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The Military Librarian by wuzhenguang


									                               The Military Librarian
                                       The newsletter of the Military Librarians Division
                                             of the Special Libraries Association

Volume 46, 4                                                                                                               Fall 2001

 Inside this issue:
                               Pentagon Library News
                               On October 2, Kathy Earnest, Director of          things stand for us, but it has been a difficult
Pentagon News              1   the Pentagon Library sent this note to the        three weeks, moving around from temporary
                               Army Librarians. She agreed that it could         desk to temporary desk, sometimes having
Exec. Board/Committees     2   be shared in the Newsletter along with a          email and sometimes not. My few emails out
                                                                                 have been short - with "I'll get back with you
That Day at the Pentagon   3
                               request to please halt any donations.
                                                                                 as soon as I can.”
                                                                                          In case you did not know, approxi-
Caught in the Web          3   Dear Everyone:
                                                                                 mately 90% of the Army space in the Penta-
                                       Thank you so much for the telephone
                                                                                 gon was affected. That has meant the Depart-
Who are the Military       4   calls, cards, letters, and emails that you have
Librarians                                                                       ment of the Army is having to move the
                               sent to the staff of the Pentagon Library. And,
                                                                                 majority of its staff, military and civilians, out-
Diversity in SLA           4   thank you so much to the Libraries that have
                                                                                 side of the Pentagon. For some offices this
                               generously been hosting members of our staff.
                                                                                 will be temporary space from 6 months
In Brief—MLD Web           5   The support of the Libraries of the National
                                                                                 to 3 years. Additionally, the space that was
                               Defense University, Marine Corps University,
                                                                                 unaffected is being reallocated to Senior level
                               Fort Belvoir and Fort Myer, and the
DTIC Users’ Meeting        5                                                     officials and their immediate staff, which
                               Congressional Research Service of the Library
                                                                                 means additional offices are to be moving out.
                               of Congress has been so heartfelt. They have
SLA HQ Staff               5
                                                                                 This has caused additional stress on everyone.
                               gone so out of their way to make our staff wel-
Restructuring                                                                            Currently, the Pentagon Library is op-
                                                                                 erating with the assistance of the aforemen-
                                        I must apologize for not sending some-
Hail and Farewell          6                                                     tioned libraries. We have space in Taylor
                               thing out earlier to let everyone know how                      See Pentagon (Continued on page 7)
Changing Times             6

Editor’s note              7
  VOLUME 46, 4                                 THE MILITA R Y L I B R A R I A N                                  PAGE 2

            Executive Board Members of the Military Librarians Division
OFFICE                    NAME                     EMAIL                                   TERM            VOTE

MLD Chair                 Sharon A. Lenius      2001-2002       Yes

Chair-Elect               Suzanne Ryder             2001-2002       Yes

Secretary                 Vacant                                                           2000-2002       Yes

Treasurer                 Claudia C. Tavares           2000-2002       Yes

Director                  Ann M. Cashin                            Yes

Director                  Tanny Franco                                           Yes

Immediate Past Chair      Tracy A. Landfried                   2001-2002       Yes

Air Force MLW Rep         Carol A. Emery               2000-2003       Yes

Army MLW Rep              Lorna Dodt                         2000-2001       Yes

Navy/Marine MLW Rep       Sandy Bradley                 Pending         Yes

DoD MLW Rep               Candace S. Parker                        2000-2003       Yes

                       Committees of the Military Librarians Division

Archivist Committee Co-Chairs          MLW 2003 Host                              Publications Committee
Patricia Fogler & Jim Fogler            Sarah Mikel                               Lynne Tobin, Editor                  
                                       Membership Committee                       Pat Alderman Webmaster (MLD)
Awards Chair                           Connie Wiley                      
Addie Ross                                                                              James C. Dorsey, Webmaster
                                       Faye Couture, Air Force Rep                       (MLW)
Bylaws Committee Chair                 
Irene Cordova (2000-2001)
  icordova@bellhelicopter.             Kathleen Heincer, Army Rep                 Pat Alderman, Layout                             

Discussion List Moderator              Janice Pepper, Navy/Marine                  Teri Newsome, Layout
Tanny Franco                           Corps Rep                                    
MLW 2001 Host                          Vacant, DoD Rep                            Wendy Sayles Hill
Edward Scott                           Vacant , Other                     
                                       Nominating Committee Chair                 Strategic Planning Committee Chair
MLW 2002 Host                          Tracy Landfried                            Tracy Landfried
Carol Ramkey                               
      VOLUME 46, 4                                  THE MILITARY LIBRARIAN                                             PAGE 3

                                                                                            Dolores' vision was successful.
                                                                                            Dolores, thank you very much for all
THAT DAY AT                                                                                 of the care and attention you have
                                                                                            given to the web page for the past two
THE PENTAGON                                                                                years. We especially appreciate your
                                                                                            willingness to continue to share your
    On September 13, the Los Angeles                                                        experience and web wisdom with us
Times writer by Richard T. Cooper told                                                      whenever we have asked for assistance.
the story of Ann Parham, Librarian of the                                                       The MLD Webpage is the product
Army, and other survivors.                                                                  of more than the webmaster. Four
    “As she limped blindly through                                                          successive MLD chairs (Thom Rohmil-
smoke and debris, smelling her burnt hair,     Caught in the                                ler, Barbara Fox, Tracy Landfried, and
feeling the pain from her peeling skin and                                                  Sharon Lenius) have had input into the
a blow that had momentarily knocked her        Web: MLD Web                                 site. The past and present membership
to the floor, Ann Parham thought about                                                      chairs (Jane Butler and Connie Wiley)
her mother.” She thought about the kind        Page                                         have also had a significant amount of
of news her mother would be getting. “I                                                     input. It was during Barbara Fox’s term
didn't want that to happen, so I kept mov-         The Military Librarians Division         that the bulk of the official MLD docu-
ing.” She got out.                             Webpage (       ments (About MLD, Bylaws, Strategic
     “I am very, very fortunate,” she said.    dmil )has changed over the years to          Plan, Guidelines for committee Annual
“I am blessed. Other people, I'm afraid,       meet the needs of the Division. Prior to     Reports, complete listing/links for past
were not so fortunate.”                        launching the new site in February           MLW, etc) were added. This past sum-
    As Cooper described it, Ann and co-        1999, former MLD Webmaster,                  mer, Marie O'Mara (DTIC) volun-
workers had been watching reports from         Dolores Knight recalls that the old site     teered to check all of the links in the
New York and had commented about the           had "some old conference presenta-           WWW LINKS section. Now she and
Pentagon being “ground zero.” She says         tions, a splash page, not much else.         Brenda Hill (NDU) are cross checking
in hindsight, they should have known to        Don't know/ remember who did that            the broken links and recommending
get out right then.                            first attempt."                              additional sites for inclusion.
    The only thing that separated Ann              "In the mean time, I knew I would            In the past few months, the MLD
from the E-Ring where the plane hit was        be changing jobs and wanted to keep          website has undergone several more
the copy machine room. The LA Times            my hand in (I did the Marine Corps Li-       changes. An Awards Nomination Form
story indicates that the fireball apparently   braries' web site at that time), but I       has been added. The Hot Issues section
swept over her from behind. Something          couldn't see doing a site that didn't 'do'   of WWW LINKS has been updated
crashed down from the ceiling and hit her      something. (Typical librarian.) Thus I       weekly to include sites related to the
head. Her left shoe was gone and she           started doing a ‘Military Librarian's’       events of September 11, 2001. The con-
broke a toe, but along with a co-worker,       site. I included material I thought was      ference sections have been
she got up and began scrambling out amid       truly useful to military librarians with-    updated; a sponsorship page has been
the intense heat and heavy smoke.              out duplicating other sites. Particularly    added. There is a link for the new
Ann told the reporter, “It’s the most hor-     material for career development as op-       Quadrennial Defense Review. Future
rific thing I’ve ever gone through. I hope     posed to material for their customers. I     plans include a revision to the Member-
I never have to go through anything like it    don't think that military librarians spend   ship Correction Form and the develop-
again.”                                        nearly as much effort on their own ca-       ment of a Members Only page.
                                               reers as they should."
Lynne Tobin, NIMA                                  "Eventually Tracy Landfried saw it       Pat Alderman, NDU
MLD Newsletter Editor                          and recommended it to the (then)             Division Webmaster
                                               current chair, Thom Rohmiller. They          and
                                               contacted me about using my own site         Dolores Knight, DTIC
                                               to revamp the old MLD site. This was
                                               around Nov/Dec 1998."
                                                      Dolores ran her ideas and layouts
                                               past Tom and Tracy. "I realized for the
                                               site to succeed it needed to be what
                                               ‘MLD’ thought was important as
                                               opposed to what I personally cared
                                               about. That way when my time ran out,
                                               it would have a life of its own." Since
                                               Pat Alderman took over as webmaster
                                               in April 2001, she has found out that
VOLUME 46, 4                                                    THE MILITARY LIBRARIAN                              PAGE 4

Who are the Military Librarians?
                                              bers while the Far West/Pacific states of       publishers and Defense contractor
   A graduate school student remarked at a    Arizona, California, Colorado, New              establishments. They work in non-
recent professional gathering that she had    Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington,               traditional library settings, such as provid-
never considered becoming a military li-      Wyoming and Hawaii have 36 members.             ing commercial services to librarians,
brarian. Her remark provoked some ques-       Nine corporations, graduate schools and         administering information clearinghouses
tions: who are the 285 members of SLA’s       government organizations are members.           and archiving military history. They sup-
Military Librarians Division? Where do                                                        port deployed soldiers, airmen, sailors and
they live and work? How do they support       In addition, MLD’s membership reflects the      Marines in the field and on shipboard, mili-
the Defense community?                        international nature of the Special Libraries   tary families and retirees; scientists, engi-
                                              Association. Members live in ten countries      neers, analysts, doctors, and lawyers.
    Almost half of all members—138—live       on three continents, including sixteen
and work in the mid-Atlantic states of        members in Canada (Ontario and Quebec),         This only begins to describe the wide diver-
Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,           Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden, the             sity of Military Librarians Division mem-
Virginia and the District of Columbia.        United Kingdom, the Azores, Japan and           bers. But regardless of this diversity, all
Thirty-seven members live in the Southeast    Brunei.                                         members have at least one thing in com-
states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida,                                                         mon: they make a difference by providing
Georgia, Mississippi, North and South         Members of MLD are a diverse group that         information support to the Defense commu-
Carolina and Tennessee. The North             is united in support of the Defense informa-    nity, which ultimately supports the front
Atlantic states of Connecticut, Massachu-     tion community’s wide range of require-         line soldier, airman, sailor or Marine.
setts, Maine, New York and Rhode Island       ments. Members work in general libraries;
have thirteen members, while twenty-three     school, university and post-graduate            Connie Wiley, DTIC
military librarians live in the Mid-Western   academic programs; scientific, technical,       Membership Committee Chair
states of Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri and   legal and medical libraries; intelligence
Ohio. The Plains states of Kansas,            community libraries, Defense-related
Oklahoma and Texas have thirteen mem-

                       Diversity in SLA - MLD can help recruit
STARTING OUT ON THE RIGHT                     group would help me in these two areas          has to offer. Furthermore, in the Fall,
FOOT: Was the title of a pamphlet that        so I went back home to Texas full of            information goes out regarding the
was given to me while sitting on a            enthusiasm. I called my Texas SLA               various $1,000 awards available to
couch outside of an ongoing meeting at        Chapter and finding the Diversity               those SLA members who are part of a
the Special Libraries Association Con-        Liaison position open I immediately             diversity group and who would like to
ference in Seattle, WA. At the time I         volunteered to fill it.                         get more involved in their professional
observed that most of those going in                                                          association leadership training. To ap-
this room were African Americans,             The reason I mentioned this personal            ply for these awards one must fill out
some were Hispanics and others were           story is that I have found                                       an application, follow
Asians. I got curious and started to get      that volunteering with               I am asking every           the instructions and send
up and stretched my neck trying to see        SLA has been a very                                              it to SLA by December
what was going on inside when a very          rewarding experience.            librarian who reads this        8, 2001. Last year there
nice friendly African American librar-        I’ve had the opportunity         article to please pass on       were several stipends
ian touched my shoulder and said:             to grow in both my per-                                          but only four were
“Yes, you are Hispanic, you belong in         sonal and professional                this information           awarded because there
this meeting here with us, let us go in,      life. As a minority per-                                         weren’t enough appli-
this is the diversity caucus meeting.”        son, I find that                                cants. I am asking every librarian who
Reluctantly, I went inside. I didn’t          minorities work very hard but few               reads this article to please pass on this
know any one, as it was my first year         times get the opportunities to be lead-         information. We need more military
attending the SLA conference. This            ers. Based on my experience I can               librarians to participate in the SLA
group was friendly and seemed happy,          guarantee that anyone working as a              Leadership training.
I felt welcome as if I belonged with          volunteer in any of the Chapters will
them. I can tell you that I made many         not only grow and develop personally            Applications and instructions are avail-
friendships there, which still remain to      and professionally but sooner or later          able in the SLA website, but if anybody
this day.                                     will have the chance to assume a lead-          has questions please call me or send
                                              ership position.                                me an email at
I was so enthusiastic at this meeting                                               
because the goals and objectives of           As the Texas SLA Chapter diversity              My phone number is (817) 280 – 6726.
these librarians were also mine: to be        liaison, I get the opportunity to talk to
part of the SLA organization and to           groups of college students as well as           Irene Cordova, Bell Helicopter Textron
become involved in its leadership. This       librarians about what SLA membership            Bylaws Chair
VOLUME 46, 4                                            THE MILITARY LIBRARIAN                                           PAGE 5

IN BRIEF                                                             SLA HQ Staff Restructuring
   The Military Librarians Webpage (
division/dmil) has a new feature, "In Brief..." Appearing just       Dear SLA Leaders, Members and Colleagues:
below the header, "In Brief" is a quick and easy way to high-
light brief, newsworthy headlines about military librarians andFor the past several months, SLA headquarters has been under-
military libraries and information in almost real time.        going a multifaceted staffing evaluation. This process was
                                                               guided by a consultant who administered self-assessment in-
    With the downsizing of the Pentagon Library and America's struments, conducted individual interviews, analyzed the results
expanding war on terrorism, it is very important that military of an all-staff questionnaire, and facilitated an internal, repre-
librarians demonstrate that we are an inherent part of DoD's   sentative strategic planning committee.
mission support.
                                                               The goal of this entire process was to identify unnecessary re-
    Please send all "In Brief" submissions to the MLD Webmas- dundancies in staff responsibilities, ways in which our current
ter, Pat Alderman at Item(s) should be      organizational structure stymied service, and areas that needed
brief and include a URL where interested people can seek addi- more direct resources allocated to them. A positive, secondary
tional information. Please include a contact point in your     outcome was the insight that each staff member was able to
email.                                                         gain about personal work style and proclivities.

    Certain types of information such as personnel changes or        Today, based upon the results of all of our assessment, we are
retirements, may not be appropriate for this site. However, if       beginning to implement a major staff restructuring at HQ. We
your library or staff has won an award, is presenting at a confer-   believe that what we are planning will provide better, more effi-
ence, provides information to organizations that impact the war      cient services to our members and other key constituencies. It
effort, has an appropriate subject matter webpage, etc. please       will also enable us to meet our future challenges more effec-
let us know.                                                         tively. We realize that there may be some bumps ahead
                                                                     as we work out the details of our new organization. We ask for
Pat Alderman, NDU                                                    your patience and for your feedback.
Military Librarians Division Webmaster
                                                                 Many of you work closely with our existing staff, and you will
DTIC Users Meeting                                               immediately notice that our managing director rank has been
                                                                 eliminated. Key responsibilities formerly covered by Jim
Postponed                                                        Mears, Jeff De Cagna, Maurice Harris, Linda Broussard, and
                                                                 Doug Newcomb have been incorporated into newly created or
                                                                 existing positions, and some of the former duties of managing
    "Owing to recent national events and                         directors will be streamlined. As we implement our new plan,
the demands that currently have been                             please make note of the following names and contact informa-
placed upon our customers and the defense community, the De- tion for the service/activity indicated:
fense Technical Information Center has postponed its 2001 An-
nual Users Meeting and Training Conference until April 2002. For Conferences and Special Events
                                                                 Contact: Alicia Cronin
    The 28th DTIC Annual Conference, "From Information De-
livery to Knowledge Management," was originally scheduled        1-202-939-3626
from October 29 through November 1, 2001, in Rockville,
Maryland. It will now be held April 15 through 18, 2002 at the For Technology
DoubleTree Hotel Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia.              Contact: Lynn Smith (in concert with internal staff and
    The Conference promises to be an exciting look into the lat-
est developments in the field of information and the DOD         1-202-939-3670
knowledge environment. We hope that the majority of our
announced speakers will be able to join us at the new date and   For Strategic Learning
location. Please watch the DTIC Homepage for a revised           Contact: Corvie Carrington
agenda and registration information."                  
R. Paul Ryan
Deputy Administrator, DTIC                                                                            Continued on page 6
VOLUME 46, 4                                          THE MILITARY LIBRARIAN                                          PAGE 6

Continued from page 5
                                                                   CHANGING TIMES
For Leadership and Membership      For Public Relations                                             Read the Instructions to
Contact: Linda Broussard           Contact: Anthony Blue           Recently I read that the aver-   understand how each engine                             age person spends 150 hours      works, Be Specific but Con-
1-202-939-3682                     1-202-939-3633                  per year looking for informa-    cise in selecting keywords or
                                                                   tion. Have you ever stopped      expressions, Go Boolean
For Publications                    For Marketing                  to consider the amount of        using the AND OR NOT
Contact: Les Shaver                 Contact: Jeff Leach            time you spend searching for     connectors, Add Quotation                             information? More specifi-       Marks to identify a phrase,
1-202-939-3674                      1-202-939-3634                 cally how much time do you       and Use Field Specifiers to
                                                                   spend surfing on the Web?        tailor your search.
For Public Policy
Contact: Doug Newcomb                                              When you use the Web, do         By way of comparison, there                                                       you usually start with your      is an article and chart on Web
1-202-939-3676                                                     favorite Search Engine? In       Search Engines in the Special
                                                                   this ever-changing Web           Issue of Online Sept/Oct
If you have any general questions or comments, as always, you      world, Search Engines            2001 http://www.onlinemag.
are encouraged to contact me directly. I will look forward to      change features and offerings    net/
hearing from you and to meeting many of you during my up-          almost weekly. What worked       At the time of this writing, it
coming visits to chapter, division and committee meetings.         for your last search may not     was not online but will be
                                                                   work next time.                  soon. In the meantime "ask a
All the Best --                                                                                     Librarian" for a copy of the
Roberta                                                            Have you seen the Sept 2001      article.
                                                                   issue of PC World? There is
Roberta I. Shaffer                                                 a comparison chart of Search If you have any questions or
Executive Director                                                 Engines listed in the         suggestions for an article,
International Headquarters                                                                       please contact me at mo-
Special Libraries Association                            
1700 18th Street, NW                                               features/article/1,aid,55383,
Washington, DC 20009-2514                                          pg,6,00.asp
Phone: 1-202-939-3635                                                                            Marie O’Mara, DTIC
Fax: 1-202-265-9317                                                This useful chart rates the
Email:                                             popular engines by Engine                                                 Type, Product Information,
                                                                   Business Information, Tech-
SLA 2002 Annual Conference!                                        nology Information, Regional
"Putting Knowledge to Work®"                                       Information and Hard-to-Find
June 8 - 13, 2002 -- Los Angeles, California, USA                  Information. There are some
For more information, visit us online at                           handy search tips including

Hail and Farewell                                                legal information management make her an excellent "fit" for
                                                                 the dynamic organization SLA is in this 2lst century. As
    As military tradition goes, the ritual of hailing newcomers  Roberta has stated, "This in an amazing and challenging time
and saying good by to those moving on is a part of the rhythm for all information professionals, and SLA brings a great deal
of life. Along with the Special Libraries Association members, to the table in terms of the diversity of its membership, its po-
we in the Military Librarians Division wish Dr. David R.         tential to educate present and future information professions
Bender best wishes and God Speed in his retirement. A heart- and the substantial role that it can play in a global knowledge-
felt thank you to David for his caring and professional steward- based society." We look forward to getting to know you and
ship of the SLA for the past 22 years. "The legacy he leaves at you us.
SLA, is one of a visionary and pioneer in the industry, dedi-    Welcome aboard, Roberta!
cated to the advancement of information professionals around
the globe."                                                      Sharon Lenius, National Guard Bureau
    MLD welcomes Dr. Roberta Shaffer as the new Executive        Mld Chair
Director of SLA. Her extensive background in academic and
Volume 46, 4                                           THE MILITARY LIBRARIAN                                          PAGE 7

 (Pentagon, Continued from page 1)

Building in Crystal City, Arlington VA and are maintaining a
"store-front" presence in the Pentagon by manning a table on
the Concourse to provide for the return of materials and to
provide ILL service. Jerri Knihnicki has mounted a valiant
effort to save the collection, and, as we speak, a salvage/
preservation contractor is working on the physical Pentagon
         The outpouring of concern from our customers has
been so warming and re-enforcing for us - learning what the
Library, its staff, and collections means to them. Their first
questions are "Where is everyone on the staff?"; "What is the
condition of the collection?"; "When are you going to open
up again" and "Where should we return our books?”
         Currently, it is a day-to-day existence, with the little
                       things meaning a lot. Today, we got the
                       fax machine up and operational. And the
                       locksmith finally changed the locks so (photo from a friend’s digital camera)
                       we don't have to take our laptops home
                       with us.
                               Thank you all for your concern. I
                       can't tell you how much it has meant to
                                                                  Editor’s Note:
                       us.                                            I have not previously added my own thoughts to the
                                                                   Newsletter and likely will not impose in the future. How-
                       Kathryn Earnest                             ever, I feel that I must communicate to you all that this
Director, Pentagon Library                                         has truly been a difficult issue to put together. It was, of
703-602-6378                                                       course, intended to be the issue that you could carry with
                                                                   you to MLW with what to do in Colorado Springs.
                                                                   Sharon Lenius and your Board were required to make the
                                                                   decision to go or not with the annual Workshop. Thank
                                                                   you for courageously confronting the cancellation. For
                                                                   similar reasons, the DTIC meeting was also postponed.
                                                                      Instead, this issue has become one in which I am at-
                                                                   tempting to let you know how Military Librarians have
                                                                   succeeded in coping with the events of September 11,
                                                                   2001. There are many more stories out there that I do not
                                                                   yet have to share but would be pleased to do so either in
                                                                   the newsletter or on the website if you will send them to
                                                                   me or to Pat Alderman, respectively.
                                                                      Many of you are consumed at the moment by combat
                                                                   support, mission support, family support, and
                                                                   co-worker support and many may also be reluctant to
                                                                   travel. I hope this newsletter, the Discussion List and
                                                                   the MLD Web page will provide all of us with some of
                                                                   the support that we also need. Please look for your more
                                                                   local meetings and conferences, and please do attend. In
                                                                   words that I think we all appreciated, “Let’s roll!”

                                                                   Lynne Tobin, NIMA
      Marine Corps Marathon finish line 2001                       Editor, MLD Newsletter
c/o NIMA Bethesda
c/o NIMA Bethesda
4600 Sangamore Rd MS -D191
4600 Sangamore Rd MS-D191
Bethesda, MD 20816
Bethesda, MD 20816
Phone: 1-301-227-3313
Fax: 1-301-277-5059

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