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Homemade Rust Remover

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					Natural rust remover - The Strong actions Everyone should take into consideration
All of us give a good importance for natural cleaning. Next time you go to the grocery store, take a slow stroll down the cleaning isle. And yes, it takes
up a whole isle now. Pick out any of the products and study the ingredients.
Does any body know as what all these ingredients are?
We know we don�t.
Our very basic standing order for natural cleaning is that if we don�t know what an ingredient is, hence we dont purchase it and take it to our
home. This goes for food, cleaning products, anything. Most of the cleaning products description consists some critical words which normal people do
not understand and we give little attention those products as we feel that it is not good for us. Have you ever imagined how people in the olden days
used to make their surrounding so clean? Are you thinking that they must have used chemicals? Nope. They used homemade Natural Cleaning
Products, many of which are probably in your kitchen or pantry right now.

Naturally Cleaning Your Air
Dont plug in air fresheners as the first option. Those are just filled with chemicals. There are a myriad of natural options. Here are just a few.

Plants which boil down toxic materials are : Aloe Vera, English ivy, fig trees, chrysanthemum, spider plants, Chinese evergreen, bamboo palm, and
lily. Decorate liberally with these plants and These all will act as air purifiers.
Use vanilla as air freshener which is every one's darling and It is also most wanted erotic scent used by men. Place 1 tablespoon natural (not
imitation) vanilla extract in a ceramic bowl and place in a room. If the room is large you may want to use more than one. As the vanilla evaporates, a
light, refreshing vanilla scent will waft into the surrounding air. Change it with new one every day.
Josh's favorite air freshener is eucalyptus, which leaves the whole house smelling fresh and springy. If you have a diffuser, you can put a couple of
drops of eucalyptus oil in it and freshen the air for hours. We don't actually own a diffuser, so we simply use an old sauce pan, with a little water in the
bottom on low heat. The end result will be same.
We write a lot about vinegar on our site. Along with Borax, vinegar is our favorite cleaner and so versatile. Mildly acidic white vinegar dissolves dirt,
soap scum, and hard water deposits from smooth surfaces, yet is gentle enough to use in a solution to clean hardwood flooring.

As far as freshening your air, white vinegar is a natural deodorizer. It absorbs odors instead of covering them up. We use it to get rid of pet odors, like
our dog Barlow�s bed, which needs a good�>natural cleaning
quite often.
Naturally Clean The House

The following recipe is my darling of all time, and it�s not for food. It is a recipe for an alkaline all-purpose natural cleaning agent. We use it
everywhere: in the bathroom, the kitchen, to spot clean the carpets, and to get that black gunk off the walls. It neutralizes odors, rinsing grease, and
removes stains.


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