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									                          Jefferson Elementary School Newsletter
                                          April / May 2011 edition
        120 S. Jefferson * Mesa, AZ 85208 * (480) 472-8700 *
                                  Timothy A. Moe, Principal

                           AIMS and Stanford 10 Testing April 11-15, 2011

Students in 2nd-6th grade will be testing this week. Please make every effort to change any ap-
pointments that your child may have during this time. We appreciate your help in ensuring that stu-
dents are here during important test days.

It is imperative that you get your children to school on time! If testing has started, students will not
be admitted into the classroom.

                                          Helpful Hints at Home

•   Help your student develop a positive attitude about testing. Thinking positively can turn test
    anxiety into test success!!
•   Make sure your student is on time EVERY test day. Students may not feel comfort-
    able, focused or relaxed if they miss school or arrive late.
•   Encourage your student to get plenty of rest.
•   Encourage your child to do his/her best!

      To: Parents, Guardians, and Employees of Mesa Unified School District #4

      From: John Amenson-Maintenance Supervisor / Asbestos Coordinator

      Subject: Asbestos Awareness and Management Plan

      The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires all private and public elemen-
      tary schools and secondary schools to inspect for asbestos containing materials in school buil-
      dings and to submit a report (Management Plan) to the State of Arizona. The AHERA protocol
      also states that the Local Education Agency (LEA) perform a three year inspection and every six
      months a site surveillance inspection and to notify all parties concerned of any changes or upda-
      tes. Parent and employee notifications must be made on a yearly basis. During the school year
      there may be asbestos removed from this location if a response action is required, and or renova-
      The Mesa Public Schools Management Plans are available for review at the Operations Plan is
      located at 555 S. Lewis Street, Mesa, AZ 85210. Your specific Management Plan is located at
      each schools administration office.
      Although some material containing small amounts of asbestos were identified in your facility, they
      present no health hazard to students, and staff. These materials are inspected every six months
      as stated.
      If you have any questions concerning this, please contact me at 480-472-6014.

      Thank You,
      John Amenson
                       Jefferson Elementary School Newsletter
                                        April / May 2011 edition
             120 S. Jefferson * Mesa, AZ 85208 * (480) 472-8700 *
                                       Timothy A. Moe, Principal

                 MPS to continue offering free full-day
                  kindergarten in 2011-2012                                                    What: Parent Meeting
 Mesa Public Schools will continue offering free full-day kin-                                When: Tuesday, May 3rd
 dergarten for 2011-12. The Board and administration believe this decision is in                  Time: 6:30pm
 the best interest of students.                                                                 Where: MPR Room

 Next year, the state will require implementations of the new Common Core state              It is educationally imperative
 standards in reading, writing and mathematics for all kindergartners. Addition-             that children with disabilities
 ally, a recently revised law will impact incoming kindergarten students who will             have quality experiences in
 not be promoted to fourth grade if the third-grade AIMS reading score indicates
                                                                                              inclusive environments and
 the child is reading “far below” the third-grade level.
                                                                                                positive interactions with
 Given the increased academic expectations, the district believes that the ex-               typically developing children
 tended instructional time of full-day kindergarten will benefit students.                           of a similar age.

 Half-day kindergarten will be available upon demand. This year, about 100 stu-                  Come learn more….!
 dents (of 4,896 kindergartners) participated in regional half-day programs at the
 parents’ request.

                        Parent Input Forms                                Important Reminder from the Attendance
                        Due April 29, 2011                                               Office

                                                                        If there is a change in how your child will be get-
 Student placement for the 2011-2012 school year is a team de-
                                                                        ting home for the day, please remember to call the
 cision made with the sending and receiving teachers. However,
                                                                        office by 1:00pm. We appreciate your help as this
 a parent may choose to provide additional insights about his or
                                                                        will ensure we have additional time to communi-
 her child’s academic needs and concerns. We have parent in-
                                                                        cate to both students and teachers. Many times
 put forms available in the front office. Forms will be available
                                                                        students are in a special class and extra time is
 April 25th and need to be turned into the office by Friday, April
                                                                        needed for communication. Call (480) 472-8700
 29th. Late forms will not be accepted. Current teachers will
                                                                        for transportation changes.
 read the Parent Input forms and use the information during our
 placement process.
 Be advised, we cannot guarantee placement with a specific
 teacher. Please be assured that we have your child’s best inter-
 est in mind and we will work hard to make the best placement
 possible for your child.

              Some talented Jefferson artists were chosen to be a part of two spe-             **CORRECTION**
              cial displays. Ms. Brereton’s 6th grade art students recently drew
              portraits of the U.S. presidents. Some were chosen to be included            Congratulations again to 6th
              in a Presidential Portrait Gallery which included illustrations of all       graders Matt Davis, Taylor
              44 presidents. Kimberly Hernandez’s picture of Thomas Jefferson             Robertson and Cziana Stanton
              is on display in the children’s section of the Mesa Public Library           for making Principal’s List.
(63 E. and First Street). Gabe Garcia’s picture of John Tyler and Haley Ole-                (Please note that the Feb /
sek’s picture of Lyndon B. Johnson are on display at the Red Mountain Branch              March newsletter noted them
Library which is located at 635 N. Power Road. It would be well worth your                   as being in the 5th grade)
time to visit these libraries and view the artwork of local students, including
some of our own.
                       Jefferson Elementary School Newsletter
                                       April / May 2011 edition
            120 S. Jefferson * Mesa, AZ 85208 * (480) 472-8700 *
                               Timothy A. Moe, Principal

           Upcoming dates to remember….
8 - Respect Lunch
10 -16 - Library Week
11 - 12 - Stanford Testing (Grade 2)
11 - 16 - AIMS Testing (Grades 3-6)
12 - Kindergarten “Sea Life Aquarium” Fieldtrip 9am - 12pm
17 - 22 - Public School Volunteer Week
18 - FIAT Meeting 2:30pm in the library
19 - Kindergarten—3rd Grade Playday!! 8am - 1:40pm
19 - PTO meeting 3:00 - 3:45pm
21 - 5th Grade Fieldtrip to Usery Park 8:30am - 1:30pm
22 - April Break— NO SCHOOL
27 - Administrative Professionals Week
28 - Top Cat Testing
29 - Crossing Guard Appreciation Day!!

3 - Teacher Appreciation Day!!
3 - Parent Meeting @ 6:30pm in the MPR (Topic of the meeting will be “Inclusion” )
10 - PTO meeting 3:00 - 3:45pm
11 - School Nurse Day
13 - Respect Lunch
15 - 21st - Educational Bosses Week
16 - FIAT Meeting 2:30pm in the library
16 - Spring Band Concert 6:00pm in the MPR (5th & 6th grade band students)
17 - Orchestra Concert 6:30pm **Students need to arrive at 6:00pm**
18 - Spring Band & Orchestra Assembly K-3 grade @ 9:15        4-6 grade @10:00am
19 - Top Cat Testing
20 - Honor Roll Celebration - 8:00am in the MPR
20 - 6th grade “Yearbook signing”      10:45am - 12:30pm @ Peter Piper Pizza
24 - 6th grade vs. Teachers Volleyball game   8:05am - 9:35am @ the Rec Center
26 - 6th grade “End of Year” celebration @ Brunzwick Bowling 9:30am - 12:00pm
26 - Last day of school, have a safe Summer break!!

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