
cases of complete loss of brakes from servo       should the fluid level
failures have been reported recently and          drop at any stage whilst
they were spine chilling.                         you are underway on
   It is human nature to think it cannot          the road, then a flashing
happen to you, but it can - so why not get a      light and a bleep come
TE3509 LBFS now? It is suitable for an            on with gusto giving you
MGB, MGC, MGBGTV8, Midget and Sprite.             the earliest warning that
It is easy to install and comes with clear step   you should stop the car
by step instructions.                             as soon as possible.
                                                     The TE low brake
TE Electronics Ltd        fluid sensor kit can be
0118 933 2533 or        used with 12V negative
                                                  or positive earth cars                                                                                        September 2007                     1
connected to a small orange plastic plug so
that the cap/sensor is easily removed to
examine and top up brake fluid levels. The
unit is protected against surge voltages,
reverse connection and short circuit of the
LED indicator/bleeper or cabling. The aim is
for simple and foolproof installation and use!                                   September 2007   2

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