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									Become a Bartender
There are many myths about how to go about getting a bartending job, especially if you don't have any experience. This article will cut through the
misconceptions and show you exactly how to get a bartending job by simplifying the bartending job search.

One important aspect of becoming a bartender is mastering the job interview. Personalities are very important in bartending and your personality is on
display during your interview. Don't get caught up in the, I need experience myth. There are lots of bartending jobs out there that require only a great
attitude, and no previous experience.

Employers often use the no experience reason for not hiring as a polite way to end the conversation. The truth is that in most establishments your
Attitude is way more important than your experience. Experience breeds bad habits. Many owners and managers would rather hire a blank slate and
train them properly. But this blank slate must have a phenomenal attitude. It is your duty to not only develop this phenomenal attitude but to make sure
it shines through during the application process. If you want to become a bartender you must show your excitement and enthusiasm.

Two easy tools that will make sure you stand out during your job search are a cover letter and a resume. Many bartending jobs will only require that
you fill out their application. If you want to be included with the group of people applying for the job and don't want to stand out - then by all means, fill
out the application. If you want to elevate yourself above the crowd - then have a really great cover letter and resume than separates you from the

Your compelling cover letter and resume need to be designed specifically for getting a bartending job. Do not include irrelevant information. Tell a story
in your cover about a time where you shined on the job. It doesn't have to have been a bartending job, just an experience where you where a great
employee. Include small details so the story reads true and engages the reader. Give the owner or manager a reason to hire you right here in the
cover letter. If you do they will certainly read your resume.

The resume and cover letter need to be current, relevant and most of all compelling. The letter should push the reader to read the resume. The
resume should entice the reader enough to grant an interview. Neither has to get you the job, it is in the interview where you will earn the job.

A bartending job interview isn't like other job interviews. You can be more relaxed and at ease in a bartending job interview. They have already read
your cover letter and resume so expand on the themes you presented there. And always remember to let your positive attitude and winning personality
shine through, they are the keys to getting the job.

Your goal during any job interview is to get the interviewer interested in and liking you. It is like a first date. Reveal yourself in the most compelling,
positive light you can. Tell stories and give details. Details help a story to ring true and gain interest. If they are interested and like you they will hire

These tips will definitely help you get your first bartending job which will teach you how to become a bartender. Once your foot is in the door in the
industry other bartending jobs will be easy to get. Start with the advice in this article and you will be bartending in no time.

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