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									      best glObal bOutiques
          Our guide tO the cOOlest bOutiques arOund the glObe

                                                         – cOmpiled by mb akinyemi –

                                                                               KAigHt                                 + Brown who utilise only organic
                                                                               Unfortunately many people still        cotton with many designs made
                                                                               associate Green fashion with           from Mongolian cashmere.
                                                                               boring, washed out designs for         83 Orchard Street
                                                                               hemp-smoking, organic food-            New York, NY 10006
                                                                               eating, tie-dye loving hippies. But    +1 212 680 5630
                                                                               this is very far from the truth as     Mon-Sat 11 am-8 pm; Sun 11
                                                                               Kate McGregory, owner of New           am-6 pm
                                                                               York’s trendy eco-boutique, Kai-
                                                                               ght, has shown. With its range of
                                                                               fun, trendy and versatile clothing
                                                                               and accessories from the hottest
                                                                               up-and-coming green designers
                                                                               in the UK and US, the store shows
                                                                               that being a socially responsible
                                                                               consumer does not have to mean a
                                                                               sloppy dresser. Labels available in
                                                                               the leavy and inviting store include
 ✱ C o l u r e s l o V e s : A b s o l u t e V i n tA g e                      footwear by the British brand Be-
                                                                               yond Skin’s Sui Generis who use
A b s o l u t e V i n tA g e           glass cases holding the funki-          no animal products, and Stewart
Remember the sheer excitement          est sunglasses and jewellery lie.
on your first visit to a large toy     Gentlemen are not left out of the
store as a child, and you might un-    fun either, with a trendy collec-       KoH sAmui                              Chloe, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dries
derstand the reverie that one of the   tion of trench coats, vintage jeans     Take a pinch of luxury, add a dose     van Noten, Balenciaga and Mis-
largest and hippest vintage stores     and sturdy leather shoes to choose      of femininity and sprinkle a little,   soni in inspiring and dreamlike
in London evokes. A feast for the      from. But for those who would           no make that a spoonful of beauty      interiors, the store also provides
eyes, a collection of eye-catching     rather relax while their girlfriends    and you have got the cutting-edge,     talented new designers with a
vintage bags, belts, dresses, sun-     shop, there are cozy leather chairs     eclectic and dreamy Covent Gar-        platform to showcase their wares.
glasses and jewellery, sourced from    in the centre of the shop facing        den boutique Koh Samui. Stock-         Set up in 1994 by Paul Sexton and
Canada and Europe, are creatively      a table with stacks of the latest       ing old school stalwarts such as       Talita Zoë, the store’s vintage col-
spread around a capacious one-         fashion and lifestyle magazines.                                               lection is culled from around the
storey warehouse. Look down and        The store boasts a legion of ce-                                               world and includes gems for the
peep-toe shoes in neon colours,        lebrity fans that include the likes                                            20´s, 30´s and 40´s. Aside from
frilly cowboy boots in distressed      of funkadelic musician Kelis, and                                              the wonderfully diverse collec-
leather and stiletto heels from the    has won a number of awards and                                                 tion and interiors, another major
days of disco, sex, love and rock n’   accolades including Instyle Maga-                                              unique selling point is the store’s
roll hurdle around in coteries on      zine’s Best Vintage Shop in London                                             staff, who are helpful and well-in-
the floor, not too far from where      2008 Award.                                                                    formed about the shop.
funky travel and work bags from        15 Hanbury St, Spitalfields,                                                   65-67 Monmouth St
the likes of Adidas stand armed to     London, E1 6QR                                                                 London, WC2H 9DG
vie for your attention. Cast your      +44 (0)207 247 3883                                                            +44 (0) 20 72404280
eyes a little higher and an array      Mon - Sat 12pm - 7pm, &                                                        Mon & Sat 10am-6.30pm; Tue,
of colourful leather bags, clutches    Sun 11am - 7pm                                                                 Wed & Fri 10.30am-6.30pm; Thu;
and the like adorn the walls where                                                      10.30am-7pm; Sun 11.30am-6pm.

                                                                        021 fashion
                                              –best global boutiques–

le gAllinelle                                                                                                         bAlenCiAgA
It’s no wonder that Italians are                                                                                      When in Paris there is a list of
hailed as style icons the world                                                                                       things a girl should try and make
over with a store like this. The                                                                                      time for: taking in some art at
quaint small boutique in Rome’s                                                                                       the Louvre, enjoying a cup of
bohemian Monti district, Le Gal-                                                                                      coffee at a charming patisserie,
linelle, does what fashion should                                                                                     followed by perhaps a little flirt-
when at its best: seamlessly com-                                                                                     ing with the handsome waiter
bine the charm of the old with the                                                                                    and, of course, SHOPPING! As
mystery of the new. Stocking vin-                                                                                     it is Paris, there are many quaint
tage- think old-school psychedelic                                                                                    boutiques to choose from …. But
Pucci dresses and majestic Yves                                                                                       one which makes our hearts flut-
Saint Laurent gowns- with new                                                                                         ter beyond belief is undoubtedly
clothing and accessories. Owner-                                                                                      the Balenciaga Boutique. In the
designer Vilma Silvestri and her                                                                                      Champs-Elysées district of Paris,
daughter Giorgia are known for                                                                                        the store offers a gateway into an-
their classic linen suits and their                                                                                   other world. On this planet natu-
one-off numbers from vintage          tHe Dressing room                                                               ral stones, artificial lava and an
materials - in an electric, welcom-   There aren’t many boutiques                                                     array of exotic plants adorn the
ing and magical manner that lives     where you can rummage through                                                   grounds where women in futur-
up to its name- Italian for hens.     a selection of vintage and designer                                             istic asymmetric bobs fit right at
Le Gallinelle makes reference to a    duds, bob along with the hottest                                                home. The exquisite store reflects
Greek legend where seven sisters      DJs in town, enjoy a cocktail or                                                the Balenciaga image championed
were turned into doves and then       two, browse the internet for free,                                              by Nicolas Ghesquière since 1996;
stars that now wonder the galaxy      cozy up to a movie, or get the lat-                                             from the tiles to the store’s curved
in a formation that resembles a       est fashion news from the trendi-                                               design, exotic plants, and beauti-
hen.                                  est fashion zines….. Needless to                                                ful clothes.
Le Gallinelle                         say, the Dressing Room is not your                                              Balenciaga
Via del Boschetto 76, Monti           ordinary garden-variety shopping                                                10 avenue George V
+39 06 488 1017                       emporium.                                                                       75008 Paris
Mon 4pm-8pm; Tue-Sat 10am-               The brainchild of stylist and de-      Down a flight of stairs, a paradise   France
1.30pm. Closed 3wks Aug.              signer Nikki Fontanella, the Low-      for vintage lovers awaits: beautiful     Tel : 33 1 47 20 21 11                   er East Side boutique-cum-bar is       vintage dresses, accessories in soft     Fax : 33 1 47 20 33 41
                                      spread out over two floors, where      leather, funky shoes…the list goes
                                      the upper level holds the caus-        on. Sewing machines and cutting
                                      ally quirky cocktail lounge and        tables in plain view provide an au-
                                      boutique area. The lounge, with        thentic feel. And should you ever
                                      a dark oak bar and banquettes          feel the need to purge your ward-
                                      lit with antique chandeliers and       robe of ghosts of fashion seasons
                                      vintage mirrors, hosts many fun        past then The Dressing Room will
                                      non-fashion related events in-         be more than willing to help, as
                                      cluding movie screenings and the       they buy and trade clothing and
                                      like. Push through a cloudy glass      accessories, from, to, and with the
                                      parting made from reconstructed        public, on a walk-in basis.
                                      doors and the boutique area with       75a Orchard Street
                                      its ornamental iron counter, spot-     New York, NY 10002, USA
                                      lights and light wooden floors         +1 212-966-7330
                                      awaits you. Courtesy of up-and-        Sun, Tue, Wed 1pm-12am;
                                      coming designers, rotation of          Thu-Sat 1pm-2am
                                      names change every four months.

                                                                      022 fashion

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