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 A word of our own                                    issue 1 May 2006

Jenny’s World-national champ prepares for battle.
What is Wsd?- Women’s specific geometry explained.
Win!!!-a nike imara Women’s hrm to be Won.Write noW
shestyle- complete the look With a trek Wsd helmet.

            Trek 6700 WSD Tested By
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Welcome to Issue 1.                                      their lower backs than men, when riding in the same
                                                         position. This is due, in large part, to the design of a
WSD goes solo.                                           woman’s pelvic structure. Women’s hip sockets are
                                                         placed further forward in the pelvis than a man’s.
sheSpoke used to be the WSD article in our
general newsletter, Junction 14, but it didn’t take      Add to this the fact that in general a woman’s
long to realise we needed our own WSD newsletter.        shoulders are less muscular than a man’s and less
As more and more women come into cycling                 weight can be comfortably accommodated by them.
there are more initiatives, events and products          In the more stretched out position of a man’s bike,
                                                         this extra weight put upon the shoulders by leaning
                                                         further forward, can cause shoulder and neck pain.

                                                  Weight distribution differs from women to men as
                                                  well. A man’s centre of gravity is closer to his
                                                  shoulders, while a woman’s is closer to her hips.
                                                  Where this weight lies longitudinally along the
                                                  bike, whilst riding, has effects on both ride comfort
designed to meet those needs and expectations. and handling.
As Trek produces the widest range of women’s
specific bikes, with both Trek WSD and Gary
Fisher Genesisters ranges, and a strong line of
accessories, we decided to take a more proactive
role so this newsletter has been put together
with the intention of making more women aware
of what Trek is doing to promote women’s cycling.

We hope you enjoy this first issue but if you have
any suggestions on the layout, articles or any other
aspect, then please get in touch at griff@trekbikes.
com .Yes, he’s a guy, but don’t hold that against him.

Why WSD?
                                                    To answer these differences, WSD geometry
WSD Geometry Explained                              creates a more natural riding position for most
                                                    women by balancing their weight more evenly
The         WSD                 difference is not between their hips and hands. This is achieved by
just a change of                   contact points, shortening the distance between the handlebar
saddle, grips                        etc.      the and saddle, a shorter top-tube. In order to
whole frame                          geometry       place women’s hips in a comparably powerful
has      been                        designed       position to a man’s, the seat-tube is steepened.
around      a                        woman’s        It is essentially this that shortens the top-tube.
anatomy. Trek                       discovered,
after extensive                   research in bike To further address the comfort issues, Trek specs
fit on hundreds of             female     cyclists, narrower bars as, in general, women’s shoulders
that women exert approximately 25% more force on are narrower than a man’s, slimmer grips and
sheSPOKE 1 edit on master page

short reach levers for smaller hands and women’s successfully defending her Champion’s jersies.
specific saddles that accommodate the more
upright riding position. Where necessary, Trek Jenny’s first big race is the NPS Round 1 in
spec lighter weight springs in the suspension forks. Sherwood Pines near Nottingham May 5th and 6th
                                                     and then on to three World Cup rounds in Europe.
Jenny’s World
                                                   Fit For Women Demo Tour
Jenny Copnall’s ‘06 Campaign
                                                   Women Specific Design at NPS
Jenny will again be contesting the NPS,
(National Points Series), races throughout         We began the ‘Fit For Women’ Demo Tour at
2006 for the Gary Fisher team, along with          the TCR Show in March with great success.
select World Cup races. Although both National     and we will be running the MTB demo at all
Champion and National Series Champion,             the NPS races throughout the season. If you
                                                   see the blue WSD dome tent come and say hi
                                                   and maybe try out one of the latest mountain-
                                                   bikes   designed  specifically  for  women.

she has no intention of resting on her laurels.

For the last three years she has worked extesively
with the British Olympic Medical Institute in
London, just a short jouney from Jenny’s home. The NPS dates are from May through
Working closely with physiologist Kate Owen, to September on the following schedule.
they have collected a large amount of data from
which health, condition and year on year progress 1. Sherwood Pines, Nottingham May 5th/6th
may be assessed and her training adjusted..
                                                   2. Margam Park, Wales June 2nd/3rd
Four times a year, Jenny undergoes a gruelling
fitness and strength test which includes a 3. Drumlanrig, Scotland July 7th/8th
Lactate Step Test and a VO2 Max Ramp Test.
The results of these help determine lactate 4. Newnham Park Plymouth 5th/6th August
threshold and ideal power to weight ratios.
                                                   5. Checkendon, Reading 16th/17th September.
By maintaining this regime throughout the
year, Jenny greatly improves her chances of
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                                                                                                            Photo by Mike Hawkins
                                                    The 6700 WSD rides like a more expensive bike,
Trek 6700 WSD Test                                  the good quality frameset and equipment help keep
                                                    weight low and make climbing easier and more fun.
Courtesy of SheCycles                               The low top tube allows plenty of space for the rider
                                                    to move around and makes getting on and off easy
It’s no surprise that the 6700 WSD caused           too. Being able to reach the bars without stretching
a stir when it hit the trails and the Trek          puts you in a more upright position, so you get to
WSD range this year, finished in striking           see the trail better and causes less pressure on the
Crystal Pink it certainly turned a few heads.       neck too. Also cornering stability is enhanced with
                                                    smaller riders feeling more confident leaning over
It wasn’t so long ago that women were offered       whilst maintaining good contact with the bar and
bikes that may have had a fancy pink colour finish, steering accurately. Contact points are comfortable
but rarely did they offer a specific design and     and well thought out, just right for smaller hands,
components selected for a woman’s needs too.        feet and bums. We liked the shape and width of
Luckily for us, Trek have a massive WSD (Women      the Bontrager Crowbar Select handlebars, with
Specific Design) range of bikes for 2006, with 23   a good sweep and just enough rise ensuring a
models on offer in the UK, ranging from commuter    comfortable position yet with a sporty feel still.
bikes to full suspension mountain bikes, and all
in sizes to suit even the smallest of female riders. All in all the WSD 6700 is a good value and
Mountain bike frame sizes range from 14”to 18”giving attractive bike.
even sub 5 ft tall women a bike with loads of stand-
over room and a comfortable reach for the bars.. Bex Hopkins Editor
sheSPOKE 1 edit on master page

sheStyle                                             Speak Up, Speak Out
The Cycling Look                                     Tell Us What You Think

Apart from bikes, Trek also produce a wide           If you have had a good or bad experience of
range of WSD accessories from gloves                 shopping in your local bike shop then please let
and saddles through to helmets and, in               us know what it was that made it that way. Was it
partnership with Nike,a range of cycling shoes.      the staff and their approach to women cyclists?
                                                     Was it the level of women’s specific products?
If you liked the 6700WSD tested by Bex here’s an
Vapor helmet to complete the look. Coming in two We need your help and input to improve so don’t
                                                 miss the opportunity. Just to give you a small
                                                 incentive and to coincide with the introduction of
                                                 Nike Timing to UK bicycle dealers, the 78th email
                                                 through wins a Nike Imara Heart Rate Monitor.

sizes, 48-56cm, (XS/S) and 52-60cm, (S/M), it has
24 vents, a Hard Cote in-mould shell a retention
system and a snap on/off peak. Retailing at £24.99
the Vapor represents great value for money.

                                                     With this, you can time your workouts,and
                                                     check on calories burned. It has accurate
                                                     heart rate data with programmable zones, two
                                                     interval timers and audible out of zone alarm.


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