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					How To Make Carp Fishing Baits And Save Money With Homemade Bait
We fishermen pay lots of money for readymade fishing baits! The fact is that if they were so wonderful, companies would not have to keep on offering
new baits all the time! Just the same number of fish or more, can be caught as a result of making your own unique baits and this will save you bags of
money too!

Having a unique bait is one of the greatest competitive advantages in fishing. This is very often the factor which tips fish over from the state of just
testing a bait, to actually taking it into its mouth along with your hook, and giving a very desirable run. There is no doubt in my mind after over 3
decades of making homemade fishing baits, that they can compete against commercial readymade baits on any water or venue.

Of course it takes the usual fishing skills and application in order to catch any fish especially those bigger ones which are far less easily caught, but
your unique bait is a distinct factor in producing for you consistent big fish catches. One of the most incredible highs is to land new personal best fish
on bait you have made from your own recipe and knowing you are the one angler who is ever going to exploit your secret bait. You never have to
compete with hundreds of other fishermen on the same bait as you!

This is a point lost on most readymade bait users! The great edge of bait is being different to ones fish wary of already as a result of previous hooking
and captures on it. So make your baits as unique as possible as frequently as you think your results indicate you may need to.

Popular baits in many ways do have a shelf life in terms of longevity of effectiveness. Top bait manufacturers will tell you that even in a stock pond
which has never been fished, when a new bait has been fished intensively by a number of anglers successfully, their results can slow right up even
literally to the point of no more fish being caught on that bait. (This is no exaggeration, for example Gary Bayes of the international bait company
Nashbaits told me of his experience of this!) Many baits exploit highly concentrated flavors in order to affect bait pH to stimulate fish. Others use the
biological nutritional value approach and call their baits food baits for this reason.

It might sound hard, but making baits that really work effectively is easy, and your baits do not need to be perfect like commercially produced machine
rolled round or barrel shaped boilies or pellets shapes etc. There are obviously very many methods of making baits and you do not need to follow
conventional steps at all, in fact there are many steps you can leave out completely. This makes things very much easier, saves hours of time and take
the least effort possible!

As I said, round baits are not needed. Things have changed drastically in the last 3 decades. There are many methods which introduce free baits well
over 100 metres accurately, including ground bait slings, spods and PVA bags and nets etc. So you do not need to ever roll your baits. To make a
starter effective bait you need only use one ingredient or a couple like soya flour and semolina, add enough eggs to bind them together, and make a
dough to use as bait (and every bait can be different!) These might be used as paste or cut or divided into many different shaped and sized bits which
you might scald with water or boil for a few seconds to harden them up to make them more resilient.

Making homemade bait is as hard as finding a bowl a mixing spoon or knife, a few eggs and some flours or other dry ingredients. Many flours about
the house will bind to form a bait, from semolina and soya to maize and corn flour, and dried rice flour. For example, crack 5 or 6 eggs into a bowl and
whisk them adding any flavouring or liquids additives you might choose, like ketchup or a flavoring from the baking aisle of your local store. Take 8
ounces of semolina and the same of soya flour and slowly add to your eggs until a dough the feel of putty is made. It is very easy and quick and with
practice you can do this at lightening speed!

Now you can use the dough as fresh bait or opt to label some sealed plastic bags and store it in the fridge for a few days or to freeze it in advance of
going fishing. You most likely will forget what you made your baits out of so it is best to write this somewhere so you can remake your winning baits
repeatedly! It is possible to get a ball of dough weighing about a kilogram from a 6 egg mixture; this will obviously vary depending upon the various
ingredients you choose to include and their levels. Some ingredients will hold water better than others while some might dissolve readily in water, and
the practical advantages of each kind are easy to exploit depending if you want hard baits which break down slowly or ones which dissolve and spread
their attraction very quickly.

Considering you can easily make very economical baits even with better food nutrition value than just carbohydrate baits like the one described, it is
still shocking to work out just how much money you can save. You can produce very effective big fish baits for 2 or 3 pounds or about 6 dollars per
kilogram compared to shop prices of 5 or 6 times this cost. The total cost of 10 kilograms of readymade baits can be 80 to 120 pounds, while your
homemade bait can cost you just 20 or 30 pounds, saving you 60 to 100 pounds for every 10 kilograms of readymade bait!

The best advantage of all is you can make your baits as different to normal as you like. Remember, being different is what really counts. Most
frequently it is the most different and alternative homemade baits which tempt the very biggest and wariest of fish. You can start off with the simple bait
here, but you might like to find out more if you really want to get cracking and hit the big-time!

By Tim Richardson.

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