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									illustration by Fred

                                                         Chaparral Times                          December 21, 2007, Issue 7

                                                         Holidays Around the World
                                                         By Samantha

                                                               y the time you finish       light one candle in their


                                                                                                                                                              illustration by Andy
                                                               reading this article, I     menorah, until the final
                                                               will have taken you on      night when eight candles
                                                         a multi-cultural tour of cel-     blaze.
                                                         ebrations that happen over            Christmas, to most
                                                         the holidays. Also, keep in       Christians, is a time to cel-          Chinese New Year,
                                                         mind that Deewali, Hanukkah,      ebrate the birth of Jesus.         which usually occurs after
                                  illustration by Andy
                                                         Christmas, Las Posadas,           This is usually celebrated         January 1, celebrates the
     Holiday Gifts:                                      Kwaanza, and Chinese New          with a Christmas tree (pine coming year. Typically, small
     What’s Hot & What’s Not                             Year all have different mean-     tree) that is decorated with children receive beautiful
                                                         ings than just receiving          ornaments and lights.              and elegantly embossed
     By Kristina & Jayne
                                                         presents.                             Las Posadas (“The Inns,” gold envelopes with money.
     This is a look at what’s in / what’s out this
                                                             Deewali, or Diwali, is a      in Spanish) is a Mexican           To have a lucky new year,
     year. The most important thing, over the
                                                         festival of lights celebrated     Catholic tradition to cele-        the Chinese usually wear
     holidays, is enjoying time with family and
                                                         by Indians all over the world.    brate the birth of Jesus by        red clothing. Everyone en-
     friends. But gifts are fun too!
                                                         This five-day festival cele-      re-enacting the journey of         joys the delicacies of ha
                                                         brates a different idea or        Mary and Joseph to find an gow (shrimp dumplings),
       HOT                      NOT                      philosophy on each of its         inn. The                           cha siu bao (sweet pork
                                                         days. Like Hanukkah and           nacimiento                         buns), sticky rice cakes, and
     Red Sox items              old dirty socks          Chinese New Year, Deewali         (“nativity                         shark fin soup.
     skinny jeans               baggy jeans              occurs according to the           scene”) is                             Whether it’s over the
     Jonas Brothers             classical music          lunar calendar, so it is on       important to                                traditional turkey
     Juicy Couture              Juicy Fruit              different days of our English     this nine-day                                 dinner, latkes,
     Sports wear                underwear                calendar each year, but it        celebra-                                           tamales, or
                                                         always falls in October or        tion. This                                          shark fin
     iPod                       mp3 player                                                                         illustration by Christine soup, fami-
                                                         November.                         cheerful hol-
     Webkinz                    neopets                                                    iday is a time filled with         lies and friends come to-
                                                                                           friends and family, and,           gether to celebrate these
                                                                                           most of all, food! From            wonderful holidays. This is
                                                                                           tempting tamales to cham- what makes these days
                                                                                           purrado (Mexican hot               special and memorable.
                                                                                           chocolate), these delicious            Those of us at the Chap-
                                                                                           treats bring people to-            arral Times wish all of the
                                                               illustrations by Riddhi     gether over the holidays.          Chaparral families a merry
                                                             Hanukkah, a Jewish                Kwanzaa, which began Christmas, a happy
                                                         holiday, is another festival      in 1966, is an African Ameri- Hanukkah, a great Chinese
                                                         of lights that marks the his-     can celebration of the new         New Year, una Feliz
                                                         toric victory of the Maccabees.   year based on African har-         Navidad, and a fun-filled
                                                         Observed for eight days,          vest festivals. Lasting            Deewali and Kwaanza!
                                                         this celebration is a time        seven days, it begins on
                                                         filled with rejoicing, games      December 26. During Kwan-
                                                         (spinning the dreidel), spe-      zaa, people light a kinara,
                                                         cial foods (like latkes), and     which is a special candle-
        illustrations by Fred
                                                         fun. Each night, families         holder.
Online Gaming
Enter the Magic Kingdom                                                Runescape
By Chris                                                               By John

      o you know what VMK           most expensive thing that play-       n my opinion, Runescape is        a long, long time. As you go,

D     is? If you don’t, you
      should consider trying
Virtual Magic Kingdom, or
                                    ers can buy is 30,000 credits.
                                    That’s a lot of ghosts!
                                        This game is so parent-
                                                                       I  the most fun online game out
                                                                          there. Unlike VMK (Virtual
                                                                        Magic Kingdom) or Club Pen-
                                                                                                            you can get all kinds of new
                                                                                                            armor and abilities. There are
                                                                                                            many types of armor: bronze,
VMK. As a player, I can tell you    friendly because it opens at        guin, Runescape is not just a       iron, steel, black, mythril,
all about it. This online game is   7:00 am and closes at 10:00         virtual chat room. Instead of       adamant, and rune.
absolutely free, no charges for     pm. It will also ban someone        talking to other people, players        Although Runescape is free,
anything, but you can buy stuff     for 24 hours if that person         advance through different lev-      you can access more options
with credits.                       gives out any information about     els in Runescape.                   (like different types of armor) if
    How do you earn credits,        where a player lives. Players           When you begin playing          you choose to pay $5 per
you may ask? What is the most       are also banned for using bad       Runescape, you are at level         month, but you must be over 13
expensive thing you can buy?        language or doing virtual bad       three. As you keep playing, you     to do so. To check out
You earn credits by playing         actions. Thus, your children are    can climb higher. The highest       Runescape, go to
games such as Pirates of the        safe on VMK.                        level is 126, so you can play for
Caribbean, Fireworks, Remixed,          So, what are you waiting
Jungle Cruise, Haunted Man-         for? Go to, and
sion, and many more fun             join today.
games. The easiest and fastest
way to earn credits is to play
Haunted Mansion, where you
get 10 credits per ghost. The

Webkins vs. Club Penguin
By Reya & Shea
                                                                                                              illustration by Gavin
      o you play in one of the most popular     things, and much

D     virtual worlds on the Internet? If
      you’re one of the members of Club
Penguin or Webkinz, please fill out the
                                                more. With kinzcash, you can buy food,
                                                clothes, furniture—-basically anything you
                                                could possibly dream of for your pet.
                                                                                                  When one penguin clicks on another
                                                                                               penguin, a picture of that penguin pops up.
                                                                                               Around the picture’s border are tabs and
survey at the bottom of the page. If you’re        There are so many things you can do in      buttons that you can press to make friends,
not, you might want to read on and learn        Webkinz World, including making “friends”      change the color of your penguin, or other
more about these intriguing sites.              with other Webkinz by using your “cell         options. You can also send messages to
                                                phone.” You can also invite your friends       your friends or other penguins, or you can
WebKinz                                         over to your (virtual) house.                  throw snowballs or travel to other places.
    To enter the Webkinz World, you need                                                       After 30 days, free or paid members can
to buy a special stuffed animal. Attached       Club Penguin                                   become secret agents. Then they can go
to its paw is a small envelope that holds a        Another popular virtual world is Club       undercover and solve mysteries! Or, after
secret code. This code allows you to go on      Penguin (, which           30 days, you can also become a tour guide
the Webkinz website (           you can play on a free account or by a paid    who introduces new kids to Club Penguin.
and “adopt” your pet.                           membership. Either way, it is a lot of fun.       Both games are a blast for both boys
    You will start out with some kinzcash          In the beginning, you can choose a color    and girls. Tell us which you like the best,
(money), a bedroom (you can buy another         for your penguin, but you can buy more col-    and you might just win a prize!
room later), and a special adoption gift.       ors with the “money” you earn later. You
Your animal will appear on your screen,         earn money by playing games or getting a           SURVEY
and you can control where it can go in your     job. If you are playing on a free account,         Which one do you like more?
room. You can give your pet a name and          you are limited to two pets, but you can           K Webkinz     K Club Penguin
decide if it is a boy or girl.                  get more if you are a paid member. Paid            K VMK         K Runescape

    To earn kinzcash, you can get a job, play   members also can buy awesome clothes or            My name and grade:
games, go gem hunting, sell your old            a rock’in igloo.
Movie Reviews
Isn’t It Enchanting?                                                                                                            illustration by
By Riddhi
        nchanted, one of Disney’s newest movies, is a funny spoof

E       with a pinch of almost every fairy tale. The movie starts out
        in the animated world of Andalasia, where a beautiful girl
named Giselle (Amy Adams) is happily spending time with her ani-
mal friends. Suddenly, she is attacked by an ogre. Luckily, she is
rescued by the dashing Prince Edward (James Marsden). The two
fall in love and decide to get married.
    This causes a problem for Edward’s stepmother, Queen Narissa
(Susan Sarandon) because, if her stepson marries, she will lose
her throne. To avoid this, Queen Narissa pushes Giselle down a
well that is really a secret passage to a place where there are no      Do You Believe in Magic?
“happily ever afters”: present-day New York city. Can this ani-         By Katie
mated beauty survive in a place as cruel as our real world?
                                                                                    r. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium is a heartwarming

    Other than its great plot, Enchanted has some mesmerizing, re-
alistic computer graphics. The whole cast was 100% dedicated                        tale about Mr. Magorium and his toyshop. Mr. Mago-
the whole time. There were also some spoofy songs. I like how                       rium is magical; in fact, he is 243 years old! Magical
this movie is a spoof, but that also makes it a tiny bit tacky. The     things happen in his toyshop.
movie will appeal most to girls between the ages of 4 and 15, so            Two other characters include Mahoney, a wonderful piano
boys might as well bring a sleep mask if they go.                       player and composer, who works at the toyshop. Although she
    I think this is one of the top 10 movies of this year. Enchanted    likes working there, she wants to work elsewhere and have a ca-
entertains the whole way through. Try not to fall off the edge of       reer that involves composing music. Eric, a misfit, is another main
your seat at the end! The movie is definitely not your average          character. He is very smart, and, for that reason, people think he’s
fairy tale, but it ends happily ever after 2007-style.                  weird. There is also a mutant (accountant) who doesn’t believe in
                                                                        magic at first. Later, he changes his whole perspective from want-
                                                                        ing to keep his distance from everything and everyone to wanting
                                                                        to get close to others and get involved in what’s going on.
                                                                            Although this is a pretty sad movie, everyone I know should
                                                                        see this magical tale.

    **Please send Anonymous your
    questions & troubles by slipping            Ask Anonymous
    a note into the blue box in the             Dear Anonymous,
     office. Anonymous will try to              I have a problem with a friend. She’s very rude, mean, and annoying. Then
        help in the next issue!**               she says that I am rude, mean, and annoying! What should I do?
                                                                                                        —- Troubled Friend

                                                Dear Troubled Friend,
                                                Tell your friend how you feel when she treats you badly. State what she
                                                does, specifically, that bothers you. Talk it out, and see if anything both-
                                                ers her in your friendship. If she doesn’t care enough about your friend-
                                                ship to stop her rude, mean, and annoying behavior, then I advise you to
                                                hang around with other people. Good luck!
       illustration by Riddhi                                                                            —-Anonymous
                Meet a New Roadrunner

                                                                                                                                                                       photo by Shea
                By Reya and Shea

                        n the first day of school,        brother named Mohammed, 11,

                O       we wondered who the
                        new girl in our class
                might be. Maryam turned out
                                                          and two sisters, Kauther, 5, and
                                                          Shahad, 3. Both Maryam and
                                                          Kauther are now at Chaparral.
                to be very interesting and very               We asked Maryam which
                talented.                                 place she liked best of the places
                    Maryam can speak three                she’s lived. She told us that she
                languages fluently (English and           liked California the most. One
                two types of Arabic), and she’s           reason is that Maryam feels
                learning a fourth (Spanish).              safer here. In Iraq, there were
                There are many different versions         actually bombs on her own
                of Arabic, but Maryam can speak           street! She liked Jordan, but
                the Iraqi and Jordanian types.            not as much as California, and,
                    Although she is only a                especially, Claremont. Maryam
                fourth grader, Maryam has                 feels that, here at Chaparral,         Maryam and her sister Kauther came to Claremont
                lived in several different coun-          the kids are fun to be around.         from the Middle East.
                tries. After she was born in                  Although Maryam loves it
                California, she moved to Iraq,            here, her kind relatives are still     Maryam is a Muslim. She says      ple of other religions.
                and then to Jordan, a country             in Iraq (where a war is still taking   that, in Iraq and Jordan, most        We really recommend that
                that is next to Iraq. Then, her           place). She worries about her          people are Muslim, while here     you get to know Maryam. She
                family moved back to Iraq and,            family members because she             Muslims are more rare. They       is very interesting, and there is
                finally, this fall, back to California.   doesn’t want them to get hurt.         celebrate different holidays      much more to learn about her.
                    Maryam has an older                       We also learned that               than Christians, Jews, or peo-

                The Scoop: Meet Mr. Muir
                By Eric

                                                                                r. Muir is new to Chaparral this       Q: What do you like best about teaching

photo by Eric

                                                                                year, where he is teaching 4th         fourth grade at Chaparral?
                                                                                grade in room 12. We wanted to
                                                                                                                       A: I like the students here, and I like to
                                                                       get to know him a little better, and we are
                                                                                                                       teach about California history. Chaparral is
                                                                       happy to bring you The Scoop about Mr.
                                                                                                                       a great school.
                                                                                                                       Q: Where were you born, and who is in
                                                                       Q: Where did you work before coming to
                                                                                                                       your family?
                                                                                                                       A: I was born in Chico, CA. I now have a
                                                                       A: I worked all over the Claremont school
                                                                                                                       wife and two sons. My younger son is 21,
                                                                       district, and I was in charge of the com-
                                                                                                                       and the older one is 25.
                                                                       puter networks.
                                                                                                                       Q: What do you like to do in your free
                                                                       Q: Did you teach before?
                                                                       A: Yes, I first became a teacher in 1978.
                                                                                                                       A: I like to read, go rock climbing, and
                                                                       I’ve taught at Sycamore Elementary
                                                                                                                       spend time in my cabin in the Sierras.
                                                                       School, Claremont High School, and
                                                                       Claremont Graduate University.                  Q: What makes you special?
                Mr Muir started teaching fourth                                                                        A: I’m lucky to be related to John Muir.
                grade at Chaparral this year.
                  Touchdown for Roadrunners

                                                                                                                                                                           photo by Katie
                  By Michael

                        his year, flag football is back, and it’s

                  T     better than ever. The season lasts for
                        about 1/3 of the school year. With the
                  help of Mr. Knox, fourth, fifth, and sixth
                  graders are once again snatching the fa-
                  mous flag from each other. Games happen
                  on the turf at lunch recess 3 times/week
                  when the weather is good.
                     For those of us unfamiliar with flag
                  football, it is regular football where win-
                  ning is accomplished by retrieving a little
                  flag from your team’s opponents. There are
                  4 fourth-grade teams, 4 fifth-grade teams,        At press time, there were four sixth-grade     “It’s a great chance to make new friends.”
                  and 8 sixth-grade teams competing this            teams in the playoffs: #1, #3, #4, and #6.         Flag football is less about the little flag
                  season. Playoffs pit the best teams against       May the best team win!                         and more about having fun, staying
                  each other. The fourth-grade champions               Mr. Knox, the referees, and the fans        healthy, and, as Chris says, making new
                  are team #2, led by Max , and the fifth-          enjoy watching the students play and stay      friends.
                  grade champs are team #1, led by Ethan .          out of trouble. According to referee Chris ,

                                                                                                                                                                     photo by Katelyn
                                                                               Claim Your Coat! e lost and found has lots of items. Be sure
                                                                               to look before you leave for Winter Break as items left will be
                                                                               donated to Our Savior Center in El Monte, which provides
                                                                               health and education services to those in need.

                                                                                   Bookmark Winners!
                                                                                   Rukku won 1st place
                                                                                   among 5th graders, and
                                                                                   Andy won 2nd place
                                                                                   among 5th graders, for
                                                                                   their bookmark designs
                                                                                   for the Claremont Public
                                                                                   Library. Stop by the li-
                                                                                   brary and see these two
photo by Hannah

                  Shannen planned games, soccer shoot-outs,                        Chaparral Times staff
                  and funny holiday clothing competitions
                  when she was Principal for a Day on
                                                                                   members’ award-winning
                                                                                   designs.                              Happy
                  December 13.
                                                                                                                                Holiday Spirit—A
                                                                                                                                Claremont House gets
                                                                                                                                the full Christmas
photo by Savannah

                                                                 Music, Music, Music
                                                                 By Monique & Christin

                                                                           e appreciate everyone who par-       which is an active song. If you buy their

                                                                 W         ticipated in our music survey. See
                                                                           the results below. We will offer
                                                                 another one soon
                                                                                                                new album, you’ll really enjoy it. Miley
                                                                                                                Cyrus / Hannah Montana is off to a good
                                                                                                                start with her second album, Hannah Mon-
                                                                    This month, in hip-hop and R&B, we          tana 2. I, Monique, like Hannah Montana
                                                                 have found many new songs. For starters,       because she’s a really good role model.
                                                                 we have the music videos “Crank dat Spi-          If you have any advice, or a good idea
                                                                 derman” and “Crank dat Batman” by              for a music survey (like Rihanna vs. Fergie),
                                                                 Soulja Boy. Also, there is a very touching     please write it down and put it in the blue
                                   illustration by Cheyenne      song out by Alicia Keys called “No One.”       box in the office. ‘Til next time, this is
                                                                 There is also a wild song by Birdman           Music, Music, Music.
                                                                 called “Pop Bottles.” In our opinion,
                      Music Survey Results                       “Shawty,” by The-Dream, rates a 10. Fi-
                      Green Day had twice the number of
                      votes as Fall Out Boy (although FOB was
                                                                 nally, “She Said, I Said,” by NLT, is one of
                                                                 our favorite love songs.
                                                                                                                     Chaparral Times
                      a favorite among girls!) The winner of
                      our music survey is: Robert Delaware          In the world of pop music, Beyonce and                Entertainment Editor
                      (5th grade). Come to the office to claim   Justin Timberlake debuted a new song call
                      your prize!                                “Until the End of Time.” The Cheetah Girls
                                                                 have a new song out called “Fuego,”                          Features Editor
                                                                                                                               News Editor
                                                   Chaparral Times                                                               Jayne
                                                                                                                              Opinion Editor
                    Submit your story ideas, articles or artwork to the blue box in
                     the office. We cannot guarantee that we will publish every-
                     thing, but we welcome all submissions. Questions? Leave                                                   Sports Editor
                     those in the box, too. Need advice? Write to "Anonymous,"                                                   Gavin
                                 and we'll try to solve your problems.

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