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					    Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening -
 Brazilian Keratin Treatment - Long Island -
       Patricia's Salon is the top Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Salon - Brazilian Hair Treatment Salon
       minutes from Long Island, LI, offering multiple different Brazilian Keratin Formulas.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening – Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Long Island, LI

Patricia’s Famous Brazilian Keratin Hair Salon , in NY is
minutes away from Long Island, LI and is the premier Brazilian hair straightening salon in the
Long Island area. They are experts in Brazilian Keratin, Brazilian Straightening, and
Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening. They have many Brazilian Keratin Formula’s and will
help find what the best Brazilian Keratin Straightening is right for your hair. They are the
Long Island, LI leaders in Brazilian Keratin. Our Brazilian Keratin Hair straightening
Formulas come in much different strength, and they judge which one to use based on your
hair type. They only use premium Brazilian Formulas at our Posh Salon. They have 3
experienced, professional Brazilian Keratin hair straightening experts in our salon. They are
the Long Island, LI leaders in Hair Straightening, either Brazilian or Japanese.

They have Brazilian Keratin Treatments for Yaki Hair, Fizzy Hair, Extreme Curly Hair, Curly
Hair, etc. We have Brazilian Keratin Straightening treatments for people who only want
some straightness, and more body. They have 3 Experienced Brazilian Keratin Pro’s in our
posh salon, minutes from Long Island, LI which cannot be matched by any competitors.

Have curly hair? Have Wavy Hair? Make your hair straighter with one of the best hair
straightening formulas in the market. They at Patricia’s Hair Straightening Salon are the
premier source for Brazilian Keratin Treatments in the NY, Long Island, LI area. They have
many customers from the Long Island, LI, Nassau, Suffolk, Great Neck, Manhasset, Islip,
Garden City, area that come to us for the best in Brazilian Keratin Treatments. They are the
New York leaders in Brazilian Treatments.

Come in for a free Brazilian Keratin consultation, to go over your hair options, and see what
keratin Straightening or Brazilian Hair Formula is going to be best for your hair.

Visit our website at
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30-71 Steinway St
Astoria, NY, 11103
minutes from Long Island, LI

Open 7 Days a week
Walk Ins welcome
Same Day service Available for most hair types and colors.
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