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Street Layouts


									                               “Discussion Notes”:
                             Street layout of the City

1. What direction do you think the future Development Plan should take with respect to
the overall form and density of the city?

   -       Street Layout
   -       Transportation

   ♦ It should continue much as it is now – don’t cut down too much in the size of lots
     as there is still lots of land available and land is a reasonable cost. If land value
     increase we may decrease size of lots. Empty lots in present city should be filled
     as much as possible. This will help appropriation …for grid streets.
   ♦ Community friendly street layout
   ♦ Density with grid vs “spaghetti”,
   ♦ Balance between the two
   ♦ Grid encourages easier foot transportation – a positive
   ♦ Combination of grid and cul de sac
   ♦ Return to more regular grid-like layout
   ♦ Main grid for transport (including a second means for crossing the river)
   ♦ For sustainability, solar access
   ♦ Enhanced way-finding,
          -       Public
          -       Emergency Services
   ♦ Remain the same
   ♦ Street Layouts should only be streets & avenues; no confusing zig zags! Harder to

2. Walkways

   ♦ Walkways are necessary in conventional system. …..grid system. We have to
     distance between neighbours and facilities that can easily be walked.
   ♦ Transition zones
   ♦ Continue with walkways (wider) lighted
   ♦ More pedestrian friendly
   ♦ Bike traffic as priority (streets for that purpose-portions of the street).
   ♦ Walkways are important but must be/have relevant destinations

3. Lanes

   ♦ Lanes are costly therefore be careful. ….are important but costly. Probably lanes
     are not necessary.
   ♦ Goal for layout: encourage walking, interaction among neighbours
   ♦ No back alleys
   ♦   Keep in mind safety and security
   ♦   Reduce vehicle traffic and encourages walking
   ♦   Ability for more variety in road widths
   ♦   Areas of restricted vehicle access while open to pedestrian and bicycle

4. “Gated” community –

   ♦ Not a good idea – segregated also could attract certain crimes ( property-
   ♦ Enhance urban “community within community” development (balanced with cost

5. Public Transit

   ♦ Public transit is important to students and seniors. Should be encouraged.
     Important also to lower income groups.
   ♦ Long term planning before neighbourhood is done to see that everything fits or
     works properly.
   ♦ Existing rail links to improve public transit
   ♦ Absolutely essential service for the city residents

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